Free Realms Available on PSN March 29

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Free Realms Available on PSN March 29

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Well, everyone has heard about the bird…but have you heard that Free Realms is coming to the PlayStation 3?


That’s right, Sony Online Entertainment’s popular online virtual world is making its way from PC to the PS3 on March 29th! The entire Free Realms team is super excited as this will be the very first casual, free-to-play MMO ever to be offered on the PlayStation Network. So, grab your controller, grab your friends, and prepare yourself for an adventure unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


Free Realms offers an amazing array of gameplay activities all rolled up into one massive, seamless, virtual world. Hop on the back of your trusty T-Rex and explore the countryside; discovering strange lands, rare collectibles, and exciting quests. Brave the dangers of forgotten dungeons and battle hordes of mythical monsters and bad-tempered beasties.


Fancy a bit of friendly competition? Free Realms has tons of games that allow you to pit your skill against other players. From kart racing and demolition derby, to soccer matches and pirate ship battles, Free Realms offers a wide variety of fun multiplayer games and a simple to use matchmaking interface to get you in and playing with no hassle.


Or maybe puzzles and minigames are more your thing? No problem. We got you covered. Free Realms has a wide selection of Flash-based minigames to choose from. Match 3 mining, cooking, forging, tower defense, checkers, and chess: if you’re into minigames, then Free Realms is the game for you.


Yep, we got it all. Exploration, collections, quests, combat, minigames, holiday and community events, virtual pets, virtual housing; Free Realms offers something for everyone. What’s more, our unique job system allows you to be whoever you want whenever you want. Choose from 15 different professions, each offering their own distinct look and gameplay experience. All jobs are available at any time, so feel free to try them all. Be a wizard one minute, then a ninja, chef, or kart driver the next! Customize your character as you see fit. With over 30,000 unique clothing and equipment options, you’re truly free to be who you want to be.


Did I mention that Free Realms was free? Yeah, I said it…free. Don’t believe me? Well, try it yourself. On March 29th, download Free Realms for free from the PlayStation Store and immerse yourself in a rich fantasy world perfect for sharing with family and friends. All jobs are available through level 4, as well as over 800 quests and countless minigames. Upgrade to a membership and get unlimited access to all job levels, as well as additional premium content and features.


So, mark it down on your calendar. March 29, 2011. Free Realms. PS3.

Come be a part of a whole new online gaming experience for the PlayStation 3, in a world where YOU RULE!

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  • My girlfriend has been looking forward to this for a while, I’ll be sure to let her know this right away! I’ll be interested in checking this out with her even though this style of game isn’t my usual cup of tea.

  • Will this be PC/PS3 cross compatible? I have a lifetime membership for PC and don’t see myself paying again just for the PS3.

    Either way, great new for the Free Realms team! :D

    • Sorry, no cross-platform compatibility. Unfortunately, the logistics involved with synchronized publishes and account linking make it impractical.

  • awesome news, now my niece can stop bugging me to play DCUO, she loves the races and looking for clues

  • Trophies?
    *Disclaimer: I know trophies have been standard since ’09, but this isn’t a “game” per se, more of a world, like Home.

  • And… PS+ get free stuff in Free Realms!


    • Not for launch, but we’re discussing ways to offer PS+ users cool stuff in addition to our members benefits.

  • this is great news. How much is the membership upgrade?

    • We’ll be offering multiple membership upgrade options, just like the PC version. A one month membership will cost $4.99. We also offer three month, six month, and twelve month memberships, as well as a lifetime membership for $34.99.

  • holy cow guys, when was this first announced? I NEVER thought I was going to see this day. very, very cool guys!

    • I believe the official press release went out this morning, roughly the same time this blog post went up.

  • Will my lifetime PC subscription work with the PS3 Client?

  • Also, I have to point out that it’s a shame that I can’t sign in to the PS Blog on my PS3. I have to use my HTC EVO.

  • FINALLY! I was in the PC beta and really hoped this made its way to the PS3 like promised. 2 years later here we are. Thanks guys! Excited!

  • Dang. Yet another game I’m forced to play. Sony you’re taking me over.


  • Thanks for releasing this amazing game on the PS3. I have two questions though.

    1. How much does it cost to upgrade to a membership?
    2. Can existing PC accounts login on the PS3 version and keep all their stuff?

    • You’re welcome. It’s our pleasure. In answer to your questions:

      1. Membership costs the same as the PC version. $4.99 per month. We have additional membership options available for multiple months and even a lifetime membership for $34.99.

      2. No, sorry. Accounts are not compatible across platforms.

  • Membership should be free with PS+ membership.. :\

    Well it should, because I said so.

  • Cool… so does our Free Realms account cross over from PC to PS3?

  • It`ll be in the PSN store right on my bday, lol, sweet. Even sweeter is that it`s free. What`s the size though? I have 11GB left but my PS3 HDD memory is shot, DA2 demo somehow took up all my space and I was left with a few KB so it can`t be reading the memory right. HDD was corrupted over Christmas(it kept saying I had 0GB left even though I had nothing left on my system) and I got help from Sony to fix it, but I guess it`s still messed up. It`s scary downloading anything now, and I bet Free Realms is gonna need a lot of space like Home :(


  • Deng, this took forever for it to get on PS3. Though I’m just glad that it’s finally releasing on PS3. One question though, will this game have Trophies like DC Universe? If it doesn’t, I think it should. I mean, then everyone would jump on it on Day one.

  • Trophy Support?

  • how much does a subscription cost?

  • move support? cloud saving?

  • Woot! Can’t wait!

    Also: Will Free Realms on PS3 make use of the PlayStation Move controller? It just makes sense to do that!

  • Awesome!

    More info would be sweet though. Like PC to PS3 compatibility, trophies, resolution, subscription price, etc.

    I’ll check it out when it releases for sure. :D

  • It only does MMOs!

  • Wow this is definitely great news, i thought the ps3 version would never see the light of day. Well thanks for the post. Now like everyone else said, will it have trophies? is it cross compatible with the pc version? How much is the subscription fee? Is the subscription fee any different for plus users?

  • Will this be released in Europe too??? And I ask the same questions as 22#

  • I’ve been waitinf for this game on the PS3 since it was announced! Its been delayed a few times and its almost here! yessssssssss

  • Long time coming. Disappointed that this isn’t available as a portal from within HOME so that you could walk into FR and become your FR character and walk out back to HOME when you wanted. They seem like a natural fit to me.

  • Wow, we’ve known about this since the ps3 launch.. geeze, took forever

  • Well … this is incredibly disappointing.

    The PS3 version won’t allow players to team up with their friends on PC, however. “It was certainly considered,” says Bokkes, but in the end was too difficult to pull off correctly. “The difficulty comes in with linking the accounts.” Another difficulty was setting a schedule for updates — the team says it would like to do simultaneous updates across platforms, but “it becomes really hard when you’re going through multiple approval paths,” according to Wells. Free Realms has been relatively popular on the PC, and it’ll be interesting to see how a console audience reacts at the end of the month.

  • @28 no.

  • Here’s a few questions for you.

    1. Trophy Support
    2. Voice Chat
    3. Cross Game Friend Invites (Invite friends through XMB messages)


  • Any footage of the ps3 version?

  • Seriously…the more I think about this.

    Sony and SOE..the whole idea, I thought, of launching the PC version first was to hook these people and then transition them into being PS3 owners…but now these people can’t bring their character/account over to the PS3.

  • FINALLY!!! this was announced almost if not 2 years ago

  • what?! really?!

    a free MMO on Ps3?!


  • so its not really free to play… you have to buy something, somewhere… kinda misleading if ya ask me… maybe bring some of those Korean MMOs over to the PS3.. like Perfect World or something..

  • Wow, it’s about time! Been looking forward to this. I’m very curious though, how do the mini-games work? Pretty sure you absolutely needed a mouse to play them. Can anyone comment on how this would work for the PS3’s dualshock3?

    • You can use the analog stick or D-pad to control the cursor for match 3 and interaction mimic minigames. The games are tuned specifically for these inputs. Other games like kart racing and pirates plunder map more naturally to the PS3 controller.

  • Nice,can’t wait.

  • So basically my lifetime subscription on the PC version is useless if I want to play on the PS3. Ball dropped.

  • I use to play on the PC. but it comein’ to PSN! WOOT! XD

  • Another place to waste tons of time playing free minigames. The look is a bit too cartoony for me, but free is just the right price.

  • I’m so glad that it’s going to be free-to-play! Looking forward to seeing videos of the PS3 version and more information on the game.

  • The MMOs are invading PSN! Think about the children!!!

  • @37

    “I can’t say that we took any cues specifically from DCUO” in terms of controls or design, he said. Bokkes’ team developed console-style controls for each minigame in the title, from pet-raising to kart racing, and even rebalanced them for console-specific gameplay. A lot of technical work was done as well: “We actually had to port the renderer over,” says producer Ryan Wells.

    Seriously…the blog should just copypasta the Joystiq interview.

  • Thanks Sony! Microsoft would never do anything like this.

  • Cool! i remember hearing this was coming out for ps3. i tried the PC version for awhile and it seems pretty fun cant wait to play it.

  • this game is fun i got invited to the beta and it was really awesome, sadly im not a big PC gamer so i deleted the client software

  • Will we be able to sign in with our existing (PC)Free Realms accounts and thus utilize our existing characters? Even though this has been asked by many above me, I’m repeating it to emphasize its importance.

    • Answered above. Repeating the answer to emphasize its importance. :)

      Sorry, no cross-platform compatibility. Unfortunately, the logistics involved with synchronized publishes and account linking make it impractical.

  • ROHAN… get R.O.H.A.N.:Blood Feud NEXT… lol all my Asian friends are going to FLIP OUT

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