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At GDC, Insomniac debuted their new, more intimate multiplayer plan for Resistance 3. After spending a hands-on session beating up on some of the assembled media (yeah, I said it!), I chatted with Insomniac’s Marcus Smith. In this feature, the Resistance 3 Creative Director explains the team’s decisions on player count, map locations, and class customization.

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  • As somewhat a vet of R:FOM (120,000 kills, 4000 Rounds played) Im hoping for alot from R3. But judging by the “perks” and “kill streaks” this game wont be much like R:FOM, as I was hoping it would. But thats not to say this game still wont be good. I like how it takes awhile to kill some one. Heres the main thing to implement in this game to be sucessful.

    1. FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE GAMES!, being all the custom options from R1. Also please have custom lobbies. Custom lobbies help make a community for a game by playing vs the same clans and players, clans could make there own games and then another clan can join their game and battle em, thus creating rivalries.

  • PS: I hope its NOT like a COD game where all games are random selected and you’ll never see the same people twice. Oh yea and also have CTF and not capture the core, that was a bad idea.

  • Yupp i’m in,i hope it’z fun,crazy & have alot of cool stuff to customize ur lil character..Capture the core was really fun until they made the core so heavy..Hope they bring it back…lates


    (google me)

  • Amazing how you tweak and add features to a series and the fans become irritable. I understand that the hardcore fans want it to be more like R:FoM and less like CoD which is funny because I don’t remember CoD having Shields or Cloaks? Hmmm I guess I missed that… Lulz. Also, James is right, Why the hell would they just re-make R:FoM with updated graphics and how the haters are judging an entire game off a 4 minute video, Hilarious.

  • look just ignore the ppl saying this game looks bad its not the same blah blah blah, i like what you guys are doing to this game and making it better than the others. Everything is looking way better than i expected. definetly pre ordering as soon as possible. hoping to be in beta so i can help make it even better.

  • Love what you doing with the multi.. and all.. although I wish less games used evolved forms of the call of duty style, I am pleased to hear how the co op is sounding, because I’m a sniper at heart and a Medic by passion.. and seeing how spec op and medic were split as they were annoyed me in 2. Glad to see that’s changed. Side note, it was mentioned that radios in single talked about the fights in multi.. this gave me the idea.. ever think of taking weekly counts of wins n losses in the multi. And. Using the results to dictate what the radio news is streaming(ie, if the chimeras are winning in battle X the radio says that they lost contact with that city, where as in battle Y the humans are winning and the radio states that the chimeras are being pushed back) to me that’d be a fun aspect. Also, be sure to allow the creation of defencive turrents.. I always find those fun.

  • Good work guys,this change of gameplay is good,I hope I will have the beta.

  • What kind of weapon did you use on that Chimera at 0:50?

  • Looks better than Resistance 2

  • @39 Rhino136
    How exactly is my opinion wrong and yours is right?
    “While there may be killstreaks and abilities they seem to be tailored towards Resistance such as invisibility an energy shields which fits perfectly in the realm of Resistance’s weaponry”

    Why should these be killstreaks exactly? The Auger and Wraith already is capable of producing energy shields. Why should these weapon feature turn into a killstreak?

    Killstreak promote nothing but camping because the majority of players care more about getting their killstreak rather than completing the objectives.

  • Wow. It looks… exactly like Call of Duty! It’s almost as if it was done on purpose, isn’t it!

  • Wow guys! I’m getting more excited for R3 every times I see it in action.
    I recall being pretty excited for R2 before it came out, getting swept up with the excellent viral marketing campaign (will R3 be getting something similar!?), and I was lucky enough to be in the Beta which piqued my interest, though unfortunately the Killzone 2 Beta was released at about the same time which really lessened the impact of R2s final release, and whilst I still enjoyed the Campaign of R2 (finishing all difficulties), I barely touched the multiplayer as I was already knee-deep in the Helghast!

    R3 seems to have pulled a full reversal, for as much as I’m enjoying Killzone 3 right now, Resistance has my full attention.
    Don’t mess this one up guys, this looks like it’s going to be great!

  • I’ll be buying R3 for single player no doubt. I might play a little competitive from time to time as im not too big on competitive, but i will always go back to R2 co-op, i actually still play that.I was upset at first because It’s not going to be in R3, but not buying it for that reason would be missing out on a great game and franchise.

  • @James Stevenson

    You talked about a beta, when can we expect this? (Around what time, month before the game, etc. Not looking for exact date.) Will this game allow 2 players to sign in and keep stats like R2 did? I really wish more games did that… Do you know how the beta will be setup? PS+ users come first, anything like that?

    Lastly, after getting 10,000+ kills on R2 xD I think I can tell you.. You guys are going to blow us away. You’re better than Killzone and you guys know it. :D

  • It seems every dev is cutting down on the player count in MP. Thats cool with me because it helps keep the graphics looking good when playing online.

  • I know this may not mean much since I’ll support you guys whichever 20 ways you decide to go, but DAMN! THAT WAS SICK! The graphics, the customization, the size of your enemies, the changing of the isolated-three-class formula, pretty much everything. And

    You guys rock. Honestly, KZ3, while impressive, seems to be thoroughly trounced here. ^.^

    (By the way, if you’re looking for someone to come down and praise every little thing you do in person, I am unemployed right now.)

  • BETA!!!! WHERE YOU AT???

  • Would it be too much to ask for a James Greyson skin in the MP?

  • Just wondering, is it possible to remap or choose sprint to a button other then pressing the thumbstick?

  • @bloodycow
    I was trying to state that I wasn’t voicing my opinion therefore my post had nothing to do with opinion. Sorry if it came out a little confusing. But I was just saying that R2 and this one seem to have a totally different feel from CoD even if it borrows a few elements.While you are correct that killstreaks cause camping, elements of resistance make it much much less profitable, such as the larger amount of health, the aiming, weird weapons (strategy), in R2 the game size, etc. Killstreaks also give you a reason to stay alive longer rather than just kamikaze every time. Putting an Insomniac spin on the perks is more reason to be creative and play differently, I think the leapers bursting from your corps is a great take on martydom. As long as its done in a Resistance style its fine to me, so far I see clever ideas (leapers), a few not so clever(“riot”energy shield), and some ones that promote team work (ammo/bubble shield). I am hoping for a weapon spawn mode though, so we can get more crazy weapons in there.
    This post has a little of my opinion on the game but my other was merely stating that R2 wasn’t trying to be too much like CoD it just borrowed a few elements and the same for R3. Totally different games.

  • I actually liked R2 better than R1 but don’t get me wrong, R1 was great too, but R3 looks better than both of them combined. And please stop asking them to just make it like R1 exactly, repeating the same process over and over just turns a series stale. (cough* Call of Duty cough*) They want to make their own game and as a developer that is their right. Anyway don’t knock something until you try yourself. I didn’t think I would like Heavy Rain very much but it ended up being my second favorite game of 2010 behind Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Give it a chance people!

  • I might be a bit old school because i still don’t think you can beat RFOM (1) i didn’t mind the single player on R2 but i just couldn’t get into the online game and i’ve never enjoyed a game better than what RFOM online game was/is like, i just wished they had gone back to that sort of game play,shame as this could of just made me want to give R3 a miss now ;-( but i still wish you all the best for the game not that you will need it ;-)

  • Insomiac delivers like always! R2 was great as well! don’t get all the hate, loved the environments and the sound was awesome! the sound of the doves inside the vessel or the birdies in the the woods gave me the creeps!

    can’t wait!

  • Announce Move Support and I’m yours.

  • MP means more stuff that should have been on the disc to make us pay for separately! Awesome!

  • wow this looks absolutely amazing!! I cannot wait to play this game

  • read this. From the video previews etc i have seen of the multiplayer and storyline it looks amazing do not listen to the haters that hate because they have not played your masterpiece because this game is shaping up to be my go to game for online. Insomniac you are doing amazing stay on track with this game you have my pre order!

    no other FPS has me excited this year. is there a beta? because i want in :D

  • Please my brothers to other mothers, bring back the LEGENDARY ONE SHOT KILL MODE. I’ve never experienced a better feeling, lag-less, flawless, fair feeling online infrastucture than that of Insomniacs Resistance: Fall Of Man, no better demonstrated by a game at BUS STOP, ONE SHOT KILL, CARBINE. How many hours were consumed by that LEGENDARY game mode.
    C.O.D’s can kiss Resistances butt, as it could not touch F.O.M’s online experience. Only smart gamers realized how awesome this game truly was and still is when you get into a good one shot kill game in either Bus Stop, or Rooftops……two of the greatests ever maps in a game to date, and everyone going gung ho with Carbines was a truly religious gaming experience. You would run around a corner and spot your enemy, and if your trigger finger was faster, bam, there dead, or vice versa, and if you both hit the trigger at the same time, then you both bit the dust. Nothing felt fairer than that feeling, and after several times of it happening, proving it was no glitch, you realised you were playing the best, most lag free online multiplayer game ever that even the COD series is yet to better.
    So in closing, please Insomniac, bring back the ONE SHOT KILLS.

  • Forgot to add, don’t worry Insomniac, you already have my money, I have both on PS3, as well as one on PSP, and will be adding R3 to my collection as I love everything about the series & all Insomniac games, as I owned R&C:T.O.D until I finished it, then bought both sequels. You guys just rock, and as long as I keep feeling the passion, love, blood, sweat & tears you guys put into your titles, I will keep buying them. I had Mario Galaxy on my kids Wii, and played it to see what all the fuss was about, and apart from the half last gen graphics, the gameplay was nowhere near as fun, imaginative & awesome as Tools. You guys should make a PS3 exclusive Ratchet based Kart racer.

    But back to point, I am buying Resistance 3 without fail, but just want to voice my opnion in the vein hope one of you great developers will listen and add ONE SHOT KILLS to the online competitive gameplay modes. Thanks and keep up the good work, and I’ll keep up the opening of my wallet.

  • I am so getting this game.

  • @ Adolph-Fitler

    I agree. Busyard carb was a great mode. But its not just Busyard, all games/maps had their own feel. I was a Somerset 1 hit carb player myself. But yea RFOM actually took skill. I also liked how shooting carbines’ bullets WOULDNT reach “forever” like a COD game. Frusturating being sniped out by a pistol or sub machine gun in COD. Text chat was great too.

  • i hope the multiplayer is like the first resistance the second one was more cartoon like, but i did enjoy the co-op mission’s nothing like taking down a giant beast with your friends.

  • @James Stevenson

    Thei is a MAJOR gap in the market for a survival type game, game mode… and it would fall right in line with resistance 3… you ever thought of adding a type of survival mode into R3? Would be grrrreat as im tired of playign zombies =/ Also would love to see the big bosses in R3 (like the one in R2) A GREAT story in singleplayer! Dont make it short! Cant wait for this game! The only complaint i have is that this game is not coming out sooner ! =( ;)

  • This is the one game I am looking forward to the most for 2011. Even with Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, and Infamous 2 coming out, this is the one I look forward to the most. I already got a fully paid preorder on it and the day it becomes available at the EB Games I work at, I will upgrade to the collectors. It’ll look great sitting beside me Resistance 2 collectors I have.

  • Day one purchase. It looks like they listened to what people complained about in R2 and took it to the next level. I cant wait to hear more.

  • Are there going to be any game modes that support more than 8v8. Bevause the 32v32 from thge secong one was eppic.

  • It looks pretty cool, I remember my first experience with the Resistance games, Back in 8th grade, I would always go over to my friends house and play R2 with him and a couple other friends. It was kick @ss! :D

  • I’m glad you guys are making the multiplayer completely different from R2, it’ll give me a reason to still play R2 because it won’t feel like an obsolete version of it’s sequel.

    I always liked 16 player multiplayer games though I just hope it won’t be too Call of Duty’ish. Can’t wait to try the beta.

  • The game is absoltely Perfect !!!?

  • R1 was such a great game. My PS3 clan of adult gamers has almost 100 members and was basically founded on that game. Why change such a great formula? Remember when Coke came out with “New Coke”? The clan features were great. Joining/inviting friends and clan mates worked so well (much better than most current games). The customizable games are what started our weekkly “clan night”, which we still have today…you could setup a new custum match without dropping out of the lobby. The two fighting factions had unique abilities and weapons which set them apart just enough to make it feel like a real “aliens vs. humans” battle. Please, please, please bring these features back, and don’t follow the current “trends” of all the other FPS.

  • game looks grate but you go from 60 players online to 16 thats BS come on most clans are alot bigger than 16 how whould you like to be the ones left out on a clan night or cant play with your frends

  • So i am going to need an additional job to fund my habit with all these A1 titles coming out.
    They seem to have incorporated some tactic from the current shooters which should make this a fun buy.
    Heres to hoping.

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