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At GDC, Insomniac debuted their new, more intimate multiplayer plan for Resistance 3. After spending a hands-on session beating up on some of the assembled media (yeah, I said it!), I chatted with Insomniac’s Marcus Smith. In this feature, the Resistance 3 Creative Director explains the team’s decisions on player count, map locations, and class customization.

Stay tuned for more Resistance 3 news here on the PlayStation.Blog.

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  • Thanks Jeff, Resistance 3 is looking pretty damn amazing right now.

  • Resistance 3 looks awesome! Any word on a special edition for R3?

  • cool!

    (looks like you guys shop at the same store for your shirts :) )

  • I am speechless. I can’t wait fot this game.

  • Now that you mention it, yeah their shirts are very similar. They almost look like brothers.

  • I want the beta! :D

  • cant see the video!!!!

  • I’m so happy with what you guys are doin, wish I could come to your studio and give Ted a hug XD

  • Cool! Invisible video! :P

  • that-acmilan-guy

    1 thing i didn’t like in R2 is still here. The aim down the barrel or ironsight view doesn’t look right, it appears as if the guy is putting his gun against his chest.

  • I’m digging this. Definitely looking forward to it.
    I’ve purchased every Resistance game released so far, so I may as well keep it up (not because I have to, but because the game looks amazing).

    • Thanks man – hopefully you’ve pre-ordered – it does actually help devs a lot when you do that!

  • Look AWESOME !!
    U can send the BETA key same place as last time ….. LOL

  • Looking solid but still missing the cool factor.

  • Beta redeem code please! :)

  • PLEASE READ THIS!!! I tried submitting my entry for the Resistance 3 contest to be in the game, but it will not accept it because they say I am not old enough but I am 18!!! I put down 1992 as the year I was born and it won’t accept!

  • Fall of Man was something special.

    R2 made me :(

    It doesn’t look like R3 will bring the special sauce. :*(

    • Considering we will have had 3 years cooking special sauce for R3 – I suggest you play it first, you might be surprised.

  • looks good

  • @16 KidCommando
    Completely agree TBH.
    I really hope there will be a bare-bone playlist (no perks, no weapon select at begin of matches, and bring back weapon spawns)…basically just give us Resistance Fall of Man multiplayer.

    Resistance multiplayer felt nothing like Resistance and more like another Call of Duty wannabe. Resistance 3 multiplayer is looking like another Call of Duty wannabe.

    I just wish Insomniac Games will stop trying to follow Call of Duty with these stupid perks and killstreaks. They should just go back to their original formula that made Resistance Fall of Man special.

    Insomniac Games stated that the Fans (true Resistance Fans) thought that Resistance 2 (Multplayer mostly) was a failure. Look at VIDEOS for Resistance 3 multiplayer…yeah it look like another failure.

  • cart0onnightmare

    my pants… just became tighter.

  • any news on ps4?

  • Keep up the good work IG.

  • Sorry love the game can’t wait but 8on8 I don’t like that idea

  • Sweet.

    Another sweet multiplayer game to play this year.

    Right now I got the following on lock down.
    Uncharted 3 (Loving UC2), Killzone 3, Battlefield 3 (PC), and probably Twisted Metal.
    (Still more to come I’m sure.)

  • yeah BlooodyCow, I hear ya.

    One of my favorite aspects of Fall of Man was the difference of the two ‘races’. Humans had radar, they could run, had health regen. Chimera were bigger, could rage, were vulnerable to heat/fire. They were clearly different with pros and cons. How BA was it to take down two Chimera raging after you, knowing they should have just murderized you in multiplayer.

    It was an invasion story of a stronger race and how the humans overcome that.

    In R2 all that went out the window! it was like humans vs. humans, they just had skins of Chimera. It didn’t matter if you played as human or Chimera, they were all the same and it only mattered what loadout you had. :(

    Now we have R3, Lookin like a magic spell contest as opposed to a weapon fight. The ONLY thing I see from Fall of Man is the weapon wheel. It is soldier vs. soldier instead of alien vs. human.

    Oh well, I have already given up on the direction of R3 after playing R2. They had something special, something different, and now it is same thing as everyone else….only now with a smaller player count.

    • You guys make a lot of judgements for a game you’ve seen four minutes of. A “magic” spell contest?


      There are differences between Chimera and Humans in R3, there are tons of abilities to let you play how you want to, and to really encourage teamwork. There has been so much polish and playtesting on this game over the last 2+ years, it’s ironic to see you pass off the game based on a four-minute video with a small blog reply.

      Just my two cents (and see you in the beta!)

  • i hope you can custimize player charators like cod as well as weapons and weaon balanced r2 everybody keep throwing those spike greades

    Its people like you that ruin Resistance for the rest of us with your Call of Duty this and that request.

  • @James Stevenson
    James, I hope you know that I really love you guys at IG and enjoy the majority(resistance 2 being the only exception) of you guys games.

    And James, why do you guys keep dodging my questions about the bare-bone playlist? Maybe some of us don’t want the “Tons of abilities” and just want you guys to give us Resistance Fall of Man multiplayer (weapon spawns, human infinite sprint and radar, Chimera rage mode, and no weapon selections before a game) with new maps and updated graphics.

    • I have said we will consider said playlist. I’m not going to promise it, until I see it in the game and working. The idea has been floated, there’s a long time to release, as soon as I have more to report, I will.

      And while I can appreciate what you want, we are also making the game we want to make. There is no interest in just remaking R:FOM w/ new maps and graphics.

  • James Stevenson,

    Thank you for the replies. I hate to sound negative, and I know you and your team put a lot of work into what you do and are passionate about your projects. I am sure R3 will be successful, I personally just wish it took a different route. You can never please everyone however and R3 is on the horizon. Will definitely give it a go and see how it plays. Thanks again.

    • That’s all we can ask. Consider how much time we spend here figuring out what to do, playing and iterating, and we feel pretty solid. Looking forward to hearing what people think once they get their hands on.

  • Whoa Stevenson what beta are you referring to in post 4? I wants in!

  • You guys should place a station in Florida, North America is nowhere for awesomeness. It would make it easier for me to work with you guys too ;)

  • looks awesome good work guys

  • Haha i love you guys! I wish i could play the game with you devs someday :P I could only imagine how much fun it would be.

  • I’ve absolutely played and loved every Insomniac title since the first Spyro and I can’t wait to get my hand on Resistance 3! Keep up the great work Insomniac guys and gals, the effort doesn’t got unappreciated (by myself at least :D).

  • Jeff, I was hoping you would ask about the Killstreaks, but I’ll ask here. Will there be Killstreaks in this game? I say a killstreak for 2 kills and 3 kills. How many will we be seeing in the full game?

  • Just remember to include a lot of modes… make it worth coming back to the online. Have some really unique modes as well…. hint hint, NON-RESPAWN mode maybe??????? Or a mode where 1 guy / “boss” VS all…. ?

  • This is my most anticipated game of 2011 for sure! Every piece of information released makes me more and more excited, September 6th can’t come quick enough!

  • So nothing new from the last 10 videos on the gameplay. You would think the blog would have first dibs on this kind of thing….oh well.

  • I delete my cookies and everything but I still can’t submit it, I even tried using a different browser but to no avail. I guess I’m just gonna have to lie about my age and if you guys disqualify me then it’s your fault not mine.

  • @Bloodycow

    While it doesn’t really matter whether I agree with your opinion or not, I think that you are wrong about the CoD comparison. Resistance has a much more frantic pace than CoD MP in both R2 and RFoM and from the looks of the gameplay in R3 as well. It takes longer to kill someone in R2 and RFoM to where camping is no where near as effective and other CoD tactics won’t work. While there may be killstreaks and abilities they seem to be tailored towards Resistance such as invisibility an energy shields which fits perfectly in the realm of Resistance’s weaponry. I’m not discussing my views on the game or series because it would take even longer, I’m just stating your comparison is straight up wrong.

  • Right when i saw this i almost peed my pants. its weapon layouts and graphics are just crazy. i just hope they let you costimize your characters a little more than they did in R2 and hope they bring Co-op in this one too. Insomniac Games has been growing so much because of there amazing franchises and i hope i can just work for this amazing company in a couple of years. keep up the good work you guys. =)

  • im really looking forward to this!!! one question i have had though is about the health system. is the health system going to be full regen, or is it going to be some hybrid system like in R:FoM? i really liked the hybrid system. i felt it differentiated itself from other games and added another level of strategy.

    oh, and i really like that the multiplayer is getting toned down a bit in terms of the number of players. sometimes there can just be too many people. i cant wait to play the beta!

  • The customisation of the level ups are a welcome addition. Always wanted that. :)
    Looks good/fun guys.

  • HUGE but HUGE Resistance Fall of Man fan here but since R2 , the multiplayer is not the same , as of now im not a little bit interested in R3 multiplayer mode but i cant freaking wait to play the story even though i dont like Capelli as a main character that much i have to accept that Hale is dead

  • Nice! Resistance 3’s game play actually looks a bit sluggish like Killzone. That’s good because it gives the game a sense of identity unlike Resistance 2’s game play was nothing special like your typical run-n-gun, spray-n-pray games like H*lo, Counter-Str*ke, etc.

  • Hale.. we need you back! We can RESIST without you!

    Thanks for taking care of Noah Grace!

  • I tip my hat to you James for standing up to these people who (quite frankly) talk out their [DELETED]. Many devs that post simply ignore it or don’t respond, its nice to see you guys care about your product enough to defend it like that. The game looks freaking awesome by the way, I’ve been a Resistance fan since the first game (got it on launch day along with my ps3) and I’ve been waiting on pins and needles for R3 since I beat R2, you guys have a lot of loyal fans and you make really great games, don’t let the naysayers bring you down.

    Also I’d like to say that while R2 did have some issues (every game does) it was still a great experience and actually made some huge strides in the storytelling space, or at least I thought so.

  • Stop killing Resistance. Just bring back 40 players online. no ifs or buts.

    and bring back hale as main character in Resistance 4 period. i want to play as chimera.

  • PincheAlexFierro

    Playing as Hale as a chimera would be a great way to do it in Resistance 4, but I like that you guys are telling the story through Capelli in a more citizen-role. Insomniac people, don’t listen to the haters, you guys are great at making one of a kind games, especially when it comes to combat/weaponry. This looks awesome and I love the improvements you’ve made. You’re not pulling what the Call of Duty series who are starting to just rinse, repeat, recycle their games. It looks like you put a lot of thought into the multiplayer and it shows. It looks great and looks like it has the little extra something that the other multiplayers from R1 and R2 missed. Can’t wait to get my hands on it (and hopefully the beta!), keep up the good work :)

  • Internet explorer, but i can see it now! :)

  • @47: This isn’t 2000 anymore, time to move to a better browser ;)

    On customization note, can’t wait to see what other abilities/etc you guys came up with. Loving the idea that everyone will end up with different roles to play and because we’re playing on a team of 8 through the course of a single match teammates can get to know each others play styles, abilities, etc. In the 40/60 player matches that kind of thing rarely happened, ally/enemy names were just a blur.

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