Dead Space 2: Severed Hits PSN Today With Two New Chapters

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Later today, the Dead Space development team will be bringing an all-new experience to your PS3 with Dead Space 2: Severed! Dead Space 2: Severed will follow the story of Gabe Weller, one of the characters from Dead Space: Extraction, as he travels through the Sprawl on a mission to find and rescue his wife, Lexine. Gabe, who is a security officer by trade, will fight his way through the Titan Mines and the Hospital in a journey that will offer lots of new and exciting game-play for the Dead Space community.

Dead Space 2: Severed for PS3

Given that Gabe Weller is a security officer by trade, we wanted to create an experience that focused on his skill-set through pacing, game-play mechanics, as well as combat & level design. Gabe Weller will start off with a Pulse Rifle and a Seeker Rifle as his default weapons which will give players a new way to approach combat – he’s equipped to take the action to the Necromorph forces. From the beginning of the Severed experience players should notice the difference in game-play, and there will definitely be a number of curve balls for players throughout the chapters. One of the most exciting additions to the game is the “Twitcher” which was a character from the original Dead Space game who has returned in Severed – he’s extremely fast, eerie, sporadic, and difficult to dismember.

The development team has definitely worked long and hard on Severed in order to create an experience that’s frightening, packed full of action, and a ton of fun to play. We really hope that you enjoy playing Severed, and we’re looking forward to seeing how many people can earn all of the new Trophies within Severed!

Thank you for your continued support!

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  • does anyone know if you havent beaten hardcore mode yet if when you install the dlc for severed will it make you play through all 17 chapters in hardcore with only 3 saves or just the 15 from ds2? does this like split into 2 parts ex. ds2 hardcore and ds2 severed hardcore? cuz hardcore was the last trophy i needed from ds2 and it would be super hard to do 2 more chapters without saving, its hard enough as it is.

  • Please, I really need help…
    I have bought it, downloaded, I have the patch of DS2 that came out before the relase of Severed.
    I installed Severed, started DS2, I’m in Single Player menu and then I enter into “New Game” menu but it doesn’t show Severed. I have watched youtube video about it, it should be in the New Game menu, should be able to select between DS2 and Severed. But I’m not able, I can only select difficulty.
    What’s wrong? Please help me…

  • Slimstone:
    I think that’s some problem with your connection because I could download it without problems. My problems are written in the previous post.

  • Why doesn’t anybody reply…It’s been 9 days since I posted my question lol

  • I have a problem. The 24th day of March, buy the DLC Severed, however download and install it but not find it on my PS3, or disc Dead Space 2, or the XBMC.
    Help please!.

  • @ BRD_DarK_FirE :
    Hi, could you solve your problem with the DLC Severed?, I have the same problem.

  • JoanChaves:
    My problem was that I have EU disc of them game, and I downloaded the DLC from the US Store, and I heard that with EU disc, the DLC downloaded from UK works only.

    For the problem that you don’t find it, but downloaded from the right region, I can only say that it should be in the Single player menu > New Game > here you can select that you play Dead Space 2 or Severed.

  • Imma see how these two chapters really are for myself

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