Dead Space 2: Severed Hits PSN Today With Two New Chapters

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Later today, the Dead Space development team will be bringing an all-new experience to your PS3 with Dead Space 2: Severed! Dead Space 2: Severed will follow the story of Gabe Weller, one of the characters from Dead Space: Extraction, as he travels through the Sprawl on a mission to find and rescue his wife, Lexine. Gabe, who is a security officer by trade, will fight his way through the Titan Mines and the Hospital in a journey that will offer lots of new and exciting game-play for the Dead Space community.

Dead Space 2: Severed for PS3

Given that Gabe Weller is a security officer by trade, we wanted to create an experience that focused on his skill-set through pacing, game-play mechanics, as well as combat & level design. Gabe Weller will start off with a Pulse Rifle and a Seeker Rifle as his default weapons which will give players a new way to approach combat – he’s equipped to take the action to the Necromorph forces. From the beginning of the Severed experience players should notice the difference in game-play, and there will definitely be a number of curve balls for players throughout the chapters. One of the most exciting additions to the game is the “Twitcher” which was a character from the original Dead Space game who has returned in Severed – he’s extremely fast, eerie, sporadic, and difficult to dismember.

The development team has definitely worked long and hard on Severed in order to create an experience that’s frightening, packed full of action, and a ton of fun to play. We really hope that you enjoy playing Severed, and we’re looking forward to seeing how many people can earn all of the new Trophies within Severed!

Thank you for your continued support!

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3 Author Replies

  • Whoa, huge error! Lexine is not Gabe Weller’s wife!

  • I love this game.

  • Awesome!

  • Whats the price point?

  • Is this gonna have add on trophies? That would make it so sweet!!!!!!

  • When will it be released? Been waiting for hours.

  • yes it has trophies

  • I can’t wait for the store update!! This looks awesome!!

  • @1 C’mon, we haven’t seen these characters in two years their time; better to say two years ago she wasn’t his wife

  • ****

    Severed will be $6.99

  • To all who ask Severed adds Two additional Chapters of play and will cost $6.99(USD) and includes additional trophies.

  • @5 yes it does add trophies actually they have already been added, your copy of dead space 2 updates when you pop it in

  • Damn good deal then! $7? consider it bought :)

  • Hurray for holding back content that should have been on the disc!

    Keep on gouging us guys!

  • Hello from the UK, can we use the hand cannon in this?

  • @Einhander138

    You dont have to buy it. Most were satisfied with the original disc experience. This just adds more. Stop trolling. Its business.

  • Yes, please!

  • I didnt start Extraction yet lol I will wait a bit for Severed but Dead Space 2 was awesome.

  • Now that’s what i’m talking about. Episodic content for purchase on PSN goes hand in hand with full digital downloads on services such as Steam & PlayStation Store.

    Many thanks to EA and Dead Space guys for this progressive approach, and as i have yet to buy DS 2 (still knee deep in Mass Effect 2), perhaps I can hope for the full game to hit PSN in the near future?

    btw sony, this is exactly the thing you should of done with God of War 3.

  • Too much time making all-too-short and overpriced episodic content, instead of patching out Hardcore mode; a mode which the intended audience has no conceivable way of finishing without having, no life, no friends or job (or any combination thereof). This game is fail, and this DLC deserves to fail too.

  • Severed and PixelJunk Shooter 2 both today!!!! Both are day 1 must haves. Count me in for both. :)

  • @MadmanV10: how is challenging yourself equal to having no life or no job or no friends?

  • Lexine is Gabe’s wife now? Crap, I was rooting for McNeal the whole game, lol. What gives? The guy was practically a shoe-in up to the point where he encountered his “accident.” Poor dude, no right arm and no Lexine action. Lol, the writers for Dead Space likes torturing their characters.

  • @19
    Looks like somebody isn’t good enough to beat Hardcore. It’s not like it’s hard. You get three saves, and since you’ve already beaten the game once, it shouldn’t take you more than 2-3 hours of playing to get to the first place you want to save. Besides, the difficulty for hardcore is the same as survivalist. So either get good or cry moar. A patch for hardcore mode, that’s ridiculous.

    Back on topic, I hope you guys have more dlc planned. I really want to know what happened to McNeil. And I thought Lexine and McNeil were interested in each other, that’s what it looked like to me in extraction.

  • More Dead Space!

  • Discount for PS Plus members? I only have $4.99 in my wallet.

  • Ah, forgot about the whole “two years” thing. Just finished playing Extraction again. Guess I was thinking that Severed took place directly after Extraction. So Gabe and Lexine got married, huh? Makes me wonder what happens to a certain someone else…. Wonder if that’ll be addressed in the DLC?

  • When is it supposed to come out ive been waiting since 3 o’clock!

  • This game just came out 4 weeks ago and you’re already pushing downloadable content? The marketing tactics of game developers these days often border on ‘sickening’.

  • Sold!!! 8D

  • In celebration can we have Lexine and Gabe outfits for home please ^_^. As a girl who loves Dead Space, I’d love tove a dead space outfit for the ladies. Ps- Visceral store + Lexine Jacket = Take my money hehe

  • Oh forgot if you watch the trailer when Gabe calls her it says “Lexine, Spouse”

  • @ all the haters,

    I’ve actually beaten Zealot mode, which in terms of difficulty is much harder than hardcore mode. The problem is not having the time to do it. I can only play for about an hour or so at a time. So not being able to save when I have things like a life, or friends, or a job, or a family to take care of, really is the antithesis of what a game for MATURE audiences should be doing.

    You all fail for thinking I was talking about the challenge, not the logistics. But I wouldn’t expect such levels of critical thinking from children, teenagers and the unemployed.

  • DS2 is one of the best experiences i have ever played
    the DLC for this great game is welcome

  • Wow that got married that quick or did I miss something I mean I played through extraction and I know her boyfriend died and there was no cut scene of a wedding that I know of please explain especially if this DLC is taking place at the time as the main story

  • Vagrant Story is up via search IT’S 97 MB!!!!!

  • OMG I cant wait 2 play this DLC. but first i need the game -.-

  • i would love to play it to but they wont update the store yet

  • You should make clear that this does not have move support. Alot of people think they cannot play it without move since you related it to extraction;) C’mon P.R.

  • finally updated the store! now just have to wait an hour for it to download….

  • @MadmanV10 – Obviously you don’t understand the concept of Hard Core or you just don’t want to. It’s not meant to be a mode where you play it for a hour here and a hour there and beat it slowly. It’s meant to be a CHALLENGE, committing time and effort at the same time. It has nothing at all to do with not having a life. It’s a commitment. It seems very unlikely that you can find a few hours and make it to your first save and then again at a later time spend a few more hours making it to your next save. Instead of going out one night with your friends, make a go at getting part of it done.

    If don’t want to do that then I really can’t understand why someone that supposedly can’t give up more then a hour at a time is as concerned as you are to get all the trophies in a video game. Just saying.

  • Madman,

    You probably could have beaten Hardcore in all the time you spent complaining about it every chance you get.

    For a grown man with all those big boy responsibilities you have, you sure do whine like a little kid.

    Pause the game and leave your PS3 on, tend to all of your excuses. when you are done, resume your game. OMG, what a concept!

    Let me guess, you have to pay too much electricity then?

  • @15 Gouging is not business.

  • danieldiasesouza

    Hi friends worldwide!
    I’m new here and just bought a Plastation 3 and DS2 !
    I wish somebody would help me to download the Severed!
    Where can I download’ve looked for everything here and not think!
    Many Hugs from Brazil:)

    • You should be able to download Severed directly from the PlayStation store – it’s $6.99.

      Thank you for picking up Dead Space 2 and for your interest in Severed – we hope that you enjoy the game!

  • man, i love this fame yet playstation hasnt come out with dead space PSN Avatars yet??? c’mon! i’ve been waiting for one!

  • game* >.>

  • hey dude they allready have avatars from ds2


  • :( i am having problems getting the DLC to download. The progress gets to 45% and just stops. Any one else having issues with the download, or is something wrong with my ps3?

  • I just want to say, thanks for the DLC! Definitely getting it as soon as I’m done with hardcore difficulty… Chapter 8, woot woot!

    As for MadmanV10 (#20)… Why rage like that? It’s HARDCORE.. Have you ever played hardcore difficulty on any game? Diablo 2 was perma-death.. end of story, you died, you died.. no starting at your last save.

    As I said, I’ve gotten to chapter 8 for my second save.. People would say that’s early.. I know it’s early.. My plans? Get to chapter 13 for my last save, and just don’t fail on the last boss.. It’s meant to challenge our skills, not be a walk through for more advanced players.

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