MotorStorm Apocalypse: “Wreckreation” Video Diary 2, Demo Date Imminent

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Our first video diary was all about Festival mode. The most ambitious aspect of MotorStorm Apocalypse, ‘Wreckreation’ mode, needs two more video diaries to fully explain… and today we’re unveiling the first!

Dive deeper into in the suite of diverse multiplayer and solo game modes, and learn more about the flexible, rewarding and entertaining game-play experiences Wreckreation has to offer – and watch out for new footage and reveals of some of the challenges, rewards and customisation features. ;-)

There is still a lot more of MotorStorm Apocalypse to uncover, and we’ll be sharing the second video diary on Wreckreation on the blog soon. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you thought of this video and what you’re looking forward to from “the party at the end of the world.”

Finally – a demo is coming! Dates are very close to confirmation (it needs to be tested around the world just like the full game), but if you’ve seen any glimpses of a track called Mainline, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. As soon as we have a date we’ll share it.

MotorStorm Apocalypse will be shaking things up this April 12, and you can pick up some really cool exclusive in-game vehicles just for putting a few bucks down to pre-order.

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  • epic racing i love it

  • 2 player split screen online!!!

    Love it!!!

  • WOW! This game will be the first racing game I will buy! I was never interested in racing games, but after I’ve seen this… GEEZUS! Buying this first day :)

  • I may have to get that when it comes out……

  • How much of that cool stuff is available in four player split screen? In MW2 every player had their own profile and could rank up independently. Are you doing something like that for this game?

  • OMG. I am buying this game now because of this video. The online portion of the game looks amazing!

  • Are we getting the Home content that Europe gets for preordering?

  • I think you guys should do an “Undead Apocalypse” DLC! Have a special mode where you get scored on how many zombies you take out, and some new tracks tailored for the undead. Like maybe a track that runs through a mall or two that are packed with zombies, then into a football stadium around the stands, and then jump off the back of the stands! Just an idea to make the game all that much more perfectly amazing! Oh and the undead will slow down Smaller vehicles, and even tr. To rip the riders off of bikes or fourwheelers! And add some new vehicle parts to the game like spiked tires for larger vehicles or chainsaws for the handlebars of bikes or fourwheelers!

  • From the video I saw that the background on the menus was cartoonish, static animation.
    Why didnt they make it like Motorstorm : PR? For me it will look better that way. Plus it makes us feel like being on Motorstorm festival itself

  • I am so excited about this game! We need to get this here in the U.S. asap please! Why wait almost a month longer? What differences in the game between versions are causing such different release dates?

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