MotorStorm Apocalypse: “Wreckreation” Video Diary 2, Demo Date Imminent

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Our first video diary was all about Festival mode. The most ambitious aspect of MotorStorm Apocalypse, ‘Wreckreation’ mode, needs two more video diaries to fully explain… and today we’re unveiling the first!

Dive deeper into in the suite of diverse multiplayer and solo game modes, and learn more about the flexible, rewarding and entertaining game-play experiences Wreckreation has to offer – and watch out for new footage and reveals of some of the challenges, rewards and customisation features. ;-)

There is still a lot more of MotorStorm Apocalypse to uncover, and we’ll be sharing the second video diary on Wreckreation on the blog soon. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you thought of this video and what you’re looking forward to from “the party at the end of the world.”

Finally – a demo is coming! Dates are very close to confirmation (it needs to be tested around the world just like the full game), but if you’ve seen any glimpses of a track called Mainline, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. As soon as we have a date we’ll share it.

MotorStorm Apocalypse will be shaking things up this April 12, and you can pick up some really cool exclusive in-game vehicles just for putting a few bucks down to pre-order.

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  • Wow! A lot of good news today. Thanks

  • A lot of god news today and second in comment

  • omg stop with the news i can’t take it!

  • Some advice to Sony, spread your titles out more. This game comes out a week before Mortal Kombat and Socom 4, and for that reason I am passing on both first party titles and going with Mortal Kombat. Why not release in the summer when no games are coming out?

    • Being spoilt for choice isn’t a bad thing! Of course I’d prefer you to choose MotorStorm Apocalypse, but there’s nothing to stop you from picking up any of the games you miss a little later down the line. :-)

  • There’s way too many good games coming out for the whole of 2011

    Does Motorstorm have local multiplayer too?

    If so, can we log in with separate PSN IDs like in LittleBigPlanet?

    • MotorStorm Apocalypse supports 4-player split-screen and 2-player split-screen-online!

      With 2-player split-screen-online all of your rewards, progress and Trophies will be tracked and updated when you sign-in too. :-)

  • Even though I wasn’t really interested, you guys have peeked my interest for this game. I will be downloading the demo, and if I like it I’ll pick it up.

    Geez, Sony, what are you trying to do, make me go bankrupt this year? ;)

  • I’m loving the new camera so far. Also looking forward to this new customization system.

  • Will the demo support 3D?

  • Motostorm is amazing! My favourite arcade racers of all time.

  • Good god I need this game soon! MotorStorm is definitely my drug of choice! You guys at Evolution Studios just keep getting better and better. MotorStorm was tits, then MotorStorm:PR was even better, and now MotorStorm Apocalypse looks too be better than both! WOW!!!

    • We’ve learned a lot from every game we’ve created, and put a lot of effort into each of our games. I think MotorStorm Apocalypse is our most ambitious and most impressive effort yet. Really hope you like it.

  • I have to agree that I wish that Sony released more games during the dead season. Contrary to popular belief, people do have money during those parts of the year, and it would mean that they aren’t going to have to choose between a glut of great titles that are being released all around the same time.

    That said, I don’t think that MotorStorm is the game that should get pushed back. This sort of crazy action racer is just the sort of game that would be a blast to play at a party with friends during the summer.

  • WOW, great customization guys, SOLD, just like the first two!!! 8D

  • Very nice! day one purchase for me..but looks to keep it’s hold long after that!

  • When games have depth like this I feel better about pushing out $60. You guys have come a long way since the 8 track and choopy online of motorstorm one.

  • I really enjoy Motorstorm and this one really looks like its going to be great, but i’m wondering will it support driving wheel peripherals??

  • Wow!!! Everything i’ve always wanted in a motorstorm game is in this one PLUS A LOT MORE!! lol

    Now i’m gonna have to pick this up day one along with Socom 4.

    Sorry portal….i’ll get you in the summer. You can wait, motorstorm cannot.

  • very cool the game looks awesome thanks guys!

  • Wow, that’s awesome!

  • The only thing I want to know is if there’s some kind of Replays!

    I would have loved to have replays in Pacific Rift!

  • Ok, that’s seems great.

    I’m not sure if I like the fact that everygame will copy COD with things like perks but hey, COD didn’t invent them either…I just hope every online game will not play the same til now.

    But I really like the visual customisations options that seems numerous, that’s awesome! Can’t wait to try the game, Motorstorm is not easy to handle in the past so can’t wait to try this one and I suppose that with pratice I’ll be better.

    The multiplayer online AND local WITH multiple PSN IDs support in splitscreen (if it’s remains true) are the BIG SELLING points that makes me want this game, this, added to customisation and action-packed races with destructions and multiples vehicles types make it a game to get! :)

  • I cant w8 for this game since i just got my PS3 theres not much to do and theres no cross game chat so i cant talk to any of my friends but this will keep me busy and so will SOCOM 4 great year playstation all you need is cross game chat and im set.

  • Damn! and I thought that Pacific Rift was cool… This looks like the best Motorstorm yet!!! Cant wait.

  • been a while since i posted on the blog .this is my fav racer.what is the new best feature to this game matt be truthfully.?also will there the Evolution Studios make a move game? will you guys stay motorstorm only?

  • i barely even started the last one…even though i got it when it came out. i think i have 9% of the trophies. ha

  • Don’t ever let down this franchise. As for WipeOut these two games are really close to my heart and I bought every single of them. I’d like to add Uncharted and killzone for that matter which I’m enjoying right know in 3D…… :) OMG too many great games and the NGP around the corner. SONY will be forever my definition for quality…. since the Walkman in the late 80’s hahahha

  • You guys really took this series to another level with this entry. It’s like Burnout, Split Second, and Blur all took the red pill and then had a threesome. Awesome sauce spillin everywhere. At least I think that’s sauce. I hope that’s sauce spillin everywhere.

  • @Jamie Brayshaw
    “With 2-player split-screen-online all of your rewards, progress and Trophies will be tracked and updated when you sign-in too. :-)”

    That’s brilliant to hear :D

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I really appreciate little things like that.

    There’s not much fun playing online as “pitythefool” and “pitythefool(1)” :)

    I hope other developers follow your lead and reward multiplayer splitscreen players more

  • To all the whingers complaining about the clustered release schedule for so many great games:

    Obviously a game company isn’t going to release a game PRIOR to it being ready, so in your scenario, the only alternative would be for that company to DELAY their game until a so-called “dead” period in the market.

    So use your brains. If you can’t afford a game now, why don’t you just wait until that “dead” period to buy it? It’ll still be available.

    And those of us with sufficient funds can enjoy the game now.

  • @SmooshyKing

    I wasn’t whining, not using my brain, and I can definitely afford this game. I was just letting Sony know that I would be more interested and more tempted to buy this game if it wasn’t released against other blockbuster games. I don’t have all the time in the world to play games so I usually am limited to one game at a time. But by then my interest in this game will have waned or other games will have come out.

    I don’t appreciate your assumptions.

  • AMAZING! No collectors edition??

  • @TomHoang

    Then why not release all games during the Summer, since nothing is coming out? Fact is Sony has A LOT of games coming this year, and to be scared enough to push a release date, especially when the game is completed, would be silly. If you’re passing on the game, then you didn’t want it enough to get it, that’s it. There is always going to be another game, and there isn’t anything that says you have to get it at release, but as you said, if your interest dips later on, then again, you just didn’t want it enough to buy it in the first place.

  • Sounds rather Black Ops like. Should be interesting.

  • Truly amazing and impressive stuff. I was wondering how evolution studios would surpass a giant like PR, but they’re doing it and more.
    Question: The online ranking system; Does ramming other cars give the player points? I may not be good at driving fast, but I get the thrill out of crashing others and vice-versa. In fact, that’s what makes MotorStorm unique and appealing. So, when I crash others I should get point and by the end of the race, not only does it matter who comes first, but who is a dangerous opponent to look out for!

    Question: Will I be able to use X to accelerate, D-pad to steer like in PR?

    Praise: How in apocalypse-hell are you gonna surpass this game!?!?

  • game looks sick.

  • Any doubts of whether or not I should buy this have been crushed. I’m getting this the day it comes out. It looks like it’s going to be the best racing game on the PS3 so far. I mean, I loved Split Second… But it got old fairly fast. Those first four hours though? God, it was a blast. This looks like those first four hours… Except through the entire game. I’m so stoked. And multiplayer looks incredible. Fantastic job on that guys.

    Any word of how many tracks will be in the game?

  • I’m getting this period. I missed out on Pacific Rift but the original left a good imprint of fun. This one looks amazing in every way, love what Evolution has done with this title so far.

  • cant wait for the demo. so excited!

  • Great! That´s the way a game is supposed to be! FUN! Hellyeah Motorstorm!

    PD: I want the demo too! XD

  • it´s like a destructive modnation!

  • Say is it true that despite being 9 tracks in the game that they’ll be raced in reversed as well?

    • You’ll race the 9 areas of the city in all kind of different ways – there are 40 unique variations altogether.

  • Damn, you guys never fail to take it to the “next level”. This game looks fantastic; I’m sold.

  • You guys at Evolution Studios really know your stuff! This game is looking incredible! I also really like the addition of 2-player split-screen online! This will definitely be a day 1 purchase for me :)

  • When will the videos be supported on the ps blog iPod app?

  • One thing that I think that should be in this game (if it isn’t already and that would be the ability to view replays and save replays. The 2 past Motorstorm games had no replays which was a major bummer since there were some amazing moments in those games. Please tell me that this Motorstorm will have at least a replay.

  • Really looking forward to this. Any chance Evolution could redo some of the first Motorstorm maps and add them as DLC? Looking at the level of customisation, you guys should help out on the next Gran Turismo. Think you could teach Kaz a thing ot two.

  • Does this game has good 3D effects??If yes i will surely buy it…..

  • Dear Evolution Studio

    Your title, MOTORSTORM, inspired me to be the best game designer ever. U guys aren´t predictible as some other partner studios… u guys took an racing game to a new milestone and kept the adrenaline feeling of the old games.

    I hope to see u guys when I direct my first original title and give ur opinions of it.

    Lunatics unite!

  • @ishpreethingra: I don’t know how you missed that tidbit. This game’s getting more praise for its 3D than almost any other game being made for the 3D TV.

  • Just awesome, I may pick this up when I have enough money.

    The line-up of PlayStation 3 exclusives is just insane, already bought LittleBigPlanet 2 and Killzone 3, and there is still inFAMOUS 2, Socom 4 and many other games :o

  • vai ser um jogão concerza xD.

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