Final NASA Shuttle Launch is First Live-Streaming Event in PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

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This Thursday, February 24th PlayStation Home and LOOT will be hosting a very special live event. Beginning at 1:50 pm Pacific Time (4:50 pm Eastern) a live stream of the final liftoff of Space Shuttle Discovery will be broadcast on the new NASA TV Channel of the LOOT Sunset Yacht (formerly known as the Amaterasu), a premium personal space available from the LOOT store in the PlayStation Home Mall. Be a part of history and watch as the last Discovery launch becomes the first live-streaming event featured in PlayStation Home!

NASA TV: PlayStation Home

You’ll notice when you visit the Sunset Yacht that this mega-popular personal space has received more than just a name change and an updated program guide on the built-in TV. Beginning this Thursday, February 24th, the Sunset Yacht will live up to its new name by offering owners the ability to set the time of the day while cruising the high seas—a first for PlayStation Home!

Sunset Yacht: PlayStation Home

Digital Leisure is bringing even more fun Space Ace items come this Thursday, February 24th – including male and female clothing items and furniture that will delight all fans of this classic game.

Home: Space Ace Kim

Home: Space AceHome: Space Ace Borf

The PlayStation Home Mall receives an update this week with new furniture, clothing, and active items – including new several animated pieces of jewelry, and gold, platinum and crystal furniture items.

Tank Rental: Sodium One: PlayStation Home

Starting this Thursday, you will be able to purchase one, two, and seven-day rental passes to play all 50 levels of the hit SodiumOne Salt Shooter Game. If you have not taken the chance to test your skills, here is the perfect opportunity.

To celebrate this new way to play, Lockwood Publishing will be doubling the amount of Gold, Silver and Silicon available in game for all valid rental ticket and Sodium Pilot Outfit holders for the next seven days! More resources mean even more Sodium Credits to use at the VICKIE shop.

Home Community Theater: LittleBigPodcast, Urgent Fury, HomeCast Rewind

The Home Community Theater is being updated this Thursday with the first full episode of the exclusive LittleBigPodcast series. In episode 1, hosts Austin and Daniel interview John Beech from Media Molecule (the amazing LBP2 level designer) as well as the mysterious “Laptop Guy.” See you there!

Just a reminder that many of the Home Community Volunteer veterans are still offering tours of the Mansion’s Second Floor with Game Room personal space. If you have not checked it out yet, feel free to send one of them a PM and check it out! For more information, check the first post in this thread in the official PlayStation Home Community forums:

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  • Woot,Woot.. Hot update to the new and improved renamed Amaterasu to the sunset yacht. And as for the streaming event omg. I cnt wait, and whats funny I was planning on getting the yacht on Friday.Ha,Ha 1 big insentive to egt now. Thanks Walls for Leting us know and buddy you have a great day,ok.

  • When will central plaza be updated or changed back to beta style, the urban city with huge skyscrapers? That was the cool CP and I really liked it. This one is really bad and it’s so boring and feels really static. Home could be so much more but it feels like you guys just set it up and left everything to it’s own accord. Unlike the other regions which have been getting great updates. Japan has their Game Cafe in the CP and changed it, during the change had construction actually happening, into a music cafe that was like a dance club. EU gets a whole brand new central plaza with a new mall like area, kind of resembles what my mall added, where you walk around outside with stores all around as if in a plaza not a huge mall building. It’s really stuffy in the mall and it would be nice to have some change, we stole the Theatre straight from EU and it doesn’t fit well with how it looks on the outside.

    I would be ok with this if it all fit in together but the things look unnatural and I wouldn’t believe most of these were connected. We need some core space updates, US is the only place that doesn’t really get them. The Killzone change was nice if it wasn’t our normal cp.

    • As you are aware, each region of Home is controlled separately. In our case, we have been the lucky/unlucky target of an all-out Helghast invasion that has engaged you all in a way that has never been done before. As for the preference of one “normal” version of Central Plaza to another, it’s all subjective. We never stop working behind the scenes on bigger and better evolutions to our spaces and games (the obvious visual or interactive content that our community notices) to the greater stuff underneath the polygons that you probably do not (but is just as important). My point is to be patient and you will continue to be surprised, and hopefully amazed. The constant of Home is that it is constantly changing.

      Evolution, thy name be “Home.”

  • The title of this post is misleading — it’s not the final space shuttle launch. That event occurs in June. Will you also cover that one?

    • You are right—nice catch. The launch that will be live streamed is the final launch of the Discovery shuttle, not NASA’s final shuttle. As for future coverage, we will have to see what surprises LOOT may bring us.

  • Um first Thanks Loot for the Link… I do try to read all these and they come in my email yet there is so much reading I read so much and I loose game time… As it is I think I read more then I get to spend on my Ps3 let alone gaming… any way I am wondering why the Name of the Boat is being changed? Is it because you now offer more then just the Sun in the Space? Also with this update are we going to loose the Star Map? Can we choose not to have the space updated? I didn’t solve the puzzle yet… Was the Date this month and meant to be the Shuttle Launch? I will most likely be watching it by myself and recording… although if it means I have to loose the Stars on the Floor projection I would rather not have the update. Yet Its been made quite clear to me that I really don’t have much choice in anything in HOME… Do we have to pay for the Shuttle Stream? And if Huuuze is Right why would you guys say its the last launch, why would it say so? I am soooo Confused… like most times.

  • dude, thats cool! imma watch the space shuttle launch from that ship but i also think it should have been a public space showing. gave us the choice to be at home or in public. still, its cool that nasa and loot teamed. im a big fan of loot merchandise. i got some of the actual lil bastard shirts and gamer shirt here at my home. :-)

  • you use this for timezones: GlassWalls | February 23rd, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    Hawai’i standard time is 5 hours before Eastern, so I believe that puts the launch happening at 11:50am. The handy-dandy tool I use to keep track of all North American times zones is:

    too bad its incomplete…. forgot mine. NFLD

  • Great Update!!!! I was wondering if you could pass a message to the playstation services that if they could fix the various problems found on the internet browser of the ps3 such as the constant freezing, and updating the flash player. Thanks.

  • I have been in like 2 peoples’ personal spaces *ever*, I have no idea if I know anyone with the Sunset Yacht, hahahaha.

  • Speaking of Central Plaza, will the Helghast finally be gone, or are they still gonna be kicking?

  • @Glass in regards to the Home Mansion..the ONLY television in the Manson so far is about the size of a 12 inch tv as well…I dont feel that the space justifies the expensive price point.

  • Sweet, setting the time of day will finally happen. That’s a really cool feature! I’m loving my Helghast Jetpack avatar from Killzone 3 !

  • anybody let me board their yacht ??? i’ll let you torment my villagers in return .LOL which begs me to ask . do other people who play the mini games in our spaces win the items associated to that mini game ?


  • I have both the Hollywood Hills and the Sunset Yacht, but I gotta say that the Yacht is definitely getting a lot more love from LOOT than the Hills house. I look forward to watching this with friends, but I agree that the Hollywood Hills theater should be updated as well. Awesome update though! I look forward to having a disco party on a yacht…at night.

  • ACTIVE ITEM’S…every week there’s ton’s of them release. Is there any new’s on raising the active item limit. 2 really isn’t enough.

  • GW–

    I often see you guys say things like, “All updates to content made by external parties is up to them.” This is functionally true, of course, but I think it is particularly unwise for Sony to show such a hands-off attitude. You have a vested interest here, and should be ensuring the quality and consistent support for content that is sold through PSN/Home, including content by third parties. By passing the buck and never making sure it is taken up by those it is passed to, you are undermining consumer confidence in your service and in third-party products it sells. This in turn loses both sales and potential partners.

    For instance, how many of the people who paid crazy money for the mansion will buy more parts if they see that their purchase is no longer the #1 priority? Sure, you can blame the content maker, but it’s Sony and Home taking the heat, no matter what you say or how many times you say it.

    Honestly, as little as I think of how Home is managed, even I can’t believe you guys haven’t clued into how this works yet.

  • It’s too bad this is only available for the Loot Yacht and not the Hollywood Hills Mansion. Hopefully Sony Pictures makes an update like this available soon on their mansion!

    And it’s too bad I’ll be stuck at work tomorrow during the NASA launch. Hopefully Playstation Home brings out more live streaming events like this, it’s an excellent idea! Home just keeps getting better as expected!

  • This shuttle launching event sounds epic. We all are hoping the launch doesn’t get canceled again like it did three months ago, they canceled the launch due to a gas tank crack. My question though, since the Yacht/Amaterasu is being updated by Loot, will the items we purchased for the boat now appear? I am super excited about today’s update. Mr. Wall of glass I would like to be the first to invite you to my yacht for the 4:30 eastern launch of the shuttle, you may also bring Locust, I guess!_!

  • Personal space = Pay to watch it

    No thanks.

  • Awww maaaaan! I’m going to miss it, I’ll be working by then :(

  • Why only on the yacht? This should be played in the theater.
    lol I might as well just watch it on tv or online.

  • I’ll be watching it live (in person) while having dinner by the Cape :-)

  • AHEM! DRAGON COSTUMES! C`mon, seriously, you came so close last week. You gave dragon statues, why not costumes? I can beta test them for you! Please no more dresses and bikinis! *Cries*

    NASA live launch is cool, but not when vids on Home don`t work. It`s just a buffering mess that shows a still screen and a stuttering racket: “O…only…ly….o…on… Play….Pl..Play…Sta…statio..n…sta…tion H…Hom…ome.”

    And I have to say it but I don`t think the Mansion is worth the $15. I`ve seen the first floor and the pool. The pool is just like the Hollywood Hills place, or whatever its called, you get more for your money at the Hills apartment. And you can`t interact with anything in the First Floor of the Mansion. I feel bad for those who bought it, it should have been for the normal 4.99 price. You can`t even sit at the table. Ppl spent $15 for what, to just stand in the large empty room with only the enormity of their mistake weighing heavily on their shoulders? The $15 would have been better spent on the Amaterasu Yacht and London Pub, two spaces that are receiving good updates.

  • Very excited for this! :) Going to try to throw a Goodbye Discovery Party! :)

  • Thanks for update, but please repair Lockwood – head- hats- Tiara Sunless Kingdom , bc when trying to buy I see error :( no one can buy it :(

  • soooooo when will i be seeing my outfit in the store?????????????????

  • ya and when will i be seeing MY outfit in the store???????????

  • I highly rank this personal space as THE one to have.If any of you cant purchase it,please feel free to add my PSN ID and I will send out invites 30 min beofre shuttle launch..Planetary wear is encouraged(space suits etc…)Ty so much Home,Loot and NASA respectivly.

  • Great news. Too bad I don’t use HOME, let alone the Sunset Yacht stuff.

    Is there any other way to watch this event?

  • I never thought I’d buy what I thought was a dumb boat (subjective opinion) but I did today because of the advertised day, night, sunrise, sunset. I expected not much from the television on the boat but I was in for a surprise. Is it great? No it’s not. But it’s new in what it provides and I am pleased.

    Maybe I’m more interested in seeing the episode (I assume it’s complete) of Police Woman starring Angie Dickinson and Earl Holliman with guest stars including Angel Tompkins who I haven’t seen in years than the NASA channel which I can watch in cable tv. As for the Police Woman episode it’s in standard definition so it’s best viewing with a HD TV set is to change it to Standard Defintion.

    I am satisfied with the purchase of the yacht. :)

  • It’s a pitty…

    Terrific opportunity (Discovery last launch stream), but only to those who already own (or know someone who owns) Sunset Yatch.

    I’ll have to watch it from NASA TV. Good luck m8

  • Living in PST I am going to miss this event… any chance of a re broadcast for those of us west coasters with day jobs??

  • Hmm I’m not sure if the problem is on my side but it seems like if I want to keep the video running I have to zoom in and stay that way thus I can’t interact with people who may want to join in my space.

    If I get out of the zoom in it will play for awhile then it will stop and “downloading media” but its been like this for some time now. All other videos play fine its just seems like the nasa video keep doing this.

  • OK- I don’t get on PSH much but this live stream event caught my attention and my $4.99 for the yacht.
    How do I get to it or use it please.

  • Can we expect this kind of streaming to be in time for Sony’s e3 press conference? I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen since Home’s inception.

  • To change the mood at the sunset yacht , is the settings through the big tv?

  • This was very cool. I hope to see more events like this. Thanks to everyone involved making this happen and keep it up!!

  • So I have the boat, yes. I was wondering what was going to happen to all the lighting after the update. I apologize for my writing in advance.

    With that being said… Holy crap the lightning contrast is crazy. I know it’s done to be dramatic, but you can’t even see one side of an avatar at certain points of time. The new ‘inside’ lightning, similarly, is far, far too dark and the new yellow-tinted lights in there are leaving far too much to be desired.

    Any idea if that will be looked into in the future? The sky is really nice but the lighting on the boat is horrible.

  • I managed to type ‘lightning’ instead of ‘lighting’ in each instance. Be advised. Sorry about that.

  • Sucks that I missed this. I completely forgot this was today, and the shuttle launch would have been a great incentive to have my buy the “Sunset” yacht.

  • Where u buy bandana at the mall it’s a gangster mask


  • @ KATO-LEE LoL… JusT Shut da’ HellZ Up HaHAahA!! ^.^

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