Final NASA Shuttle Launch is First Live-Streaming Event in PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

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This Thursday, February 24th PlayStation Home and LOOT will be hosting a very special live event. Beginning at 1:50 pm Pacific Time (4:50 pm Eastern) a live stream of the final liftoff of Space Shuttle Discovery will be broadcast on the new NASA TV Channel of the LOOT Sunset Yacht (formerly known as the Amaterasu), a premium personal space available from the LOOT store in the PlayStation Home Mall. Be a part of history and watch as the last Discovery launch becomes the first live-streaming event featured in PlayStation Home!

NASA TV: PlayStation Home

You’ll notice when you visit the Sunset Yacht that this mega-popular personal space has received more than just a name change and an updated program guide on the built-in TV. Beginning this Thursday, February 24th, the Sunset Yacht will live up to its new name by offering owners the ability to set the time of the day while cruising the high seas—a first for PlayStation Home!

Sunset Yacht: PlayStation Home

Digital Leisure is bringing even more fun Space Ace items come this Thursday, February 24th – including male and female clothing items and furniture that will delight all fans of this classic game.

Home: Space Ace Kim

Home: Space AceHome: Space Ace Borf

The PlayStation Home Mall receives an update this week with new furniture, clothing, and active items – including new several animated pieces of jewelry, and gold, platinum and crystal furniture items.

Tank Rental: Sodium One: PlayStation Home

Starting this Thursday, you will be able to purchase one, two, and seven-day rental passes to play all 50 levels of the hit SodiumOne Salt Shooter Game. If you have not taken the chance to test your skills, here is the perfect opportunity.

To celebrate this new way to play, Lockwood Publishing will be doubling the amount of Gold, Silver and Silicon available in game for all valid rental ticket and Sodium Pilot Outfit holders for the next seven days! More resources mean even more Sodium Credits to use at the VICKIE shop.

Home Community Theater: LittleBigPodcast, Urgent Fury, HomeCast Rewind

The Home Community Theater is being updated this Thursday with the first full episode of the exclusive LittleBigPodcast series. In episode 1, hosts Austin and Daniel interview John Beech from Media Molecule (the amazing LBP2 level designer) as well as the mysterious “Laptop Guy.” See you there!

Just a reminder that many of the Home Community Volunteer veterans are still offering tours of the Mansion’s Second Floor with Game Room personal space. If you have not checked it out yet, feel free to send one of them a PM and check it out! For more information, check the first post in this thread in the official PlayStation Home Community forums:

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  • Will the STS-133 launch also be available in the Hollywood Hills personal space, or is it Sunset Yacht/Amaterasu-exclusive?

    Related: any word on updates for the Hollywood Hills personal space media center?

    • The Hollywood Hills House will not have the same functionality in time for tomorrow’s live streaming event. Though I have no concrete information to share, LOOT is very aware of the community’s interest, so the screens may very well have the same technology in the future.

  • very cool. may want to begin the stream a little sooner, by the time it buffers you’ll probably miss it.

  • Home just gets better and better. I better be able to buy a space shuttle soon and walk around like I’m blasting off.

    • As you probably already know, you can already float in space in the Nebulon space. A space shuttle is not a bad idea though…

  • When will we get a update on new features like these ?

    voice messaging
    Chatroom (with mics)
    ability to change our PSN ID without losing anything

    SONY can make alot with these features and it can also make PSN a better network.

    • These are larger PSN questions that are not directly related to Home. That said, in Home, you can use mic chat in a variety of ways to connect with your friends or your clan, use a Clubhouse to gather a couple dozen of your buddies in to chat and hang out (with full open mic use), etc.

  • just saying, starting the stream 27 seconds before liftoff is cutting it close

  • Awesome, but i’ll just watch it from my front porch ;)

    here’s what I see when it goes up:

  • Uhhhh do I need to buy the Loot space or is this going to be in the theatre?

    Because if I gotta buy a space to see it on the PS3, LOL@U, I’ll watch it on TV.

    • You don’t have to purchase it, you just have to join a friend who may already own the Sunset Yacht. Only the host has to have purchased it to share this live social event in space history.

  • OK so since the Yacht is being changed? I have a question? If we haven’t unlocked the seagulls yet? After it changes tomarrow will we still be able to unlock the seagulls after tomarrow?

    Or is that feature being removed as well?


    By: DCS

    • I believe the seagull unlock should remain, so the live event tomorrow makes for a perfect time to round up enough friends to earn your additional wildlife!

  • The Hollywood Hills Apt has the Screen as Well? Is that updated as well like the Yachts. Or just the yachts screens?


    By: DCS

  • YaY!!!!!!!!!! Wat shall I do while watching a shuttle blast off from my truly epic yacht online…hmmmm Perhaps Ill jolt myself over and over in the electric tube in solidarity of appreciating SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sweet glade my new personal space is getting a upgrade and live stream video of the last discover space shuttle :-)

    • I think everyone will enjoy the updates to this personal space. The daytime choice is phenomenal, not to mention the groundbreaking video options.

  • if this is Discovery’s last launch? How about a minture model of it for our Home Apartments as a Keep Sake!


    By: DCS

  • wheres my slap happy gloves?

  • any word on item’s being fixed yet?

    It seems like it’s been a year already. LOL! I know it was only last year but that was a long long time ago.


    By: DCS

    • As always, when we learn anything or have updated news to share, you will find it in the Home Support part of the forums.

  • @11

    Licensing is probably why. Nevermind there’s no time to do it before the event at this point, and there’s little point to do it after the event’s time.

  • So I guess the Hollywood Hills house was a grab our money and run thing. I bought it the first day because of the TV and Theater but for some reason you guys act like it doesn’t even exist. Way to treat your customers poorly. If anything is streamed in one personal space then it should be streamed in all personal spaces with TVs. I will never buy the yacht now. I will just watch it on FREE TV.

    • All updates to content made by external parties is up to them. That said, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Hollywood Hills House might get a refresh in the future. As it is, the HHH offers quite a lot of value, regardless that the Sunset Yacht got an update first.

  • It would be really really cool if the Hollywood Hills Apartment would be updated with the Loot EOD and new content.

  • I like a miniature discover space shuttle also for my personal space :)

  • Will the Hollywood Hills video content ever be updated? Can you replace the content on one (or both)TV with the Loot EOD content?

  • Hello Glasswalls im Loving the new Update,im soo glad Loot decided to add more content to the yatch tv, now i can sit around with my friends and watch actual tv shows and not just Trailers.Is there a way the Playstation Move costume can make a come back to the store. I love the fact that we are gonna be able to change the time of the day, i have 40 something persoanl spaces and most of them are in Day time , so this is a good improve, Thank you .

    • LOOT keeps updating and adding video selection for their TV screens. I am quite sure it will continue to satisfy.

      As for the Move outfit coming back, there is nothing to announce. I always recommend snagging cool stuff when it is available since some of it is a limited time offering.

  • Glass does home have game launching for killzone 3. And are the clothed for killzone still in mall.

    • Whether KZ3 has been made a supported Home game launching title is a good question for the KZ3 development team. As for the purchasable Killzone item in the Home Mall, it should continue to be available. If you haven’t earned your entire ISA outfit from the Helghast invasion in Central Plaza, get it quickly before we have a cease fire!

  • That’s crazy

  • I see that they only reply to the positive threads. Again why is this not shown in my Hollywood Hills house that I PAID for?

  • Nice, this is a cool live stream to see! can’t wait until tomorrow in Home, i’ll be at my sunset yacht for sure!

  • wait im confused. is this “Sunset Yacht” a new Personal Space we need to buy, or an update for people who have Amaterasu yacht. i have that Yacht and if this is just an update i would love this place even more. i love to have a night-time effect while at my personal space.

    If its a new place ill consider getting it. i really dont like having more than 1 main personal space (i already have the Amaterasu yacht and Japanese apartment and i rarely use my J.apartment anymore)

    Either way thats pretty cool to have that on a personal space! keep up the good work!

    • As stated, the Sunset Yacht is a renaming of and an update to the Amaterasu Yacht. If you already own it, then you are set for tomorrow’s event.


    I wanna make sure I get this.

    I bought the Yacht when it came out, and since that time, I added various furniture items as I designed it. Now you said that the Yacht is getting updated.

    After I download the update, when I arrive on my Yacht, will everything I did still be there?

    Or will it all be lost and have to redo everything all over again??

    Or will the update have no effect on what I did prior??

    • Everyone who has previously decorated their Amaterasu Yacht should not have to redecorate the newly renamed Sunset Yacht when Home comes back online tomorrow.

      That said, if you’re particularly fond of how you decorated your personal spaces, it never hurts to back up the Home-specific Save files every now and then.

  • GW:

    Several people have already asked this question, yet it’s been ignored thus far:

    Will this Final LIVE Shuttle Launch be available to view in my “Hollywood Hills House (with Home Theater)” personal space… and if not, then please explain why?

    “Invite friends into your home theater for a social viewing experience with videos,
    trailers and exclusive content…”

    It was my understanding that the programming feeds for the Hollywood Hills House and Yacht were identical, and we WERE promised to have exclusive content. So what gives…?

    I’d very much appreciate an answer & explanation; it’s a fair assumption that many other Home users (besides those of us who’ve already written in) would like an answer & resolution as well.

    Many thanks in advance…

    • I have answered in previous comments (#1 and #15)—you guys keep me on my toes!

      That said, we have never stated that the LOOT spaces would be updated with the same functionality at the same time—I believe that to be an assumption, though I can see it as a reasonably fair one. However, I suspect that LOOT will be continuing to update more than just the Sunset Yacht going forward. They listen to the Home community and strive to serve it well.

  • This sucks! Worst timing ever, I’m having surgery at the exact same time.

  • im very dissapointed in in this . how come the la pool mansion space cannto lie stream this event. Im not for every space just becuase it has better stuff. but i know the La space has a tv and mini episodes function, why leave it out like that..

    Also us male user could use some new clothing. I have not seen anything new shoes or clothing or anything alot of costumes.That is ok. But Its really getting out of hand and it really becoming a fast turn off. I understand your tring to push as many events and spaceout as you can, but dont leave us naked in the process. Ty4 all u do..

    • Each developer’s content is different—LOOT is focusing on offering video content as a priority, which is quite an awesome one.

      As for clothing items, Lockwood is introducing a new brand line called Figment. It includes rather dashing items for both men and women. Be sure to check it out tomorrow!

    • Update: The Figment line has been delayed. However, there are several other cool clothing items coming out tomorrow for both men and women.

  • It is so sad that they are grounding the shuttles… I remember growing up and getting so excited waiting for the boom as it re-entered our atmosphere, and just driving out to the beach when the shuttle launched to see it act almost like a mini-sun…

    I am really glad you guys are putting this on home, but nothing beats the real thing, and nothing, will be bringing it back after it is grounded :( A real piece of history is leaving us…

  • I am feeling very let down with my purchase of the Home Mansion. The one small TV only has the PS Blog comparison to these great new tv features for the yacht..the Mansion is a pretty large let down. Please let’s get some more interactivity with the TV in the Mansion as well as the refrigerator that.. doesn’t…open….*sighs*

    • The Mansion’s video screens will be updated as well. The PS Blog team regularly makes phenomenal videos which will continue to be a part of what is updated in the TV screens.

  • Wow, very inovative guys…..Keep up the good work!

  • Is this the same french yacht that i already own, just being renamed? if so this just makes my favorate space even better because i watch alot of the shows in there now like SGNL and the other tech shows…. i so hope its the same yacht.. then im a Shuttle fanatic and i will greatly miss my shuttle program, they going back to “conventional” rockets.

    (The name of our Four (4) Reuseable Ships were Discovery..Atlantis…Columbia and Challenger, Sadly only 2 remain and hopefully we can get one here in NYC in our Sea and Air Museum) I will be watching this for sure.

    Now we just need Quriocity to streem into Home.. i’m like if we can stream MOVIES/Videos music is light-work! heheh so can wait…

    I remember when Home had only like a 1 screen theater,2 pair of paints and like 3 shirts and the Avatars sat down when we bowled in closed beta, look at Home today!!

  • Do you know how much longer the Battle of the Central Plaza will rage?

  • hey GW, nice update this week. I was wondering when the new expansion to the mansion comes out, the gameroom/bedroom/office? thanks!

  • How does the HHH offer quality value? All it has is the same trailers and Three Stooges videos over and over. No value in that.

  • Work on streaming E3 live.

  • 1) Read above: GlassWalls indicated that the Hollywood Hills may get the samething at some point in the future.

    2) The PlayStation Blog broadcasts allow people who do not have access to the Blog to view current and upcoming PlayStation software and hardware. That’s a good thing for those folks who aren’t as fortunate as we are.

    3) As I’ve always said, Home will continue to improve as individual Developers work to out-do each other. Thank you for the heads up, GlassWalls.

  • Conrad_Max: I am sorry but the Hollywood Hills house MAY get content in the future excuse does not work for me. The people that run Home should have made sure it has it NOW. Not maybe but definitely.

  • I used to live about an hour from Cape Canaveral and could see the shuttles tear across the sky from my backyard. Good times. The shuttle program didn’t exactly accomplish what it set out to, though, so NASA’s better off going in another direction… and hopefully they’ll be able to hold on to the funding to do so.

    Note that this isn’t the last space shuttle launch, it’s the last mission of the Discovery shuttle — the Endeavor still has one flight left, and if everything goes to hell, the Atlantis is on deck as the rescue shuttle.

    This particular launch will see the the first “dexterous humanoid robot” in space, Robonaut 2, who will perform tasks around the space station that are too dangerous and/or boring for the human crew. Here’s to hoping things don’t go all Blade Runner up there.

    Anyway, are we going to have to pay a premium to watch this? Because I could always catch it on NASA’s website ( for free, or on the news for that matter.

    • If you own the yacht already, then you’re good to go and may invite many of your friends over to share in the experience. If not, just hit up a friend to invite you over to theirs!

  • Great update this week! I am looking forward to watching this first time live event. Is there any word on the application process for the next wave of HCV’s? I submitted my application and am very interested in helping the community more as a guide.

  • Charles Trippy from CTFxC is going to be there! But watching it in PS HOME is cool too.

  • Sweet, ya im sorry i just read it and still waking up (even though i already had 1 class today…)

    i really like this update. i hope other people with different personal spaces also get some type of update to get an enjoyment out of it.

    Just a little question. i was never good at time-zones. can anyone tell me when 4:50pm est will be in Hawaii standard time? i think we follow the Pst, but am never too sure about that.

  • Nice update! no Marvel vs Capcom Wolverine Claws but I guess you guys are still cool.

  • Thank you for clarifying the Yacht situation. Happy I don’t have to buy another one. I got so many Spaces as it is, and while I frequent them often to update with some newer items, I’m finding it a waste of money.
    For a while i was in the ole, “let me buy everything mode”, but it’s a huge waste of money. I look at how many I have and which ones I go back to, and 95% of the others are barely being used, let alone frequented.

  • could we get some Watchmen home avatars (a floating Mr.Manhattan, Rorschach etc). Also we need some Home PSN avatars like the Home logo.

  • Hello Locust_Star or Glasswalls, I was wondering could you please tell us all weather North America Home will get the Figment Range from Lockwood. Thanks :D

  • BUT, I also know for a fact you, in the future, Sony’s gonna add so much stuff to these spaces that your going to charge more, and make them true MUST HAVES.

    And that will lead you to some how making them or others a big priority, where we will NEED to have such n such Space because, you found away to really intergrate certain personal space’s with actual video game content intertwined, without having a relation to HOME, except that it’s placed in HOME.

  • The Discovery space shuttle is a epic science event… Seeing this happen in Home, “Live”.. Well.. I’m in tears.. To the NASA & Home team… a 11 out of 10… No.. wait.. a 12 out of 10… THE FAZEONES LOUNGE… ps: NASA good luck with the launch!!!

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