Major Gran Turismo 5 Update, Latest GT Academy News

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I am excited to confirm that we deployed a new functionality update for Gran Turismo 5 last night. Here are some of the new features and enhancements that have been added to the game.

  1. Remote racing between friends to level up drivers
  2. You can now set your personal AI drivers from B Spec mode in the game to be shared online for other players to challenge, and you can also host fully automated B Spec races (Remote races) that will earn your driver rewards and experience points. When you set up these races, you can either watch the race in real time, or save it to watch later.

    If you’re not familiar with B Spec mode, it allows players to create AI drivers that you can coach and manage. They race real races in the game, and you can take the drivers through the full GT career mode.

    Gran Turismo 5: Remote Racing Gran Turismo 5: Remote Racing

    These new Remote races are driven completely by AI Drivers, competing against each other, and the player does not have to drive the car themselves. This is a unique racing strategy simulation mode of Gran Turismo that allows you to enjoy races as you would in a live race broadcast on TV.

  3. Supporting Remote Racing from the web browser
  4. In “Remote Races” you can log in to the official Gran Turismo website using a standard web browser and your PSN ID, and start races, monitor progress and check results. You can basically play GT from anywhere, and level up your B Spec drivers any time.

  5. Tracks made in Course Maker can now be used online
    You can now bring tracks you created through the simple Course Maker feature and upload them for use in your race lobbies for head to head racing.If you haven’t tried Course Maker yet, you can literally churn out challenging new tracks to race on, in a bunch of cool environments, by just tweaking a few settings. Advanced algorithms help generate unique tracks that are fun to drive on and can be saved and shared.

    Gran Turismo 5: Course Maker

  6. Car rental system among friends
  7. You can now rent cars that your friends have set to “shared” status for online. This allows you to co-operate with your friends to advance in the game, lending or borrowing cars you need amongst each other, in addition to those you have acquired on your own. Haven’t earned enough credits for that sweet SLS AMG? Now you can just take your friend’s ride for a spin!

  8. Multimonitor display compatibility
  9. With new multimonitor support, now you can connect multiple PlayStation 3s and multiple monitors to create an ultra high resolution, wide angle field of vision for total immersion. By chaining either 3 or 5 PlayStation 3’s, connected in parallel via LAN, you can create a field of view that covers up to 180 degrees. Pair that with a racing chair and wheel controller setup, and you’re in racing heaven!

We hope that you enjoy these fantastic new features! The update also includes other smaller updates and tweaks GT fans are sure to appreciate.

Gran Turismo 5: GT Academy

We kicked off GT Academy last December, with more than 53,000 GT fans signing up to compete for a chance to become a pro race car driver. Now that the latest game update is live, we will be starting Round 3 of the online portion of the competition this coming Monday February 21 at 9 AM EST. Round 3 will run for one week and end on Sunday February 27 at midnight EST.

The top 512 players from Round 1, 128 per each of the 4 national regions in the US, will be competing for one of 32 spots at the National Finals event. The National Finals will be a live head-to-head event where the best 16 players will advance on to the GT Academy “boot camp,” where they will compete in real Nissan race cars, among other things. One winner will emerge from the boot camp as the GT Academy champion, and head straight into a rigorous training regimen to prepare for his or her debut race as a pro race car driver in a high profile endurance race, hopefully to take a spot on the podium.

You can keep up with the latest GT Academy news and check rankings and standings on the official GT website, and follow the program on Facebook.

Happy racing, and good luck to the GT Academy regional finalists!

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  • I won a copy of this game in the Subway Fiery Footlong PS3 promo last year, I anxiously awaited the game &, well, sorry but I didn’t like it, I haven’t played it for a while now, maybe its time to give it another go & see if I can get passed the stuff I don’t like about the game, which is quite a lot, failing that I’ll gaining some space on my HDD & be selling my copy pretty soon if I don’t.

  • multi-mon on ps3?? Awesome!!

    To bad the implementation is whack. :(
    But with the hardware, how else. *shrugs*

  • This game just got better. Will there be any new Cars soon?

  • yep, i think is right, you must fix the endurance races, i enjoy it a lot to race them, but please 9hrs? 24? that is sick i just completed races of 4hrs and i think is enough, lot of people we have to work or go to school, and i think play is gut as a entertainment but racing for 24hrs straight? and maybe we can pause the game, but leaving the PS3 for more than 24hrs on? it can be damage, some of us we are not rich and we work hard to get the money to the console and if it get a permanently damage we can´t buy other, really i think u must put a save point or something, as other people commented already, you need to fix that, i know is a simulator game, and i think the series are the best compared with other race games, but that is extreme, almost impossible, i think if you put a save point every 4hrs it could be gut, or a option to save when we go inside the pits, i don´t make games and i don´t know how it hard can be but i know is possible so i hope you work on it thank you for your attention and reading

  • I find Multi monitor the most exciting of these additions. Imagine a setup of five 65″ plasmas…and the electricity bill.

  • BOooooRING this game is and was a complete fraud, sony should cancel this … thing. BTW drive simulation in game is horrible.

  • @aktard1000 Get back under your bridge -_-

  • @aktard1000… wait a second, you want Sony to “cancel this” game that has been out since before new year, has already sold 6 million+ copies, and is the biggest selling title ever on the PS3?

    I’m glad you don’t work in Sony marketing

  • GT was good until GT4, man open your eyes, that game doesn´t have 5 year development. anyone who believes that is just a fool, it have serious programming errors, it doesn´t have a proper good menu design. also they just copied cars from gt4 and called standar cars! haha don`t make me laugh!

    i´m just saying, GT5 is a BAD game. polyphony digital needs to grow and make something even better. sony needed to launch the game because they won´t give more time for this. so polyphony digital made what they could in that short period of time.

    if simulation is “great” surely is soooo real X1 red bull car.

    i know you are fans, but come on don´t be blind.

    I´m glad i´m not GT fan :) but the truth hurts right!?

  • go away troll with your generic avatar, your not fooling anyone. get back on your failbox.

  • this is so awesome making the game way better

  • sure you can go away to THE REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR! lol

  • This is a mixed bag of good and bad. Agree that many of these features will be used by a select few. When the heck will car damage be available? Or maybe a menu overhaul. Wayyyy too much clicking and acknowledging. Fix the existing mess before adding new features most won’t use.

  • Amazing Sony let their flag ship franchise get in such a poor state. Terrible AI about 6 years behind alone ruin any SIM this game pretends to be. Add to this no damage, a terrible unbalance Xp/Credits system, no qualifying., barebones onlne, WTF were PD doing for 5 years? Seriously? only 200 premium cares, 800 cars from older GT’s. Pathetic.

  • @58, GT5 has issues , its still better then the terrible arcade physices of forza, you fool no one, go back to Xbox and your 2 exclusives and terrible electronics.

  • Even with the issues GT5 has it still towers over forza, forza is garbage when put side-by-side with GT5. He’s just mad he cant play on crapbox cuz its an inferior console that isnt even capable of running the game. XD

  • i love gt5. imo, the music sucks. i added my own playlist and it makes the game a hell of a lot more fun. nothin like spankin opponents to manson and ozzy. ………..and yes, ps3 pwnz wreckbox!!!

  • Gran-turismo
    is real driving simulation.

  • B-Spec 9 Hour Endurance Problem…

    Is anyone else having issues with the longer endurance races since the update? Before the update I crushed the 9 hr Tsukuba B-Spec. The night the update installed I ran it again to grind XP over night. Same car, same drivers (higher level than the first time), same everything. I woke up Saturday morning to find my driver was in 7th, 24 laps down, with 8 minutes to go. All of my drivers were exhausted and they just kept pitting and changing drivers. Saturday night I decided to run it with the FGT to make sure I wouldn’t have any issues. My car was 28 laps up about an hour into the race and my drivers seemed to be their normal selves when I went to bed. Sunday morning I woke up with about an hour to go and ALL of the cars in the race are circling the track at about 40 MPH with totally exhausted drivers, no tires, empty fuel, and driving through the pits on every lap. They don’t stop. No tires are changed. No fuel is added. No drivers are swapped. They just drive through. My car is also only 25 laps in front of the second place car. I’m going to win this one, but something is CLEARLY not right since the update.

  • So much more that needs fixing.

  • Yeah boy what a game, almost the same as GT4 on PS2…This game takes so long to load that I get disgusted and turn it off and play Dirt 2. After the upgrade I thought maybe this problem would be addressed…Well it wasn’t, in fact it takes even longer to load now and sometimes I have to quit the game and start over. B-spec is way too long and gets very boring…A-spec will take forever to reach level 40…I am at level 32 now but I am in my 50’s and will probably be dead before I ever see level 40…I spent 12 and one half million for a Ferrari and can only use it in three lousy races…I can go on and on but I won’t…To make a long story short, this game just doesn’t work…Get your programers on the ball and straighten this mess out or I will never buy another GT again. Dirt3 sounds like it will be fun, can’t wait…Someone let me know if this game ever gets fixed and maybe I will give it another go…

  • My only complaint about the upgrade is that my buddy and I have been passing cars back and forth to make our way up the ladder so to speak. BUT now here is my [DELETED]…In real life when you “own” something you can share it if you want, no one can tell you can’t pass it back and forth because it costs too much… So it would be nice if GT wouldn’t try to dictate what we can and can’t do with the things we “OWN”

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