Major Gran Turismo 5 Update, Latest GT Academy News

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I am excited to confirm that we deployed a new functionality update for Gran Turismo 5 last night. Here are some of the new features and enhancements that have been added to the game.

  1. Remote racing between friends to level up drivers
  2. You can now set your personal AI drivers from B Spec mode in the game to be shared online for other players to challenge, and you can also host fully automated B Spec races (Remote races) that will earn your driver rewards and experience points. When you set up these races, you can either watch the race in real time, or save it to watch later.

    If you’re not familiar with B Spec mode, it allows players to create AI drivers that you can coach and manage. They race real races in the game, and you can take the drivers through the full GT career mode.

    Gran Turismo 5: Remote Racing Gran Turismo 5: Remote Racing

    These new Remote races are driven completely by AI Drivers, competing against each other, and the player does not have to drive the car themselves. This is a unique racing strategy simulation mode of Gran Turismo that allows you to enjoy races as you would in a live race broadcast on TV.

  3. Supporting Remote Racing from the web browser
  4. In “Remote Races” you can log in to the official Gran Turismo website using a standard web browser and your PSN ID, and start races, monitor progress and check results. You can basically play GT from anywhere, and level up your B Spec drivers any time.

  5. Tracks made in Course Maker can now be used online
    You can now bring tracks you created through the simple Course Maker feature and upload them for use in your race lobbies for head to head racing.If you haven’t tried Course Maker yet, you can literally churn out challenging new tracks to race on, in a bunch of cool environments, by just tweaking a few settings. Advanced algorithms help generate unique tracks that are fun to drive on and can be saved and shared.

    Gran Turismo 5: Course Maker

  6. Car rental system among friends
  7. You can now rent cars that your friends have set to “shared” status for online. This allows you to co-operate with your friends to advance in the game, lending or borrowing cars you need amongst each other, in addition to those you have acquired on your own. Haven’t earned enough credits for that sweet SLS AMG? Now you can just take your friend’s ride for a spin!

  8. Multimonitor display compatibility
  9. With new multimonitor support, now you can connect multiple PlayStation 3s and multiple monitors to create an ultra high resolution, wide angle field of vision for total immersion. By chaining either 3 or 5 PlayStation 3’s, connected in parallel via LAN, you can create a field of view that covers up to 180 degrees. Pair that with a racing chair and wheel controller setup, and you’re in racing heaven!

We hope that you enjoy these fantastic new features! The update also includes other smaller updates and tweaks GT fans are sure to appreciate.

Gran Turismo 5: GT Academy

We kicked off GT Academy last December, with more than 53,000 GT fans signing up to compete for a chance to become a pro race car driver. Now that the latest game update is live, we will be starting Round 3 of the online portion of the competition this coming Monday February 21 at 9 AM EST. Round 3 will run for one week and end on Sunday February 27 at midnight EST.

The top 512 players from Round 1, 128 per each of the 4 national regions in the US, will be competing for one of 32 spots at the National Finals event. The National Finals will be a live head-to-head event where the best 16 players will advance on to the GT Academy “boot camp,” where they will compete in real Nissan race cars, among other things. One winner will emerge from the boot camp as the GT Academy champion, and head straight into a rigorous training regimen to prepare for his or her debut race as a pro race car driver in a high profile endurance race, hopefully to take a spot on the podium.

You can keep up with the latest GT Academy news and check rankings and standings on the official GT website, and follow the program on Facebook.

Happy racing, and good luck to the GT Academy regional finalists!

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  • Awesome news. Thanks Kaz.

  • The GT Academy is a farce. The cheaters should have been disqualified immediately rather than rewarding them with a ticket to round 3.

  • I’ve had one problem with these online bspec races. I may be wrong, but it seems that if a driver gets “tired” he will um…unshare himself, ok no big deal i understand he needs rest, but it also removes the money and EXP I haven’t cashed in yet, and that money and exp is gone for good

  • greatest thing about this update is the ability to make your own track and race online with it who agrees with me?

  • Probably won’t be making much use of the new features except for maybe the car rental system. Then again, I’m considerably higher up in the game than my other PS3 buddies are, so who knows how useful that will really be. Nevertheless, its good to see that PD is still looking to make improvements to the game & add new functionality. Honestly, I didn’t think GT5 would have these many updates in only 3 months.

  • In ur fAce forza! Now how bout some vinyls?!

  • This is great, GT5 is almost out of the beta stage!

  • Just goes to show that even after so many delays and this game finally coming out, it still wasn’t finished, lol. It’s best this way though, we finally have the game and they can continue to update it and add new features.

  • Great update…..but where is the full G27 wheel support. I know it works fine…I am using it all the time while playing gt5…. But is sucks that I cannot map all the buttons.

    Please add it soon.


  • Sony needs to issue some sort of comment on the current situation with PSN. Pronto!!!
    Hackers have figured out a way to unban themselves, high-jack other peoples accounts, and get innocent people banned.
    We need to know if our personal iformation is safe!!!
    Most importantly; people who have credit cards attached to PSN need to know if they’re safe.

    This needs to be addressed NOW. Not later, NOW.

  • Bloody hell, that was a good update.

    Looking forward to more updates in the future.

  • Interesting.. Remote Racing :O

  • Lots of cool stuff,like final drive,check marks for cars you already own & new tracks to race on. Would like to see $ credits raised cause some cars cost the $20 million you have & then you start over.

  • One of the bug fixes is for the stupid ‘insufficient free space’ error with saved games after a certain point.

    I got this error with 1.03 and haven’t been able to play GT5 since, I can’t face losing all my progress and cars and having to delete it and start all over again grrr

    Just installed the 1.06 and surprise surprise the saved game is still causing the error. :(

  • Will we ever be able to make point-to-point rally tracks?
    Doesnt seem fair that there is a special event full of those but we cant create our own for online races.

  • All we need now is the engine sounds to be updated.

  • Multi-screen support sounds like a great excuse for group of friends to get together with their consoles for a GT5 party. Does multi-screen work in all playmodes?

    If it works online then you could have a lot of fun with it.

    Looking forward to some DLC though, Polyphony dudes. More Rally, Nascar, F1 and Karts would be nice, perhaps based on real-world championships.

  • Seriously you people are going to get me fired. All I am going to do at work is play this all day. This is just like when I got my real drivers license. Sure maybe I was 29, but still it was a big deal.

  • This is huge! The game keeps getting better, and better!!!

  • WE NEED:

    MORE XP for A-spec progression.

    Once on level 29 and 94% game completion (and all medals from sp events, career events and licenses in GOLD, except for like 14 total in silver)I’ve hit a wall and stalled. There’s just NO WAY OF ADVANCING FURTHER on A-spec/B-spec after level 29(A-spec)/25(B-spec) WITHOUT doing some major, ridiculous GRINDING for XP. I’m talking about having around 2.5 million XP total on A-spec level 29, and to reach level 40 you need 34 million XP! How are we supposed to earn those extra 32 million XP huh? playing the same races for months/years non-stop? Playing the JOKE that is Online with pitiful rewards?


    As I said, online is a joke. The open lobby is nice to race with some known friends, but that’s it. There’s no way to play an organized race depending on user-created rooms. Just searching for a race is a big waste of time. How about you create FIXED COMPETITIVE MODES, where players can be matched against each other and race for DECENT XP/CREDIT REWARDS? Without this racing online is pretty pointless and it doesn’t help at all achieving those ridiculous 30 million + XP I need to complete A-spec.

  • 4X fast-forwarding for B-spec races.

    Gran Turismo 4 had 2X fast-forwarding for the B-spec mode, and GT5 pretends we must endure a whole real-time race? Yeah, you just released the Remote racing feature, but that doesn’t solve the problem if we need to stay in GT5 connected online on the PS3 for the whole remainder of a race to earn XP with the AI drivers.

    SAVE PROGRESS feature for Endurance Races.

    And how about this? 4 hours straight is barely achievable, but 9 hour, 24 hour races? Are you kidding us? And for anyone who might say “it’s because it’s real”…lol@you,don’t tell me you won’t PAUSE a 4/9/24 hour race for hours while you’re into that, or that you don’t hesitate in taking the Formula GT into a 200+ lap race ’cause you know it’ll make the painfully boring and looooong race just a little shorter! So much for realism.

    Now all that above, it’s what we NEED.

  • I love this update. Hopefully the next one will see the once mentioned upgrade of some standard cars to premium!

  • So excited for this patch cant wait to go home and download it! not to mention i’ll now be able to play b spec at work!

  • @ 12 artic, can be more specfic.. You mean like connecting account of others or connection to another ps3 under a real user name?.. dont why the legion is working to destroy the scum suckers.. We dont work 4 sony but we are sony fans..

    mcbuttz78-vp of ps3 legionaires

  • Who the hell has 3-5 PS3s and 3-5 HDTVs just laying around ready to use the multiscreen feature? Why develop a feature only .001% of people are going to be able to use?

  • @Dinky_Binks “Who the hell has 3-5 PS3s and 3-5 HDTVs just laying around ready to use the multiscreen feature? Why develop a feature only .001% of people are going to be able to use?”

    Dude, a lot of gamers have friends…

    Stop re-enforcing the stereotype

  • @ 23


  • ok that avatar is killing me , how can i have it ? i dont care how much i have to pay just send me the bill to my psn and let me know when i can download it lol , Motorstorm is back!!!!!!!

  • Excuse me for asking, but where are the prizes we get just for competing in Round 1 of GT Academy?

  • Agreed that this game NEEDS a save feature for the endurance races… and B-Spec should have them for the 24h endurance races. Leaving your PS3 on for that long is, frankly, not good for the console, and given that people are only going to pause it and leave their console on for longer makes it even worse. As for realism, one driver doesn’t do a 24 hour endurance race in one sitting. Use your heads, people.

    Some sort of fast-forwarding feature for B-Spec (again, at least for endurance races) would also be nice. It’s one thing to actually PLAY the game and participate in these races (and it would be a fine thing, if PD had the common sense to include a suspend feature), but it’s both outrageous and arrogant that the folks at PD think we’d want to watch this game play itself for 24 straight hours. It’s for this reason that I’m absolutely dumb-founded that B-Spec earns less Exp than A-Spec.

  • Nice, let’s Try it out.

  • Boy am I glad I didn’t run out and buy GT5 when it released. Looks like this game might be worth getting when it goes on the ‘Greatest Hits’ shelf.

  • It’s excellent;) Shame there is still the 20 million credit limit tho :-(

  • u guys should add more cars to the game like more trucks or you guys should add a race in to the speacil events for like mudding because theres no other ps3 game that has that and iwould be really fun to go mudding on the most really;isic car game ever

  • PS Plus downloaded and installed the patch for me. I went on, but froze when trying to do Nascar online racing…

  • Something tells me an HMD with Accelerometer built in would have been a far better solution than this 5 HDTV setup lol.

  • how big is it ? another 600MB update ?

  • i think a more robust course creator would be nice… i know id ask for more cars, wheels and vinyls to those cars, but that would probably be a paid DLC thing, unfortunately….

  • Please make the Bugatti Veyron a premium. Please.

  • dlc in the form of cars and tracks would be welcomed.

  • Awesome update.

    I think the biggest changes to this update has been the ability to customise gear ratio’s and add ballast.

    This update should entice alot of the hardcore GT1 TO GT4 fans who refused to buy this game, as they felt it was incomplete upon release.

    GT5 tuning guides will finally be able to contain the details for fully customisable rides.

  • After mixed commments about game i just can’t buy it. more bad then good. i have bought every gt game but this 1 after waiting so long has disappointed, not because it’s bad but because it’s not great as it should have been. i waited so long that now i don’t mind waiting for gt6 and maybe even gt7 :(

  • Great update! Keep em coming. Please make the Veyron Premium model.

    Please direct PD dev team to where many GT5 posted ideas for GT5 improvements.

    Also, wasn’t there supposed to be a free Nissan Test car for all participants in the GT Academy?

  • lol best unboxing ever!! i cant wait to get my helghast edition and bask in the glory of the yummy swag!! im just a sucker for any action figure or anything amazing like this is why i pre ordered it. :D FOR HELGHAN !!

  • whoops sorry wrong thread :p

  • um you forgot its first ever mentioned feature that has yet to be seen in-game. Psp as a rear view mirror. Until this becomes a reality I will not buy this game. Eveything else is nice and multi monitor could be used in another way….

  • I was so stoked to try some of these new features…I started up the game. Headed to B-spec .. Then I remembered. I lost my GT5 save when my launch fatty PS3 died and I decided to get a slim and ” restore from back up” only to realize I lost all my protected game saves. … Lol I’ll have to do some catch up before I can have my B-spec driver work while I’m out, can’t wait though!

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