It Only Does Sharp Shooting, Hard-Hitting, 3D Games

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Once in a great while, a game comes along that challenges what we know to be true about certain genres. Starting next week, the way you play and experience first person shooters will forever change when Killzone 3 and the PlayStation Move sharp shooter make their way to store shelves around North America. Now, what would a launch as significant as this one be without an instant classic Kevin Butler ad? Better yet, how about we feed that excitement with two new Kevin Butler ads? Boom…

Starting this morning you can catch Kevin Butler and, well, more Kevin Butler, on some of your favorite networks including ESPN, G4 and Comedy Central. Of course this all leads into next week when you’ll finally have your chance to take Killzone 3 home to play however you choose — whether it be in 3D with your DUALSHOCK 3, PlayStation Move or PlayStation Move sharp shooter. Praise has been pouring in from critics with some stating that “Killzone 3 is the kind of game you buy so you can show off what your PlayStation 3 can do” while others crown the title as “the shooter to beat,” and finally that Killzone 3 “deserves to be in the conversation of top-tier console shooters.” Add the PlayStation Move and PlayStation Move sharp shooter into the mix and we’re hearing things like “BEST motion control for ANY FPS EVER” and “…the first instance where we felt the motion control system actually improved our play in a hardcore game.” (PlayStation: The Official Magazine).

Coming off the heels of our exciting NGP and PlayStation Suite announcements and leading the charge into a year that will bring more than 20 PlayStation 3 exclusives, Killzone 3 marks the first 3D motion control enabled FPS on the market—and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

Killzone 3 has already become an instant favorite here at the PlayStation headquarters, one million of you have already experienced it for yourselves in the single player demo and highly successful beta, but we look forward to hearing what the rest of you have to say when you try it out for yourselves next week.


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  • Can’t wait! man with inFamous 2 and this T.V. add It’s been a great day for the Playstation Nation!

  • The limited edition price tag displays too fast on the second commercial, and why didn’t you include the price on the first commercial?

  • Other then the move gun, which isn’t new, and 3D. This is the same FPS it’s been since Wolfenstein. They are the same thing over and over and over and over and over. You walk/run around and shot people with weapons.

    PS. I liked the BOT matches in the KZ3 beta. The “quests” were fun.

  • Let me begin my comment by saying that Kevin Butler is the absolute best move Sony could have EVER done with marketing for Playstation 3. With that being said, your commercials NEVER cease to amaze me. Keep him Sony, serious keep him. Just plaster this all over the net and television networks it needs to be seen. Oh I almost forgot. LOL. Probably my favorite yet! I will be picking up a copy of KZ3 and I hope it does well, it deserves it.

  • Just what i needed… Nothing like a couple Kevin Butler tv spots on a friday to brighten up my day.

  • I just preordered killzone 3 and the sharpshooter I’m gonna stay up at least until 4:00 am playing KZ3, thank god I have a week off from school just in time for the release of KZ3. Xbox players wish they had this technology

  • Take whatever production your putting into the Tseter season 3 and focus it on a Kevin Butler sitcom. That would be a PSN hit!

  • The world needs more Kevin Butler. He’s the best thing to happen to Sony since Crash Bandicoot.

  • hahaha I call it daddys little helper!

  • Awesome marketing as usual. Great work Sony, and you too KB!

  • Lol, the second one is awesome. Both are good, of course, but I like the second one better. Gotta love KB.

  • obviously he has a personal autograph stamp

  • KB FTW, I can’t wait for my Helghast Edition and my Sharp Shooter, EPIC!!! 8)

  • pre ordered the helghast edition and already playing the games thanx to sony for the promotional copy of the game I got from the distributor! :D so fun!

  • Those have gotta be some ugly fish in that barrel…
    The dummy part’s hilarious!

  • These aren’t that funny

  • Keep em coming!

  • Awesome commercials, KZ3 is a day one buy for me for sure!

  • Awsome!!! I loved the beta…I wish the art book was bigger.

  • very funny, especially the dummy he was wearing

  • You a-holes they already have Killzone 3 gameplay only commercials. What every single exclusive for PS3 this year needs is a KB ad, LBP2 had one, Kz3 just got 2, and hopefully socom, uncharted, and more gets kevin butler ads.

    Screw all you KB haters and Microsoft lovers. Go suck on their balls again like you have been.

    Kevin Butler makes playstation as epic as Uncharted does

  • the first commercial is much better, really funny!

  • i like the killzone 3 gun ad coz of kevin’s twin.

  • lol I fing love these ads KB!! FTW

  • I never thought I would say this but that gun looks cool.

  • Clean up. Aisle you.


  • Wow, look at the MS trolls in here.

    Are you sad that the 360 is only getting two really good exclusives this year, while the PS3 is going to have more than you can imagine?

    So you have to hate on not just the games, but the marketing campaign too?


  • Agreed with #21, the Move controls for KZ3 need a melee button. I don’t know what happens with the Sharpshooter in use, but for just using a Move controller without it, Square and Triangle both don’t seem to do anything. Let us put melee on one of those as the whole thrusting forward thing doesn’t always work, and instead sends you looking into the clouds and spinning around while the enemy you were trying to melee decides to melee you.

    Also, those ads aren’t that great. The dummy one was alright in terms of humor, but neither ad really says anything about the game. The second one pumps out some “review generator” words, but again, that doesn’t really say anything. And still with that “It only does everything” slogan? Get a new one, PLEASE. Every time I hear that slogan, I look at my PS3 slim that has less USB ports, no flash/memory card readers, didn’t run Install Other OS since the slim started being sold (fats still did at the time, and then you took that away from fat models too), and no PS2 backwards compatibility, and punch the clowns in your marketing department that came up with that crap. You do NOT get to say “It only does everything” when you keep removing things from the list of things it does.

  • rofl

    I just can’t get enough of those kevin butler commercials, they always crack me up.

    We need a kevin butler avatar!

  • for those posting that this ad does nothing to sell killzone…thats fine…..killzone 3 will sell fine on its own :)……so go play your 360 worthless games BUT they have good advertisement, right? i mean advertisement is all that matters, right? [DELETED] at 360 fanboys!

  • does the sharpshooter come in black?

  • kb can make anything look good

  • Not a happy chappie, wheres my Socom 4 beta code?

    I have Helgast edition, no code.

  • Loving KZ3. Getting to grips with the sharpshooter.

    Where is my sticker set that was supposed to be included as advertised?

    ‘Move sharp shooter was designed specifically with games such as Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs in mind and even comes with a Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4 sticker pack’.

  • I love mine as well but same question from me, where are the “Advertised Stickers”
    I assume this is another time us EU users get a little stiffed on content!

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