It Only Does Sharp Shooting, Hard-Hitting, 3D Games

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Once in a great while, a game comes along that challenges what we know to be true about certain genres. Starting next week, the way you play and experience first person shooters will forever change when Killzone 3 and the PlayStation Move sharp shooter make their way to store shelves around North America. Now, what would a launch as significant as this one be without an instant classic Kevin Butler ad? Better yet, how about we feed that excitement with two new Kevin Butler ads? Boom…

Starting this morning you can catch Kevin Butler and, well, more Kevin Butler, on some of your favorite networks including ESPN, G4 and Comedy Central. Of course this all leads into next week when you’ll finally have your chance to take Killzone 3 home to play however you choose — whether it be in 3D with your DUALSHOCK 3, PlayStation Move or PlayStation Move sharp shooter. Praise has been pouring in from critics with some stating that “Killzone 3 is the kind of game you buy so you can show off what your PlayStation 3 can do” while others crown the title as “the shooter to beat,” and finally that Killzone 3 “deserves to be in the conversation of top-tier console shooters.” Add the PlayStation Move and PlayStation Move sharp shooter into the mix and we’re hearing things like “BEST motion control for ANY FPS EVER” and “…the first instance where we felt the motion control system actually improved our play in a hardcore game.” (PlayStation: The Official Magazine).

Coming off the heels of our exciting NGP and PlayStation Suite announcements and leading the charge into a year that will bring more than 20 PlayStation 3 exclusives, Killzone 3 marks the first 3D motion control enabled FPS on the market—and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

Killzone 3 has already become an instant favorite here at the PlayStation headquarters, one million of you have already experienced it for yourselves in the single player demo and highly successful beta, but we look forward to hearing what the rest of you have to say when you try it out for yourselves next week.


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  • Can’t wait for this game! Picking up my Helghast Edition at Midnight Launch on Monday. So excited!


    I’m Dead at the dummy on his back….

  • Kevin Butler is so hilarious hahaha, can’t wait for Killzone 3 next week, it’s gonna be explosive lol!!!

    Btw –> “favorite networks including ESPN, G4 and Comedy Central” cool I’m always watching either ESPN or Comedy Central :D can’t wait to watch those commercials on my beautiful t.v. xD

  • I second comment #2 – EPIC!!! hahaha Kevin Butler is awesome he needs his own TV show based on this very role of his! And Killzone 3 is gonna be just as epic as Kevin Butler!!!

  • Clean up. aisle you.

    lololol great commercials!

  • Lol, how do you come up with this?

  • Anyone else notice he dropped the Killzone exclusive 7-Eleven Slushee?

    Look at the drink he drops in the 2nd commercial. Subtle, but brilliant!

  • Helghast Edition on Tuesday! Can’t wait. Killzone 3 baby!

  • the titles are great, stay at home shooter and first person sensei

  • Got the Sharp Shooter and Move all ready…just waiting for Tuesday to start my 24-hour double XP marathon of death.

  • I can not wait Killzone 3. The Kevin Butler commercial is great! Whoever comes up with these really needs a raise.

  • Picking this up at midnight and the sharp shooter should be in the mail later that day

  • For anyone who has ever struggled with DualShock controls for shooters, PlayStation Move in Killzone 3 is a must-try.

    I completely agree that it’s the best motion controls ever for a shooter.

  • If u pre-ordered klllzone 3 will u get socom 4 beta automatically,just wondering c(=

  • Two Killzone 3 Kevin Butler ads Awesome.

  • God, i think these ads are so good i love them!!
    What UP KB!!??

  • “Once in a great while, a game comes along that challenges what we know to be true about certain genres”

    Umm, sounds like someone has been watching some Steve Jobs’ presentations…

  • @15
    I think you have to buy the full game to receive the beta. I don’t think you can get it through preorder.

  • Bring some FIRE! call CIA CSIS FSB MASAD M6 M8 KGB Helghast invades the WORLD in the next 96 hours – on our HD TV’s! ;) LOL jk XD It would be great if PS team put countdown timer…

  • Customizable? I can’t even set a melee button. With the set-up I have right now for the Move(so my wrist doesn’t hurt, I have some problems with it), I can’t do melee a third of the time!

  • I just does everything, for America….

  • Loved the beta and the Single Player Demo!

    Already Pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition!

    I’m Pretty sure this game is going to be Epic!

  • Helghast Edition, Sharpshooter etc [All times two the Mrs. loves her Killzone as well]

  • Not good ads at all, barely any footage of the game, need better trailers like they do for HALO, Kevin butler is good, but not every ad for a game needs to be a KB ad. Need ads that show case the game, not KB. KB advertise the system good, exclusive games, no so much. Look what MS does for their big games, they know how to sell/market way better then Sony.

  • Can’t wait!!

  • Kudos to whoever writes these ads!

  • they need to just make a Kevin Butler PS Move game just lots of mini games you can play with the move and walk around saying funny things Yeah Id buy it…

  • Correction It Only Does Sharp Shooting, Hard-Hitting, (3D Games if you have a 3D TV)

    We love butler, the ads have finally improved but as other people have said more game play footage please.

  • Is the Story really that bad?? =[

  • Great ads…. lol

    Would like to try the sharpshooter one day…

  • As mentioned the ad is not good. The ad for KZ3 should focus on the gameplay and be epic, stirring, exciting, thrilling. That ad did absolutely nothing and I hope it isn’t all that’s planned. KB was funny initially but the poor January NPD results with PS3 lagging in third place again and down 3.6% YOY show the ads aren’t working. More emphasis should be placed on stylishly presented gameplay and not silly jokes for the PS faithful.

  • But but…. I never watch Comedy Central, ESPN, or G4….. I watch Syfy, USA, FX, and Spike. Can we say broken research lol.

    Anyway can’t wait to have this game in my possession next week. Spot on the shelf reserved, Move and Navigator recharged, rations for not leaving the house, and days off from work scheduled. LETS ROCK THIS GAME!

  • Clean Up, Aisle You!

    LOL These ads Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yesterday I bought my new controller Jungle Green at GameStop

    and can’t wait for Killzone 3, Sharp Shooter and the Navigation controller


  • @32 agreed, KB is good for advertisng the PS3, NOT GAMES, these ads do nothing to highlight kz3, MS has much better marketing then Sony, and thats why the PS3 is a failure in the world biggest market, the US. (I hate MS, but they know how to sell/market their products).

    Need ads that showcase the game, not KB and the game just a backdrop. Many people are not even aware of many of the great PS3 exclusives due to poor sony marketing.

  • That was pretty clever.

  • @25
    What Halo commercials had actual in game footage this generation. ZERO. In fact ODST’s commercial when watching it reminded me of Killzone 2 and felt they were mis-advertising Halo, since Halo could only wish it could achieve those kinds of set pieces. The whole thing was live action footage of chaotic war torn, death at every turn environments…. IE Killzone!

    These commercials will do just fine as Commercials. Though the Justice Trailer still needs to be spamed everywhere along side these. It out classes anything I saw for Halo.

  • @37, umm, there were MANY halo Trailer commercials, 100% halo, same as gears. Learn some facts,

  • Justice trailer > any of these KB ads. Thats the point.

  • Outstanding.

  • “Clean up.. Isle you….”

    lmao, love it..

  • Not the best, but these always drive home the point they’re trying to sell. Good job as always, SCE marketing team.

  • Haha great commercials! I will be getting this when it releases. :)

  • Freakin great

  • killzone is so boring and overrated.

  • can’t wait for this game, picking up my helghast edition tuesday at 10am soon as gamestop opens and then calling in sick to work :)

  • @47 and you are so stupid and abnormal and shut your mouth

    and can’t wait for Killzone 3, Sharp Shooter and the Navigation controller

  • the beta is all kinds of awesome!
    I just downloaded the single player demo last night and oh my!
    I’m even more SUPER DUPER STOKED now! I couldn’t be more excited. It was mindblowingly good. Thank you GG games for addressing the previous titles shortcomings and for making this third entry bigger, better, and more bad A33!!! Even the split screen looked amazing graphically. Thank you so much. I have an fps ps3 exclusive that i’ll super proud to add to my collection now next tuesday :D
    ps3 ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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