MLB 11 The Show: Stadium Realism and Ambiance

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With MLB 11 The Show, we’ve built upon our improvements to the realism by including stadium-specific jumbotrons, true-to-life out-of-town scoreboards, and weather effects such as rain and new improved skies and cloud coverage. These realistic enhancements to the game help make MLB 11 The Show not only look like the real thing, but they truly give you the feeling that you are at a live game. Here’s a video to show you what I mean…

New to this year’s version of The Show is having real and fully functional stadium specific jumbotrons and out of town scoreboards. What this means is that each MLB jumbotron was duplicated by our artists to be authentic and look exactly like the real thing. The jumbotrons now show the team’s lineups, statistics, and full video boards, and as you can see by the attention to detail they do they look amazing! Now you check out your favorite team’s jumbotron and all of its bells and whistles. This accuracy gives you the feeling that you are watching a real-life baseball game, it’s that detailed!

Last year we added quite a bit to our skies, stadium shadows, and night time look, but this year we wanted to make MLB 11 The Show even more dynamic so we set out to add rain and fog. The rain varies over the course of the game, and has a definite visual impact on the field. You will see the stadium lights come on in overcast days, and weather is tuned based on region and time of year. In MLB 11 night skies received a major facelift and now vary from late afternoon, to warm sunsets with sunlit clouds, to cool twilight colors, and finally full night time affects. The time of day that the sun sets is now calculated based on the latitude and longitude of the stadium, the month, date, and year, and the time zone, so that your season game’s look and feel reflect the real world.

Adding stadium specific jumbotrons and out of town scoreboards was an important request by our community and fans, so we’re very happy that we were able to accomplish these new features. Our goal is always to make your favorite team, stadium, or fans look, feel, and sound just like the real thing and it’s definitely reflected in MLB 11 The Show. We appreciate your feedback and listen to our fans, as we try to make the best game possible year after year. Thanks for your continued support, we hope you enjoy MLB 11 The Show when it arrives on March 8, 2011. Be sure to visit us at

Welcome to The Show!

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  • Hey SCEA, check this out. No video board in right at Fenway?

    skip to 7:20

  • Hey SCEA has progressive field in cleveland been updated this year? Has the championship banners been moved from the left field wall to the right field upper deck area in the 2nd deck and will the batter eye bar in right center field above the indians bullpen been added in this year’s game?

  • Greg –

    Sound great. Anyway you’ll be adding more classic stadiums either through DLC or next year? Would love to see Old Comiskey, Ebbets, the Baker Bowl, LA Colliseum, Old County Stadium, et al. I would gladly pay $10 for six old stadiums if it was available as DLC.

  • Hola SCEA Where’s the love in Houston ha. . I was just in the Astros website and seeing the additions to Minute Maid Park annnd I wanted to know just to ease the worry a bit if you already knew that? Like the new Hi-Def Main display, the new pressboxes annd the screen across from it in the upper decks as well as the foul pole to foul pole displays as well. I only mention because mlb the show is by far the elite of elite baseball game/simulations annnd i will be bummed if i own this years copy knowing id have to wait a whole nother year to see the new stuff in the stadium that we have now. At least let me know yall are workin on it if not done with it. Let me know Please. Thanks.

  • when will the demo come out…….

  • After watching the vid again, Im gonna be uber bummed about not having the new Jumbo-Tron in Minute Maid Park. I read a reply on another guys and ya’ll said somethin about next year?! But its almost like fenyways in the video. Supposed to be 4th largest in MLB, and if thats a main ideal going with realism and true to the stadium and its ambience i dont see how ya’ll can not tweek it in.

    link for physical reference –

    Now there shouldnt be no excuse ha, Im only requesting as a true fan. . And a lil jealous one at that being that all the other teams get love and not the Astros. Im sure im not the only Astros fan that feels the same.

  • this game is like awesome my dad made it you guys can ask me any thing bout it and i have another copy i can give to some one who wants it


  • I can’t wait for MLB 11 The Show. I am so excited!

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