MLB 11 The Show: Stadium Realism and Ambiance

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With MLB 11 The Show, we’ve built upon our improvements to the realism by including stadium-specific jumbotrons, true-to-life out-of-town scoreboards, and weather effects such as rain and new improved skies and cloud coverage. These realistic enhancements to the game help make MLB 11 The Show not only look like the real thing, but they truly give you the feeling that you are at a live game. Here’s a video to show you what I mean…

New to this year’s version of The Show is having real and fully functional stadium specific jumbotrons and out of town scoreboards. What this means is that each MLB jumbotron was duplicated by our artists to be authentic and look exactly like the real thing. The jumbotrons now show the team’s lineups, statistics, and full video boards, and as you can see by the attention to detail they do they look amazing! Now you check out your favorite team’s jumbotron and all of its bells and whistles. This accuracy gives you the feeling that you are watching a real-life baseball game, it’s that detailed!

Last year we added quite a bit to our skies, stadium shadows, and night time look, but this year we wanted to make MLB 11 The Show even more dynamic so we set out to add rain and fog. The rain varies over the course of the game, and has a definite visual impact on the field. You will see the stadium lights come on in overcast days, and weather is tuned based on region and time of year. In MLB 11 night skies received a major facelift and now vary from late afternoon, to warm sunsets with sunlit clouds, to cool twilight colors, and finally full night time affects. The time of day that the sun sets is now calculated based on the latitude and longitude of the stadium, the month, date, and year, and the time zone, so that your season game’s look and feel reflect the real world.

Adding stadium specific jumbotrons and out of town scoreboards was an important request by our community and fans, so we’re very happy that we were able to accomplish these new features. Our goal is always to make your favorite team, stadium, or fans look, feel, and sound just like the real thing and it’s definitely reflected in MLB 11 The Show. We appreciate your feedback and listen to our fans, as we try to make the best game possible year after year. Thanks for your continued support, we hope you enjoy MLB 11 The Show when it arrives on March 8, 2011. Be sure to visit us at

Welcome to The Show!

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3 Author Replies

  • Was wondering about The Show 11!

  • I like the live scoreboards. Got old always seeing the same score on the out of town boards through 9 innings.

  • How about rain delays? That would almost be like the real thing.

  • Awesome!! Can’t wait to play.

  • Awesome! All of the little things add up to a great package. The Astros just added a HUGE new jumbotron behind right field, did you guys get a chance to include this or is it too recent?

    Here’s a link to the official article:

    • We were trying to get this in, but there was no hard visual reference to use for our artists. But it is on our list for next year.

  • SEXY!!!!

  • @twooh You were wondering about the Show 11? This isn’t the first news. They have added several postings about the Show in recent weeks.

  • I have kind of been upset with the MLB in recent years (Pirates fan, duh) but MLB The Show 11 might get me interested in my favorite sport again, especially with the NFL most likely having a lock out this year.

  • @BadFlounder

    Actually I don’t read up on sports games often. But I was wondering about this. I almost grabbed 10 on sale but wondered if I should wait for 11. Guess I will now.

  • Hope you guys get that layer of snow in there for the first couple weeks of the season in Cleveland.

  • Hi Greg Batalucco,

    WoW the Sony team is doing amazing things with MLB 11 The SHow!!

    Could you please answer one thing for me? :)

    Were you able to “update” the Liberty Bell” ringing animation at Citiznens Bank Park to reflect the real thing like in this video?

    Here are the things missing in the current MLB 10 The Show!

    1. The Citiznens Bank Park sign at the bottom of the Liberty Bell “Blinks” on and off during the Bell ringing. For Home Runs and when the Phillies win.

    2. There are little stars on the bell that also “Blink” and also make a cool animation again for For Home Runs and when the Phillies win.

    3. And when the bell is ringing its changes colors to red,White and Blue. The little stars also change colors. For Home Runs and when the Phillies win.

    I asked for this 2 years in a row now :) lol


  • I’ve heard the Move controllers only work for the Home Run Derby. Which is why I will pass on this title, and wait for one where you can use the Move controller to:

    1. Wind up and throw a pitch (and be called for a balk if your wind up is illegal)

    2. Bat, allow check swings to be very accurate. With the calibration process including taking multiple swings (ie: Swing the Move controller at a high pitch, a high and away pitch, and so on). Also in the calibration process having to hold the “bat” straight infront of you, so the game understands where a check swing would have to stop. You understand where I am going with this… I want full bat swing motion recognition.

    3. That’s it. I don’t mind if there is no fielding because in the defensive game the player would be controlling the pitcher. I understand that many gamers would want full field control, but this is simply my opinion. Make it an option to toggle if you’d like to control the whole defense, or just the pitcher, but I feel that that aspect of the game play would not be a necessity (I’d be tired enough trying to bat for each of my team’s hitters, while throwing every pitch).

  • I hope someone who has something to do with the MLB The Show series gets to read this message, and understand that I am not alone in these views.

    Thank you and good luck with sales this year and in years to come.

  • @ #7 There will be no NFL lockout, most seem to agree.

  • Great American Ball Park Left Field @ the 1:07 mark, finally!!!!!

  • Oh beautiful, for spacious skies…..

  • @ TheMissingLink

    Yes the Flags still don’t look that great going by this video.

    And also every flas is the USA flag :(

    I wish Sony could add others flags to the game. Like Team flags and pennant flags :)

    Maybe MLB 12 the Show :)

  • really, out of all video you have noticed the flags, REALLY?!?!?!
    alright, i guess you have the right to pass on the game cause the flags are “low quality”

  • Thanks now I a craving a Dodgers Dog!! :)

  • @impalor

    What are you talking about??????

    I think MLB 11 The Show look great!! And I will be buying it again this year and every year!!!

    I know I am just being very picky lol :)

    But the flags do need some upgrading!

  • Looks great all the stadiums look good. Again all I hope isthat progressive field in cleveland looks great and it finaly has the championship banners in the right spot this time around in the right field upper deck and not on the left field wall. Great work on the game SCEA team.

  • I need HELP! I cant listen to music while doing ANYTHING! I cant listen to music while on the web browser, using the XMB, or even music compatible games. WHAT HAPPENED! It JUST started doing this. I just recently updated to the latest firmware even though my PS3 had that firmware already. I searched for new updates, and it was there. Did Sony take this out? Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Does this mean there will only be 10 people at the Blue Jays games?

  • I don’t follow baseball and find it boring but one of the most important things in sports games (most often overlooked as well) is the ambiance and environment. This is very important and it’s in the details. The jumbotrons, stadiums, crowds, audio. EA has done an absolutely horrible job by using 1995 era polygon characters for the crowd even in this current gen games. Thanks for getting this right and hope this translates to other games and sports. Take a hint EA!

  • @zekececil14

    Try changing the Music Settings to another Output Frequency.

    [Output Frequency] is set to [44.1 / 88.2 / 176.4 kHz].

  • @25PhillyManOfSteel
    Thanks, that worked. The thing is I never changed it to that output. It has always been 48Khz. I dont understand.

  • The scoreboards looks realistic for sure. And the new weather and day/night time effects look spectacular! nice job guys.

  • I have been following this game and so far i havent seen anything about the astros. Have they done anything new to Minute Maid park in mlb the show?

  • No Bat Boys or Ball Girls and Ball boys again :(

    Sony if you can please add them to MLB 12 The Show :)

    In real time of course.

    Phillies only use Ball girls!

  • On a somewhat related note, are there plans to pull the PSP version of ’10 from the Store after ’11 comes out?

  • Oh.. Man this types of video news just keeps getting better & better..

  • AT&T Park is the best stadium out there. Yeah I’m a little biased but you don’t have to be from Frisco to agree. Thanks for making this such an awesome game. You have no idea how much I look forward to these every year.

    With my Giants finally being World Series champs this year is more special to me then any other! Props to everyone who makes this game happen. Major props.

  • cant wait

  • Rally Towels! This Phillies Phan is pleased.

  • Hey SCEA, from what I have seen the game looks great and Fenway looks amazing with the new video boards but you forgot the video board in right field between to two advertisement boards. The Sox are installing the one in left, center, and right. Lets add that one in right field! check it out!

    • The one in right is in there as well, according to our reference it shows lineups. Check it out when the game releases, you will be pleased!

  • MBL 11 is to baseball what GT 5 is to racing.

  • Hey SCEA quick questions has progressive field in cleveland been updated this year? Has the championship banners been moved from the left field wall to the right field upper deck area in the 2nd deck and will the batter eye bar in right center field above the indians bullpen been added in this years game? Thanks and can’t wait to get MLB 11 The Show.

  • @ Greg Batalucco

    i see that the sky will change according to seasons. well my question is will it use our system time ex month and time? i always wanted the real time show in the stadiums. also will we see the grounds crew this time when it start to rain? thanks!

  • Greg thanks for the fast feedback! I appreciate the reply and am pumped that all three new video boards will be in the game! Already pre-ordered my copy! The Show rules!

  • I would love to see child models added to the fans in the stands. In real life there are always kids in the stands :)

    And also would like to see Fans holding signs up that say things like “Lets Go Phillies”

    And how about create your own sign feature :)

    I think These are good ideas for MLB 12 the Show.

  • Will the Braves have the Tomahawk Chop, that would be awesome.

  • @georgia4ce1 that whould be great to have Tomahawk Chop and foam tomahawks at turner field in MLB 11 The Show. Is in the game SCEA?

  • Grand Slam I’m hoping!
    And a Managers Mode again for non-button mashers like me.
    Looking forward to it.

  • Has the net code been improved? I buy this game religiously every year and I am rewarded with the best baseball game of all time. However online play is virtually impossible with my buds that live in the same area. My only disappointment with an otherwise perfect game! Please tell me this remedied!

  • GREG! Didn’t they use to announce your name at the end of a Road to the show game in ’07? I remember the stadium announcer saying it. Anyway any word on a collectors edition This year?

  • Will the preorder apply in Canada too? Thanks!

  • I’m not a baseball fan at all, but I’ll totally get this after a price-drop just to have one more awesome piece of software for my Move!

    Now, did it look to anyone else like the entirety of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas showed up to watch the game?? That is the best looking crowd I have EVER seen in a sports title!!! =D

  • I wish I could place a camera in my season ticket holder seats in Safeco Field. I’d like to place the camera in any seat or suite in the stadium.

    Every year the realism is broken because you’ve placed easily identifiable patterns in the fans you have in the seating sections. Nothing is more annoying than seeing 50 clones fist pump, or clap wildly, in unison.

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