Legendary DC Universe Online Offer Coming February 8

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It’s been an exciting month for us at DC Universe Online, with so many players creating their legend and trying to become the next ultimate hero or villain. Metropolis may be under siege and Gotham City in peril, but an overwhelming number of you have stepped up in their defense!

DC Universe Online beta for PS3

In appreciation of you pioneers we are going to be offering the chance to lock in an extraordinary promotional rate of only $29.99 for the 3-month DC Universe Online Legend Plan. That’s over 25% OFF the regular 3-month subscription plan price of $41.99! You’ll even be able to keep that rate for as long as you are actively subscribed and watch the savings pile up! You really won’t want to miss out on this great opportunity! The new rate will be available on February 8th so look out for it!

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  • wow, thats like 10 bucks a month… :P

  • Sorry I forgot one question to the previous 2:
    -Any chance that actual players can give trials to friends? I know a lot of people complain about the subscription fee but I have friends on my list that they never tried the beta and I’m sure some of them will ended up buying the game if they could try the game for a few days. Meaning I understand their point of view… “60 bucks game + subscription for something that I don’t know If I’m going to enjoy”

  • Sorry I forgot another question!! Sorry!!
    – Are future expansions going to be FREE?
    – Are we going to receive more trophies? meaning I’m paying a subscription, that several bucks a month over the regular price of the game, that should increase the trophies each month right?

  • Do you guys KNOW why you’re paying a monthly fee?

    1.) It’s an MMO. Some of you may be new to these games, but they tend to be pretty successful, more so the grand daddy that’s only available on the PC by the name of World of Warcraft… some of you may have heard of it.

    2.) Free MMO’s suck. By paying you are maintaining server updates. I’ve played free MMO’s before and they’re just not as spot on with fixing bugs, servers tend to crash more often and you get less cool stuff for free.

    MMO players also don’t mind the fee because if you’re into the game you’ll find that 14.99 a month actually saves you money.

    If you bought the game expecting it to be free… when the developer has been saying for MONTHS that it won’t be… that’s pretty bad research.

    Also… how many PSN cards do you people buy a month? 1? two maybe? Right there is your way to pay for DCU. You can buy the plans with PSN cards.

  • – Are future expansions going to be FREE?

    YES – SOE promised that we won’t get retail expansion packs, instead will get mini-expansion packs like updates with level cap increases, new alerts/duos/story lines as well as new powers and loot.

    – Are we going to receive more trophies? meaning I’m paying a subscription, that several bucks a month over the regular price of the game, that should increase the trophies each month right?

    I would assume. I’m also hopeful for more mentors later on in the games life.

  • @52

    dude lol there are PLENTY of good free MMOS

    there was a game i seem to remember called Diablo(1 and 2) that was free and it was by the same people that made your precious WoW….and come to think of it…how is WoW doing? having to add a new expansion for you to buy every 4-5 months just to keep people from leaving as fast (as fast as in still leaving).

  • @ Benstamania:
    I tried a bunch of Free MMORPG and they are ok for a few days but there is just not enough quality.
    Also people are asking about a price drop… did anyone read the post before writting the message? if you get 1 month free every two month you are basically paying 9.99 bucks each months which is 5 bucks less.
    @ ChaseHammerJ:
    Benstamania wrote MMO but he is talking MMORPG, Uncharted 2 has online mode too but you can’t compare Uncharted 2 with WoW or Everquest for example.

  • @ Benstamania
    I have played many free MMO’s, and some are really good and don’t fall into you’re classifications. Some of the look way better than WoW, and have their uniqueness. I played WoW once, and it was the worst game I have ever played, plus I hate the whole deal of pay to play (that’s why I have a Gaming PC and a PS3), I found the whole deal stupid, because you have to purchase the game then pay monthly subscription is just to of a hassle. Unless they actually give you the game for free over the internet, and you then have to pay, I will find the whole Pay2Play deal lame.

  • as soon as I get a job. lol. dang it.

  • This is a very good compromise for PlayStation 3 players not being able to purchase the lifetime subscription due to the wallet size of PSN. Thank you!

  • @ Cobra1:
    I agree with you but why we can’t have lifetime subscription?

  • @emiru69:
    The PSN wallet size is not large enough to permit the lifetime subscription price to be paid by users, so it wasn’t offered on the console.

  • Great PR and marketing strategy. You are going to keep alot more players with a $10 monthly fee rather than $15, myself included.

  • @48

    “Plenty of other games provide servers without charging for monthly usage”

    Care to enlighten me? I know MAG uses servers, but that’s the only other game ON CONSOLES I can think of think of which uses servers.

  • You have to pay by the month to play this game? No thanks. I’m sure there’s enough suckers out there to support this though.

  • Definitely going to take advantage of this, but could you guys please fix the Voice chat stability in game and the constant crashing. The game is very good and enjoyable, and I know MMORs have growing pains, but those two stand out, particularly the locking up.

  • You’re almost there, just bring it down another $10 a month and I’m sold.

  • SOE finally acknowledged this game is not so good, and shortly after the release of this game are now offering discounts. Not a bright future for DC Universe Online, hey?

    I’ve been following the development of this game, and from the get go I said this one will be a failure.

  • @ 66 LoadStone007
    For someone following Development of a game, you seem pretty far off. SOE has stated that this game is selling beyond their expectation. Just go to any major gaming site(Ign/ Gamespot) and look for it. The Reviews were somewhat Mediocre but it is a good game and it was a stable launch for an MMO game. Not wanting to pay for a subscription fee is one thing but most successful MMO’s usually have this form of payment. Anyways, there are tons of awesome games coming out that are not MMO’s and offer online MP. If this game doesn’t interest you then you really have no point in commenting here.

  • I’d be more likely to subscribe if PSN+ members received some sort of discount on the game/subs fees.

  • This game is so good, I’ll be taking advantage of this deal. I was so excited for Dead Space 2 but I still haven’t opened it because I can’t take DCUO out of my PS3!

  • damn And I just payed the 41.99 sub i got screwed

  • i want to share that this game has a 1 month free subscription if you buy the game… just saying,, because many dont know this…

  • Hahahaha thats funny so many people DIDNT but this game and are losing so much money keeping the servers up that they lowered the subscription fee!! Id say good luck with that but its more that i want it to be bad luck….sooo bad luck! >:)

  • @ Cobra1:
    Thanks for the info… but I think it should be a way around, doing 2 or 3 payments instead of just one big one, it’s not a perfect solution but better than not having the lifetime subscription at all right?

  • Will the new rate be available for just Feb 8, or will it be available until the next PS Store update?

    Will we get this deal only with the 3 month subscription, or will we get any additional savings with the 6 month and 12 month subscriptions as well?

  • I’m getting it

  • @ AssasinHD:
    – I’m guessing it will be available with the PS Store update, on Tuesday 8th at evening/night.
    – So far this deal is only with 3 months subscription but either way you get basically 3 months for the price of two.

  • I’m in. Already had purchased an additional month but now this…yeah i’ll be on this all year. Catwoman update, FEB 15TH!!

  • @ AbaraiRenji:
    What’s the Catwoman update?

  • OMG SO BOUGHT. I love how you can keep this rate forever too.

    $10 per month all of a sudden.

  • Still too rich for my blood. No game is worth paying a subscription.


  • The saddest thing is how badly this tries to appeal to a nerd’s desire for personal power and heroics. I mean, it’s just a game, but this casts such a pathetic shadow on it all.

    Sell a game, not a sad superhero fantasy.

  • #DCUO
    This deal is just what I need. #thatsaid
    DCUO’s UI on PS3 needs work…more like a complete work over.
    My experience is fustrating at times.
    The text box is hardly any help. While my plasma is down for repairs, I feel like I’m being punishished for using a SD TV.
    The BETA was murder on my eyes.
    I would welcome PSmove controls. Oh, and Thatgamecompany’s Journey made me think of this game. The next Legend is me, Matchstick Malone or PUSH on Justice server.

  • i don’r have any issues wirh subscription fees so long as the service is run like people are paying . problem is .. many times they have just as lethargic community conduct enforcement teams as free services , with glitchers and such running amok just as in free services . Don’t get me wrong … i understand that people of ill will are everywhere … but at an astounding 15 .00 dollars a month . really ups the expections of quality . 15 .00 dollars really is ALOT of money…. for a video game , just not convinced that their is anything they can do to justify such a rate . particularly given the extremely healthy supply of free /lower cost online games .

  • I love all these comments about if you don’t like to the fee then don’t play. Is it that crazy to have an opinion about the price in a post specifically about the price? Also, the argument “it cost money to maintain servers” is a BS. Plenty of pc games have servers that are run by he publisher/developer that are free to play. Also, all of EA sports games and most of EA’s other titles have their own servers.

  • Man thats an excellent deal. as for the people QQing about having to pay a subscription; just don’t play it man. this is just the way MMO’s work. all of them from Age of Conan to WOW all have a Sub fee. your sub fee pays for future content, 24 hour a day service as well as many other things. any MMO Vet will say the same thing. the only difference now is this time an MMO is on a Console and most of the QQers have never played any previous MMO’s. its something you get used to especially when the game developers release some badass content the keeps you coming back. like i said before your sub pays for many thing and you have to take it into consideration. Like the upkeep cost of a Server the game world is on. normal playstation multiplayer games use YOUR PS3 asa host for the game the others access. this time EVERYONE is accessing a remote server. think your comp starts to bog down after you run multiple programs? think of a server that has 1000’s of users accessing it at the same time. that kind of thing is hard on a server and requires money to keep up and do maintinence. 15 dollars a month is pretty fair considering all the things that need to be covered in the cost.

  • Wow! That was a close one. I almost purchased the 12 month subscription for $134.99. So, if 4 payments for $29.99 in a year and up to less than $120, I just keep re-upping every 3 months. Good looking out DCUO!

  • I would love to play this but still iffy on the monthly fee. This does make it more appealing but I would have rather had the lifetime fee.

  • As much as i enjoyed the beta, I’m never gonna pay a monthly fee just to play a game, EVER!

  • Any word on a Lifetime sub fee? i understand the max money on a PSN wallet is 149$ so why not give us that, and give PC users something in return, or have 2 separate 100$ fees to pay for the lifetime sub fee.

  • Hey Wes,

    Why dont you fix the broken feats and trophies for the people paying for your subsciptions? Im at level cap and cannot improve my character when the feat system is broken and does not award points to level up!!! Buyer beware!!!

  • I am really unsure about this game. I have seen it, and saw the review on G4TV and they gave it 4 out of 5 stars which is very good. but i have never played a game like that. I am an older player that grew up on atari and ninento ultima, dragon warrior. my fav games are the ones that u go on quests and get stronger from levels, like say fallout or elder scrolls in games of today. Would i like something like that? I have never played WOW. never will. but, this game intrigues me.
    Is it worth it to buy the game AND pay a monthly fee? i have never payed extra for a game ever. what is the bonuses to getting extras to a game? i don’t have any special ps3 special things i see people paying monthly for.
    I guess what i am really asking is why would people do this? what makes it worthwhile to get extra bonuses on a game? or pay a monthly fee for a game like dc? If i choose to spend more cash on something, i want to make an informed decision based on pros and cons of either choice. I really want to learn something here, so, please be considerate.

  • I wish this game didn’t cost to play smh Back to White Knight Chronicles for me #TeamBON

  • i love how people complain about paying fees. seriously you dont like it dont get it simple. quit complaining at least you dont have to pay monthly fees like xbox to even play online. i personally am looking forward to only payin 10 a month the game will get better once the add ons come out.

  • dancam1,
    i personally love the game it has its bugs but what games dont when they first come out. its more of a action mmo nothing like wow. i use to play wow from time to time and i prefer dc.I too am a older gamer and dc isnt a hard game to pick up and learn and its fun. you can use a mouse and keyboard if you like with it but i just like the controller. all i can suggest is read and watch any reviews you can and make a decision then.

  • Wow, my mind is officially blown by all the people that think its a new, money-grubbing scheme to charge monthly fees for a MMO. People, they keep many servers, supporting TONS of players, up and running 24/7. MMO’s are patched waaay more frequently than other games. Usually weekly, whereas other games are patched two or three times a year. Extra content is added periodically, like the february cupid thing, and the addition of catwoman. They make it a continual experience.

    Now I haven’t picked this up yet, but I’ve been waiting for an MMO on ps3, and while this isn’t what I had in mind, I’ve still been considering getting it. The drop in subscription fee will probably be a sell for me since I was on the fence already. It’ll tide me over til FF14 is finally fixed and released on PS3. Still can’t wait for that game even tho it sucked on PC. I’m confident they’ll make it bad*ss by the time it releases on PS3.

  • 94, Dan. You’re basically describing RPGs in a nutshell as your preffered kind of game. This is the type of game where you adventure out, kill stuff and level up. MMO’s are generally less story driven than other games, though it seems like DCUO has put some focus into making this game have a plot. If leveling up is your thing, then I’m surprised you haven’t played an MMO before. You really get attached to your character, and there’s a tangible sense of progression. What might be a deal breaker for you is the gameplay, its not a click the button and watch the fight unfold kind of game. It plays like any action brawler, button combos with fists, swords, etc. Depends on the class you make really. Honestly, I think this game would be your bread and butter. And you get a free month of subscription when you buy it, so you don’t really have to waste any extra money on it if you don’t end up liking it. I’d say give it a shot. I’m gonna pick it up this weekend. We can play together lol

  • Zombiewraz & EJStrat

    Why do like the rest of the other sub-nerbs keep spouting that bull about “They Maintain servers”, Umm do you care to show us information where a staff member has acutally said those words no of course you cant.

    Secondly for everyone on here that supports P2P you should learn to accept F2P players opinon, Kind of contradicting myself i know but im aware of a potential player who was going to but this game and because he had a difference of opinon regarding sub he got banned from DCUO facebook page.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUr0hq5Ng7s – and start at 6:12
    the link above will give you the purest example of how DCUO is going about the P2P system all wrong.

    and here is a second classic example of when P2P players dont get what they want:

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