Legendary DC Universe Online Offer Coming February 8

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It’s been an exciting month for us at DC Universe Online, with so many players creating their legend and trying to become the next ultimate hero or villain. Metropolis may be under siege and Gotham City in peril, but an overwhelming number of you have stepped up in their defense!

DC Universe Online beta for PS3

In appreciation of you pioneers we are going to be offering the chance to lock in an extraordinary promotional rate of only $29.99 for the 3-month DC Universe Online Legend Plan. That’s over 25% OFF the regular 3-month subscription plan price of $41.99! You’ll even be able to keep that rate for as long as you are actively subscribed and watch the savings pile up! You really won’t want to miss out on this great opportunity! The new rate will be available on February 8th so look out for it!

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  • Wow, thats a really good deal!

  • im going to pick this up sounds sweet deal

  • DCUO Legend Plan = Sold!

  • Great Deal. Any word on if a lifetime sub offer is coming for the PS3?

  • Buy a game, then pay monthly to play it? As decent as the demo was, not worth the monthly expense.

  • I will never pay a monthly fee to play a video game. I paid $400 for the system, $60 for the game, and I pay $30 a month for my internet. I think that’s quite enough, thank you.

  • @5 This post is obviously about a subscription to a game, not the game itself.

  • I’m a huge DC fan and that’s why it pains me to not play this game, but I’m totally unwilling to pay a subscription for a game. I want to pay for a game once and have it be mine, not essentially buying it and then renting the privilege to actually play it.

  • @7 Then WHY DID YOU POST?! Honestly. I want an answer.

    Anyway, the game is great (and I hate DC). Thanks for the offer.

    Does this say what I THINK it says:

    “You’ll even be able to keep that rate for as long as you are actively subscribed and watch the savings pile up!”

  • That is really nice. I am loving the game so far and I am waiting for the new content to appear. BTW you should have something like this offer as a normal incentive to the PS+ subscribers. Anyways does this stack up if I already purchased a month? Also does it stack up if I buy 2 DCUO Legend Plan for a total of 6 months? Thanks guys for your hard work.

  • @8 Why wouldn’t I post? it’s on topic. If all I did was come on here and say that I hate this game, then yeah, there would be no point in posting. Instead, I gave my reason why despite this sale, I can’t bring myself to buy the game. Calm down.

  • I just read the last part of the Blog and it answered most of my questions =(

  • Is this offer going to be available to PC players as well?

  • The beta was fun and I understand the reasons for subscription based MMO’s, but I can’t get behind paying a monthly fee to play a single game.

    Thanks for the offer but will be passing on DCUO.

  • @10 But you (and people like you) KNEW this about DCUO for as long at it was announced. It’s always had a subscription attached, and even before it was announced, (smart people) ASSUMED it would.

    You wrote that post like you were disappointingly surprised. Well, there’s no more doubt now. It costs a subscription fee to play. AND it’s doing well, which means everyone’s dreams of it failing and turning free-to-play are crushed.

    To all who feel like Gaucho21:

    You may now stop commenting on the fact that the subscription fee is keeping you from playing the game. Just so you know, your next shot at a PS3 MMO that is free-to-play is SOE’s own “The Agency”.

    Good luck and thanks for getting back to me on this.

  • The subscription fee is keeping me from playing this game.

  • That last sentence was NOT sarcasm, by the way…

  • Not a bad deal but for me I’m not feeling this monthly subscription stuff. I’d rather put that monthly fee towards new games coming out.

  • Ugh

    Later, I’m loggin back in.

  • The subscription fee is keeping me from playing this game.

  • not a bad deal, but I still wanna see the lifetime sub on the ps3 side

  • Still NOT the lifetime option of $200 like the PC. No lifetime No buy for me. You guys should have thought of a way to fix it back in the beta like we told you to.

    Could have just had us go to your website, and buy a PSN code to unlock the lifetime sub, sold PSN code cards in stores and online that would be used to unlock lifetime, and so on. So many ways to solve the “problem” you claim of not being able to charge $200 on the PSN store, makes it look like you are bias to ps3 players

  • You know what’s more fun than online insult battles? Playing DC Universe. It’s just costa $15 (now $10) a month to do.

  • I don’t get how people will pay $15 bucks for a COD Map Pack, or $60 a year for XBL, but not $15 for a month of a REAL MMO ON A CONSOLE.


  • Why have monthly and various other packages been available on the EU store for awhile now but not the US one?

  • Awesome. I would still pay $.50 a day for this game anyway.


  • @23 – Tysis

    I don’t get how people will pay $60, then $15 a month to play ONE GAME!


  • Also for all of you people complaining about there being a fee, need to grow up.

    You all should have done a search on what MMO’s are and how they work for the most part. This is how most MMO’s are done to pay for the servers, all the patches and updates, all the new content always being offered and so on.

    Its sad that so many console players have this idea that they shouldnt have to pay for a game that is updated with new content all the time and makes sure servers run without problems.

  • I’m very glad to see that SOE has finally seen the light and offered a more reasonably priced subscription rate. I’ve posted a thread about this new info on the official website of the MAAN Clan (PS3 gaming clan with 900+ members) forums and I’m encouraging them to take advantage of this offer.

    Congratulations, SOE!!!


    Is anyone else having problems not being able to access the forums? It keeps telling me its on “downtime for maintenance” since like 4am est.

  • I’m still not sold on this after paying $99.99 for the Collectors Edition and been a Playstation Plus subscriber since Day 1. There should be additional discount for those people have Plus and nothing ever was said about it. I will not be renewing it untill I see $4.99-7.99 a month or a lifetime plan that’s reasonable. Sorry but I look forward to Killzone 3, Motorstorm Apocalyse, Uncharted 3, Infamous 2, and Twisted Metal. Atleast online will be free with those games.

  • So far i have refused to pick this mmo up for the following reason: I cant seem to get the answer i want about if it is always pvp or players versus enemy monsters/villians, or is it people vs people only?

  • Please say this will be for Europe too….please?

  • @31

    that answer can be found on their main site im sure.

    Anyway the answer is you can either choose to be on the PVE server (player vs enviroment) or the PVP server(player vs player).

  • @33

    There are PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE servers that you can choose from. In PvE you can also make yourself a PvP player I think by putting a flag on you or something…. So both PvP and PvE

  • thanxs i did find a little info and u help abit #35. anyways i cant start playing till sony fixes thier latest update. seeing with the current update i cant install my new hdd due to a problem with the last update. so until sony decides to fix the update (and only god knows when they will actually fix it)

  • Nope. Why buy a game to pay to play it?

    “This is a good deal”. LMAO at that post.

    The only reason they’re offering this “deal” atm. Is because the game’s failed to do what they thought it would – get people to wanna pay to play it.

  • Feb 8th is my birthday! Great offer! :D

  • Discounts are good. A nice benefit to those who will play it.

    MMO are not for me, I’d rather experience multiple games than play one for a long time.

  • Quit [DELETED] about the subscription fee… if you don’t want to pay it, then don’t.
    Nobody here is making you.

  • Well that’s great, I was expecting something along the lines of this. Even if this isn’t a Plus subscription I’m all for it. I guess I know what I’ll be buying this weekended then, a PSN point card. Now with that said how are any of us supposed to even buy the Legendary Plan? All of us should have the 1,3,6,12 month plans locked due to us having a month?

  • 1 it’s ps3 the console sony said they won’t start charging for online gaming. 2) it’s got shoddy gameplay and graphics, so not worth subscription.
    3) this “deal” sounds more like they are getting desperate because despite what they are claiming, dc universe will start to lose peoples interest, even more so because pd mmo’s are becoming free to play. So if they want this to be a big hit and a big hit for a long while, they would get more players and money fro it being free to play.

  • Sorry, unless it’s $2 a month… I just can’t find myself wanting to pay a subscription fee when I could be buying more games instead. I’m interested in this game, but not that interested.

  • Great offer I’m in!!! I’m really happy with DC Universe Online, it’s the first superheroes game that get things done. I’m also surprise that how many things I can do from the 1st day and the overall quality is excelent.
    I have a 2 questions in my mind:
    1) Any chance to get lifetime subscription in the ps3?
    2) Are we going to receive the comics from DC Universe Online Legends for the psp comic store? I know is quite recent but in this case I think DC Comics should do an exception, meaning is the comic about the game I’m playing, I don’t think I should wait a year to read it on my psp.
    Thanks for your time!

  • Im still not paying to play this game every month. as much as i think it is awesome sorry not going to do it. There are other games that have free servers yet people still except others to pay for server fees. BS.

    ill pass…forever.

  • I have some questions, from reading the last sentence it seems that you can only keep this deal as long as you are subscribed. So my questions are:

    -Do I have pay for another 3 months when my first set of 3 months are almost up?


    -Can I pay for 3 months and play it, then take a month or 2 off and return to a $30 for 3 months deal?

  • Until the promotion is for free subscription I will never play this steaming pile of rip-off garbage. Plenty of other games provide servers without charging for monthly usage and those are the games I will continue to play. DCUO = total ripoff. I know you’re ‘testing the waters’ to see how many fools are willing to pay a monthly fee to play but I’m not buying and I hope that DCUO is a total failure in terms of sales. You could’ve provided a bunch of post-release DLC and overcharged as much as you’d like for that crap but I will NEVER pay a monthy subscription to play a console title online.

  • Any chance for a Free Trial soon? I can’t really drop $60 on a game that is only playable for 30 days, especially when I haven’t tried it, if I bought it and didn’t like it then I’d be out $60. :(

  • Lets here the whining

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