Killzone 3 Multiplayer Open Beta is Live: Come Get Some!

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Just a reminder to fans out there that we are in an open beta, so it’s possible you may experience some issues connecting to a game. Please be patient and know that we are doing everything we can to make this a smooth and fun experience for everyone.

Killzone 3 multiplayer open beta

Starting at 10AM Pacific Time today, the Killzone 3 Multiplayer Open Beta is live! Japan and Europe are already hard at frag and now it’s time for North America and Mexico to join the party! You’ll find the Killzone 3 Beta on the main page of the PlayStation Store; it’s also listed under the 3D and PlayStation Move categories for added convenience.

The Open Beta includes one map, Frozen Dam. All game modes can be played on this map:

  • Warzone: The traditional Killzone game mode with game types changing on-the-fly
  • Guerrilla Warfare: Our take on Team Deathmatch
  • Operations: Our new story driven multiplayer game mode
  • Botzone: An offline version of Warzone which can be played against AI opponents

The Killzone 3 Open Beta is playable in 3D and supports the PlayStation Move motion controller. The Beta trial runs until February 15th, so get on board while you can! If you have any feedback, has a section of the forum specifically set up for this purpose. You can of course track all your stats on as well.

Lastly, don’t forget that from Friday, February 4th through Sunday, February 6th we will be giving away 20 Limited Helghast Editions each day. Team members will log on to the Open Beta each of the three days to randomly select players in matches. We will not select players more than once during the sweepstakes and will notify the winners via the email address associated with their PSN account. Check here for official sweepstakes rules.

See you online!

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  • the beta is beast but for some reason mine freezes every other game…literally every OTHER game

  • Hey TJ, I tried playing the beta but I think its broken. Im not getting any sound whatsoever even after downloading and installing it thrice. The same thing happen to me with The Force Unleashed 2 demo.

  • @102, I also live in FL and it is there. Go to the PS Store, hit new releases and is the last one on the third row; right next to Neo-Geo Station. Theres also a banner ad in the home screen of the store.

  • So far <3 the game but the groaning and moaning when you die is getting really annoying.

  • I downloaded the beta and played for a few games until I got disconnected. When I tried reconnecting, the game says it’s connecting, but never does. After restarting, still no luck. Waited a couple hours, still nothing. I’ve tried about 3-4 times now. Is it just me or are others having the same problem?

  • @105 thanks i got it now :)

  • Ok so first impressions are amazing. I love this game. Can not wait for the game’s release. It is truly going to be epic. Killzone finally has that addictive quality that keeps me coming back to play. Beta Downloaded in about 20-30 min. I had to do a search for it. Just type in “Killzone 3”. I played from about 12 till about 3:45pm with no hiccups or problems. It is really amazing. Just wait till you get the proximity mines and the sniper rifle. EPIC!! After 3:45 the servers seem to have gone down. I can’t get into any games and I am getting different errors every time. The botzone still works however. So keep practicing or when you see me you’ll get merced. Please get the servers back up by this evening. I would love to get lost in this game for several hours tonight after the family hits the sack.

  • will i lose everything i achieve when kz3 is out?

  • It’s not working.

  • Hey TJ Consunji, if you want to be a real pal, you can send me a Helghast Edition anyway since Feb 4th is my birthday and I might not get to play the beta that day between work and other stuff :)

    Can’t wait to try this one out.

  • Gonna try this right now I guess. My internet is crap so hopefully this game is server based, but I doubt it.

  • Not working for me either. Keep getting network errors.

  • I’ve been trying for the past 2 hours and I cant connect to multiplayer. The game does not freeze, but its just stuck trying to connect. I know this is a beta but what good is it releasing it if, we cant connect online?

    I’ve played the bot mode instead, but would love to actually see online mode. Are you guys doing anything to address this?

  • Can American players play with Europeans or the servers are separate? thanks!
    Also about the Mexico debate, it is correct to say that Mexico is part of North America but it is also correct to say “North America and Mexico” because some parts of the World (Spain for example) considered Mexico part of Central America. The only incorrect term will be considered Mexico part of South America. Please, stop complainning everytime someone in the blog says “North America and Mexico”, there is offense, there is no geographical mistake, you are just trying to create an unfriendly and useless debate.

  • Lets Hope the Move Programing in this one is better then the MAG update….


  • I’m on it.

  • PROBLEM – I have a good, strong, fast internet connection but all it says when I pick multiplayer online is “Connecting, Connecting…”, going on 15 minutes, third try and still the same.

    Anyone else having similar problem? Is this because a lot of people are trying to get on? Anything I can do to connect? Help?

  • Connection problems across the board it seems. I’m just happy I could get into a game earlier today. Hoping GG can fix this quickly!

  • I thought it was gonna be release tomorrow, silly me. It seems I’m a day slow lol.

  • I tried the botzone with the Move – it’s not good at all. At all. Still cannot connect to the multiplayer. And man, the controls feel really off even with the PS controller.

  • Alright

    I usually never comment but I gotta say…

    you guys made one HELL of a game here… it is absolutely phenominal playing this game

  • i cant connect and i could maybe 30 min ago before i took a shower…wow i really hope guerilla fixes these issues

  • I’m currently downloading this Beta!

  • Really enjoying the Beta. Can’t wait to play the real thing.

  • @110 yes, all progress and stats will be reset by the release date.

  • Sweet, just got done with work too will be downloading ASAP! after done downloading and installing, see you guys online!

  • great game, same here the game never connects to multi-player. lots of bots to kill thought haha

  • Work needs to end now! Let’s do this!

  • I can not play I get a connection error 20005

  • This game is amazing. I hope I win one of the prizes, this is the best FPS game I’ve played.

  • Im downloading it right nnow :DD!!!

  • beta doesnt work :( :(

  • Can’t connect right now. I could earlier. I agree with the person that said the groaning and moaning after death was really annoying.

  • Really enjoying the beta im so used to the controls on Black Ops that i had to switch them around now its on! im about to plug the move in and see what thats all about!!! really looking foward to Feb 22nd Thanks Killzone3 team!

  • So far so good. I happy for a new FPS to take up my time. bye bye BFBC2.

  • is there no other way to download this?? XD

  • I’m stuck on the connecting screen. It’s been saying connecting for the past few hours. This sucks.

  • Downloading it! thanks Sony i love you guys!!!

  • Wow, Joris de Man did an epic job with the opening theme and menu music!

  • I also keep getting error code 20005

  • I just download it and I get the same thing saying a network error related error has occurred you have been disconnected from the network please check network connection. you need to login after this screen. Error code 20005

  • Hey TJ Consunji, thanks for responding to my previous post. I love it when developers address the gamers and don’t shy away from criticism. Oh btw, could you respond to why I can’t even get online and play for the past few hours. I won’t be offended if you respond to this post faster than you responded to the last one.

  • I was able to play earlier this morning, but now I keep getting that error code 20005. I’m connected to the internet so I know the problem isn’t on my end. Seems a lot of people are having that problem.

    I dunno. Maybe I’ve been playing too much Reach and CoD, but I feel like I can’t aim in this game at all. I need to mess with the sensitivity more or something. I played KZ2 a lot online, so I don’t know why this feels so strange.

  • So fun I get a error!!!! error 20005 :/


  • I love it! Waited all day to download it, and it did not disappoint! The handling is so much better! The only complaint that I have is that you seem to die faster. Idk if it’s just me. Also the Medic revive still doesn’t seem as useful as it should be

  • omg error 20005 [DELETED]

  • Just got error code 20005 now, i’ll try beta tomorrow
    im sure the beta servers are coughing because alot of people are on it right now.

  • umm i try going on i get an error saying “A NETWORK RELATED ERROR HAS OCCURRED” i m connected to my internet and to playstation network. please help me

  • Still don’t like the controls. They are more responsive than before but they have this weird acceleration. They should be set on about 50% for me but then when your looking down site they move way too fast. It’s also just really awkward for me to aim at stuff up close… Just can’t get used to them compared to games like Blops and BC2. As is i’ll be passing on this game. The graphics and sounds are really nice though.

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