Introducing the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack!

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Ever find yourself longing for the good old days of the year 2359, when the invasion of Helghan had just gotten underway and you were fighting a desperate bloody battle over every inch of its capital city? That’s perfectly understandable – why, we all do sometimes. But now there’s the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack, which lets you relive those glorious multiplayer battles in the market streets and canals of Pyrrhus!

The Retro Map Pack can be purchased from the PlayStation Network, however as we announced back in October of last year, the Retro Map Pack is available for FREE to anyone who pre-orders either the Killzone 3 standard or Helghast Editions at participating retailers.

The Retro Map Pack consists of two classic Killzone 2 multiplayer maps, thoroughly updated and reworked for Killzone 3’s multiplayer mode. Check out the details below:

Salamun Market

Game Type: Warzone – 24 Players
One of the largest maps from Killzone 2, Salamun Market has been re-balanced for maximum Killzone 3 carnage. After the Helghast ambush an ISA convoy on its main road, the whole market becomes a Warzone. Nostalgia meets brand-new Exoskeleton combat on this classic multiplayer map!

Killzone 3 - Salamun Market 1 Killzone 3 - Salamun Market 2

Blood Gracht

Game Type: Guerrilla Warfare – 16 Players
Months after the nuclear blast that ruined most of the city, Blood Gracht is slowly being reclaimed by Helghan’s strange plant life. But when Guerrilla Warfare breaks out between ISA and Helghast troops, the canals once again run red with blood. The fan-favorite multiplayer map from Killzone 2 makes a triumphant return!

Killzone 3 - Blood Gracht 1 Killzone 3 - Blood Gracht 2

If you haven’t played Killzone 2 yet, or if an old war injury prevents you from remembering what Salamun Market and Blood Gracht originally looked like (again – we’ve all been there), a comparison video of the old and the new versions of the maps will be posted here in a few days.

For now, enjoy reminiscing while you look at the screenshots, and remember to pre-order Killzone 3 to get the Retro Map Pack for FREE.

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  • @49 ed243

    Sadly no

  • I can not wait for the demo. I hope automatic download works with the demo. I’ll be in school

  • I agee with #42 also. Pretty odd that theres only one game mode available for the two maps. I’m not likely to be playing team deathmatch very much at all, so theres a few maps in the game I just have to miss out on, including the jungle map. Corny.

  • Thank you.

    It was a question that wasn’t only getting asked by me and haven’t been answered. I read a lot so I would know if it was been explained through rules, or replies. Thanks for answering. I was going to go crazy if I didn’t know how it worked. The entry information wasn’t very clear in the last KZ3 post.

  • I hope either that I win or at least have the money to buy the game once it gets release

  • Will the retro maps be on disc, or on a voucher?

  • God I hope you fixed the Glitches on the Blood Gracht map, can’t complain about Salomon Market even if it was a bit hard to establish strategic positions. Lack of spawn grenades is going to kill any established strategies for these two maps.

    I was kind of hoping for the Bullet Train level or Pyrrhus Rise, maybe even Radec Academy.

  • any killzone one map? AND BIG HEAD PLEASE :D


    Will preordering from bestbuy in Canada allow access for these maps???

    If not then when they will be on psn?

    • Sorry but I’m unfamiliar with the rules in Canada. :-(

      We’ll get an answer to you on this.

    • Canadian presell offers:

      GameStop/EB Games – Guerrilla Pack – Unlock & Load Pack

      Neither of them are offering the maps. They’ll be available for purchase on Feb. 22nd and are also available with a purchase of the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition.

  • Lolz blood gracht was the most packed with action map. Especially when the assault class was enabled! Ah the memories from kz2 XD

  • David,

    quick question…I was thinking of buying the Move Starter Pack but before I do I would like to know…to use move with kz3 do you need one motion/one navigation or two motion or something else entirely? please respond =]

  • Blood Gracht a fan favorite? I felt Tharsis Depot to be preferred over it. Would you guys mind bringing back Beach Head? I think that was the best map of both Killzone and Killzone 2.

  • Whens the beta and is it playstation plus exclusive? If not why not. :|


    • The Open Beta will start at 10AM PST on Thursday, Feb. 3rd. I need to get to bed soon since that’s only 11 hours away!

      It will not be a PlayStation Plus exclusive since we want to give everyone a chance to play.

      Don’t worry though, we still have a treat up our sleeves for Plus subscribers. :-)

  • Hoping you can answer this because it is all that is stopping me from pre-ordering, does offer the 24 hr XP bonus or is just the US version that has it.

    At and they now have their offers listed, but nothing on Want to make sure I get at least one of the bonuses.


  • plz dont put vechiles in the game, the exo i can deal with but the vechiles will destroy the fun just like in bfbc 2, [DELETED] players will just sit in the tank or vechile and just xp camp, it get trying after awhile, like beating a dead horse subject, like the “supposive laggy controls”,

  • THANK GOODNESS RADEC ACADEMY wasn’t included!!! Good map, but waaaay overrated. Also too noob friendly and a stat padding map to say the least. Blood Gracht was a map that separated the skilled players from the noobs(which were pretty much most of you), and I am glad its making a comeback! Now Salamun Market is just icing on the cake, although Helghan Industries was my personal favorite of the larger maps.

  • Please Answer
    One question I have with the pre-order; Is the map pack that is being offered as a free preorder the same as the one in the helghast edition?
    The reason I ask is because not only do I have a helghast preordered and would be pissed about the maps being the same, but I also work at gamestop, so it would be good for me to explain to my customers?

    • Yes, the maps are the same to ensure that they are properly populated when you hop online.

      What fun would a multiplayer map be if it was empty?

  • Man I love you guys. You didn’t just copy and paste the maps. You completely redid them.


    FAaaaat Albert… alright, nevermind. This has nothing to do with big ol Al.

    Rather a simple question…


    thank you!

  • Hopefully Corinth Crossing’s gonna be a future DLC. I love that map…

  • ok just NEVER bring back Radec Academy unless it gets a complete overhaul. That map is a total mess and its the only map people still play on Kz2.

    i want some variety this time.

  • Sweet! My two favorite maps from KZ2…

    Can’t wait for this game, especially since KZ2 is my favorite FPS of all time.

    Kinda bummed out you can’t buy the Dynamic Theme from the PSN though :(

  • So much Killzone coverage I have ran out of cool comments! LOL

  • the uk will be an open beta and not plus as some out there have quoted its plus only…and i cant download it yet….still waiting

    and any news on speedball 2 for psn

  • Bring back Park Terminal from KZ1!!

  • WIll there still be custom soundtrack when you play online?

  • i’m getting this without any doubt cause these two are my favorite KZ2 maps :)

    I have a question about the special KZ3 edition though, I heard that there will be a bonus which unlocks everything on the multiplayer for 24 hours. Is that true ? And what if I buy the Special Edition day 2, am I still gonna have everything unlocked ? Thank you guys, and the two pictures are crazy good looking !!!!

  • The choice of maps will always invite disputes among the fans regardless of the outcome.

    I personally am glad that Salamun Market made it, though i would have preferred BeachHead or ArcTowerLandings

  • i love the choice of salamun market, but HATE the 2nd choice of blood gracht. ugh def NOT a fan favorite from killzone 2 but nonetheless at least it means i’ll have 10 maps to play right off the back.

  • DANG IT. I love these maps, but I really loved Cornith crossing 2142305729385742% more…

  • I live in Israel, so is it possible that I pre order and get the Map pack?

  • Shouldn’t Radec Academy be part of that map pack? That map was probably the best one.

  • o boy what a month, time to work my butt off =D

  • i really wonder if there is a page where i can see the opening for the helghast edition?? ’cause im kinda insecure o.0??

  • Can’t wait it’s gonna be awesome!

  • I’m torn as to where to pre order my copy of Killzone 3. I’ve actually sworn off of collectors editions but here I considering buying the Collectors Edition of Killzone 3 for all the in game goodies.

    Has Sony considered turning PSN into a one stop shop where i could also purchase or pre order blu ray copies of games through?

    I just purchased Everquest Online Adventures Frontiers (don’t ask why, was just feeling nostalgic) through the SOE store and thought about how cool it would be to order Killzone 3 through PSN either that just places an amazon/bestbuy/gamestop pre order for you paid via psn wallet.

    It could include PSN exclusive in game bonuses.

  • What time the open beta will up in north America?

  • Hey thanks for the reply, one other question is has the movement in the game lost that “heavy” feeling when moving around with a character?

  • Just wanted to say thank you for not making Radec Academy and Tharsis Depot the Retro maps.

    “Fans” that say these maps are what they wanted, say so only because they bring no tactical value, only easy and fast XP points.

    Awesome retro maps chosen. Thanks again!

  • I want to know if the us delay happened only so the other regions would get it first. cause the EU store already has it and they weren’t supposed to get it until after the US so thank you for shafting us and praising them. we know you hate america but atleast give to every one at the same time.

  • Killzone 2 is one of my favorite fps of all time, I can’ t wait for Killzone 3 xD

  • Can someone answer my QUESTION?! I live in Israel, so if I will pre order from a store in Israel, will I get the map pack?

  • so when can we download the beta because it is still not up

  • Will there be female multiplayer characters?

    plz plz plz

  • Why no online co-op in campaing ??

  • Question

    Hey David, yeah looks like KZ3 will be one of the gems for Sony to kick start 2011. I already got it preordered and DLing the beta.

    but if you can PLEASE answer this. Does preordering at Best Buy Canada nad Futureshop get me the retro map pack as well?

  • PRE-ORDER, PRE-ORDER, PRE-ORDER, PRE-ORDER…..Everyone Must get the SharpShooter gun as well! I can’t wait to try this on the PlayStation Move compatibility!

  • Will the purchasable Retro Map Pack from PSN be available on day 1 (February 22, 2011)?

  • Pre-ordering KZ3 tomorrow

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