Introducing the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack!

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Ever find yourself longing for the good old days of the year 2359, when the invasion of Helghan had just gotten underway and you were fighting a desperate bloody battle over every inch of its capital city? That’s perfectly understandable – why, we all do sometimes. But now there’s the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack, which lets you relive those glorious multiplayer battles in the market streets and canals of Pyrrhus!

The Retro Map Pack can be purchased from the PlayStation Network, however as we announced back in October of last year, the Retro Map Pack is available for FREE to anyone who pre-orders either the Killzone 3 standard or Helghast Editions at participating retailers.

The Retro Map Pack consists of two classic Killzone 2 multiplayer maps, thoroughly updated and reworked for Killzone 3’s multiplayer mode. Check out the details below:

Salamun Market

Game Type: Warzone – 24 Players
One of the largest maps from Killzone 2, Salamun Market has been re-balanced for maximum Killzone 3 carnage. After the Helghast ambush an ISA convoy on its main road, the whole market becomes a Warzone. Nostalgia meets brand-new Exoskeleton combat on this classic multiplayer map!

Killzone 3 - Salamun Market 1 Killzone 3 - Salamun Market 2

Blood Gracht

Game Type: Guerrilla Warfare – 16 Players
Months after the nuclear blast that ruined most of the city, Blood Gracht is slowly being reclaimed by Helghan’s strange plant life. But when Guerrilla Warfare breaks out between ISA and Helghast troops, the canals once again run red with blood. The fan-favorite multiplayer map from Killzone 2 makes a triumphant return!

Killzone 3 - Blood Gracht 1 Killzone 3 - Blood Gracht 2

If you haven’t played Killzone 2 yet, or if an old war injury prevents you from remembering what Salamun Market and Blood Gracht originally looked like (again – we’ve all been there), a comparison video of the old and the new versions of the maps will be posted here in a few days.

For now, enjoy reminiscing while you look at the screenshots, and remember to pre-order Killzone 3 to get the Retro Map Pack for FREE.

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  • I really want the Limited Edition!!! And I hope the laggy controls are gone.

  • Nice, did you guys minimize the map to fit 24p? Anyways can’t wait to get my hands on it..

  • A buggy or jeep would have been cooler on Salaumn Market… I really hope you guys expand on the vehicle possibilities with some DLC for KZ3… Especially one that will allow multiple people on at once (i.e. the KZ2 Jeep (saw it in single player and on or Buggy? :P).

  • this should be called a map pack since the maps have a major difference because of the nuclear bomb in KZ2

  • When will the story section on Killzone web site be updated..
    I would like to know what was going on between Killzone 2 and Killzone 3.

  • What do you guys have against Park Terminal From Killzone 1

    Why do you ignore the most awesome map from the first game =(

  • I saw this on the official KZ 3 site earlier today. Great stuff. I’m excited :)

  • Can you guys explain how to get the dynamic theme besides in the CE? It’s confusing because Amazon is giving the Unlock and Load Pack, but it also says we get the Retro Map Pack. On 10/28 the blog said that pack includes the dynamic theme?

    • SpyDudeFX-

      The ways you can pick up a Killzone 3 Dynamic theme:

      + Purchase a Helghast Edition
      + Win a Limited Helghast Edition (
      + Pre-order at retailers other than GameStop, Amazon or Best Buy. The Guerrilla Pack, Fast Starter Pack, and Unlock & Load Pack do not include a dynamic theme.
      + Pick up a slurpee at 7-Eleven (

  • Aryeh, if not maybe you can hook me up with a dynamic theme code? lol Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone ;)

  • Thank god you guys didn’t choose Radac Academy aka the stat booster map.

    I am a little disappointed Blood Gracht was chosen, but it looks pretty different. Salamun Market is one of my favorite maps so I am thrilled to see that

    I hope when the real DLC is rolled out it is all new maps and not just old maps with new additions.

  • Love Salamun Market, but Blood Gracht? Really?

    One of my least favorite maps from Killzone 2, along with Radec Academy.

    Still, love me some Killzone 3 and cannot wait to get this game!

  • #5
    Nothing happens in between. KZ3 picks up right where KZ2 left off.

    Love the new twists to the maps, but find it silly that you can only play team death match (Guerrilla Warfare) on Blood Gracht.

  • GG, Please bring all the maps from KZ2. I’ll pay a high price.


  • @DirtyDee

    Sorry, man, but Park Terminal is the noobiest map from Killzone 1, and Radec Academy is its spiritual successor. I’m glad it got snubbed for Blood Gracht. Also, kudos to GG for making BG 8 on 8. That’s the perfect count for that map, so nobody should be complaining about their being too many bodies on the screen.

    Salamun Market was a no-brainer. Glad to see it back.

  • Nice choices. No radec! whoot!

  • Just can not wait!!!

    Any more hints for possible DLC???

  • Good choices, I kinda expected the Radec Academy map because that was always popular in KZ2, in seemed like there was always a lot of games going on there.

    I’m really losing my mind waiting for this game, at least theres the demo and the beta to tide me over.

  • Blood Gracht is a fan favorite? I’m a fan, but that surely ain’t one of my favorites…-_-

  • No Radac Academy makes me sad :(

  • Nice! I’m getting the Helghast Edition and I cannot wait! :)

  • The graphical makeover for both maps (but especially Blood Gracht) is pretty amazing. Hopefully there’s a few new hiding spots. :)

  • We want both custom servers and matchmaking, not matchmakin alone!!!! You guys are completely alienating your core fans, just so you can bring in these new casual customers(cod). Just cause they’re too dumb to find a room, doesn’t mean you should dumb it down. KZ2 had both right, so why can’t this one?

  • Yay, those are two of my favourite maps! Good thing you guys didn’t throw in Radec Academy lol!

  • This is what I hate from Console gaming. A map pack that’s available FREE to those who pre-order from a certain place and those who don’t will have to buy it later on, 2 little maps and we will probably pay 10dollars for it.

    VALVE have been giving me free L4D 1 and 2, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Half-Life, Team Fortress 2 updates since the day I bought them. So why OH why… should I start paying for what other companies give me for free and usually better? When you start paying a company 10 dollars every time they add 2 new weapons and a map here and there think about the fact PC gamers used to get it for free. Also this “map pack” is clearly finished before the game even hits shelves, and thanks to the internet consoles can be updated with patches and maps anytime, so just give us it for free?!

    I don’t get people who are willing to fork over nearly a quarter of what they’ve already payed for a game just to get another couple of maps. Look at Team Fortress 2, that game has had loads added to it, new maps, weapons and modes over its life span and VALVE have given us it for free.

  • Lo quiero ya can’t wait for mi Killzone 3 helghast edition i pre-order in Gamestop

  • how much will they cost separately?

    looking off the charts !!!

  • I kind of assumed that the pack would include Radec Academy, but these are still good choices. I personally liked Radec very much.

  • Lo quiero ya can’t wait for my Killzone 3 helghast edition i pre-order in Gamestop

  • I don’t understand why, all the DLC maps from Killzone 2 can’t just be transfer over to Killzone 3 for people who purchase them already.

    Instead of going through loops just to play on them again. Does this mean that other retro maps from K2 will be DLC on PSN again as “Retro Map Pack” 2, 3, and so on. And the people who already purchase them for K2 will end up paying for them again just to play them on K3?

  • Can’t even get into KZ. 1st one lagged. 2nd one sucked. Good luck with KZ3.


    Can you explain the details to the eligible entries a bit more?

    I don’t understand if your suppose to play a lot, go into the game a lot and quit, or how long you play?

    Please tell me how every entry is processed.

    • Sorry for not getting your question answered before.

      Members of the team will log on to the Multiplayer Open Beta throughout the sweepstakes and randomly select players in matches. We will not select players more than once during the sweepstakes and will notify the winners via the email address associated with their PSN account.

  • @Dark_Yoda_313

    Radec Academy was trash, the Helghast would always get spawn camped with grenades and RPGs.

  • will there be any new maps in the future? if i pre-ordered helghast edition i get 2 vouchers to the same map am i correct? if so will you think of adding a map exclusive to those who ordered the helghast edition with at 129 dollars price tag will give people more of a reason to do so or a free DLC in the future because its always good to have multiple maps/ variety . Even if there isn’t i’m still going with my order.

    can’t wait calendar marked feb 22

  • those are awesome i loved killzone 1 and 2 and this one is gonna be the best

  • When’s the sharpshooter coming out?

  • Man im aiming for rank 1 im not going to settle for being in the top 700 like i did with kz2.

  • Wow Cant wait. Exited to see this. I want it to be Feb. 22 Already hehe

  • @28

    Stop buying dlc and their other over priced crap. Then you wouldn’t have the problem of rebuying the same overpriced dlc.

    Funny thing is. I bought the maps for my son. Wanna bet I don’t buy KZ3 or any dlc for it?

  • I’m mad now. My PS3 have the yellow light so I can’t play the beta.:(

  • @34 the sharp shooter comes out the same day has kz3 so 2/22/11 unless it gets delayed or push back but I doubt that

  • @37: Yeah, cause charging $3.00 per giant map in Killzone 2 with added features was just so overpriced… you must feel really ripped off.

  • Quick question,

    Will the DLC map packs from KZ2 be transferred to KZ3?

  • So you have to be lucky enough to get into a room with a dev member? Seems a bit strange but ok why not!

    Why is it that the retro maps only have one game mode though? That seems like a bit of a letdown. Also I know its a bit more work then most modes but I would highly suggest trying to work more Operations into the maps. That mode is awesome and will no doubt be a fan favorite.

  • im super pumped for this game and i love when old maps come to the new games… thank you GG and cant wait to play the beta tomorrow

  • I was hoping to get use to the move and the maps with the bot mode before I go online oh well I’ll just just that after the sweepstakes is over

  • or on the single player demo

  • Question here

    Okay so im getting the helghast edition but i saw that if you pre order killzone 3 you get the map packs free.

    But if i dont pre order the edition and get it the day it comes out. will i still get the maps? Im buying the helghast edition.

  • wheres the coming to playstation plus post?

  • What?! No Radec Academy? Lol I thought it was the 2 most popular maps.

  • People under 18 can enter too right David cause im 17

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