inFAMOUS 2: Morality Revealed, Meet the Companions

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Greetings from the SCEE PlayStation Experience in London! We’re excited to be at the event, and for the first time, reveal how our duality/morality system will work in inFAMOUS 2.

Karma moments from inFAMOUS are now represented by character-driven dialogue and 3D mocap cutscenes. Your conscience comes into play with the introduction of Kuo and Nix, two NPC characters. Kuo is a NSA agent working to help Cole defeat the Beast. Nix is a New Marais native that grew up in the swamps around New Marias, whose hatred for Bertrand stems from witnessing him kill her family. She is your hedonistic guide that coaxes Cole into not thinking about the consequences of his actions.

There will be multiple crossroads where Cole will decide to follow Kuo’s lead or give into Nix’s temptations. Your choices will directly affect the gameplay by permanently remaining in the world. Whatever path you choose, remember that in inFAMOUS 2 you can always change your mind. It’s never too late to look for redemption… or to say “to hell with it” and become selfish.

inFAMOUS 2: Cole Grind

inFAMOUS 2: NixinFAMOUS 2: Kuo

inFAMOUS 2: St. IgnatiusinFAMOUS 2: Trolley Crash

Attendees of the show will get to go hands on with the Good or Evil version of the “Save Kuo” mission. Two allies. Two plans of attack. A choice to follow Zeke’s plan and get the help of the captured police by taking out the convoy guarded by the Militia, then assaulting the Militia compound with the army of cops to free Kuo. Or, side with Nix and her destructive plan to ram a trolley filled with explosives through the front gate. The choice is yours!

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  • Yeah, just awesome. Whens it coming? I love how the comic book stuff is still there.

  • Is there any chance the team at Sucker Punch might bring Sly & Infamous to the NGP? If it can’t be SP would you allow other companies to make games using those IPs like Insomniac & Naughty Dog are doing?

    That being said I can’t wait to play Infamous 2. The first one was good fun & this one should be too.

  • Cole’s new voice actor sounds a little… weird. Like a nasally kid trying to sound tough. He doesn’t sound like a professional voice actor at all. No biggie, if it’s really bad I can just skip the cut scenes. XD I hope inFamous 2 is awesome. I really enjoyed the first game.

  • I still miss the old-new Cole that actually had hair. Hopefully he’ll be an unlockable skin in InFamous 2.

  • i wait 4 this game second by second
    i hope its coming out soon

  • When are you guys going to announce the release date?

  • Just give me a release date :(

    On the other i hope i could pre order this but , that’s what you get for living in a third world country :)

  • kole should learn time travel, like Kessler

  • Awesome? So… A release date?

  • Oops. I put a ? where a ! should be. Oops.

  • inFAMOUS is one of my Platinum trophies, that ought to tell you how much I’m anticipating this baby!!! 8)

  • Good Game, why cole Change his hair ? ill have to buy it to know about that fact
    Will they release a demo

  • I really hate Cole’s new voice. It’s gonna kill the game for me

  • Nice bullshots. It looks better than the first one though.

  • I still can’t stand Metro-Cole’s/Nathan Drake-wannabe’s voice.

  • Infamous is such a great game can’t wait for the second one. I was wondering I’m playing it for the second time to beat it on hard and earn the trophy. It says beat the game on hard without changing the difficulty well I had to change it on the first mission to change it to hard because it was on normal so will I still get the trophy?

  • what ever happened to the ice that was shown in the e3 ( I think it was e3) trailer?

  • This game is looking better and better cant wait to play loved the first one.

  • I’m glad that you can choose one path, then change your mind unlike the first one where you had to stay on either the good or evil path if you wanted to make Cole powerful.

    still not to impressed with the new Cole voice it sounds too nasaly.

  • Wondering if your save file from Infamous will affect how you begin Infamous 2, or will all players start from neutral?
    And can we PLEASE have the option to kill Zeke this time? Preferably at or near the beginning of the game? Pretty please? ;)

  • I’m so excited for this game! :D

  • I will buy..

    Bought and platinum’d “Infamous 1,” ignore people’s comments about the voice acting. He sounds great. Some people just seem to like to complain an awful lot.

  • It will be really interesting to see how this might play into the game’s story. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get too involved with these two lovely ladies, it kind of seems like they’re repeating what they did with the love triangle from Sly 2.

  • Good sir may we have the sly cooper avatar

  • This is awesome news. I loved inFAMOUS – one of the few games I’ve actually pre-ordered. This game looks absolutely stunning as well – the whole duality/morality sounds interesting and will surely add a twist to Cole’s karma.

    Looks awesome and the voice-actor isn’t bad either. From what I’ve seen, inFAMOUS 2 will succeed the first in every way possible, and I’ll definitely pre-order this one as well. :)

  • 1. Really don’t like the voice actor.

    2. Would be nice if you could start the game fully heroic or infamous if you finished the first game that way, rather than having to return to a neutral level as if the first game never happened.

  • Why is there a Star Wars character in Infamous 2?

  • .O.O My mouth was open throughout this video…! Cant wait for this, loved the story on the 1st one! finished infamous with hero of course n now halfway with evil !!

  • I got the platnium in infamous 1 but Prototype 2 was such a better game. I’m more keen for Prototype 2 which is also in production :)

  • Funny thing is, inFamous ended up being my favorite game so far this gen on PS3, and you just can’t beat the fun factor of the game. And the music was very original and I just loved it! I cannot wait for the sequel!

  • WHO’S DOING THE SOUNDTRACK since Amon Tobin left?

  • I loved the first one. I think I might go back and play it for a 3rd or 4th time (can’t remember how many times I’ve played it) now…

  • So is there any reason why Nix looks like a prostitute? I’m sick of characters like her pandering to the creepy gamers out there. It’s making the rest of us look bad.

  • @45 Okay never mind I had my browser zoomed in. These look amazing!

  • WTF did they do to Cole’s voice?! I new the other guy wasn’t coming back but come on at least get someone whose voice doesn’t make my ears bleed. I know i may sound a little harsh but with all the great voice actors out there why not get someone who doesn’t sound like he’s gargling nails. I also know that the last voice actor sounded raspy but not this bad. Anyway i hope the gameplay and story make up for such bad voice acting.

  • So…What’s the reason for Cole carrying that electric rod on his back? Would I be able to unequipped that item and just use my powers?

    P.S. Great that the old Cole is back!

  • I absolutely loved inFAMOUS and have pre-ordered this one and im stoked also for those wanting a release date 6/1/2011 check it here

  • one word can describe sucker punch and that word is “AWESOME”

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