inFAMOUS 2: Morality Revealed, Meet the Companions

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Greetings from the SCEE PlayStation Experience in London! We’re excited to be at the event, and for the first time, reveal how our duality/morality system will work in inFAMOUS 2.

Karma moments from inFAMOUS are now represented by character-driven dialogue and 3D mocap cutscenes. Your conscience comes into play with the introduction of Kuo and Nix, two NPC characters. Kuo is a NSA agent working to help Cole defeat the Beast. Nix is a New Marais native that grew up in the swamps around New Marias, whose hatred for Bertrand stems from witnessing him kill her family. She is your hedonistic guide that coaxes Cole into not thinking about the consequences of his actions.

There will be multiple crossroads where Cole will decide to follow Kuo’s lead or give into Nix’s temptations. Your choices will directly affect the gameplay by permanently remaining in the world. Whatever path you choose, remember that in inFAMOUS 2 you can always change your mind. It’s never too late to look for redemption… or to say “to hell with it” and become selfish.

inFAMOUS 2: Cole Grind

inFAMOUS 2: NixinFAMOUS 2: Kuo

inFAMOUS 2: St. IgnatiusinFAMOUS 2: Trolley Crash

Attendees of the show will get to go hands on with the Good or Evil version of the “Save Kuo” mission. Two allies. Two plans of attack. A choice to follow Zeke’s plan and get the help of the captured police by taking out the convoy guarded by the Militia, then assaulting the Militia compound with the army of cops to free Kuo. Or, side with Nix and her destructive plan to ram a trolley filled with explosives through the front gate. The choice is yours!

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  • very nice shoots

  • And the news keeps rolling in.

    The game is looking amazing. I was just revisiting inFamous recently to prepare myself for the upcoming comics and then for inFamous 2. I cant wait. Looks AWESOME guys.

    Keep up the great work all of you over there at Sucker Punch.

  • i still have not finished infamous, but this post just made me wanna do it now.

  • Looks awesome, cant wait to get it. Can we expect a release date soon?

  • gah new voice actor >.<

  • Nice!
    Now you guys could talk about the save import options?

  • Awesome news about awesome games today! This Fall will be expansive!

  • Just recently got the Platinum in InFamous 1 after over 18 months and 4 play-throughs! I can’t wait for Infamous 2!

  • if my friend could play one of the 2 introduced npcs along side with cole than its sold for now i’ll hold off my purchase i got kz3 and ratchet and clank all 4 one to purchase. Co-op games ftw

  • infamous 1, if you stick with 1 side of karma you are rewarded with greater powers that is why people stuck in 1 chosen path. Is it same for infamous 2?

  • release date!!!!!!

  • I am not liking the voice actor :(

  • I preferred the actor who did Cole’s voice in the first game, the should should be great even with a new voice actor.

  • Release date please! May or June would be nice. I can’t wait for this game :)

  • Looks awesome! I’ve played through inFamous twice and love it! Still trying to get the platinum (blast shards, got 331 of them!). Nice new cutscene, like the idea of this new duality system. This is looking so awesome.

    Are we going to get any news on a release date soon? Twisted Metal, inFamous 2 and The Last Guardian are the only other games this year that I want that haven’t gotten release dates yet! I’m so pumped for this! PS FTW! This year owns!

  • Platinumed 1 and can’t wait to do the same with 2. Great news coming from London. Love you SONY!

  • God, Nix is SMOKING. Potential love interest? Seriously, Trish who?

    Also, ppl get over the VA. We already whined enough about his looks during the reveal, but the original VA from inFamous1 only did voice work, no mo-cap. The new one does both, so we’re gonna be getting Uncharted 2 levels of custscenes in this one, which is awesome. Stop complaining already.

  • i have a few questions ken and i hope you can answer them.

    1. Will there be a demo?
    2. Is the going to be a limited edition or Collectors edition available?
    3. When is the release date for the game?
    4. Any Box art?

    That’s all i got for now, hope to meet you somewhere down the line. Love the work you guys do. Keep it up!

  • As long as it has co-op or online play this will be a must-buy for me! :)

  • I really don’t understand the complaints about the new voice actor. he sounds almost the exact same to me (slightly less gruff). I’m all for the change, and this looks like a pretty sweet new system.

  • Please give us a release date!

  • Please, no hunting for anymore blast shards! Those trophies are so stupid! Prince of Persia 1001 light seeds was just ridiculous! :\

  • Very nice Sucker Punch. Looking forward to this and Sly 4 keep up the good work.

  • People seem to not be able to think clearly about the situation in InFamous 1. Isn’t it possible that Cole was awful “gruff” because of the fact he had just been in a major accident and was still recovering from injuries? For all you know this is the way Cole was meant to sound like before he got his powers now that he’s had time to heal. I hate it when people [DELETED] about the tiniest thing.

    But in regards to the game. I like the Kuo and Nix puns (at least I think they’re puns. Kuo=Kudo (good) and Nix=Nix (bad/disregard)).

  • As usual, I be playing the good path first. Both Nix and Kuo look really great.

  • looking forward to inFAMOUS 2 , is there gonna be any inFAMOUS game coming to NGP ?

  • Oh a Collector’s Edition would be so nice! I want a Cole Action figure with Lightning and Ice “action”. :)

  • Psyched!

    When are we gonna get a release date?

  • So much Playstation news, it’s like Xmas in February.

  • Can’t wait… :D

  • Please change the voice actor. The guy sounds like he’s between an extreme overbite and a lisp. Its irritating.

  • is there any news that infamous 2 will recognize infamous saved game data. perhaps an unlock of some sort.

  • Awesome…


    I cannot wait for infamous 2 IM GONNA PRE-ORDER now!!!!

  • There seems to be quite a significant graphical increase in the engine, any specific comments you care to share regarding the much slicker look? Love inFamous btw :)

  • If you change the voice you change the life of the character SuckerPunch!

  • when are we gonna get a screenshot at the evil cole???

  • ya a special mode or power for people who own the first infamous would be great can’t wait to get it!!!!

  • I must say evil side always has a lot more power making the game way more fun..>..<

  • Looks good. Voice actor sounds fine as well.

    Looking forward to a seeing release date.

  • [DELETED] the infamous 1 was better you destroy the characher the cole is not like cole in infamous 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sounds a bit too clear cut. Why is it always a choice between pure good or pure evil? Life is all about the gray — or at least the choice that seems good now but has consequences later. The Mass Effect series does this very well as I stress out about my choices there. I’d also like to see our choices carry over like the ME series.

    And is Cole so morally flexible that two girls can pull him in either direction? I thought Cole had more backbone than that. The character sounds weak and easily influenced.

    I am still excited for the sequel, but I’d like a stronger character and a bit more complexity in his morality.

  • Are there any plans to patch the first inFAMOUS game to include some of the graphical enhancements present in the sequel?

  • I found it irritating to have to stay on one side or the other when it comes to Karma in these games. I find it further annoying that there is never middle path that gets rewarded… even a middle path that allows our hero to come up with his own plans based on his own intel…. a 3rd option if you will. Seems like you get penalized for dancing in the moral gray area which isn’t cool.

  • Why do the screen shots look worse than they did in the first game.. I mean the ones released months ago look better. I’m being completely serious.

  • Wow, if that’s the new VA then he must’ve been taking some lessons or doing some research cause now he doesn’t sound like a pansy anymore. Now I’m more interested in this game.

  • Still not a fan of the direction they went with cole. He was just fine from the first game, and they could of swung it with his age etc. not really a fan of the new voice. Will still buy it, but would have liked to see the first guy return.

  • Great but when is it coming out?

  • realse date plz?????????

    i want this game as soon as possible.

  • Looks awesome.
    I gotta make it my mission to complete Infamous.
    I’ll pick up Infamous 2 later on when I’m done beating Infamous and collecting those trophies.
    Possibly watch a youtube walkthrough to find all the Black Shards.
    Tricky trophy to earn indeed.

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