Plants Vs Zombies Coming Soon to PSN!

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Hello everyone! I have some bad news for you, courtesy of PopCap Games! The zombies are coming again, straight for your house, and they are—how should we put this—hungering for your brains. And, you know, that just can’t be good.

Plants vs Zombies for PS3 (PSN)

Yes, Plants Vs. Zombies, our splendiferous strategy game that pits loveable eco-friendly plant life against undead, traffic-cone-wearing, brain-eating zombies, is coming soon to PSN. And the only thing we can tell you, if you don’t want your brains to be part of a delicious and wholesome zombie lunch—perhaps with a side of intestines, or maybe some foie gras—is that you get your plants ready hold ‘em back.

Perhaps you did not know that plants are an effective weapon against zombies. Perhaps you weren’t aware, for example, that flinging a slab of butter from a Kernel-pult at an approaching, fly-specked, dentally-challenged zombie would temporarily freeze him in place, allowing your trusty pea-shooters to pummel him with abandon.

If you did not know this, then I humbly submit that you are woefully and shamefully ill-prepared for the upcoming apocalypse. And you only have yourself to blame. The solution? Thank you for asking. We here at PopCap recommend that you pick up Plants Vs. Zombies for PSN. It will teach you everything you need to know to stop the zombies from eating your oh-so-delicious-especially-with-a-lovely-glass-of-Chardonnay brains.

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  • Finally it is coming to PS3! :-)

  • nice game

  • Will the game support youtube uploads?

    • Added to my list of questions to ask the zombies. Will report back in a couple weeks assuming I don’t get my brains eaten.

  • You’re the Director of Editorial and Social Media, @ PopCap Games? More like the Director of No Information @ PopCap Games.

    • That would truly be awesome to get on a business card.

      In all seriousness, this blog post was just to let you guys know the game was coming to PSN. I don’t have any more information to disclose yet. But there’s going to be another blog post in less than 2 weeks that gives you all the information folks are asking. Sorry if it doesn’t seem like much yet–this was all I was allowed to say!

  • MOAR BRAAAAAIIINS! THanK u, The ZomBiez :)))))))

  • Wish list –

    More zombies on PSN… Check!
    AngryBirds… Check!
    Trophies for killing zombies to show how cool I am…?
    Bird fighting pig trophies?
    Multiplayers where I can play as zombies and take over the word.? games on PSN…?
    Bubble Shooter…?

  • YAY!!!!!!! I’m happy!

  • WooHoo I’ve been playing on my Dsi for a week now and I love this game.

    When is this being released and what type of trophies are they setting up?

    cant’ wait.

  • Thanks Jeff. Now get a damn PS3 already!

  • I’ve heard you talk a lot about Plants Vs. Zombies on Twitter, Jeff, so I’m happy to hear that PS3 gamers will finally be able to play this game.

  • I’ve heard you talk a lot about how great Plants Vs. Zombies is on Twitter, Jeff. I’m glad that PS3 gamers will be able to experience this great game.

  • I’m adding this blog post to my favorites. Whenever I’m sad, I can just come back to this and instanly be cheered up.

    I’ll be cheered by the news of PvZ on PSN, as well as, Jeff Green’s insane responses.

  • I love me some PvZ, but will it have mouse support? I can’t imagine some of those later levels without it. Or at least a dedicated button that picks up your sunshines automatically?

    • Yeah, a few folks have asked this, and I’m going to find out for you. I’ll have real answers when I blog a second time. :)

  • Jeff Green is the man, and not for bringing us a port of an OLD PC/360 game. While I will buy this game day one (I’ve been waiting for long enough) I want more Jeff on Giant Bomb. That was what we (when being respectful of other people’s sensitive sensibilities) call good crap. I ain’t your momma, but I am a fan. But alas, I don’t do the MyTwitterBookSpace. If I did, you’d be my first Stalkee. That IS what they call it, no?

  • This is a blast on PC! Need PVZ2 to rear it’s decaying head now! Good addition for the PSN.

  • Great news. I will definitely be picking this up. Held off on the iPhone version in anticipation that it would release on PSN. YAY!

  • Hello Jeff do you have any plans to guest the TNT or the Bombcast? That would be cool as long as you don’t insult Vinny.

  • Thanks, Jeff. You’re the man. We appreciate anytime someone actually sticks around to answer questions….even when they don’t have any answers. ;)

  • Ooooo. I forgot about Move. I’m still waiting for a reason to buy one, this could be it. Popcap should make Bejeweled work with it, too.

  • YESSS!!! I’ve been waiting for this!!
    Now all I need is The Legend of Dragoon as a PS1 classic download and all of my PSN dreams will have come true (for now).

  • Jeff’s Zombie Beancounter boss is crazy.

    He’s not allowed to say anything yet because said beancounter thinks that releasing that information now and not two weeks from now will cost them sales.

    Personally, I think the fact PR plans and the release of information on video games is being controlled like a political campaign is just crazy and does more harm then good.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Hi Krae_man,

    In general, I totally agree with you. During my 12 years in the gaming press, it used to drive me crazy that game companies would treat info about their games as if they were some kinda Important State Secrets that Would Lead to Nuclear Disaster if Released.

    Now that I’m on this side, I *can* see that sometimes it’s more complicated than just “we don’t want to tell you yet.” Sometimes things are still being negotiated, or worked on, and maybe by the time it’s out things will change. In that case, it’s almost worse if we tell you something, only to have it not happen. Honestly I don’t know what the case is here–I just know I was asked to post the announcement that the game is coming. So I did that. :)

    I’m having fun talking to folks here in the meantime. Hopefully I’m making it clear not to take all this too seriously. The game will be out soon for PSN, and then we’ll all know what the deal is. And I’ll post more as soon as I can. :)

  • This is great news and a great read but it does seem weird announcing that PvZ is coming to PSN (without a single shred of other info). Announcing it’s coming to the Dreamcast would be newsworthy, but I think everybody assumed it would be coming to the PSN eventually as that’s about the only system left for Popcap to put it on (and make money on).

    I’m assuming trophies, multiplayer, Move support (though perhaps later like S&S), $15. I think Peggle has been on sale so $7.49 for a week soon thereafter.

    Has anybody here played anything like this with Move yet? Swords & Soldiers is fairly limited in scope compared to this and the shooting games don’t have a lot of quick drag and drop. Wondering if I’ll get carpal tunnel trying to keep up.

  • The only way this makes any sense is if it has vastly superior graphics and audio quality to previous PopCap releases on PSN, or if it is <= $5.

    After the giant pixels and 1/3 playable screen size of Zuma, and the sub-MP3 quality of Bejeweled 2, PopCap has a long way to go from their previous releases to prove themselves worthy of my PSN spend.

    My husband and I loved playing PvZ on iPhone 4, but it will take some genuine PS3 platform advantage to get us to buy it again. (Couch co-op, 1080p native art, HD audio, relatively easy platinum trophy, etc.)

    Wait and see, for me…

  • Despite all of Jeff Green’s hilarious denials as to a release date the Sony press release said Feb.

  • zombie drake as an easter egg!?

  • Is it possible that Jeff can come back on the Giantbombcast and talk all about Plants vs Zombies? Or is he too busy on “The Popcast”?

  • Thank you Jeff green for your kind and hilarious responses…ill be sure to look out for more info in the coming weeks…lol u said 2? Im not sure if I will pick up the game tho as I have it for my iphone…and my money needs to go to buying a car vs my love of games for once. xD…but maybe I’ll get this and Pixeljunk shooter 2 :P

  • “Well the incentive for us is that we make more money.”

    By far one of the most straightforward answers I’ve ever seen coming from PR folk. You also just sold me with that response. <3 PopCap.

    So here's another inquiry for submission to the head zombies: Will PvZ PS3 support Move controls at all? You know, just for kicks (also because pointer controls seem intuitive for RTS games). Oh, and I demand your company brings more of your games to PSN. In return, you can have this box of Boo Berries. :q

  • Well done Jeff. Well done indeed. You never cease to impress.

  • I already have PvZ on my Iphone and Xbox 360. But after this post, I may very well buy it for the PS3. I’ve laughed out loud reading the post and Jeff’s answers/comments.

    Nice to hear from you, Jeff. You deserve my respect.

  • More swearing about Zombonis. I’m in.

  • Would you kindly bring all of your hidden object games to the PSN (NOT as Minis)?

  • This is really why I will have second thoughts about ever buying another Sony gaming system.

    They seem to forget that they have two of them. A PS3 and a PSP. So just saying it’s for “PSN” doesn’t do half their customers any good.

    And same goes for PopCap. Somehow you can support every other platform on the planet except the PSP. Even the Zeebo! Okay, you finally brought Bejeweled to the PSP in 2010, but I think that’s it.

  • Please incoperate USB and Bluetooth mice support! Bejeweled 2 felt so hard to play without those, and I do have a USB mouse (part of a USB mouse/keyboard kit) attached to my PS3 which I regularly use in the web browser!

  • But… I don’t want any zombies on my lawn….!

    This is awesome. My brother has it on XBLA and last time I was over there I played it for hours. I was about to break down and buy it for PC (I never buy PC games)… Thanks for being awesome, Pop Cap!

  • Sure is a shame I already have this on the PC and the 360. I held out a long, long time hoping it would make it to the PS3, but finally relented 2 weeks ago and got the 360 one. I love the Popcap games library, but the PS3 releases need to be much more timely in the future.

  • Quick question. I was redirected to this website while looking for more information on My Sims Agents, is this new official source for this game? Has this game become a Playstation 3 exclusive?

    Thanks you,

    An inquiring customer.

  • I already have this for my PC, and beat most of the modes. I don’t know if I’ll buy this again. If there are extras added, then I’ll probably pick it up.

    I’ll be great if Pop cap would port insaniquarium to the PS3.

    • Yeah, I love Insaniquarium. Glad to know that others do too. :) I can forward to the team that there’s interest!

  • That’s a fair answer Jeff for some things. I could see price not being 100% set in stone yet even though you’re 99.9% sure what it’s gonna be. If the game has mouse support or not is probably already decided, so not answering that questions falls under the “we just don’t want to tell you yet category.

    P.S. Some of your replies not being in Red reminds me of that Buzz game where you name was “Player One”.

    *cue old guy joke*

  • trophies would be nice. i already own the addictive game ,great fun. you get into the game next thing you know 4 hours have past. lol

  • heres a question for later in the year with this game…will it have touch functions for the NGP?

  • Finally!@# I’ve been waiting for you guys to bring this over!!

  • Hate to be boring and offer up an already asked question, but, any word on the price?

  • I hope its not a mini like angry birds was cuz i like trophies :)

  • hey i wanted to know if its true or not but i herd it was going to come out on april 15th or so idk o.o

  • oh yeah i forgot PvZ fun game


  • I knew this version was announced, but never heard about it again. I was gonna get the DS version (no iphone), but my place of employment doesn’t carry it. D: So I’m definitely getting this!

  • That’s cool, my comment was deleted. I wonder why? My assumption is:

    1. Someone got mad that I called them out on their inconsistent store updates (But this can’t be considering thousands of people do and nothing has happened to solve it)

    2. I said “that OTHER CONSOLE”

    Jeff, I suppose you have some special rights over at Sony. So, you CAN work your magic and get them to post this store update! You can do it!

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