Plants Vs Zombies Coming Soon to PSN!

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Hello everyone! I have some bad news for you, courtesy of PopCap Games! The zombies are coming again, straight for your house, and they are—how should we put this—hungering for your brains. And, you know, that just can’t be good.

Plants vs Zombies for PS3 (PSN)

Yes, Plants Vs. Zombies, our splendiferous strategy game that pits loveable eco-friendly plant life against undead, traffic-cone-wearing, brain-eating zombies, is coming soon to PSN. And the only thing we can tell you, if you don’t want your brains to be part of a delicious and wholesome zombie lunch—perhaps with a side of intestines, or maybe some foie gras—is that you get your plants ready hold ‘em back.

Perhaps you did not know that plants are an effective weapon against zombies. Perhaps you weren’t aware, for example, that flinging a slab of butter from a Kernel-pult at an approaching, fly-specked, dentally-challenged zombie would temporarily freeze him in place, allowing your trusty pea-shooters to pummel him with abandon.

If you did not know this, then I humbly submit that you are woefully and shamefully ill-prepared for the upcoming apocalypse. And you only have yourself to blame. The solution? Thank you for asking. We here at PopCap recommend that you pick up Plants Vs. Zombies for PSN. It will teach you everything you need to know to stop the zombies from eating your oh-so-delicious-especially-with-a-lovely-glass-of-Chardonnay brains.

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  • Thanks for Plants Vs Zombies~<3 any plans on bringing Insaniquarium ?~:)

  • Just read all the ‘replies’ Jeff Green is a * hoot * now I’m showing my age. I must agree with arbusterio , I will buy this just because of his interaction on this blog. Lol thanks !

  • The reply to 23 was brilliant. LOL

  • Jeff Green is old!

  • I love you Jeff Green, and I’ll get it when it’s on sale. I already own it on Steam, sadly.

    Keep up the great work and get back on the Bombcast!

  • so the apple ipod touch exclusive expired

  • wow, jeff green is the only developer i’ve ever seen confronting the, “i’m a consumer of console A and why do i have to get things later than console B, you treat us like crap!” rant. i support and applaud popcap :)

    • Well, if I had told him the truth–THAT WE HATE THE PLAYSTATION–he probably would have gotten mad. That’s just between us though! Thank god they let us do private messages here!

  • I enjoy Jeff’s comments.

  • I’d just like to point out that Jeff has brought a level of wit and humor to the author comments that I haven’t seen in a long time.

  • Wow. This is the first time I really enjoyed reading the comments. Jeff Green should be an example to all those who “Post” to this blog. He admits when he doesn’t know something, or that he is not allowed to talk about it. And…

    His wit is fantastic!

  • Like I said in the last PopCap post, if you keep putting your amazing games on PSN I’ll keep buying them! Keep up the fantastic work PopCap, I wish you all the best.

  • lmao. This guy is awesome. xD

    I tried Plants VS Zombies out at Future Shop on the iPad for about 30 seconds. …I’ll try it out for longer next time im there lawl.
    And if i like it, a PSN version with trophies will most likely be being bought :D

  • Jeff Green is the best. I just logged in to say this, I never even comment.
    Maybe I will buy Plants vs Zombies just for this reason, and on the PSN.

  • This is the post of the year so far…love the comments/responses. I was going to buy this game even though I have it on PC and iPhone already. Day 1 purchase and I hope its the same or better version of whats on Xbox. Jeff Green for President!

  • Damn! Great news, but I JUST finished it on 360 the other day. I waited and waited for it to be announced for PS3, and finally caved and bought it for 360.

    Now I’m in a dilemma. Do I buy it twice?! I hope you don’t add anything new so I can resist the temptation…

  • Day 1!
    I was just saying yesterday I hope this game comes to PS3!
    All is right in the world!

  • Seems like as good of a reason as any to get this and play through the campaign a few more times. I have to be past at least ten times through the campaign by now.

  • this makes me mad i wanted this game only on ps3 but since u took so long i bought it on ipod for 2.99 so this means u messed up not only do i have your game on the wrong console u only got paid 3 dollers instead of 15 to 20. ever heard of release on all platforms at once its not unheard of its actually quite common for being such a smart company u messed up here

  • Wow!!! Great news!!!! About time!!!!

  • Wow!…We have it for our laptops and Ipod Touches…ALL 5 kids are addictted! Including me…the wife sits there and laughs at all of us…And yes this will be purchased for my PS3!

  • Jeez, I really wish this was on the plate of possibility months ago when the 360 got a download and retail disc copy. Sorry can’t bite this time since I own it a billion times over through PC, XBL.

  • Oh My GOD, this is the funniest blog post ever.

    Serious question: How do you plant? L1+R1 to scroll through plants, cursor to choose placement and X to plant?

    I kind of get the feeling it might take longer to do things then with a mouse or touch screen and that could cause issues at higher difficulties. Is this addressed?

    • I’m not sure how you plant, to be honest, because I haven’t even seen the PSN version myself yet (OMG POPCAP IS SO SECRETIVE!) but if it’s anything like on THAT OTHER CONSOLE, then, yeah, it’ll probably be something like what you describe.

      One reason why these different versions take a bit of time is because we’re really trying to nail the controls for each platform. So, yeah, there’s no way it could ever be as fast as a touch screen or mouse, but it will still feel *right* to you and the game will be balanced accordingly….

  • @ jeff green, wow pop cap should thank you cuz i will be buying plantsvszombies again thanks to ur humorous responses. please focus your anger of the ps3 people to the developers for a move support.

  • Interesting…

  • BlackDragon hits the PlayStation Blog!!!!!!

    Time to buy some PopCap PSN games! :D

    GFW… Radio.

    Listen to my podcast.

    Yo yo.

  • I hope it has move support.

    • Weirdly enough, you’re actually going to be able to use your Kinect with the PSN version!

      [Do I have to say this? I am just kidding.]

  • It’s about TIME!!!!

  • NGP Back touch pad controlled PvZ Jeff, make it happen. Use all your pull, you do have pull don’t you?

    • You have no idea how much pull I have. I’m like the doctor of pull. Wait, no. The doctor of love. Well anyway I’m some kind of doctor. Oh, that’s right. I’m actually not, because I didn’t study hard enough in college. I’m just a shill for a game company.
      *kills self*

  • Nice… I’ve heard great things about this one and Popcap very rarely lets me down. In fact, I’m playing Peggle as I type this.

    Let’s get down to brass tacks here — what do I have to do to see Bookworm make it to PSN?

  • yes! Plants VS Zombies! … :)

  • next stop, Mystery Case File for PS3 :) yeah! …

  • plants versus zombies is great and all but when will pixeljunk shooter 2 come out? It seems like its taking forever :(

  • On a completely related note to the game.
    Which do you prefer, soup or salad with your meal at restaurants?

    • This is not formspring, son. That said, I’m gonna have to go with soup. Unless we’re talking caesar salad. I love that. Also if it’s too hot out. Then I might get salad even if it wasn’t caesar. Though personally I’d rather skip both soup and salad and just go straight to dessert, know what I mean?

  • In all seriousness will there be a demo? Or will it be purchase only?

  • Should have just posted that “There’s a Zombie on my Lawn” song. No text, no info, just that. Would have sold a crap ton instantly.

    Glad to see I have options. Haven’t picked the game up yet, but I have been meaning to. Now I just need to choose what platform….

  • Great to see someone from my all-time favorite podcast(s) post here.

    Real question: Mr. Green: have you seen the NGP up-close? And also, is the Cudgel of Zanthor game in development at this time? Please bring it to Playstation products. Thank you.

    • Sadly, I was not at the launch event in NYC, so I have not seen the NGP up close. What I saw looked extremely cool–but all I saw is what you guys saw.

      No word on Cudgel of Xanthor products. The creator is notoriously unreliable.

  • Jeff i wonder what you would say in front of large public of spectator in a comedy show :P, and cool thing for the game (PSP2 RELEASE :D).

  • I’m glad PvZ is finally coming to PS3. I loved the PC version.

    Any chance you could talk the developers into including mouse support? this PS3 feature is sadly overlooked by most developers, but it would be extremely nice to have in this game.

  • this is good news. i’ve been waiting for pvz for android for quite a while but it seems like it’ll be a long while. anyway i’m definitely looking at the psn version.

  • yes finally, Battletoads!! I mean Plants vs. Zombies!! Looks fun, hope there’s move and power glove support.

  • YAY !!! If I can have PvZ on ever device I own my life will be complete !!

  • awesome i was hoping this game was gonna be released soon on the ps3

  • I want to play Pixeljunk shooter 2 with Jeff green :). And prophetoffools

  • I didn’t know Sony allowed trolls to make blog posts. WTH is this?

  • Yahoooooo, Zombies will die!…again :)

  • I’ve heard this is a great game. Looking forward to it :)

    Now you guys need to work on getting us Limbo lol

  • I <3 Jeff Green!

    You need to be on the Bombcast more! Don't even wait for an invite. Just show up one Tuesday with donuts. They can't say no to that. :)

  • LOL at this blog post.

    I’ll try the demo (if there will be one). I heared good things about the game.

  • Day 1 purchase for me :)

  • ok jeff green i’ve been reading your replies and your humor seems really different, dare i say a little off?

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