SOCOM 4 Ships Out April 19th, New Multiplayer Video

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Everyone here at Zipper Interactive is pleased to announce that the wait will soon be over! As our headline says, SOCOM 4 is scheduled to hit stores in North America in just a few months on April 19th.

Earlier this week at the Zipper headquarters in Redmond, WA, we invited the media and 18 SOCOM community members to check out the latest version of our game. Not only did they get an update on the progress of our single-player campaign, they were also treated to an extensive look at several of our multiplayer modes, which, as any SOCOM fan will tell you, is absolutely the game’s bread and butter.

Early next week, we’ll have another update on the PlayStation and SOCOM blogs to let you know what members of the community thought about their visit to Redmond and their hands-on time with SOCOM 4. In the meantime, we’d love for you to check out our “Not For Self” multiplayer trailer by clicking on the video above.

Also, for you veteran SOCOM fans out there, head on over to and bring back classic SOCOM memories with another new trailer, this one for the GameStop pre-order exclusive “Abandoned” Map!

The good news is that this is just the beginning of an upcoming flood of SOCOM goodness. As we count down the days and weeks to April 19, you can expect plenty of news, details and media to get you hyped up for what we think is the best SOCOM game yet. Enjoy the ride!

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  • explain to me how rankups are worth screwing everyone else over.
    explain how rankups should be a concern of mine.
    explain how other devs, like the ones from warhawk i believe,
    figured out that limiting the game is not in the PLAYERS(customers) best interest. its about our fun not your bogus leaderbaord. which.. no matter what you do.. will still be topped with rankups.
    please… explain why there are no ucrr when they’re basically the backbone of socom mp.
    lastly .. is there still time for this epic disaster to be fixed and ucrr added in?

  • Also, whenever you realize that what you’re doing isn’t working and decide to save the socom franchise, please come to me. I’ll tell you exactly what to do

  • And lastly, please don’t call it in game footage unless it’s what someone playing the game actually sees. We don’t care what all of the players look like moving around the map in movie mode. We want to see what it actually looks like to play the game, and move around and shoot. Once again you lie to us. Or at least, deceive us.

    You guys really need someone in charge who can make better decisions. Because 9 out of 10 that you make are just terrible. All you have to do is listen, we’ve been telling you what we want from day 1.

  • I’m going to pre order it, i absolutely love Zipper developed games. The socom series was my first online shooter experience.

    But I still walk with a saddened heart every time I pop in socom 2 into my backward compatible ps3.

    Any chance we can see Socom 1, 2 and 3 getting an HD release for the ps3?

    I strongly believe sony and zipper underestimated the selling power and gamer following of the series.

  • Question: Any chance zipper will incorporate the camera for use with hand signals?

    In the socom series we would speak into the mic to give commands, (bravo team, go to, crosshairs)

    What about using the camera to do actual military hand signal commands?

    so a raised hand in a circular motion would tell your team to rally to you, a raised fist would tell your team to hold. etc

  • I saw this update popup on my facebook last night and I about shat myself. Last I heard was a July release or fall. This made my day. It is great to have the King of Clan based online gaming back, with by far the best lobby system in online multiplayer gaming. I dont know why others have not been able to figure that out. Few Questions….

    1. Any chance of doing a Cross Game Chat with the PSP ever again? That was a great idea. Loved it.

    2. Will this be sharpshooter compatiable?

    3. When will we see 3D trailers for the game?

    4. Online COOP?

    Thanks and welcome back :)

  • Why on earth would you switch to the Halo/Cod/cookie cutter fps matchmaking system? Lobbies were part of what made the socom community to begin with. And no demo…. just sad

  • I really don’t see anything in this that impresses me. While I know it takes a lot of hard work coding all of this there are just too many games out now that look better and have better features (at least up to this point)

    If this game or any other fps is missing destructable environments, I consider that a huge step backwards. I recommend anyone here who has not played bfbc2 to give it a try after playing that masterpiece it is difficult to go back to static environments with fancy partile affects.

    I hope hte best for this game but wiht BFBC2 out now and BF3 comming down the pipline I just don’t see myself having time for this one.

  • Do you have to plan to make a collector edition like Killzone 3 ?

    do you have plan to put socom 2 HD one days on ps3 ?

    you but more time to make socom 4 the best socom experience. I hope is true !


  • Really excited, Zipper you guys made my all time favorite game Socom II. I really hope you guys can capture lighting in a bottle for a second time.

  • I say allow user created rooms. I dont care if people rank up. At least put up a poll and let the people decide.

  • HOOAH SONY & Zipper!!! I feared this was gonna be a long & weary wait for the release but looks like you’re coming thru. psssst… what about the beta?!?!?

  • The lobby system was perfect and was an integral part of every single socom to date. Why did you remove something that worked so well. Have you not heard of don’t fix what’s not broken?

    Why is it that all these new features were added that are very similar to other triple A title games such as snap to cover, regenerating health, lack of historic game modes no lobbies etc…

    The things that make socom socom, are the great community using the lobby system, the laid back approach to playing a game with friends AND foes in a lobby system, competitive heart pounding games that are life or death each round, guns that have great accuracy, no stupid perks such as extra armor and tactical strikes. It’s just you as a seal, with your teammates in a jungle all alone fighting for survival.

    The new designers at Zipper clearly didn’t work on the original games. It’s to bad really. This new socom will be nothing at all resembling the games that people originally loved.

    I know that you want to try and appeal to the COD people but seriously changing the framework of what makes socom into something not even resembling what we all loved is just dumb.

  • Hi is this one still a war simulation?

  • This isn’t a SOCOM game…. Might as well be a new IP like MAG. Not buying it.

  • @Goku_s1

    You have literally summed it up perfectly. Thank you. It’s a shame no one will listen to us.

  • Great I was reading your reply about co-op that it will be 5 players instead of 4 so will it be split screen as well and why is the release date on the 19th of April isn’t that Portal game coming out that day too?

  • Im really upset right now…Servers were our homes! You could come to Central 7 server and find a Death2All RANKED room and play with us! Shut up and green up is part of socom! If you want to come on by yourself and hop in a quick game FINE! HAVE FUN! But US REAL SOCOM PLAYERS WANT OUR SOCOM BACK! We dont play COD because of the lack of a cohesive unit of community gaming! Without servers and clan ranked custom rooms you have brought my hope of my clan REUNITING and being together again to an ABRUPT HAULT! I Guess i had to much faith in zipper because this is a FATAL ERROR!!! IF YOU CANT FIND IN CENTRAL 7 IN A CUSTOM RANKED ROOM!……YOU MIGHT NOT FIND US PERIOD!

  • Zipper had my hopes up by repeatedly saying that they were going to stay true to what we loved about S1 and S2. They repeatedly said that they were listening! But obviously they were listening to everyone but socom fans! We want ucrr! We want demo! I understand changing with the times and expanding the fan base but i think they r simply replacing the fan base! My favorite part of Socom was the intimacy of the game. I loved being able to play with my friends against rival clans or friends of friends who went to the server and seen our room up! We played for countless hours and would have purchased any dlc made available. We made socom the sucess that it is and we got dumped! I already paid in full for two copies of S4 and reserved two copies of Killzone3 for the beta but after hearing this info that money will go else where! I was hoping to let my son play the game and let him see what a good multiplayer game was and get him off of Black Ops but that wont be happening either! I could get used to the health regen and all the extras they put in to change it up but to leave out the very core of Socom by eliminating lobbies I cant even believe it! Please tell me that this can be fixed! Just let us make a damn room!!!!!

  • yes c´mon put lobbies on socom 4, zipper creates the game of my dreams!! plz

  • LOL @ no reply backs since page 2

    roflmfao at this horrible game

  • Well i just lost hope in Socom now i dont think im going to be picking up this game anymore if it has RESPAWN RANKED ROOMS, KILLSTREAKS, AIRSTRIKES, NO PISTOLS, NO LOBBYS, XP RANKING SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!! If i wanted that i just play Medal of Honor or Call of Duty.

  • You say theres gonna be classic mode right….? THEN PUT LOBBIES IDIOTS! Its not classic if theres no lobbies and servers!

  • yes capula right, not spoil the socom zipper plz

  • Ok. Here we go. I am an old school Socom Vet and been playing since Socom 1 like many of you. When I heard Socom 4 was coming out damn right I was excited after that disaster of a game called Confrontation. But now, I am very concerned. Zipper, if you want to create some new changes, I am very open to that. But the core of “classic” mode should remain the same pretty much. What am I talking about here mainly? LOBBIES! BEING ABLE TO CREATE A RANKED ROOM! Zipper what you don’t understand is that Socom for many of us was not just a game…but a family…a dedicated community.

  • I come from a clan called . We played in US Central 7. But that just wasn’t some virtual space, it was our HOME! We owned that server along with #M# (Merc) and if anyone tried coming into our territory, we would battle it out and show who was the best. And we would do the same thing and go into other servers. That is the beauty of having unique servers and lobbies. Getting rid of that, is getting rid of half of Socom right off the bat. If you Zipper guys like the idea of a Call of Duty matchmaking system then throw that into the respawn part of the game but throwing that into the “classic” mode is ridiculous. Slaint Six tried to do that and it failed badly. was pretty well known in the Socom community and if we played in other servers and met cool people and clans, all we had to say was we live in US Central 7! That’s where you can find us! Getting rid of all of this. All of these awesome moments. Feeling like your part of an awesome community. Just simply getting rid of lobbies and servers in “classic” mode all in itself will be the death of Socom if it is true. PEOPLE LIKE ME MADE THIS FRANCHISE AND I PUT THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF HOURS INTO IT! ITS PEOPLE LIKE ME YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO! WAKE UP!

  • So in conclusion…

    Servers…Lobbies…Zipper, you need to put them in there for “classic” mode.

    If not, then congratulations, you just beaten, tortured, stabbed, shot, maimed, dragged, hung, and burned my favorite franchise: Socom like it was a regular day in Iraq!

    And this isnt the last you heard from me. If I have to I will spam the forums about putting servers and lobbies in for “classic” mode and thats a promise!

    Listennnnnnnnnnnn to ussssssss………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think we deserve at least that!

  • It bleeped out the clan name for some reason.

    WE ARE SoD!


  • This entire ordeal has just proven to me that zipper has no idea what it was that made socom 1 and 2 so great. Clearly none of their employees ever even played the games. It was a complete fluke that they happened to deliver the greatest multiplayer gaming experience of all time. And sadly, I’ve lost all hope of them ever doing it again.

  • exactly Soldier!

    my clan was in Central4 and we were truly a family in that server, we all knew each other by name, and when one person was missing for the night we would notice!

    now its gonna be autoplay with a bunch of people we dont know and a bunch of people who can care less about mics.

    out of all the horrible gameplay aspects from SOCOM4, i thought i could count on meeting people in a lobby so we can talk crap about the game. but now its AUTO PLAY with someone new everynight and that my friend SUCKS

    SOCOM is officially dead until i make enough money to buy the franchise from SONY, and create someone we ALL would love

  • Zipper…it’s as simple as this:

    Put matchmaking in the respawn mode of the game only!

    Put lobbies in the “classic” mode of the game only!

    This way both sides will be happy.

    Since your so concerned about acquiring new fans (which I understand, you are a business), the Call of Duty style people that just want to get in and play, will be able to by playing respawn with matchmaking.

    But for the old socom vets like myself and people that like more strategic team based realistic gameplay based upon community interactivity, we can be happy as well with lobbies and user created ranked rooms.

    It’s really this simple. If you cant have these changes ready for launch then that is fine. Just release a damn patch which I know is possible because you guys completely revamped MAG through a patch.

    So make these changes and everybody will be happy, no matter what side of the fence your on.

    But just remember…Us socom vets are who created this franchise so dont blow us off. It is possible to make both sides happy.

    I just hope you listen and do it. My fingers are crossed.

  • zipper is time to open eyes!

    Listen families the true lovers of socom!!!!

  • looks exactly like mags online play noooooo

  • It looks like some small time company like GAMELOFT will have to make a game for us since zipper wont! @#$%&*# !@##%^$#@!

  • Cannot believe that they are killing custom games everywhere, first Killzone, now SOCOM. What the hell is wrong with having a normal lobby system plus a quick match option? EXACTLY LIKE IN MODERN COMBAT: DOMINTATION WHICH IS A 8€/$ PSN GAME!

  • i think i just came!!!!

  • My recommendation to Zipper:

    Clearly it’s already too late for Focom 4, but if and when you try to make another socom game, BRING IN AN ACTUAL SOCOM PLAYER. Let someone who actually played the game be part of the development process, because it’s painfully obvious that none of you did.

  • I’m absolutely thrilled that Zipper has their hands back in their baby. I will be pre-ordering Killzone 3 just for SOCOM 4 beta access. Getting KZ3 will just be the icing on the cake.

    Building and maintaining a massive multiplayer game like MAG has to have created new challenges that you have had to overcome. What have you learned from creating MAG that will be implemented in SOCOM 4?

    SOCOM series was well known for it’s tight close quarters team tactical battles. Introducing vehicles and very large maps into the series began to break up the community. What is Zipper’s plan to prevent this from happening in the new SOCOM?

    SOCOM’s first entry on the PS3 hit some bumps along the road with server load and control configurations. Has Zipper ever looked into the idea of offering fully customizable controls for the players?

  • What sort of online community can PS3 gamers expect when they first sign on? Will it resemble the robust community found in previous titles on the PS2 or are we going to get something entirely new?

    Cross chat among “live” and “dead” players in SOCOM has always been an issue in the past. Is this even a concern anymore? Well, with so many ways for players to communicate outside of the PS3 it just doesn’t seem like it would be much of an issue anymore.

    One of my favorite features from the previous SOCOM titles was custom taunts. Any chance we’ll see a come back of this feature in text or voice form?

    SOCOM has had some of the best dance moves found in any shooter or online game for that matter. Are there any new ones you care to share with the community?

    Lean. What will Zipper do with the “Lean” (or peak) ability? Will this still be offered via SixAxis controls or will it be mapped to the directional buttons. I found the system used in Medal of Honor pretty intuitive. What does Zipper think about this touchy area among the fans?

  • hope this game is gunna be good because confrontation was a complete fail well to me atleast >>> but the videos on this are lookin good….

  • socom the best shooting game ever cant wait to get it

  • Wow alot of BUZZ this game is generating with a whole 200 comments lol. Thank you for delaying this game for the few fans you had left just for the MOVE support. Yay now i have an expensive wii. Hey stop trying to take reigns away from Wii. Not gonna happen and thanks for delaying your fast action packed 3rd person shooter. Sooo this is the first Socom your QA team has been on huh. Bc i know people from Foster City did not move to San Diego.

  • No community itll be like the other failures Black light tango down, Conduit, anybody play those? lol NOOOO

  • i hope they have a bundle that comes with the new ps3 headset but NOT THE MOVE cause thaat would suck u dont play these games with the move dont care who disagrees

  • I have to say i wasnt looking forward to this after what i was hearing…..but after watchin these new videos and hearing about the classic mode,i really cant wait.

    Also in what regions will it be realeased on the 19th of April?

  • its going to have a beta version & when??

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