SOCOM 4 Ships Out April 19th, New Multiplayer Video

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Everyone here at Zipper Interactive is pleased to announce that the wait will soon be over! As our headline says, SOCOM 4 is scheduled to hit stores in North America in just a few months on April 19th.

Earlier this week at the Zipper headquarters in Redmond, WA, we invited the media and 18 SOCOM community members to check out the latest version of our game. Not only did they get an update on the progress of our single-player campaign, they were also treated to an extensive look at several of our multiplayer modes, which, as any SOCOM fan will tell you, is absolutely the game’s bread and butter.

Early next week, we’ll have another update on the PlayStation and SOCOM blogs to let you know what members of the community thought about their visit to Redmond and their hands-on time with SOCOM 4. In the meantime, we’d love for you to check out our “Not For Self” multiplayer trailer by clicking on the video above.

Also, for you veteran SOCOM fans out there, head on over to and bring back classic SOCOM memories with another new trailer, this one for the GameStop pre-order exclusive “Abandoned” Map!

The good news is that this is just the beginning of an upcoming flood of SOCOM goodness. As we count down the days and weeks to April 19, you can expect plenty of news, details and media to get you hyped up for what we think is the best SOCOM game yet. Enjoy the ride!

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  • im still thinking to myself why i still have xbox360! oh ya gears of war lol ps3 just keeps getting better and better!! Another Pre Order coming!!

  • @ xDarkSoul

    I just read the write up on Socom’s forums. I…just find that to be extremely… disappointing. Some of the changes seem like it’s good, but not so much for others. I can understand having a matchmaking system being cheaper and easier, but that’s really taking away from what made Socom…well… Socom… I’m willing to reserve judgement till I check the beta out but man…I’m not liking that… Also, who thought making Respawn the default setting was a good idea?

  • @ Jeremy n’ Sony

    Random Idea, be sweet to get a Resistance 3 Beta with Socom 4 and then in Resistance 3 get the Uncharted 3 beta. I think that is a sick idea.

  • are you guys going to make it a PSN download too? I’d appreciate that :D

  • are you making somthing like the killzone home thing. just preordered my game that way (and geting the multiplayer points )?

  • U guys should start pushing for full games on PSN…!! Its a great idea!! Getting Mass Effect 2 tonight!! And another great thing about full games on PSN no need to worry about waiting in line etc

  • Hi,

    is the unknown mode demolition ???

    Thanks in advance

  • Read the tweets for socom 4..they sold out..socom is dead. Now its just like every other shooter out there. Way to drop the ball zipper.

  • im sorry but it just doesnt look as fast paced and free roaming as SOCOM II and 3.. granted that they were on another platform but they were the 2 best in my book..

    confrontation is still gonna be the best socom out on ps3 i think .. now atleast.. not when it first came out

    i’d rather have a HD remake of 2 or 3 before i buy 4

  • @40 so u let the people who rank up by glitching win the war?

    5% of the people on Socom2 cheated to get the rank higher and u destroyed the online setup because u gus didnt want to mod the leaderboards and ban the obvious people who rank up?

    good job.

    in other words, no u cannot create a ranked room only “WE” have the power to do so, but dont worry we will have a poll!!!!

    shut up this game and the direction u took the series sucks

  • Yes, Buyers beware please dont get your hopes up too high for Socom. That series has been killed. All the veteran QA and Standards which did the legendary socom 1 and 2 are long gone. They moved the whole developement team down to San Diego where noobs without Socom experiences are hired at lower wages to inspect quality. Buy Play Return thats the only thing worth it, refund policy haha.

  • ROFLMFAO @ no Lobby system

  • i hope they remake 2 though no socom was as addictive as 2.. i remember spendin hours on end in Fish Hook on Terrorist’s pissing off people that couldnt take my hostages!..

    i used to have lan parties at my house w/ like 10 ps2’s and ppl playin all through my house.. those were the days when gaming was alot better than it is now..

  • the dream 19 april!!!!

  • I’m interested…is there any local multiplayer mode of some sort?

  • SOCOM is [DELETED] dead thanks to you Zipper. I don’t want this garbage. I have Uncharted 3 to look forward to for this kind of gameplay. I want bloody SOCOM. There is no soul, no identity to this series anymore. It had a beautiful one back in S1 and S2, which I feel are still years beyond current gen games as far as gameplay structure is concerned. But you stripped the series of its identity. I will NOT be purchasing this. I will purchase similar games that haven’t sold out to some meaningless fanbase. At least Naughty Dog knows who their fans are. You guys don’t.

  • I seen lots of blood and im hoping its back to calling them terrorist and not mercenaries? I hated it went the franchise went in a child direction and it seems like its back to its old roots!

  • Too many shooters these days for my taste. I’m not hating on the game in any way, it looks like it’s gonna be a great game, but I’ve had already got enough shooters in my library.

  • One thing Zipper does really well is NOT listen to its community. One the BEST things, about SOCOM on the PS2 were its TEXT CHAT LOBBY SYSTEMS. It is what distinguished it from other games at the time and even today’s online games. People were able to have a conversation, either competitive or humble, and thats where the SOCOM community grew. Players would get online just to chat! If you really knew what players want, this lobby system would be in the game.

  • I played a SOCOM PSP title, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This definitely looks great. Can’t wait to try it out!

  • i love it!looks great!

  • wow. looks so sick. can’t wait. going to have to pre-order from gamestop then.
    thanks zipper. day 1
    buying ALL ps3 exclusives this year!

  • It’s ok if Zipper needs to delay the release date. The main goal is to make the best game possible.

  • Will there be a level up system? If there is.. then I must say.. That is quite sad you couldn’t be more creative and think of anything new..

    If there isn’t then good job :)

    Also if there is no regenerating health, then I will buy this one for sure.

    Lastly.. You can call in airstrikes eh? That’s what I assume from the trailer. PLEASE don’t try to make this like COD.. Socom is it’s own thing, it doesn’t need to copy other games.

  • You can guarantee my Pre-Order Yeah!!

  • this game looks great cant wait to try it

  • Thank you Zipper for making a Co-Op mode!! That is all I wanted, well single player, but CO-OP too!!!!!!!

  • Why I will NOT Buy Socom 4? Zipper Sort Out MAG First!
    We still have Crash Issues in Dom and From Europe we are Connected to the US Servers, which provide us with 200-300ms – This is far too much for an FPS Game.
    Want to know more?

    Zipper Never Responded to this post “Request for Regional Server Selection” I guess the truth is too hard for Zipper to handle…lost for words Zipper?

  • Sorry Jeff but I can already tell that this isn’t gonna be anywhere close to SOCOM 2….Coming from a SOCOM vet.

    What happened to having ACTUAL NAVY SEALS on the cover? Those guys on the cover don’t look intimidating at all. Boss battles in single player? BLAH. We don’t even want the option to have 32 people…we’ve been saying that since SOCOM 3 when we realized it sucked.

    Looks to similar to Confrontation (which sucked). And can we please call them Terrorists, not stupid mercenaries.

    I say all this only because I care….You could just give me SOCOM 1&2 HD and I’ll shut up.

  • Maps as pre-order bonuses (exclusive to any store or not) = NOT a good idea at all.. no, that’s an understatement, it’s a very bad idea that will probably prove harmful. Use your collective brain set, Zipper.. How will that exactly work with no lobbies? with your matchmaking-system/predetermined-playlists? Even if you had lobbies (which you should) you are still going to fracture/split the community and cause inconvenience between people/friends/family/clan-mates… why would my nephew pre-order for the map if I can’t play that map with him? Or vise-versa? Oh, sorry new friend/clan-mate I met online, you can’t play with us right now, or you are going to be kicked from the room, because we pre-ordered and you didn’t.. sucks to be you… ANYTHING else would be acceptable pre-order bonuses than maps… will you just THINK about this and the negative side effects… put aside whatever corporate dealings you made, and replace it with something reasonable and harmless…

  • Ahhhhh the Good Old Days of Socom!!! Man I really miss part 2! Sony should release Socom 2 for NGP @ launch and come with The handheld free! I stil have my Socom 2 multiplayer Beta disk. Man I miss Desert Glory and escort on that map! Bring on Socom 4 by Zipper thank god!

  • Nice thing is that, my Birthay’s on 18th April :P

    I’m not sure if I’m going to love Socom or not, as I never played a socom game before. But I’m going to keep a close look on the reviews and ask about Socom 4 and decide later if I’m going to get it or not.

    I loved MAG alot, and am still playing it till this moment. And that’s one of the reasons I’m probably buying SOCOM 4 for, it’s because you guys are developig it! :)

  • Ranked respawn & round-based MP ftw! Thanks Zipper!

  • 5 player Co-op :o (Thud) falls on the ground. 2 player splitscreen? Any destruction?


  • Sony, you need to space out your release dates, same thing happened last year, all exclusives came out close together and there was a huge gap in the fall.

  • Why is the Ps3 so low on RPG’s this gen? Seems everything sony makes is a shooter, or an action game.

  • Socom BETA:
    Love you guys at Zipper keep up the good work. Rocking out on MAG later!!!!

  • I never thought i would say this but i think this year is going to be too awesome lol. There’s just not enough time to save money for these SWEET games lol!

  • First day buy for me. I might even preorder which is something I almost never do, for the sake of that shotgun.

    Is it a Move attachment or is it just a key chain?

    With no scale, it’s hard to tell.

  • Anyone else notice the guy vanish at 1:06?

  • @ Jeremy Dunham,

    to add to 92 which i also agree with, having a lobby prior to a match for a clan or a party of friends is great if waiting for a friend(s) to join or if heaven forbid they can’t connect for some reason and you wait there for them to join. I do understand the reason for wanting to jump into a match, but being able to talk in a party prior to and after a match has communicative benefits also.

  • Without lobby systems, how are we supposed to set up clan recruiting matches? Why can’t there be both lobbies and a quick match find? In addition, killstreaks, respawn, no lean, open mic, XP system, and unlocking weapons? It really sounds a lot like Call of Duty, which I already own. What makes this any different (besides third person) from Call of Duty? I will try the beta, but if I feel like it plays like all the other generic shooters and not a SOCOM, then there is a good chance I’ll pass on this.

    Also with open mic, on all other games with only 6v6 or 8v8, there is already a huge problem with babies crying, people singing, people talking to their parents, etc. How is this going to work with 16v16? I don’t want to hear 15 people in a game with babies crying, I get a bad enough headache with 6v6. I do not see muting as a smart option because I may need to communicate with that person with a crying baby in order to plant that bomb or extract that hostage (err, I mean capture the flag in uplink).

    Also, is there any plans on bringing back demolition or extraction as game modes?

  • Finally ! days one for Socom 4 and Killzone 3 8)

  • hopefully the game will be better than this cheesy monologue from the trailer.

  • OMG FORREAL REALLY SHIPS APRIL 19TH??? oh yess im so happy cause my birthday is april 18th im definitly picking this game up =)

  • @ Jeremy in response to your comment on #92.

    “We want games to launch quickly and we think players do too. Give it a try in the beta, it works very well.”

    Check the official Socom-forums dude. Your community clearly has a different opinion on this…

    My personal question to you however is:
    How will I meet new players? How will I build new friendships? How will the community expand in the smaller countries, if you remove the lobbies which since Socom 1 has been the bread and butter of the Socom-experience? How… oh how can I be spared from the “SPEAK ENGLISH”-comments, if I’m forced to join a game with people form all over the world?

    How will newcomers ever become a part of the community, how can veterans share advice with newcomers and how can i scout new talents for my clan, if I cant find new people from my own country?

  • I have never played a SOCOM game before, so the beta will determine whether or not I will get this game. But it does look good & I love the cover!

  • @ Dunham

    I have no doubt matchmaking is faster, but the problem is it will KILL the community feeling. Youll get put up with complete strangers everytime instead of people you know and might have rivalry with and such. That was one of the reasons socom was AWESOME and now thats gone too.

    Anyway, ill buy it but if the gameplay doesnt make up for this im switching to Xbox. Im already set on that decision. Cause there will be nothing to keep me on playstation anymore.

    Also, confrontation did have a quickmatch option and nobody bothered with that. So socom4 is a huge downgrade imo.

  • @Jeremy

    Clearly most of the people that are excited about this game never played the original socoms. How do you respond to allegations that you’ve abandoned your incredibly loyal socom fanbase in order to cater to the call of duty style of gamer? Please, I would love an actual response to this question, rather than the typical “Well, we’re always trying to move forward and do new things….”.

    You know without a doubt that all of the actual socom gamers have been firmly opposed to the things you’re doing in socom 4, yet you’ve ignored them. Will you at least admit that?

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