Killzone 3: The Right Tools for the Job

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If you thought the multiplayer arsenal was deadly in Killzone 2, wait till you see what we’ve included with Killzone 3’s online multiplayer mode!

Our philosophy when it comes to weapons in Killzone 3 is that every weapon has its own unique role in Killzone intense battlefields. A sniper rifle is a sniper rifle, a shotgun is a shotgun and a giant armored exoskeleton is a giant armored exoskeleton. Whether you prefer the close-up carnage of a LS13 shotgun blast to the face, the clean, calculated kill of a VC32 sniper rifle or the agility and stealth of the M66 Machine Pistol, Killzone 3’s armory has the right tool for any job.


M4 Revolver

Faction: ISA
Class: Side arms
Sights: Iron sights
The standard side arm for ISA soldiers, the M4 is a slow but powerful fallback weapon in case the primary weapon runs out of ammunition.


StA-18 Pistol

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Side arms
Sights: Iron sights
The Helghast counterpart of the M4, the StA-18 sacrifices some power and accuracy for a higher rate of fire.


M66 Machine Pistol

Faction: ISA
Class: Side arms
Sights: Holographic reflex sight
The preferred sidearm of ISA Shadow Marshals, the M66 has a very high rate of fire but not much accuracy unless fired from a crouched position.


VC8 Shotgun Pistol

Faction: Helghast/Visari Corp.
Class: Side arms
Sights: Iron sights
The VC8 offers good stopping power at short range, but quickly becomes less accurate over larger distances.


StA-2 Battle Pistol

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Side arms
Sights: Iron sights
As a sidearm the StA-2 is only really useful in close quarters battle, where its tremendous power can fell most targets in a single blast.


M82 Assault Rifle

Faction: ISA
Class: Rifles
Sights: Holographic reflex sight
The M82 is such a solid all-round assault rifle that its basic design has hardly changed over its years of service. Its low recoil, high fire rate, good range and holographic scope make this the workhorse of the ISA.


M82SE Assault Rifle (Suppressed)

Faction: ISA
Class: Rifles
Sights: Holographic reflex sight
The suppressed version of the M82 fires in bursts to reduce recoil even further. The added suppressor prevents the player from showing up on enemy radar.


StA-52 Assault Rifle

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Rifles
Sights: Iron sights
The StA-52 assault rifle is the mainstay of the Helghast army. Although it lacks the accuracy of its ISA counterpart, the M82, it makes up for this with a higher rate of fire and larger ammo drum size.


StA-52SE Assault Rifle (Suppressed)

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Rifles
Sights: Iron sights
The suppressed version of the StA-52 assault rifle fires in bursts to minimize recoil. Although it reduces the fire rate, the suppressor keeps the player from showing up on enemy radar when firing.


StA-14 Rifle

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Rifles
Sights: Reflex sight
Fitted with a reflex sight, this powerful low-recoil rifle is the best suited for mid- to long-range engagements. While it lacks the extreme accuracy of the VC32, it has a much higher fire rate.


VC32 Sniper Rifle

Faction: Helghast/Visari Corp.
Class: Rifles
Sights: Illuminated 2x and 5x zoom telescopic sight
Two different zoom levels allow the VC32 sniper rifle to be used in mid-range and long-range combat. For optimal accuracy, the weapon should be fired from a crouched position.


M32 Combat Knife

Faction: ISA
Class: Close quarter weapons
The M32 is the last resort of close quarters combatants. Suitable for both stabbing and slicing, it makes for a brutal melee attack.


LS13 Shotgun

Faction: ISA
Class: close quarter firearms
Sights: Reflex sight
The LS13 is a pump action shotgun with devastating close-range damage. It’s not very accurate, however, and loses its effectiveness at anything other than close range.


StA-11 Submachine Gun

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Close quarter firearms
Sights: Iron sights
The StA-11 SMG boasts low recoil and a high fire rate, and does tremendous damage at close range. It is ideally suited for ‘run & gun’ type tactics.


StA-11SE Submachine Gun (Supressed)

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Close quarter firearms
Sights: Iron sights
The suppressed StA-11 SMG keeps the player from showing up on enemy radar while firing. The state of the art suppression mechanism does not sacrifice fire rate or accuracy.


LS57 Submachine Gun

Faction: ISA
Class: close quarter firearms
Based off the M82 design, the LS57 SMG suffers from more recoil than the StA-11, but makes up for this in range and firepower.


M224-1A Light Machine Gun

Faction: ISA
Class: Machine guns
Sights: Iron sights
The M224-1A is an LMG with large magazine capacity and plenty of range. It’s an excellent suppressive weapon, but has a comparably low fire rate.


StA-3 Light Machine Gun

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Machine guns
The StA-3 is an LMG with a sizeable ammo drum and a tremendous fire rate. It is unmatched in its suppressive capabilities, especially when fired from a crouched position.


StA-62 Minigun

Faction: Helghast
Class: Machine guns
Intended strictly for stationary defense, the immensely powerful StA-62 can project a wall of lead that will tear anything short of an armored vehicle to pieces in seconds.


VC9 Rocket Launcher

Faction: Helghast/Visari Corps
Class: Rocket launchers
The VC9 is ideal for taking down enemy vehicles and entrenchments. Although it lacks the homing capabilities of the W.A.S.P. Launcher, it has a relatively fast reload rate.


StA-X3 W.A.S.P. Launcher

Faction: Helghast
Class: Rocket launchers
Like the StA-62, the StA-X3 can be dismounted and carried only be fired from a fixed mount. The weapon fires a volley of homing missiles in primary fire mode, and a targeted ‘bunker buster’ strike in alternate fire mode.


StA-X6 Jetpack

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Vehicles
The StA-X6 comes equipped with a belt-fed submachine gun based on the StA-11 design. The range of the weapon has been upgraded to allow the wearer to fire from great heights.


LS209 Exoskeleton

Faction: ISA
Class: Vehicles
Slow and clunky but extremely well-armored, the ISA Exoskeleton is equipped with a heavy machine gun and a rocket launcher. It does have a weak spot that can affect the operator, however.


M194 Fragmentation Grenade

Faction: ISA
Class: Explosives
The M194 is a standard- issue fragmentation grenade with a digitally enhanced fuse igniter. It is ideal for sweeping rooms or clearing out enemy entrenchments.


PXM199 Proximity Mine

Faction: Both
Class: Explosives
The proximity mine tracks the proximity of enemies and explodes when one enters within a two meter radius. Unless the target is extremely well-armored, this is usually enough to neutralize any enemy.


VC116 Sentry Turret

Faction: Helghast/ Visari Corp.
Class: Special
The VC116 is an automated defense turret that can be deployed by Helghast Engineers. It has excellent detection range, but only average firepower and accuracy.


LS116 Sentry Turret

Faction: ISA
Class: Special
The LS116 is the ISA equivalent of the VC116 Sentry Turret. It has an equal detection range, and matches its counterpart in firepower and accuracy as well.

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11 Author Replies

  • Are there a lot of people in the Netherlands with single-word, lower-case names?

  • my question is how are you guys going to make it controlled as of the spawn points and jetpacks part for instance say theres 3 guys hovering over the spwan point with say vcr’s how will that work and how will you guys handle the same with the mechs?

  • Not bad but too many returning old ones, hope you guys got some secret ones.

  • Smoke grenades are a class ability, not a weapon. That’s also true for the turret, but since the smoke grenade is mainly a portable spawn point, I guess it doesn’t fit that much into this. Medkits are not here either. :P

    I’ll be tired at work after playing online very late every days on the first week!

  • YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! the weapons look sooo good. can’t wait to see the classes

  • I see some added weapons in there since the beta. That’s very good to know. Is this the final count?

  • This looks excellent. I like the new looking turrets too.

  • I expect to be aggravated by the combat and shotgun pistols, but I also expect to aggravate alot of people with those two additions.

    Looks great!

    Few Qs. Is the VC32 the only sniper rifle? No, ISA alternative? A semi-auto sure would be nice…

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I would like to see the scoreboard reflect and accurate k/d ratio, instead of having headshot points added into the “kills” score, is it going to change from KZ2 in KZ3?

  • Very expansive weapon selection, love it.

    Disappointed by the return of the proximity mines though, nothing but a cheap campers tool.

  • We going to see any of these weapons in the singleplayer? That’s all I’m concerned about; multiplayer’s just an add-on for me.

  • So we can actually take the mini-gun off its mount online now?

    Also, two vehicles (if you really consider a jet pack a vehicle…) on only two maps is hardly vehicle support…. As such, is it possible this will be expanded upon in future patches or DLC? Or will I be giving my hopes up? :/

  • Cant wait to get it, big killzone fan.
    Hey aloeb, do you think theirs a chance that Killzone 2 could be on the PSN Store along with a 60 minute trial for PS+? I think it would be a great way to get more people into the Killzone series!

  • Looks Great. Never Played KZ2 because i was not an elite gamer and did not look like an interesting game because none of my friends talk about it. im 13, thats probably why… When is there going to be a demo and when is the release date?

  • Ooh, that Shadow Marshall weapon from KZ1 is back. Sweet.

    Can’t wait to play this multiplayer!

  • 28 altogether:
    1 Jetpack
    1 Rocker Launcher
    1 Mine
    2 Turrets

    I can’t wait for the open beta!

  • Hey…I got an idea…instead of posting blogs, you fix this HUGE exploit to your system. Maybe start with something like giving us the ability to disallow ALL INCOMING CHAT(audio/video both). How bout the ability to block messaging from someone whos NOT a freind!!!

    How about just taking your users security seriously for once…who cares if some joe schmukatelli can save his protected game data to a USB stick…I wish you’d made that possible for us all since now I HAVE to reformat every day I play because walls start being invisible…going to maps that have the fewest votes, etc!!!

  • i love u!!!

  • Does killzone 3 have a status update under our ID like COD titles have?

  • Weapons look great, plenty of opportunity for massive damage. Online is going to be epic…cannot wait for this game! Feb 22nd can’t come soon enough!

  • I always wondered in Killzone 2, and I assumed they would get one in Killzone 3……….. but why doesn’t the ISA have a sniper rifle? I know you can still pick the sniper class and all but it’s kinda dumb how the ISA has a sniper class but they use the Helghast sniper rifle.

  • wow….just….wow…

  • Hey aloeb Do you know if there is gonna one ONLONE CO-OP in Killzone 3??? It would be a HUGE step back if it didnt,there is people out there(My XBOT Freinds) that wont play Killzone unless there is Online CO-OP.

  • why dosn’t it have the flamethrower and the boltgun from the killzone 2 DLC?! i got the kz2 DLC a little late and didnt have much time to play it

  • Kind of off topic, but as someone who has never played the Killzone franchise, is it possible to understand what’s going on in this game or do you HAVE to have played the previous titles to know what’s going on?

  • Can any one confirm online Co Op?

  • Aloeb,

    I know the silencers are being introduced for multiplayer, but does this mean single player will have silenced weapons as well? I.E. stealth missions in single player???

  • Aloeb can you please tell me if this game has status updates like little big planet 2 and cod:blops, if not is there any chance of you patching it to have this funtion as its really helpful. Thanks

  • i love that GG have added new weapons its a great idea…..i was disappointed with the beta when all the same weapons were there but still loved the game….. one question can we change the sight back to iron sight like an option? i just wanted to know because i love the sta-14 rifle but the scope look nasty…and i wondering is there an option to take it off….thanks

  • Awesome already have my helghast edition preordered

  • Silenced weapons are a real nice touch cant wait to see how it handles.

  • Unleash the whirlwind of our wrath, our guns never tire, when we have beaten back the foe…. sent them running!!

  • how about releasing the beta tomorrow for psn+ users

  • Silanced guns is a plus, that’s for sure. :)

  • I’m guessing that the suppressed versions are unlocks/perks? As in: if a class has a M82 available, they also have the suppressed version available. Fingers crossed.

  • Me and my Clan can wait for Killzone 3… keep the news coming!

    When are we going to hear something on Clans for KZ3 ??

  • aleob please listen to our feedback by ours i mean US THE KILLZONE FANS, the ones who love this series and knows what fits and doesn’t. PLEASE read our feedback and respond to the ones you read. Thank you.

  • Hello thar, Killzone 3. Let’s be friends k?

  • Can you still mix the abilities up with different classes in Killzone 3?

  • want to try the new ones, use STA-3 LMG most of the time, it’s so powerful !

  • Hey will we be told how supportive and options we have with Clans for Killzone 3? I remember in Killzone 2 it was pretty good, but there was still alot of things i thought that could of made it better.

    Thanks for a awesome game though!

  • Is the multiplayer free???? I have never played kz before ? Only COD till now? Can nybody tell me if the multiplayer is free?

  • @92
    Sony’s online service is 100% free, period.

  • battle pistol…I can imagine the chaos if this isn’t properly balanced in the online mode.

  • Cool line up of weapons but it would add so much more if you implemented a system where you could customize your weapons, kind of like a CoD game. That way if you wanted the iron sights you can have them, but if you wanted a RDS or Reflex you could have that too. Just simple things like that will make the game more player friendly. Vehicle support is non-existant, the jetpack and exoskeleton hardly are considered vehicles since they only fit one person. They are just more weapons basically. Perhaps in the DLC that follows we will see some actual vehicles implemented kind of like the guns that were added in KZ2 DLC. Looks decent though, can’t wait to try the beta/demo out, I’m kind of waiting until after I’ve tried them before I decide if I’m pre-ordering. It looks good but I still have some reservations… No online co-op would be a bad choice which would anger a lot of players so hopefully that makes it in.

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