First Look at the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Trailer

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To follow up on this week’s announcement of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, here is a teaser trailer to whet your appetite further. Enjoy!

Please look out for more information as soon as we can share it with you.

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  • @ 42 Thanks for your valuable input.

    Anyway. Square has a long history of listening to fans. Stop hating

  • @favian

    Yes, actually, you can auto-battle through the entire story of FFXIII. You can even auto-battle through the whole story without upgrading a single weapon or accessory (I did it). There is only a very small set of paradigns you need to learn. If you’re not able to you are either using the wrong characters or the wrong paradigns.

    Also, the game is a 2011 winter release for Japan only, the US version will be several months later (I’d guess March 2012).

  • Every now and then there are some slip ups with Final Fantasy, but I am looking forward to this game. I just hope that it has more characters in it unlike X-2. I’m also looking forward to FF versus XIII. The trailer looks awesome.

  • Listen to their fans? Most japanese devs live in a bubble oblivious to the advancements made in gaming, see Gt5.

  • Where is our FFvXIII trailer!?

    This wasn’t a very good FF to begin with. I’m not to wild about armored Lightning either.

  • It makes no sense that Versus was annouced so long ago and we still have no idea of when it releases but this gets annouced this week and we already know it coming next winter. SCREW XIII-2! I want Versus XIII and i want it exclusive to the PS3, like they promised!

  • Hopefully Square learned from it’s mistakes in 13…

  • Are you guys going to blog about Versus XIII when the HD trailer is released on the 27th? It wouldn’t be fair if XIII-2 gets more support than Versus.

  • Hopefully Serah will be a playable character in the new one. Also all Final Fantasy games are basic RPGs. The illusion that the older ones had better characters (and stories) is a complete joke IMO. If you care even slightly for a character in a game, then you’ll accept the faults found in the game. Pretty much the basic rule for playing JRPGs in general.

  • Soul Caliber much?

  • Seriously cant wait

  • Wow! Trailer looks good! I’m looking forward to it. Square Enix, please ignore all the haters. You guys always triumph at the end.
    6 million copies say so!

  • *Sigh* Whatever. Played 30+ hours of FFXIII until I realized it was a waste of my time. Does Square Enix really think that a “sequel” will fix the disappointment we had to experience?
    No wonder they are changing Fabula Nova Crystallis FFXIII to just Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy and FF Agito XIII to Type-0. They probably just want to restart the thing in hope the fans won’t remember the FFXIII fiasco…

    Just start working on FFXV and give us a true J-RPG.

  • I’m looking forward to this game and the advancements Square has claimed to make in all aspects of this game. To all the haters of XIII out there, stop acting like retards and hating on a game that’s become “cool” to hate on, just because everybody else does. The game may not have been perfect but XIII was just as linear as X, and IMO has a better battle system (although I dindnt find the music and plot flow as smooth). This game is just as much Final Fantasy as any other.
    I for one am glad that Square is finally upping their development of current gen 1rst production titles led by their top in-house developers/producers, Yoshinori Kitase, Tetsuya Nomura, and Motomu Toriyama. It took them 5 years but they are finally starting to release current gen games on a timely basis. This game will be out 1rst quarter 12, while Versus will probably be released the within the fiscal year afterwards. Just be glad that Square actually releases their RPG’s here unlike some companies (initials NB).

  • Need FFXIII Versus HD Trailer!! But FFXIII-2 looks alright, I guess, I wasn’t to fond of the first one at all, one of the reasons is cause of the non epic story & Antagonist.

    So can you answer some questions?

    Can we get FFXIII-2, FFXIII Versus, and FF Type zero trailer on the PSN Store?

    Can we expect FFXIII-2 to release this year or next year for Worldwide?

  • Very gutsy to make a sequel to game that wasn’t very well accepted outside of the core fanbase. Even then most in the base griped about the linearity. I’ll make opinions open, however, as more information is released.

  • @ #52

    First Point.
    That’s precisely where the strategy comes in. If you’re NOT using the right paradigm arrangements and not adjusting to battle conditions on the fly, then you will lose battles, even if you auto battle. Auto Battle did not mean Auto-Win. There was still a significant challenge. What i meant was you cannot tap X and Auto Battle throughout every battle and win every battle without mastering the paradigm system.

    You can get away with that in earlier chapters in the game, but as the difficulty increases you really need to strategize before and during battles. If you threw in the towel in the first or second chapter, you would never realize that (Not you per say, but anyone who gave up on the game)

    Besides, Auto Battle is an option, not mandatory. That’s like getting mad at an FPS that has aim assist enabled, when you can disable it. The game let you manually issue commands.

  • Second point @ #54

    Yes, they do listen to fans. I hate to come off like an apologist here, but think of the feedback Square is getting on the series. It’s either one of the two.

    1) Your games are too traditional. You guys are not adapting to the changes in the RPG genre and you’re getting left behind by other developers.
    2) You guys are not traditional enough. What happened to all the all old gameplay mechanics that made the old games great?

    FF13 did a good job of meeting everyone half way. It adhered to traditions while introducing a battle system that never felt like “I hit you, then you hit me, repeat”. The pacing was real time, and it was still turn/menu based.

    Square already said they are going to address everyone’s complaints with FF13-2, so why judge this before anyone has seen any real details on this game? Let them tinker around with the formula, it will be XV that much better.

  • they can mak a 13-2 long as versus 13 is still comming out to…ill get both of them

  • @68, listen to fans? No towns? Yeah they listend well, antiquated outdated japanese design? Still annoying, sterotypical characters, no exploration, terrible loot, oppressingly linear? they have not listens at all. All you mention is the battle system, everything else about the game is outdated, contrived, and not what fans wanted, just see all the complaints on this blog alone.

  • i could care less about what 13 went through w/ all the complaining.. personally im happy w/ the simple fact that i get time to actually enjoy the game before the next 1 releases..

    unlike some p.o.s. companies like EA and activision that try to dish out games every six months..

    by the time this game releases EA will prob have a Shift3 out and hot pursuit just came out in what november.. and activision will prob have a black ops 2..

    either way i enjoyed ff13’s story to be honest.. prob 1 of the best games i played in a long time..

  • o yea and keep versus13 exclusive please.. i mean i dont let the fact that a game goin multi-plat hinder my decision on buying a release but.. i think you guys owe us a exclusive .. not that The Last Remnant was ground-breaking or anything

  • At least FFX-2 had the best battle system of the series. Not a gimped wannabe WRPG turn based battle system with useless AoE crap.

    AoE is pointless when you can’t move around yourself. The fact SE didn’t even grasp this is proof they no longer know how to make a good battle system.

  • @ #70

    All the aspects you mention are what have made Final Fantasy what it is today, and you may be right when saying XIII is not what fans “wanted”.

    But if you think about it, the videogame industry is moving at an increased pace with each day, so they cannot expect to stay with the same formula that made them “famous” 20 years ago. They have to innovate, to take risks; and yes, maybe they didn’t give the fans what they expected, but at least for me, they came out with a great product, not like some other big companies that have perished without even trying…

  • I’m in the same league of individuals who hasn’t finished XIII. Now I have a deadline…

  • the only problem I had with the new battle system was that in a battle you couldn’t move you know move with the analog stick and select with the D-pad,that would be nice :)

  • Purple hair guy = Cid Raines?

    Btw nice trailer, FF vs 13 trailer next please.

  • #70. The Towns/Linearity outcries werent until AFTER FF13s release. When were they supposed to address those complaints before its release? How do you retroactively fix linear game design? Get real.

    There were towns, so that’s an unfounded complaint. Frankly, the whole walking into random peoples homes to strike up a conversation is antiquated. FF13 pushed for more realism in this regard. Talking to strangers were handled realistically. People addressed you directly when you walked by them. You’d hear snippets of people’s conversations when walking by them. This is way more natural than past games.

    Understanding the plot, you’ll understand the protagonists are on an urgent mission, so there isn’t much time for socializing or wondrous “exploring”. Why crowbar in a game design element that would feel unnatural given the urgency of the team’s mission?

    As far as the characters and plot, that’s pretty subjective, but this is essentially the norm nowadays with this series. I think if you don’t enjoy the tone or motifs of the series, then why are you playing it? There will always be someone complaining about it not following tradition, or closing too close to tradition. Square is doing a fine job.

  • So this where the content that was cut out from FF13 went. This will be yet another mediocre Final Fantasy game. They should just cancel this (much like they should’ve canceled FF13). The only thing people want right now is Final Fantasy Versus XIII and if they screw that up, I hope they finally go bankrupt because they’re becoming as bad as Activision these days.

  • @DA_SHREDDER Whos the troll ? talking bout x-box version of FF13 ? how old or you ? quest ? quest ? hmm to me you sound like a little kid and from what you wrote i ether think you a dude thats in love with hope and his pretty blond hair or you are ether a pms3 fanboy if not that my ?x-bloock 063-ring? fanboy / but do agree one thing with you though that enix japan did bring down square soft. so i ask you what FF series did you play first ? FF7 ? FF8 humm FF11-12 ? dont tell me your one of those hummm ( cough – COUGH ) ST(COUGH)PID lil kids that still says mass effect is a better rpg then FINAL FANTASY ? as for x-box – ps3 its the same when nintendo – psx . so yes if prefer then i am a nintendo fanboy , cuz thx to nintendo then i would have never played FF4 & FF5 also after years on nintendo wii is the best i played so for in this gen but if you hating cuz fanboy issue then go buy this gen console . as like you was talking about FINAL FANTASY roots / then tell me / go ahead ?

  • Final Fantasy 13 Versus is a exclusive game for the PS3, why aren’t we getting info. on it.

  • what is the roots for FF ? and i will correct you kid ? as for me / on and off halo reach / on and off monster hunter wii / and currently playing gt5.

  • Is that winter of 2011 or winter of 2012?!! And when the **** is Versus XIII coming out? And is it still exclusive?!!

  • I hope they lose some of that linearity they had in XIII.

  • Wow, touche. I never thought we’d get the trailer here. But one we’re all interested in seeing is Versus XIII. So you might want to remember that. ;)

  • Like i said before to me this is good news i love the trailer and i hope this game will do great. the complaint people have about ff13 really makes no sense to me. eg no towns? the people we played as were wanted criminals how many criminals do you know stay in towns casually talking to people?

    Anyway my only grip with FF13 was the character. the only character i enjoyed was Sazh, so i hope he is in this game, or more people like him.

    Also i dont get the hate for this game also being on the xbox. how does this being on the xbox mean this game will be bad? they can keep in content for the ps3 and not in the xbox if they cant fit it in right?

  • Despite its many flaws, FF13 created a beautiful world. I am happy that we will get to revisit this world, as we got to revisit Spira in FX-2.

    Wish I had it now!

  • This is amazing. I loved the first game and can’t wait to get my hands on XIII-2. You have never dissapointed me Square please keep up the amazing work you done

  • I absolutely cannot wait for XIII-2 and Versus XIII!!!

    Please get this trailer on the PSN in the next update.

  • Heres an idea square enix JUST FOCUS ON THE STORYLINES OF FINALFANTASY AND MAKE THEM EPIC.I think everyone will agree when I say the old finalfantasy mechanics (Meaning 1 through 10) Were golden.I know you guys wanna change it up a bit but to put it bluntly No…Im a hardcore final fantasy player and I love evrything about it but it seems you guys are desprate. Go back to your roots and focus on your story telling and keep the dynamic camera angles as they were.The turn based battling system as it was. The upgrading system as it was in final fantasy 7,9,10,11 was decent to. the world massive and FULLY explorable. Classic final fantasy FTW.

  • biggest dissapoint of ff13 for me was no japanses audio option. seriously is it really that hard…

  • Definately buying this Day One.

  • Seriously, enough with the hating. Heck, you people will complain about virtually everything! First it’s because FFX-2 was non-linear. Then it was because FFXIII was TOO linear. Will you ever be happy with what Square Enix it attempting to do? No. You’ll hate everything new because it’s not like the last game.
    Frankly, it’s becoming beyond irritating. It’s the same thing with the Oblivion haters…

    FFXIII was an amazing game in my eyes. Sure, it’s a bit irksome in the beginning where you aren’t allowed to go anywhere you want, but that’s only a small part of it. After the first few chapters, the game sucks you in and won’t let go. Trust me, play it with an open mind, and you’ll like it.

    I personally thing this trailer looks absoutly amazing. The music is gorgeous, as well as the graphics. I adore Lighting’s new costume, though the feathers remind me of Crisis Core and Advent Children… Scary. I don’t want to meet another Sephiroth in this game. I’ll be terrified. XD

  • Nice armor for Lightning, but I would prefer her with less clothes AND/OR armor, FFXIII was ok!!!

  • I rather have FFXIII Versus then this Sequel probably the same game along wit a terrible story just like another game….hmm like X-2! I remember that gawd awful game. I had mute it and play though the bad voice acting that get annoying thoughout the game and bad bad story. Well enough of that I do hope the game turns out to be good and restore some dignity to Square Enix…an hopefully this game isn’t just an cash cow to milk this series.

  • Can’t Wait! I better platinum FFXIII till winter! But I will Agree Old battle system was unique and FFXII system not bad at all… But XIII is … Please dear Square Enix bring old battle system from FFIX – which is re playable over and over again. We love you for that…We respect you because only you at this century know how to surprise us – an old gamers and we will continue support you no matter what…. You are RPG Gods don’t ruin this reputation… And I will stay with you till I die!

  • Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one, but I absolutely loved Final Fantasy XIII. I have already pre-ordered this, and I’m going to be thrilled to bits to join Lightning for another adventure.

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