First Look at the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Trailer

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To follow up on this week’s announcement of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, here is a teaser trailer to whet your appetite further. Enjoy!

Please look out for more information as soon as we can share it with you.

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  • While I enjoyed FFXIII, I will reserve my judgement, I did have some gripes with the first and I hope this one is more traditional RPG than FFXIII. Hopefully this one is improved and much better.

  • Looks nice, hopefully it wont be the dress up adventure that was X-2

  • I probably shouldn’t have watched that seeing as how I haven’t beaten FFXIII

    Though I guess that was to be expected too…. so not such a big spoiler…

    Anyway, I’ll also reserve my judgment til I see more.

  • Worth waiting for, short trailer but gong to be a success.

  • it better not be like x-2 or be linear like the 1st one i dont care if its a 10gb hdd install it better have a world map.

  • Yeah whatever.

    Just make sure Final Fantasy VERSUS XIII stays a PS3 exclusive.

    That is all.

  • i know they will avoid this being like x-2. screw the ffxiii hate, bring this! oh and versus too since i think kindom hearts 3 will be far off.

  • Looking forward to this! Glad we’re gonna see a lot more of Lightning in this game as she is my favorite. Hoping for a great story.

  • Hopefully they changed alot from FF13. I loved the characters but the gameplay sucked

  • I haven’t even beaten XIII yet, I’m not sure what to expect from this…
    Something I DO know is, that if Versus XIII is everything I expect it to be, I will literally cry with tears of joy.

  • I don’t care about exclusivity, and I understand the business decision (you spent too much time and money on this world/characters to just let them go, right?) but please, just make just make a better game.

    The series has been on a decline for years, here’s a winning formula… FFXII gameplay/combat, FFX story/politics, FFVII epicness, FFVI music and FFXI openess! You can’t lose!

  • what is the probability of dual voice option this time??

    oh i forgot that this also on x360 whic mean squareenix will not include the japanese voice due to wanted to be same on both console.

    is not like i care about XIII-2 tough, GIVE ME THE VERSUS XIII PLEASE!!! you know THAAT PS3 EXCLUSIVE FF !

    how come we got this before versus seriously square haven’t make any single PS3 exclusive yet they even cancelled last remnant for ps3 lol

  • Call me when you post up a Versus trailer, also a release date for the aforementioned title would be amazing.

    FFXIII was the worst Final Fantasy I’ve played after Japan’s FFII, I couldn’t possibly care less than I do about a sequel. If you ask me, Square is dire need of some serious business direction reformation.

  • Please have this HD video show up in PSN Store… I’d love to download it! Also, please be sure to include Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0 in HD as well! Thanx!

  • Looking forward for it. Got to finish the 1st now :)

  • Funny thing – is i bought the x-box FF13 bundle ??? not for the system but for the in grave FF HDD ? and you know what happen to the x-box ? its in my closet ! as for the 360 version of FF13 ? i trade it in at gamestop but hay i still got my copy of FF13 on PS3 . i do like FF13 and at least its better for makeing up for FF12 which its plane boreing and haven’t finished it yet but as for FF13 ? everything was cool and i like it , the only problem with it is hope / all he do is cry , complain , and try he’s hardest to be ignoring – but as for FF13-2 ? ive been waiting for a classic NES/SNES/PSX-PS1 JRPG , since this gen and all this JRPG now and days can go in the garbage. except demons souls , disgaea 3 and dragon age. all i can say is let western rpg be western rpg and jrpg be jrpg , like i like fallout a western rpg because it’s have sum special jrpg dont have and for jrpg like breath of fire or so many , it has a lil magic that western rpg dont have so please let FF13-2 be traditional.

  • [DELETED]!Final Fantasy XIII was very very awesome,hope this one is even better,loved lightning suit ;3

  • Sorry Square-Enix, but you’ve lost me when you decided to switch genres for the final fantasy games.

    There are thousands of ways to improve and innovate the turn-based/ATB game system to keep things new, fresh, and fun, but you decided to be a sheep and follow the crowd with action games.

  • Who’s going to do the soundtrack for this? The little bit sounded good.

  • What can I say other than, does this game have towns in it? Is it an Exclusive Final Fantasy this time around? Will it be hindered with liner gameplay like the last one? Can you tell us anything about it at all?

  • I’m very excited to see what SE is doing with XIII-2, I really liked the first game.

  • What a waste of resources, where us kingdom hearts? FF series and japanese devs are way behind the times.

  • I loooove Final Fantasy XIII… it’s my favorite game of all time! I’m so excited about XIII-2 and playing as Lightning again!

  • Final Fantasy Versus 13 Trailer Please!

  • Wish Final Fantasy would just die already and they would just make movies like they’ve been trying for the past 5 years.

  • Looks great. Screw the haters. Please update the blog with more info when it becomes available.

    Also, a translated Versus-XII trailer would be awesome.

  • ya see… unlike ff10-2, ff13-2 has allot more to prove. too many critics and fans were disappointed with the first game, and word of mouth cross the Internet didn’t help that.

    personally, as long as the story isn’t as dumb as 10-2, I’ll look forward to it, but I gotta be honest… I’m probably gonna wait for the reviews on this one =/

  • oh, and what ^arcane said.

    a translated versus xiii trailer would be scrumptious =3

  • i dont like her costume. what’s with the feathers on her costume!!!?

  • So is the PS3 the lead SKU again?

    I also like how you decided to take Microsoft’s money hats here in the US, and yet, the PS3 version beat the 360 version 2:1 in sales.

  • the trailer reminds me somehow of the valkyrie profile series with feathers and all XD

  • Good thing I beat FF13 already, because after watching that trailer I wouldn’t need to, half of it was a spoiler.

  • For those who were wondering, the game will not be a PS3 exclusive. Go to the FFXIII-2 web page at to see the “generic” unmodified trailer where at the end it shows that it is for PlayStation and Xbox 360.

    I have a question, was that a guy or a girl? In the trailer it looks like a guy. but on the graphic, it looks like a girl…any thoughts?

  • I’m about 80% through with FFXIII, this trailer spoiled the ending for the game for me. Nonetheless, I’m very excited about this game, but seriously spoiler alerts should be in order.

    Anyway, I think those people who bailed on this game after a few hours should really revisit the game. I stopped after chapter 3 or 4, and picked it up again recently.

    All Major criticisms of ffxiii were overblown. The battle system is not simplified, it’s actually pretty complex, and requries a ton of strategy. Figuring out how to stagger an enemy and knowing how to prepare for battle and how to adjust your paradigms apropiately during a battle is 90% of the challenge. You CANNOT autobattle your way through ffxiii.

    Other minor complaints are unfounded. Yes, there were towns, you could talk to locals, and yes there were airships. The characters grow on you, it definitely had a better cast than xii. (Fang, Vanille, Snow and Sazh were by far the best characters).

    Please clarify if the American release is in Winter of this year (2011 or next year 2012)

  • Please just kill it and release versus >>.<<<

  • Truuuly awesome!!

  • FFXIII was perfect, I do want a sequel but this is looking to be a spinoff and I hope it connects with the etros mythology from the first game.

  • I will consider Versus when I see more of it but XIII-2 will be like 13 and its not a good thing even if you change few things.

    You guys better listen to your fans, well at least what remains of them…

  • I bet you have more people knocking on your door for a remake of 7 than a 13-2, please stop wasting time and just make it already. i wasted my money AND time on 13 and i was NOT happy.

  • Just because you have gamers that are still brand loyal does not mean they are happy with the direction square enix games are going, im hoping they turn it around because this generation has been a huge disapointment so far(not complaining about graphics and sound those are great and props to the staff in those departments).


  • yep these final fantasy or jrpg games aint for me.

  • As long as this is not a corridor RPG I will be happy. I liked 13 minus that part and the lame trophies and rare item grind

  • SCREW the haters i WILL buy this i LOVED XIII-1…also: this looks more action oriented

  • Hmm, I am still not convinced this is worth the development time.

    Furthermore, no matter what you are going to do, you’ll shoot yourself in the foot! If you make FFXIII-2 too different, then people who liked the original game will start to whine.
    If FFXIII-2 is too similar, then you will be blamed for not listening.

    I like FFXIII, it isn’t the best FF, but it is okay. But I’m not sure it deserves a sequel.

    Improving Versus would be a better strategy.

  • I can’t wait for this game! I loved the first one, and I am looking forward to this sequel too.

  • I have a feeling the next one is gonnna be great. Heck they have the world to travel now.

  • Lame entry in FF gets a sequel.. because THIS is what the fans have been asking for. SE, you’re doing it wrong.

  • I dont know why you trolls come on here talking about the xbox version, or how FF13 was even good? Final Fantasy is so far from its roots that I dont even see how people are calling it Final Fantasy? FF 1-X were and always will be the true Final Fantasys’. FF 11 and up, well lets just say that the series hasn’t lived up to its legacy since Enix and Square merged. Its not a big deal really. Cause the games I used to love still are fun to play. This new company (Squeenix) who’s being run down by tyrant CEO’s and young Japanese devs, isn’t enough to get me angry because they aren’t the same company. They are simply a virus that needs eradicated. But fret not, nor have any worries, cause if Squeenix keeps going the pace they are, then its only a matter of time before they self destruct from all the garbage thats piling interally on the eastern side of things.

  • I haven’t played ff13 yet. but I prefer the old school battle system from FF8 and 7. If we can get choice to choose would be great.

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