LittleBigPlanet 2 Update: Launch Week DLC & Setting Records in NYC

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LittleBigPlanet 2 World Record banner

Hey Sackpeople,

Congratulations to all!
Today’s the big day! After a long wait and being teased with all the amazing beta levels, LittleBigPlanet 2 is finally here, so, congratulations to Media Molecule and PlayStation! We know a lot of our fans will be there with us on day one. Will you? If not, FYI, you’ll miss out on getting the “1 week only” DLC – so don’t!

Launch Day Suit, and Rare T-Shirt

Little Big World Record
As we celebrate, don’t forget to tune into our live stream @, or right here on the PS.Blog. Day 2 of our event is filled with interviews, activities, and Mm tutorials for your viewing pleasure.

LittleBigPlanet 2 - PS Blog Live Stream

@ Sony Style NY
And if you’re in the NY area, feel free to drop by at the PlayStation Lounge in Sony Style at 550 Madison and check us out in person. Join us for cool activities, chat with Media Molecule and even join our gaming marathon.

Sony Style Foursquare - LBP2 Live Stream Event

Check in with Sony
And as a special offer, for those of you who drop in and buy the game, be sure to check in at the Sony Style Store Foursquare page and get an autographed cover from Media Molecule and Limited Edition DLC. Just Show up, check in and claim your gift.

Visit the Sony Facebook page for more details!

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  • I go too the in game store and get the 2 free dlc message. when I go in I cant find them :(

  • how are the book ends for the collecters edition? are they solid/sturdy? is the sackboy plushy any good?

  • My 1st big game purchase of the year and yes I was fool enough to buy the collectors edition. The bookends look nothing like what is shown on the website and are poor quality at best. The sackboy also is nothing like what is shown on the website and for the money paid I really did expect a lot more. Even worse, whats the point in buying a game to wait all day for the DLC to become available. Atleast the money I paid for GT5 felt well worth it and the DLC worked on day one from the moment it was installed. A fantastic game yes – but the collectors edition just aint worth the extra cash for some crabby bookends, a poorly made sackboy and DLC that you wait all day for.
    Yet another major FAIL for Sony.

  • Man the Collector’s Edition seems cheap. I mean the bookends are made of thin cardboard and the sackboy feels a lot lower quality than the other ones licensed by Sony. The only true redeeming quality at this point in the outfits that come with it.

    After the other nice CEs put out by Sony I really expect better quality on this one. Now, I thinking about canceling my Killzone CE out of fear the helmet will be made out of macaroni art.

  • Anyone else have a glitched pod problem? I played through the introduction then quit out to install new costumes, came back and the moon is in the middle of my pod and I can’t access the pod computer. I’ve already tried clearing the pod of all accessories and it didn’t work. I’m really bummed out, I was really looking forward to playing this all day…

  • @55 Same poblem here too dude. Anyone know how to reset this without having to re-install the game…?

  • I left work during lunch today and picked up my Collectors Edition that I reserved AND…………. “PAID IN FULL!” BAM!
    “HOW DO YOU LIKE ME!” I’m going to go home and tare into the FUN and download everything I can!

  • Can’t wait to begin creating levels!

  • Ive been playing mine for almost a week Thank You Subway!!

  • Do I have to buy the game from the Sony Style Store or can I bring in my CE Copy from Amazon?

  • I’m sorry, but I’ve read many comments about how they don’t like that the same space suit is being re-released and the RARE t-shirt is $5. I for one understand why they re-released the same space suit. It’s for new people who have never played the game before and are being welcomed with some great, free DLC. The RARE t-shirt is $5, because it’s for hardcore fans. If you don’t want to spend the money, then don’t complain about how expensive it is. It’s RARE, that’s why it’s $5.

  • Ok I have rebooted and re-started the game 3 times and I still have the pod glitch. I can not access the pod computer and I can not change the veiw I have on screen. If anyone has any answers to this, please post them.

  • Why did you skimp out and make the instruction manual black and white?

  • I pre ordered the collectors edition of this game in August of last year from amazon and am not getting it until about to weeks after the release with leave me with none of these special deals :( this is depressing.

  • so where do i find this free spaceman suit? sony is horrible in the blog posts about giving us enough information!!

  • Yayyy!!! They just passed the 25 hour mark!!! Go! Team! Go!

  • Is it true that the older DLC from LBP1 is compatible? I think I heard MediaMolecule mention this some time ago. Is it true?

  • Amazing game! Have been playing since I received it yesterday!! CONGRATS MM!

  • @67
    It’s all true, everything you bought for LBP works in 2 as well. I think they improved the graphics in 2 so all of your costumes look even better.

  • So..will the t-shirt and space suit be available for the EU launch date in any EU psn? Or will this be yet another goodie we miss out on?

  • It would appear that the pod glitch can be solved by changing your avatar, thanks for all the help Sony… are worst company ever when it comes to solving an issue with a game.
    Oh and btw your servers for the game are down, good to know that buying a game from Sony on day one of its release is a waste of time.

  • It’s the same space suit I got for LBP1. I may be wrong, but I think it did become available later on (one year aniversary?). So, wasn’t so exclusive after all…

  • keniken why don’t you log off and go for a walk. It’s obvious you need a break.

  • I have a problem with my gamestop code, it seems im able to reedem the code, but when I hit continue it says code may be expired :/ any suggestions since I know you can only input the code once.

  • Uhhh, Amazon says it could be up to the 29th until my *preordered* LBP2 arrives.

    That mean I’m going to miss out on the Space Suit?

    I mean, why wasn’t this redundantly attached to preorder codes?

  • Why do people seem to think the bookends are made of cardboard? They are clearly made of wood. As for the “cheapness” of the sackboy plush, it is IDENTICAL to the ones being sold in stores and online. You people really need to get out more, maybe go look at those big cardboard trees in your yard for a bit.

  • @Littleronin I’m not sure what you’re looking at but my bookends most definitely aren’t cardboard (they’re wood) and look like the ones in the promotional shots the wood is a little more orange/tan though.

  • Everyone complaining about missing out on the week 1 DLC, can’t you still download it without the game? I mean you can’t use it yet, but still…

  • Great game, but whats with the screen freezes? I cant play if I import my LBP data because it freezes, so i had to opt out of bringing my info over, and even that hasn’t stopped the gaME FROM FREEZING!!!!
    I have alot of data on LBP, so I’m hoping tHAT BY deleting some community stuff it’ll work, but if there IS a bug, PLEASE FIX IT!!!!

  • @55 Same problem. Is someone paying attention to these comments? THERE IS A BIG BUG. The game is unplayable. If you quit the game and come back, the main planet that you load levels from is inside the pod and the game becomes unplayable every time you load. I think reinstalling will fix this, but what’s the point if its going to happen again? If someone with this bug could take a picture and upload it somewhere, that would be appreciated.

  • Anyone else having a problem with UPLOAD freezing? I’m a second user on my p3 and have a LBP save, but the game keeps freezing up and is only accepting the save from the first person who played it. And I know he’d be pissed if I deleted HIS game utility data >.< Not coll Mm, not cool at all!

  • @55, 78 + 79
    I feel the frustration…

  • @79 Quit the game and then change your avatar and re-start the game – you do not need to re-stall the game. It would appear that this has been a bug that has been in the game since its beta days.

  • Just picked up my CE! Gonna play it later…
    Wish I had 5 bucks for the in-game shirt…

  • Please heart me as an LBP1 author! I only need 6 more LBP1 AUTHOR hearts to get an LBP1 Platinum Trophy!

  • I have to say, those stating this game is ‘basically LBP DLC’ are dead wrong in my opinion. I don’t know if they simply haven’t looked into it enough, or what, but from the time I booted up the game I could tell it is a whole new, and much more polished, experience. Those who were in the beta, or have looked into it, *know* there are soooo many more possibilities now than in the first game. It’s also much easier to create now, at the same time adding more powerful tools, and you can create things and levels not even possible in the first game. On top of that, the game is running on a completely new engine, and is by far graphically superior to the first game, thanks to 1 part better graphics, and 1 part more animations for things like materials. This is a whole new game, completely deserving the title of sequel, that’s my opinion on it.

  • @82 thanks for the help. It didn’t work though. :(

  • @echogridlock Sorry to hear that, it worked for me. I found the answer on the lbp2 forum.

  • can you only dowload the stuff from the game or can you get it via playstation store and also is the shirt going to be in NA unlike last time

  • Getting mine tomorrow, thx to dam amazon =(

  • Where do we get the space suit? I cannot find it

  • when would mine arrive i live near kansas city and got it form amazon

  • The DLC is up guys. You just need to search for it.

  • Is the DlC for LBP2 up in playstation store in the North America Region

  • Is it possible to get a replacement code for the Collector Edition?

  • i love mw2 and lbp

  • i got the collectors edition and opened to not find a voucher code for the dlc pack inside, what do i do now? i got the code from gamestop for their offer buti kinda feel ripped off by sony righ now, great game thus far but still, i expect to get what i paid for… and didn’t get.

  • ok. that’s great that you say its up, but that doesn’t really help. we’re asking WHERE is it? i’m not looking for a “hint” i just want to know where i can find it.

  • how do you get the lbp 2 dlc? do you get it in game store or playstation store?

  • @96 comeon, think a little. Go contact Sony as soon as possible and tell them about your situation. Don’t go on the web and complain about it, do something!

    Ya, I coulddn’t find the dlc either. Where is it?

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