LittleBigPlanet 2 Update: Launch Week DLC & Setting Records in NYC

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LittleBigPlanet 2 World Record banner

Hey Sackpeople,

Congratulations to all!
Today’s the big day! After a long wait and being teased with all the amazing beta levels, LittleBigPlanet 2 is finally here, so, congratulations to Media Molecule and PlayStation! We know a lot of our fans will be there with us on day one. Will you? If not, FYI, you’ll miss out on getting the “1 week only” DLC – so don’t!

Launch Day Suit, and Rare T-Shirt

Little Big World Record
As we celebrate, don’t forget to tune into our live stream @, or right here on the PS.Blog. Day 2 of our event is filled with interviews, activities, and Mm tutorials for your viewing pleasure.

LittleBigPlanet 2 - PS Blog Live Stream

@ Sony Style NY
And if you’re in the NY area, feel free to drop by at the PlayStation Lounge in Sony Style at 550 Madison and check us out in person. Join us for cool activities, chat with Media Molecule and even join our gaming marathon.

Sony Style Foursquare - LBP2 Live Stream Event

Check in with Sony
And as a special offer, for those of you who drop in and buy the game, be sure to check in at the Sony Style Store Foursquare page and get an autographed cover from Media Molecule and Limited Edition DLC. Just Show up, check in and claim your gift.

Visit the Sony Facebook page for more details!

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  • Good luck! And yay, LBP 2! Got the Collectors Edition!

  • same launch day Space Suit as the first LBP is a little disappointing but I’m glad to see the support!

    Can’t wait to start playing later today when my Collector’s Edition Comes!

  • Just bought my copy today! cannot wait to crack it open and play!

  • I’ve been playing my collector’s edition since yesterday, it’s OUTSTANDING guys, 10/10!!! 8)

  • Congratulations! Looking forward to this!

  • I’m really excited for this game but why the recycled DLC????

  • Maybe we’d enjoy LBP2 if the load screen didn’t keep coming on during gameplay!

  • Yeh, should have change the colour of the suit, or add a ‘2’ logo to it, so that we can collect them all (ie; when LBP3 comes out).

  • @6

    Cause the game itself is recycled? Just newer levels and a $60 price tag.

  • Just installed all of the goodies from the Collector’s Edition! WOOHOO! My dog thinks that the plush Sackboy is a new toy for him though. (I love my dog, but he’s not getting it!)

    I’m glad you can move the things purchased previously over to the new game. I don’t like buying something that is then obsolete once the next game comes out and you have to buy it again. Thanks Mm!

  • hi, whats up?

  • @9 OMG I love you! You are my favorite commenter! You aren’t a sheep! I’m waiting for a price drop on this one, since the only thing I want is the campaign.

  • First game purchase of 2011 goes toooooooooooooooooooooo …………… LBP2 !! I’m happy I have all my costumes from the first one, but anyway back to LBP2 see you guys on there !

  • The astronaut is for any new LBP release. The shirt is unique for each release. Which of course, resulted in us NEVER getting the first week one t-shirt. Thanks you guys at SCEA, who decided to delay it because of the LBP delay. And then never bother to release it ever. Because clearly tons of people asking for it to actually be released means that there is no demand whatsoever for it.

  • My collectors edition is in on it’s way since gamestop sold out and won’t be getting anymore…oh well 2 day wait an i got it cheaper through amazon.

  • Eagerly awaiting delivery of the collectors edition at some point today. I didn’t know I was getting it until 30 minutes ago. My sister emailed me to say she’d ordered it for me…I’m 43, by the way, and I feel like a 7-year-old on Christmas Eve.

  • i would have gotten collectors if it wasn’t so bad in Europe, America got the better one
    and 5 euros for a t-shirt? no thanks

  • Is the DLC limited and exclusive to NYC? If so what is it? It’s raining and snowing out, so I only want to head out there if it’s cool stuff.

  • Please stop with the Guinness stuff. It’s embarassing.

  • Those costumes look pretty cool, when can we get them in the UK/Europe?

  • I got LBP2 Hong Kong edition yesterday, but the DLC code in the box doesn’t work. I’ll try it again later :(

    Enjoying the game so far though, and it’s a noticeable improvement over LBP1… just not sure who to contact about the DLC

    Sorry to spam the SCEA blog… SCEH doesn’t want to give us a blog or forum :(

  • pity, try on the street date for HK or when the HK store updates. I think on Wednesdays.

  • I heard our downloads from LBP1 would still be available in LBP2… So if I have the launch suit from LBP1, will I still have it in LBP2?

  • wishing I had opted for release date delivery instead of opting for free shipping!! can’t wait to get the game in hand.

  • Yeah the suit is the same, I wish they created a new launch suit for LBP2.

  • I got my LBP2 CE this morning! I even bought the book… Yeppie! I’m taking my time playing the levels.

  • is the space suit one day only?
    i’ve had my CE on preorder from gamestop and had it shipped to my house
    and since it doesn’t seem to be getting here today will i still be able to get the limited time dlc?
    would really suck to miss out on it for something that wasn’t in my control..

  • And as a special offer, for those of you who drop in and buy the game, be sure to check in at the Sony Style Store Foursquare page and get an autographed cover from Media Molecule and Limited Edition DLC. Just Show up, check in and claim your gift.

    What exactly is the limited edition DLC? Thanks Sony now I’m going to have to buy it off ebay for a steep price since I live in California.


  • Delays in shipping due to weather, looks like I won’t get to play today. :(

  • I want to know if this DLC is free or not. And if the shirt is $5 again that kind of BS makes me sick. There’s no reason to price it that way.

  • Just a reminder to those who purchased the Collector’s Edition:

    Voucher Codes for Collector’s Edition DLC NOT WORKING on Playstation Store!!!!

  • @31

    Yes they are, I just redeemed mine like ten minutes ago.

  • I got my CE, set up my bookends and plushy Sackboy, downloaded the DLC, put in the game and I’ve been enjoying it ever since.

    It’s incredible. And just starting up the game I got some trophies for being a longtime fan of LBP and creating and playing from the original game.

    Already over 11,000 people are online playing. Great job MM and SCE. This is sure to be a great hit this year! :)

    BTW: Is the space suit an automatic download? I started my game and I was wearing it O.o

  • Just checked – Store NOT updated but CODES are NOW live.
    That only took Sony about 5 hours to fix… Unacceptable.


    repeat: Collector’s Edition Codes for DLC are NOW WORKING.

  • Today I picked up my LittleBigPlanet 2 Collectors Edition and I just want to say Thank you Media Molecule. You guys are awesome and I love the game!!!

  • Oh look…
    The Avatars now do NOT show up on additional accounts on PS3.

  • @SpyDudeFX Thanks for your help

    I hope the codes will work tomorrow :)

  • The game is awesome! You guys did a Incredible job on the story mode!!! Awesome!! Way above what i expected….
    Now the game freezes alot… Froze on me 7x last night… No freezes today yet.

  • hasn’t even shipped my copy of LBP2 I ordered at least a month or more ago. Most depressed getting home today from work to see that. Hopefully it comes tomorrow, but I am not hopeful.

  • Np pity ;) and I’m at Sony Style now and the code is for the same 11 costumes as the CE.

  • AHH! Pin Spam! I love it!! haha Collectors Edition FTW! Remember to get Sackboy his shiny new Prius later guys!

  • Woohooo, waiting on purolator who is delivering my CE Editon!!!!!!!!

  • It’s in my car along with Mass Effect 2. Liking the free DLC woo!

  • Nice DLC :) .. and loving the game so far!

  • Going to buy it as we speak! It’s so perfect too because I’m downloading Mass Effect 2 at home from the PSN and having it installed for me when it’s finished (the big download was actually done already when I left, so just the Cerberus Pack is left).

    My plans are to play LBP2, get a feel for it, then if I can I’ll move to Mass Effect 2. :)

    Does it ever feel good to be a Playstation fan today or what (New trailer for Versus XIII on youtube also helped rev me up too).

  • Lol people still saying it’s the same game with new levels. Must be so comfortable being oblivious.

  • Cant wait to play with my kids! We played the demo..a lot. Keep up the good work MM and Sony!!

  • “Delivery Estimate: January 27, 2011” Blegh. Guess I miss out on your 1 week limit.

  • Just got my copy from amazon. Now to go take it for a spin

  • Why are the Collector’s Edition FREE Premium Avatars only available on 1 user on the PS3?
    DLC shows up on ALL users – why not the Avatars?
    — My daughter is very bummed – (and I don’t blame her)

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