Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coming to PS3 Next Winter

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Final Fantasy XIII-2
We at Square Enix are delighted to let you know that the sequel to FINAL FANTASY XIII, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, is coming next winter. We have a new story in store that stems from the previous title, a battle system that is evolved from “XIII” – and more…

We’re looking forward to sharing more details with you about this exciting new sequel in the future – in the meantime please check out the game logo and first screenshot!

Final Fantasy XIII-2

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  • Now I say ‘are they kidding?’ but as someone who has to try every games, I’ll probably end up completing this game and then complaining about it.

    And [DELETED] at the clothes? Is this Soul Calibur or FF? I hope it’s not another fan service like FFX-2.

  • I think the only reason most of you didnt like FF13 was beacuse you had to actually do Stuff you couldnt jus run around an skip it if you didnt wanna do it… To me it was one of the best ones made after FF7 & FF10 so im lookin forward to putting in 80+hours well since its a sequel like x-2 beat that in like 24 hours haha….but aww i wish Vanille and Fang would Come back!!! that would be great!!!!

  • Oh and did they forget about Versus XIII? You know? The game that was announced back in 2006 but that we still don’t have any gameplay or anything? And XIII-2 is coming out next winter? Come on, Versus would probably be better than XIII-2, since it doesn’t have boundaries to work on.

  • Superb news, I will be there that is for sure. And I’m wondering about Versus XIII too …

  • I bet there would be towns and free roaming in this one since they are not on the run this time. Cant’ wait for this sequel! and versus xiii as well of course. :)

  • [DELETED] the FFXIII Haters. i’m ready for this game!

  • ill check this out ! at least FF13 is better then FF12. which FF12 got me stop playing FF series 4 awhile . hope its in the 39.99 price range.

  • @42 I completely agree. They are working on alot and I really enjoyed FF13. I cant wait for this game. I’ll be getting this along with all the other Ps3 FF titles until I am disappointed with one of their games.

  • Wooot!! :)

  • FF13 was the worst game i have played this gen, it was a chore to pass through it so I have no interest in this one.
    I’ll try to keep my hope up for FF13 Versus tho I hope its gonna be a good game because you guys have yet to release any good game on consoles this generation….

  • You would think final fantasy versus would come out before this one. Please at least give us a date on versus XIII

  • X-2 was good people. I just not sure about this but I will give it a chance. Looks good like always.

  • What we really want as fans is a great story .
    The story on XIII was super cheesy and repeated . A lover ended up departed from his girlfriend and then he saves here and happy ever after.
    Also being stuck in a tutorial which lasts almost half of the game . But the most important one is graphics . Every single game the focuses on graphics ends up failing . FUN>>>GRAPHICS

  • FF XIII-2 must be about joining the Queens Blade…

  • meh…..where is kingdom hearts 3?????

  • I’m sold!!!

    any pre-order bonus””??

  • Thank you Square-Enix for making this game! It really is sad to read so many fellow gamers already complaining about this, honestly..

    The story may have taken a while in my opinion to get going and I was saddened at the outcome of the end with certain characters, but that’s what makes this game SO exciting now to come out. They’re continuing the story and by the sounds of it revamping some things.

    I’ve been a fan of many game series that ignore fans, don’t make sequels or just outright sell the rights to their games and they end up never again being heard from. Try being a fan of Xenosaga.. or Fear Effect. How about Fatal Frame IV, it’s in Japan and we cry for it, they ignore us. (Fatal Frame fans that is)

    In saying that I appreciate what Square is doing in giving the fans more of this game. The story was at it’s best at the end, so what a perfect spot to start from. Stop attacking them or demanding this or that, give ideas and hang tight. Seriously, just appreciate they are producing more games, whether you liked the one it’s based of or not. >=/

  • Okay cool, can’t say I really loved XIII in the first place so I can’t say I’m super excited. I’d rather actually have info Vs.

  • Oh man, I was hoping this was just a rumor. I’m a huge FF fan, but 13 wasn’t that good, I was majorly disappointed, though I did finish it. Please make this open world and have an airship we can control at least.

  • /facepalm

  • Hey guys, thanks but no thanks!

  • YES, that’s what i wanted to hear really hope that the story wont flop like FFX-2 did… now that was a disappointment on my POV. So is there any new update on “FF VERSUS XIII” now that’s what I am really waiting for….

  • Excellent!!

    That’s a great surprise!

  • How about a new Nier or Drakengard or something that is actually good? ActRaiser HD?

  • I miss the FF-VII, and FF-X to much. I would rather not just keep pressing ‘X’ nonstop for my battles. The story for XIII wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be, but it was missing the Final Fantasy feel. Only reason I knew it was Final Fantasy was it had the name and the characters looked the part.I never did finish the game but made it to chapter 11. I’ll have to keep an eye on this nd hope for the best.

  • Yes! I am very happy to hear about this sequel. I loved Final Fantasy 13, and I am looking forward to the second one!!! :D

  • Oh good….more “meh” on the way….darn it.

  • YES!!!! I am super excited about this one. I played all FF games, and even platinumed FF 13. Can’t wait! Thanks SE!

  • My gut reaction: I think Light is sick and she’s dreaming about wonderland?

  • Please announce kingdom hearts 3 for PS3 already

  • They just need to give Lightning the game she deserves… make the whole game like Gran Pulse, add some towns and tweak the battle system oh and only bring back a certain wise cracking Pulsian problem solved.

    Just NO JPop bands!!!

  • Please put up the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer on PSN. Also, Square- Enix, when are you going to reveal a release date?

  • Great, XIII was awesome. People are just mad that it isn’t like the old final fantasies. Bring it on, just don’t repeat the mess that was X-2

  • This is good and all, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us a dual voice. The BD has more than enough space for both English and Japanese voice.

    If not, at least give an option of english subtitle for the Japanese release. This way people won’t have to wait for the chinese/asian release to get the japanese + eng subtitle option.

  • I do wish Square would keep in better memory one of their own most innovative games on the last 10 years, Vagrant Story when designing future RPG’s. Final Fantasy games would benefit immensely from cutting away a lot of the padding and deliver to gamers a shorter, more focused and condensed experience without any repetition.

    Grinding should go away, as well as transitions to battle screens. Final fantasy XIII had a wonderful battle system where defeating each new powerful encounter was like solving a puzzle. Alas the novelty melts away the 50th time you have to defeat the same enemy, why not cut away the those 49, and just constantly keep the gamer engaged, kill the filler, I don’t like it when a game demands 80 hours of my limited time and in turn only offers me filler combat to pad out the space between exciting moments.

  • This is awesome!

    I can’t wait for it, I really liked Final Fantasy XIII.

    Also, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is looking amazing, just saw the gameplay trailer a few minutes ago.

  • Does Hope return?

  • Yayyyy!!!! The rumors were true!!! 2011 is going to be awesome for gaming! Wow Lightning in armour looks rather….uhhhh….striking….

  • i seriously hope that this isn’t going to turn out like 10-2 and be a blunder.

  • VERSUS XIII INFO PLEASE!!!!! PS3 exclusivity would be nice too.

  • Final Fantasy’s are great. They always will have a place in my heart. Seing as FFX is the oldest game (I remember) that I played, but im annoyed that the gameplay, and story was ALOT worst with FF13, because you never see NPC’s around you. FF13 is the worst one I remember, its too short. and its too easy, make it harder like it used to be, and cut out leadership. Maybe turn base again? or like FF12? I liked that one, so im hoping it comes on playstation store for download…

  • versus xiii please

  • For those looking for the leaked trailers see my Youtube page

  • For those looking for the leaked trailers of FFXIII-2 and FFVXIII see my Youtube page

  • Here is a link to the video I have of it on youtube:

  • gettin’ this for sure

  • I think the best update on the store today would be to post all the trailers shown today in Japan in HD for download! :D

  • Final Fantasy XIII was my biggest gaming disappointment last year. The story was the only thing i liked & even the story paled in comparison to previous Final Fantasies. I could write a page of dislikes…I’ve been a loyal fan since 1997, Final Fantasy X-2 was the only other disappointment, i hope you don’t follow suit with that on this sequel. I’m so over pains me to think about how disappointing it was, the last thing i need is prolonged disappointment with a sequel to it. Where’s Final Fantasy XV?…the could be Final Fantasy that redeems itself back into loyal hearts, by listening to your loyal fans complaints and not catering to a new fanbase.

  • Oh, you mean a sequel to worst Final Fantasy ever created? You can suck a big one Squeenix, I want my Squaresoft back!

    And what the heck about Versus XIII, did you forget about it?

  • The XIII auto-battle system is just terrible. Please, at least give me the option to use a traditional turn-based system. If you do ONE THING DIFFERENT with XIII-2, let this be the one.

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