It Only Does Endless Fun

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I’m joining you today to give the PlayStation.Blog community the first look at something many of you have been asking for – Kevin Butler offering his unique twist on LittleBigPlanet 2.

In this latest ad Kevin joins us as the VP of Infinite Infinity, referring of course to the endless possibilities that arise when you combine LittleBigPlanet 2’s new features and functionality with access to the over 3.2 million existing online levels created with the original LittleBigPlanet. This spot is one of my personal favorites to date.

In the coming weeks you’ll be seeing a lot of LittleBigPlanet 2, starting today with this Kevin Butler ad as well as the video above which features some of the great levels created during the LittleBigPlanet 2 beta. Both will be rotating on some of your favorite networks including ESPN, G4, Comedy Central, and more. Of course, be sure to also check in on Monday when we begin our attempt to set five gaming records with Guinness World Records in New York City over a three-day period.

Additionally, from now through the end of February, you can drop into 7-Eleven stores around the country to get your hands on one of two limited edition Sackboy Slurpee cups and collect codes redeemable for exclusive downloadable items to make your LittleBigPlanet 2 experience even more exciting. But that’s not all we have in store for you— the team has been hard at work creating some amazing DLC that you’ll be hearing more about in the next few weeks.

The anticipation is building for next Tuesday’s return of Sackboy in LittleBigPlanet 2. While some of you have already played this instant classic via the beta and demo on PSN, next week you’ll have the opportunity to officially add the game to your collection and begin building original games of your own. The feedback from fans thus far has been great and the praise from critics, just overwhelming. Media are raving about the abundance of tools, inspiration, and many opportunities to share your creations, Others are calling it a “celebration of creativity” and “one of the best games you can pick up this year.” Gaming web sites have awarded the title extremely high marks and flattering compliments, including IGN (9/10, Editor’s Choice), Game Informer (9.5/10), 1UP (A-), GamePro (5/5) and Joystiq (5/5).

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  • Ok, so I just need to get through this weekend then I can say goodbye to all of my loved ones. LittleBigPlanet 2 is going to make me not have a life just like the 1st one did.

  • YOU DON’T.

  • Nobody beats Sony Advertising…Nobody.

  • Ah, the perfect game to kick off a great year of gaming. Hard to believe that it’s right around the corner. It’ll be worth the wait.

  • *ominous Kevin Butler voice* You never are done. You will always play. If you aren’t having fun, you’re playing it wrong. *end voice* That’s a good thing.
    I. Can’t. Wait.

  • whatever happened to Marcus?
    psp died so now he’s jobless?

  • @S-E-G good riddance to Marcus; I hate that stupid kid with a passion

  • KB is the greatest! never fails to make me laugh. Can’t wait for LBP2, hopefully getting it for B-Day since it releases a day before :)

  • Good stuff, cant wait for it! only 3 more days!

  • One word, epic.

  • no joke shouldnt it b “It Only Ends Fun”
    the only reason y i hav an account is cuz of the psp

  • Only doesn’t play PS2 games.

  • However funny KB may be on those commercials, as long as Sony does not increase exposure to different channels, the PS3 will continue to be OUTSOLD by the other guys…
    You guys should push your exclusive a lot harder than that and remind people that multi-platform games are also available on the PS3…I get tired of constantly seeing the green logo on tv…

  • i swear to god , some people just dont realize how good they have it … oh well , wallow in your complaints , just dont think that i or others share your sentiment because i have plenty of fun … is ps3 perfect ??? what is ??? but it sure beats NOT HAVING ONE . go to haiti and tell them how horrible it is to have a ps3 … see what kind of responses you get , or australia and tell them how ” problematic ” and “inconvienient ” it is to own one .

  • Ok 2 things

    1. Are we going to get a KB designed level like we got for mod nation?

    2.Who really cares about sony not advertising to the mainstream. We all own ps3’s, i couldnt care less that sony dont advertise to the soccer moms.

  • LittleBigPlanet 2 is gonna be EPIC! Why can’t the 18th come any faster?

  • just got my copy in the mail yesterday from the fiery footlong frenzy inner and outer box art is amazing and the game is even better definitely as good as a bacon wrapped cupcake

  • Wait Wait Wait Wait. where’s Stephen Fry’s Voice

  • The question begs, Dead Space 2 or LBP2? decisions decisions

  • Please bring Legend of Dragoon to PSN. All i have is a psp, and im in love with rpg’s, especially the old ps one classics. Also whats the release date of Lord of Arcana?

  • Legend of Dragoon is a must have for PSN users who enjoy great RPG’s from the past. Please add as a PSX Classic.

  • Why the crap is it only 9.5/10?
    It should be 11/10!

  • Mr Butler doses it again with a norher steller and funny playstation 3 comercical i caint waint for litte big planet 2

  • heres hopin for an epic superbowl spot ^_^

  • @fuzzyclutter
    Not really sure whether you were replying to me or not, but if you were, you completelly missed my point. So let me explain.
    First of, I love the PS3 and I know how great of a platform it is, just like I know how much fun LBP is.
    Because of that, i want more people to enjoy it, so I was suggesting sony should advertise harder. Maybe where you are, you see more PS3 commercials, but where I am I don’t see that many.
    Knowing how funny the commercials are and how great the system is, I thought it would be great to see it more often on tv, and get more people aware of it, getting more sales, bringing us many more great games.
    I hope that clears it for you.

    I don’t know why you want anyone to go to Haiti or Australia to ask them about the PS3…I didn’t get that.

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