The Tomb Raider Trilogy HD Exclusively on PS3 March 22nd

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Tomb Raider Trilogy

Happy New Year everyone! Last month we revealed the new Tomb Raider in the December issue of Game Informer. Personally I’m thrilled about the new direction Crystal Dynamics is taking Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise overall. There is so much great stuff planned, I CANNOT wait until we can divulge more info.

Tomb Raider Trilogy


If all this talk about Tomb Raider is making you nostalgic for the previous titles, I have great news ─ you’ll get to revisit three of them in The Tomb Raider Trilogy. Included are remastered HD versions of Anniversary and Legend as well as the final chapter in the trilogy Underworld. In addition, The Tomb Raider Trilogy includes an exclusive static theme pack, Lara Croft and Viking Thrall avatars for PlayStation Home as well as trailers that go behind the scenes of all three titles.

When can you get your hands on this awesomeness? The Tomb Raider Trilogy will be available March 22 for $39.99.

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  • Isn’t collection suppose to be some of the best in the series re-release? Why is some of the worst in the TR series being re-release for the PS3?

  • l0l what about the TR1 nude patch? just kidding

  • Final Fantasy 1, 2, 3, HD REMAKE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • God people, how hard is it to say “yes” or “no.”

    Will there or will there not be DLC for Tomb Raider Underworld?!

    Thank you.

  • dear sonia from square-enix why dont you guys dont make a dragonquest game for the ps3?i think that alot of fans of the rpg genre will appreciate that! :0)

  • @BlooodyCow
    Tomb Raider Legend was the best Tomb Raider game ever made…enough said. Tomb Raider Anniversary was an excellent remake of the original Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider Underworld wasn’t the best one but it was still very good with a great story. The worst was Chronicles supposedly…I don’t see that on this collection. So explain to me how these are “some of the worst in the TR series…”

    As for this collection, looking forward to replaying Legend and getting the platinum for it! However, TR: Underworld needs to come with the previous 360 exclusive DLC. That’s the only justification that would make putting Underworld on this disc reasonable.

  • Trophy support?

  • People asking about the DLC for Underworld… it’s not coming :( I just sent a message to a Crystal Dynamics employee and got this as a reply:

    “The Tomb Raider Trilogy. Coming to a store near you pretty soon. For all you asking, there will be NO Underworld DLC included in this pack.”

    Seemed like it would have been a great chance to introduce us PS3 fans to the DLC.

  • I’m tempted to buy this!

  • @VofEscaflowne is that on Twitter? link plox XD

  • Hello Sonia,
    Call me crazy but i still play tomb raider 1 lol. Can you Please Please Please tell me if any plans on making it HD? I would’nt mind some trophie support, that would be cool.
    For the record i have bought every lara game for PS PS2 PS3 & for the computer.
    Ok thanks Sonia and i’ll wait here holding my breath :)

  • Has anyone seen screenshots of the new Tomb Raider game yet? Gonna get this to prepare me for it! Can’t wait!

  • Will Underworld in this collection finally have the DLC that was never released on the PS3? I’m all for this collection but it’ll still be impractical for the fans not to have an actual epilogue to the game or even a prequel to it.

  • @station3fever TR Anniversary IS TR1. Anniversary is a remake of the first TR game, and a VERY great remake.

    Glad to hear these are getting remastered, especially since I no longer have my PS2 copies. All three are great games and tell one big story about Lara and her parents (so play them in order). I highly recommend this to anyone who hasn’t played these.

    If the DLC is not included in the disc, I do hope we get it at some point. Very disappointed in Crystal Dynamics for not putting the DLC on PS3 by now.

  • Just give us a next gen Legacy of Kain game already. Since Amy Hennig left you guys for Naughty Dog you haven’t been able to find a person that can write such deep stories with mind-blowing dialogue but to let characters like Raziel and Kain just vanish to the depths of everything that gets forgotten is just a cruel crime and literally a dagger put right through the hearts of real die-hard LoK and Soul Reaver fans. It makes me cry we haven’t seen a new Soul Reaver or LoK game. Nosgoth must be revisited. Not to mention the 2 guys who voice Raziel and Kain are BY FAR THE BEST voice actors of all time, together with the woman who does Gaya and the narrator in the God Of War series. Lara is great but to be honest I preferred it when Core Design developed it. You guys numbed down the puzzles so much to appeal to a wider audience, now not even a 5 year old can get stuck. Lara was infamous for having ridiculously difficult puzzles and that’s what set it apart. It wasn’t the action. And now that magnificent ingredient has gone away for good once Eidos took the franchise away from Core Design. The last real tomb raider game was The Chronicles. I’d rather play The Last Revelation 4 times than play this trilogy. Give us Raziel BACK!!!

  • @49.

    These are the games Crystal Dynamics made after they dropped Core Design cause Core kept releasing crap.

    These are the best, trust me.

    Anniversary is an homage/remake of 1 but with very slight variations – can’t wait to play it in HD. Legend came out first and was awesome – blew pretty much everyone’s expectations away. I thought Underworld was very good, despite it getting somewhat average reviews.

  • No Lauras Shadow for Underworld? Pointless. I’m not paying 40 bucks for the same games I Already own.

  • Most wanted collections for me:

    Dark Cloud 1, 2 and Rogue Galaxy

    FFX, X-2 and XII

    Kingdom Hearts 1, 2 and Re:Chain of Memories!!!

  • I have never quite got into Tomb Raider games but with 3 for 39.99 I might have to give it a try. These HD upgrades are really great for someone like me who never owned a console before PS3.

  • haha this is CRAZY! I literally had to slap myself in the face since I JUST had a dream about this announcement popping up in PS Blog loooooool. considering how long I’ve been dying for details, no wonder it showed up in a dream.

    Still I’m wonder, are we dealing with PS2 enhanced remastered graphics to HD resolution (which is what I’d prefer ’cause that’s what Lara’s originally made for in Legend/Anniversary) or the next-gen 360 graphics style?

  • Hopefully a Kingdom Hearts collection is nice!

  • Will Legend and the Anniversary in the trilogy have trophies? I have couple of other question:

    -it doesn’t support PS Move, does it (I don’t see the box saying it support PS Move)
    -the 360 version has episodic contents for Anniversary, will the PS3 version have those episodic content from the 360 version?
    -regarding fijski18’s question, will the DLC for Underworld (which appear in the 360 version), will we see this in the PS3 version.

  • Please update us about the graphics. To compare to the X360 version, it is similar, or better, worse, etc.?
    Thank you!

  • If Lara Croft and Nathan Drake mated, you would get…

    Indiana Jones!

    Looks good, definitely picking this up.

  • I think I’ll check these out, missed out on the Tomb Raider games so this might be a good chance to catch up.

  • this could veritably be my first tomb raider title – thanks!

  • If it’s three games in HD with trophies for only 39.99, you can count me as a day one purchaser lmao.

  • @68
    My guess is they just took the X360/PC versions and dropped them into the Underworld Engine. No point in trying to rework the PS2 versions of Anniversary and Legend since X360 code is already running on a cross platform engine. Compile and go.


    ‘TimeSplitters’ 1 + 2 + 3 in HD! ! ! ;P

  • Are Legend and Anniversary going to be remasters of the ps2 versions or ports of the xbox 360 versions?

  • Can we please have somebody from sony come on here and specify what versions we are getting and if we are getting the dlc that was the 360 version

  • Bigguy82 | January 6th, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Can we please have somebody from sony come on here and specify what versions we are getting and if we are getting the dlc that was the 360 version


    yea what about the beneath the lies dlc or whatever it was called.. i was really lookin forward to that after i beat the game but by the time it actually does release no one will care about it and they’ll have to give it out free cuz the game is like what 12 bucks used now

  • if anything im waitin for that splinter cell collection.. i never played any of them and never really cared to have a pc or stupid xbox just to play them

    now i can enjoy them on the only system i own.. if they do actually release

  • I, too, am hoping the 360-exclusive Underworld DLC is on this disc.

    @20, I hope they go all-out as well, above and beyond the 360’s versions. native 1080p rendering @ 30fps and 24-bit/48khz audio would be nice :)

    Re-rendering the cutscenes in bluray quality is a no-brainer, of course.

  • People, EVERY new game has trophy support. It’s insane that this question is even asked anymore.

  • Well, that’s cool SE, can we get an FF Collection and Kingdom Hearts Collection next?

    That would be super awesome.

  • Awesome. I am grabbing this =)

  • any trophies??!!

  • Cool. Maybe I’ll pick it up. Prince of Persia Trilogy comin’ to disc in the U.S.?

  • Trophies are required so all three games will have them. Great package of content like the Home items but a static theme in 2011? Dynamic theme is the only way to go in this era.

  • @36, And? Square Enix owns Eidos, thus owns Tomb Raider. Nothing funny about ignorance my friend.

  • what the hell?! at least most people know 2 of the best tomb raider games where the original 1 and 2….I dont get it.

  • Uh, weren’t these already in HD on the 360?

    Why are they calling it HD, when these games were already in HD?

  • Actually @mikedo2007 that episodic content from the 360 version of Anniversary, is just the whole game in parts, its no different then the full game on disc.

    I have no idea why they chose to do that, but there ya go.

  • I think $29.99 is a better price point for this collection.

  • will legend and anniversary be the same as the 360/PC versions? or will it be the PS2 versions just rendered in HD?

  • Tomb Raider suck… Lara Croft became irrelevant once Nathan Drake came to PS3.

  • And thus, I am excited.

  • Wow thank you for all of the feedback (good and bad). I’ll be back with answers for everyone as soon as possible!

    • Wow thank you for all of the feedback (good and bad). I’ll be back with answers for everyone as soon as possible!

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