The Tomb Raider Trilogy HD Exclusively on PS3 March 22nd

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Tomb Raider Trilogy

Happy New Year everyone! Last month we revealed the new Tomb Raider in the December issue of Game Informer. Personally I’m thrilled about the new direction Crystal Dynamics is taking Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise overall. There is so much great stuff planned, I CANNOT wait until we can divulge more info.

Tomb Raider Trilogy


If all this talk about Tomb Raider is making you nostalgic for the previous titles, I have great news ─ you’ll get to revisit three of them in The Tomb Raider Trilogy. Included are remastered HD versions of Anniversary and Legend as well as the final chapter in the trilogy Underworld. In addition, The Tomb Raider Trilogy includes an exclusive static theme pack, Lara Croft and Viking Thrall avatars for PlayStation Home as well as trailers that go behind the scenes of all three titles.

When can you get your hands on this awesomeness? The Tomb Raider Trilogy will be available March 22 for $39.99.

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  • hell yaaaaaa

  • Hell yes! Sweet stuff! I assume trophy support as well?

  • Nice! Actually a big Tomb Raider fan but never got to experience Anniversary or Underworld (yes I realize I’m sort of contradicting myself :P). Will Underworld include the previously 360 exclusive DLC?

  • Nice,can’t wait!

  • Can’t wait for this :D

  • I already own all 3 of these games on the 360. I was hoping that this was going to be the original 3 from the original PS.

  • Sounds good. I’d like to ask Crystal Dynamics to consider making a remake of the Soul Reaver game. A super remake that can stand with games like Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden.

  • I love the graphics of Underworld, and of course Lara XD

  • So is Legend based on the 360 version of the game? That was the version that received a huge graphics makeover.

  • nice release! but let´s face it! tomb raider is boring, never liked it since psx, and the last thing i played in ps3 was worst than psx.

    but i hope fans still enjoy this so good luck everyone with it! :)
    i´ll be waiting for uncharted 3!

  • I’m definitely getting this! I was about to buy the digital download of TRU, TG I didnt!

    This is so EPICCCCC!!!!

  • More excited for Splinter Cell than Tomb Raider.

    Is the Splinter Cell trilogy exclusive to the PlayStation 3 as well?

    Any details?

  • Why is March 22nd such an important date for releases? I see it every year (cause it’s my birthdate :D )..

  • Finally, TR: Legend on PS3! Also excited to play Anniversary in HD.

  • I feel terrible for buying TRU on the PSN. I should have waited for this one. :(

  • Is it any different from playing those games on xbox? i.e. better graphics, more content?

  • This sounds nice
    Is this gonna be selled in germany too?

  • I have those 3 games on my xbox 360 and I would say that Anniversary is my favorite probably due to nostalgia from growing up with the original PS1 Tomb Raiders on PS1.

  • Also if possible, can we see Tomb Raider Chronicles released on PSN for PSP/PS3 as sort of anticipation or something?

  • Cool, I recently picked up Tomb Raider Underworld as part of the ESA Game Pack. Haven’t got around to playing it yet since I’ve been busy with other games. Depending on how Underworld turns out I might pick up this collection. I love the value consumers get from these collections, we can catch up, relive and expand our collections.

  • Cool, Will this be a retail game on one Blu-Ray disc? I will definitely get it if so. I’m really disappointed in the Prince of Persia remakes being only on PSN…If they bundled all three in a retail blu-ray disc, I’d get them for sure. And i wish these HD remakes would go as far as the Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath remake is going, with the awesome conversion of new polygons on the characters and really going all out.

  • This is nice since I only played the demos of these games and now I can get them enchanced on one Bluray at a cheap price.
    I may buy this.

    Too bad the males get the crappy viking Home costume instead of the Laura one. No love for the wanna be Laura Croft drag queens.

  • What about trophy support?
    Gosh there’s so much stuff out… it’s so hard to work my way up my games backlog.

  • nice!. I see there are lots of franchises which are now hitting the HD splendor, cant wait to see the ICO/Shadow of the colussus collection!!

  • wow.. this is great.. How about guardian of light ?

  • perfect gift for my girlfriend and then later ask her to borrow the game so i can play too.It’s a win win situation.trophies? dynamic themes? and avatars? please!!!

  • $39.99 for three games that can be bought for $5 each on Amazon or Gamestop?

    I know publishers love these HD collections because they can have some random studio do a quick port and have instant cash but come on. That price is ridiculous.

    Wanted it but now I’m definitely passing.

  • Awesome, I am happy getting all these HD collections!

    Only thing I dislike about them is that for some reason they feel the need to take the old box art and stick them together to make it look like some kind of pack of mini cereal boxes.

  • I already have Underworld on disc, but wouldn’t mind having the other two. I can always just sell Underworld. I’d assume there’s trophy support for the other two as well, since all the other HD collections have it.

  • @John_Oval & mlataupe

    ALL PS3 games get trophies unless they are Minis. Yes, every release of every game. Has been that way since 2008. It’s a Sony requirement.

    And considering that Underworld has it’s own set of trophies already, you can bet that the other two have full sets of their own. That means 3 Platinums! Yeah!

  • Why won’t you guys do a HD Collections for like:

    Devil May Cry
    Final Fantasy
    Kingdom Hearts
    Metal Gear Solid (have Metal Gear Solid, 2: Substance, 3: Subsistence,and 4: Guns of the Patroit on a 2 BluRay disc set.)

  • Came here hoping this would be the ORIGINAL trilogy… you know, Tomb Raider I-III, not some of the new games.

    For a moment I almost believed it…

  • Will be download on PSN like the prince of persia’s trilogy???

  • This is pretty cool news for fans of TR, are Legend and Anniversary going to have their own trophy sets (with platinums)? I kinda assume so since thats the trend with these remastered collections

    Kinda underwhelmed that underworld is included, just doesn’t seem necessary, I’d rather pay a little less and just get the other two…


  • im gonna pick this baby up in the ps store once it’s out i get my eyes on this rite now i can’t wait come one march 22 hurry up!!!!

  • Square Enix on the blog LOL:)

  • may i ask… are Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary including trophies?

  • I have never really played Tomb Raider, but, for $39.99 it sounds like a good time to start!

  • @ Everyone. Every game after a certain period has trophy support. Sony made it manditory.

    I’m deffinately picking this up. Of those three, I’ve only played Anniversary. Now my question: Is Underworld the same PS3 release or is it an upgraded version of the PS2 like I’m assuming the other games are?

  • Really excited about this. I never got around to anniversary, but really wanted to play it. I had Legend for PS2, but ya, ps2 lol. I was really close to rebuying all three off of steam this past month, but was holding out in hopes for something like this as I had a hunch. Buying these for my X360 simply was not an option, so I’m happy this is coming.

    Will this also be downloadable from the PS store? I know Underworld is already up, but is Anniversary and Legend going to join in on the downloadable fun?

    Is there any word on a Final Fantasy HD Collection? PSOne titles would be a neat trick (though I’d prefer remakes of FF7 and FF8), but I would really like just FFX, FFX-2, FFXII, and FFVIIDC included in an HD Collection.

    FF7 Compilation Set would be nice too with a FF7 remake *nudge nudge wink wink*, HD FF7CC, a Cloud Strife Figure, and of course Advent Children.

    FF6 remake?

    Keep the Collections coming, but bring us BC for those games that don’t make the cut.

  • Hopfully TRU will include the DLC. I will most likely rent this one since I just sold TRU

  • @26
    Your loss. However you need to consider something on your “games that can be bought for 5 dollars”.

    18 for Underworld for PS3
    20/13/4/25 for Anniversary for X360/PS2/PC/Wii
    52/10 for Legend for X360/PC(steam)

    This is amazon listings. Granted with a little thrifty shopping I have been able to find each for lower with the exception of Anniversary. Still no where near the prices you listed even used.

    In the end you have to ask yourself one question: Can I get Anniversary or Legend on PS3? The answer is no, you can’t. Instead of shafting us like they did with Star Ocean, by charging full price for an old game they are including all three on a single disc for 13.33 dollars a game.

  • I really wish they would remake all the arlier tomb Raider games for the ps3. That would be total awesome!! If not revolutions and coronicles then at least 1, 2, and three.

  • I’ll definitely be picking this up. I think it’s cool that these companies are remastering these classic games. It’s always fun to take a trip down memory lane. I’m really looking forward to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

  • Wow, Crystal Dynamics. A Tomb Raider release that isn’t a slap in the face to Playstation owners. Thanks, can’t wait for this!

  • @1: Such a pity that trophy support even needs to be a question.
    Is it or isn’t it mandatory policy now?

  • yes, this is awesome news. REALLY want TR Underworld 360 DLC….. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!

  • Like the others, I too want to see the 360 DLC for Underworld. Loved Legend on the GameCube and would like to play Anniversary without the Wii motion controls attached to the camera.

  • off topic, just trying to help
    i was wondering if you guys were to block firmware installs from a usb device if that would stop people from installing a custom firmware or at least slow it down till you guys figure out a better solution

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