DC Universe Online Beta Event: Battle of the Legends Today

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DC Universe Online for PS3

In recognition of our beta community’s great support and feedback and celebration of our impending 1/11/11 launch, SOE will be closing the DCUO beta on Wednesday, January 5 with a cataclysmic beta ending event, “Battle of the Legends.”

Based on the events revealed this summer in our “Who Do You Trust?” cinematic trailer, DCUO beta players can align and fight alongside or against some of DC Comics’ most legendary heroes and villains, including Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor and The Joker. Join us and take this last shot at creating your legacy! Become part of this epic conflict when it erupts on your server.

If for some reason you’re unable to attend, don’t worry – we’ll be updating you on the status of the battles on our Facebook page. And to sweeten the pot, some “legendary” guests of our own joining in on the fun, playing as the iconic characters:

At 7pm today — Wednesday January 5th — Jim Lee will defend humanity as “Future Batman” in the Botanical Gardens against the evil duo of IGN Editors Greg “Blue Business” Miller and Hilary “The Temp” Goldstein! PS3 beta gamers can jump in and assist the Dark Knight, or IGN, rain evil down on the universe!

Here’s the complete PS3 schedule:

US Beta Servers – Wednesday January 5

  • PS3 BETA 2 / Wednesday January 5 / 5PM PT / Botanical Gardens (Batman vs. Joker) or Centennial Park (Superman vs. Lex)
  • PS3 BETA 3 / Wednesday January 5 / 6PM PT / Botanical Gardens (Batman vs. Joker) or Centennial Park (Superman vs. Lex)
  • PS3 BETA 1 / Wednesday January 5 / 7PM PT / Botanical Gardens (Batman vs. Joker) or Centennial Park (Superman vs. Lex) *Once again, fight against Jim Lee aka The Future Joker, as he attempts to spawn chaos across the Universe!

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  • I already paid for my collectors edition so day one i will be playing and i probably wont stop until i can no longer play.

  • make it F2P and I get the game…. liked the beta

  • @kid commando// true $260 is alot for a game at one time. I also understand everyone dont have money to throw around like party paper.. But i also know that this dc online is very good and it will be well worth the price down the stretch as a gamer.. Becuase a life time sub at $200 is the lowest i ever seen it for a mmo.

    I also know the avg gamer has at least 20-30 ps3 games at 60$ a pop thats 1200-1800$ which is a lot of money.. Ima peeny pincher type of gamer and iF I spend $260 on this its well spend becuase i will play it night and day to get my money worth.. The game never ends.. Hopefully down the line there can be some type of way sony can give discounts on subs on mmo’s. Becuase i do see your points

  • I wish there was a Marvel Universe Online.

  • I’m looking forward in seeing how well DC Universe Online does. I know it’s a good game, not my genre, but a great look for Sony/Playstation.

    Rock on!

  • I’m in the beta!

    …Too bad my ps3 YLOD u_u

  • waiting for the event to occur…. there is nothing….

  • I just have one complaint: Why isn’t the PS3 version being offered a lifetime subscription? This is one thing keeping me from deffinately buying this game.

  • Omg I am SO sick of all the whining about the monthly fee!

    “Waaaaaahhhh I’m a poor console gamer who has never heard of an MMO before and I don’t think it’s fair that mean old SONY wants us to pay for the game AND help contribute to server maintenance/content updates. I also don’t know the difference between a beta and release code so I’m going to base my opinion that the game isn’t worth a subscription on the limited content and old code I’ve been allowed to play. Waaaahhhhhhh.”

    @18 – it’s a cross-platform game man, you want them to charge the PC players but not us for the same game? Get a grip.
    @27 – actually the UI and control interface WERE designed for consoles, read some of the old dev diaries or get a better tv to see the text or something.

    I came here hoping to read some feedback about the in-game event but instead it’s a bunch of the same ignorant bulls**t I’ve been reading since they announced the price structure. You don’t like it? Fine, simply don’t play. But please shut up about because I for one am sick and tired of your collective whining.

  • I missed it. I was out with friends. Still, I had a decent time with the beta. I would have liked for the characters to carry over into the retail game but that’s ok. If the lifetime charge applies to consoles and not just the PC, I may subscribe. For now though, I am on the fence and may only subscribe for a month or so at the $15 a month fee.

  • I can assure you one thing for sure as a F2P mmo retired player.
    You DO NOT want this to turn into a F2P. YOu will end up paying 5 times as much or a lot more, as they are asking for monthly. Trust me.. F2P is free to play.. but to compete at all with the elite or even progress in the game you need to spend money on armor, weapons, pets, crafting, yada yada etc.. I went back and looked at my transactions for a certain game (not going to mention cause they dont pay me for sponsorship:P) and I spent A LOT and the sad thing was I didnot know how much I actually spent. The real sad thing is there were people spending 10 times as much as I was which is unbelievable… So I would rather pay a sub then pay a “FREE2PLAY” game which are not so free. Just trust me..

  • I love your posts angeleus09 and JKRO. Being an big MMO player I agree with the both of you. I have seen lots of F2P mmos fail and ones that succeed are a lot more expensive than a monthly subscription. I am willing to pay for the service and content improvements. The company has to make money for the staff to do this somehow.

  • I have enough bills, I don’t need a bill for a game too. I have MMO games that are better then EQ & WOW, that are free. So what I am getting at is I will pay for the game but not monthly.

  • 15/month= no bueno… Hope they listen to the masses and lower the price. At least for ps plus members. If it went to 5/month I’d buy it. Even at that price though its 60 a year. Maybe ill just drop my psn account since it doesn’t seem worth it anyways? Lol

  • dear people who can’t read their is no lifetime fee for ps3 users just pc and updates are free not dlc , dlc in mmos are expansions and cost money to buy and you better hope.

    this game uses the same servers for pc and ps3 or the cheap and finicky ps3 crowd me included won’t pay for long rendering this game lonley and useless leading shut down servers.

    and if this is same servers and sony does offer ps3 a lifetime price remember APB!

    i remain skeptical until it works FF11 on xbox 360 didn’t work so great

  • Ok so DCUO is a great game tonnes of stuff to do and lots of cool options. Few things that is buggin me though, I keep gettin booted from the game even though im still online,game freezes a lot still and its almost impossible to do a Legend arena or any of the other Dutys! I do hope that these problems can be fixed. Since this is a game that i have to pay to keep playing !

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