DC Universe Online Beta Event: Battle of the Legends Today

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DC Universe Online for PS3

In recognition of our beta community’s great support and feedback and celebration of our impending 1/11/11 launch, SOE will be closing the DCUO beta on Wednesday, January 5 with a cataclysmic beta ending event, “Battle of the Legends.”

Based on the events revealed this summer in our “Who Do You Trust?” cinematic trailer, DCUO beta players can align and fight alongside or against some of DC Comics’ most legendary heroes and villains, including Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor and The Joker. Join us and take this last shot at creating your legacy! Become part of this epic conflict when it erupts on your server.

If for some reason you’re unable to attend, don’t worry – we’ll be updating you on the status of the battles on our Facebook page. And to sweeten the pot, some “legendary” guests of our own joining in on the fun, playing as the iconic characters:

At 7pm today — Wednesday January 5th — Jim Lee will defend humanity as “Future Batman” in the Botanical Gardens against the evil duo of IGN Editors Greg “Blue Business” Miller and Hilary “The Temp” Goldstein! PS3 beta gamers can jump in and assist the Dark Knight, or IGN, rain evil down on the universe!

Here’s the complete PS3 schedule:

US Beta Servers – Wednesday January 5

  • PS3 BETA 2 / Wednesday January 5 / 5PM PT / Botanical Gardens (Batman vs. Joker) or Centennial Park (Superman vs. Lex)
  • PS3 BETA 3 / Wednesday January 5 / 6PM PT / Botanical Gardens (Batman vs. Joker) or Centennial Park (Superman vs. Lex)
  • PS3 BETA 1 / Wednesday January 5 / 7PM PT / Botanical Gardens (Batman vs. Joker) or Centennial Park (Superman vs. Lex) *Once again, fight against Jim Lee aka The Future Joker, as he attempts to spawn chaos across the Universe!

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  • Boom!

  • Jim Lee will fall.

  • Sadly i just swapped had drives and thus it would take me a good day to re install the Beta and its not worth it when the game is gonna be delivered to me on the 11th :P

    GO HEROS!!!!

  • count me in!!!!!

  • Skinny will be there to save the day. Or Undead Nightmare, if I can fight along side the Joker.

  • @3 I’m in the same boat, I uninstalled to take a break prior to the launch and then I read this…. *slaps forehead*

    Can’t wait for Tuesday.

  • I gave up trying to download it, really wanted to play but takes too long for me.

  • I would love this game but…. as seen on Steam there’s a monthly fee to play…. will it be the same on PS3?

  • the game was fun at first it just got very repetitive like all other mmos and I just got bored with it and I deleted about a week ago because I needed the harddrive space

  • yes it cost $15 per month or $200 for lifetime

    hey bigboos712 it took me 2 days 2 download it and it was 17 gigs big

  • Yeah! DC Universe Rocks… Kill Jim Lee! >:)

  • No Fair!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i’ll buy the game when it gets free for plus subscribers

  • A mmo is worth the monthly fee you never have to buy dlc or none of that and world alwys expands for free. It’s more just a 1-2yr thing,, this mmo could last for 10 yrs or more.. So 200$ for lifetime fee and nver have to buy dlc or other area’s is a good dang deal.. With other mmo’s charging twice as much for 5 mths of play or even life time this is great deal. If your ammo type of guy/gal

    plus if you buy it you get 30 days free of charge which is a very good deal.. theres no rule to commit unless you want to. Your polayer always grow and there’s alwsy something to do and better servers that other games dont have..

  • I doubt the $15/month fee will ever be free for Plus Players.

  • 15$ a month is too steep… isn’t it?

  • I am there.

  • The MAAN (Married And Always Nagged) Clan (www.maanclan.com) currently has 888 members and we are very upset over the announced subscription fees for DC Universe Online. Many of us have played the beta and enjoyed it but we are not going to pay $15/month or the $199 lifetime subscription fee. The monthly subscription fee should be much lower than $15 – especially for PS Plus members. In fact, many of us would like to see a $5/month subscription fee for PS Plus members. In our view, SOE is sorely mistaken if it feels that that the announced subscription fees are the correct method for introducing the first MMORPG to the PS3. SOE must remember that console gamers are not accustomed to paying subscription fees for games. We are different than PC gamers!

  • I will be there for the battle!

  • This game is pretty decent, but will end up getting shut down sooner rather than later. $15 subscription fee and bugs/issues that still need to be fixed in the PS3 client anyways. Enjoy paying $60 for a game still in beta.

  • You guys are dumb, its not rare for MMOs to charge 15 a month. There is so much to do in MMOs.

  • The game seems great and all but if I wanted to pay $60 a year to play online I would just buy an XBOX

  • i can’t wait, im so lucky i did’nt go ahead and delete the beta earlier today like i was ^_^

  • The beta was a lot of fun! But no game justifies paying full price for the game itself plus $15 per month. Get rid of the $15 per month subscription and you’ll get a sale from me (and many others who feel the same way)…

  • $15 too steep.

    Get the hell over yourselves you cheap ass muthas.

    $15 a month for a game that you can devote all your gaming attention to for years.

    Best value in gaming.

    Go back to school and learn something. You embarrass yourselves and the rest of us.

  • @mcbuttz78 yes you do have 2 buy new content it is called expansion in every mmo that I have played had expansion that you have to by even couple of them was the cost of the game hell right now the expansion 4 WOW cost $40 and I expect dcu would have expansion 2 and all they are is new area but you will be doing the same thing there

  • One of the best openings for a game I’ve seen in a long time. Too bad the game has many problems and then there’s the monthly fee too..

  • Having played the beta, as well as many other MMO’s (beta & paid)- I predict by summer the client will be free & the pricing model changed to micro-transactions. There’s just not enough to justify $60 & $15 a month. Too many bugs, a UI not designed for consoles, not enough content, a very small world that people will very quickly get bored with, there’s already too many MMO’s.

  • i cant wait to get this game next week. im hoping to meet new friends in this game as well:)

  • Eh. It’s going on right during the time that I have other crap to do. I’ll be missing most of this, but thanks for the free ride in the beta.

  • Loved the beta, but I can’t justify spending $60 for the game and then $15 a month just to play it.

    $60 game

    11 months (first month free) x $15 = $165

    so that would be $225 to play this game for a year. I understand it’s an MMO and the pricing is somewhat normal, but that is just too much money to spend on a single game in my eyes.

    Not complaining, not hating, just giving feedback as a customer.

  • If I do decide to buy this game and when the free 30 day offer is over. What other payment menthods will you be offering for me to continue to play this game? If your only asking for a credit card and not psn cards or pay-pal, Then im sorry but im gonna have to skip this game cause I really dont like to be giving out my credit card information.

  • why would they end the game on a wednesday? After playing the game I cannot justify $15 a month for this game when there are better games that do not require a monthly fee to play.
    When they announced playstaion + didn’t they say that the subscription to it would help with monthly fees of online games?

  • Th game was fun but $15 a month is a bit steep when there are other monthly fees you are paying…it all adds up when you are the one that pays the bills. $5 a month sounds a lot more reasonable to me.

  • Why do people complain about a beta. a beta is for fixing and finding bugs inthe game, its not a full clean version ready for play. beta’s are used to get your foot inthe door as a Q&a type of job feild mostly., its not early full game playing like the trend as of late with these dev’s.. Your job inthe beta is to help the game become better.. shesh and The 1st month is free when you buy it.. If want to to support after wards then do so if not oh well..

    ANd yes the dlc/expansion pack is/are free@25. from what i understand.. Becuase you already are paying for them with your monthly sub.

    @30 that just the 1st year.. if pay the 2o0 $ life time, you never have to pay anything as long you own the game so thats alot of savings if look at it from that angle. The servers will be much more better and worth it.. yes 5$ a mth would be nice but let be realistic every mmo out there is charging 15$or more.. I have seen some 30$ a mth and 1500$ life time fees and you dont dlc content free either. SO 200$ is a steal with free dlc and all.

  • Monthly subscription = no chance of a purchase.

  • @10 etur0, eesh i might leave it on overnight to see if it gets anywhere lol

  • Why aren’t PS3 owners given the option for a lifetime subscription like the PC gamers?

  • That. Was. One. BADASS. Trailer.

  • @korbei83

    While you might find it a game to play for “years”, realistically, people won’t play it for “years”. And $15 isn’t much money, except when you figure out the cost of that for the year which is $180. Now multiply that by “years” and you’ll be spending several hundreds of dollars on a single game. So why don’t YOU “go back to school and learn something.”

  • @34 mcbuttz78

    260 dollars is STILL too much money to spend on one game for a lifetime. What if you get tired of the game after a few months? What if support for the game doesn’t match the price you are paying?

    If you see value in that deal, then by all means – go for it! I would prefer to put that money toward other games for the year.

    The only game I have played for over a year straight was Warhawk. The cost for the game with all the DLC was maybe around $80-$90. I can find enjoyment in plenty of other games for the year without feeling buyers remorse.

    Again, for me, I just can’t justify a monthly fee OR a lifetime subscription. Cool for you though if you think the value is there.

  • and the Villains Shall Lead!!!! but not at $60 for the game disc and $15 a month… most id pay is $5 a moth and Im a PS+ member

  • I agree with the masses on this one. I played the beta, and it is still full of bugs. I dont think it is ready to be put out yet. Paying $60 upfront for the game and then $15 a month after the first month is not a very good deal. a discount for plus members would be nice. I dont see myself buying this, with KZ3, Socom, coming out etc… and I can play all of those for free online. I guess I would rather pay for DLC than a monthly fee. That is why I use the PSN and not Live. Its a neat, intresting game, but it wont see the game time that I put into others.

  • Dam i didnt get download this as my PS + Expired b4 i can download this, i should of chosen 1 year instead of 3 months

  • day one buy for me but i must be satisfied by the game or else will return it

  • Well I’m in like Flynn and this event will be awesome! My heroes name is Royalwing and my league name is “The Sweeps.” As for the monthly flees, I will just have to try it out to see how it turns out. The first month will be free and as for other games coming to PS3 in 2011, I will not be able to get every game on their launch day anyway. The world will not end if I slow down my game buying pace to play this game.

  • Beta was fun but nowhere near $15/month fun. Shame. This game had a lot of potential…

  • Loved the beta but $60 plus sub is too steep. I would get it if sub was $4.99 or so but I’m a family man and this is an expense I cant justify along with my plus subscription.

  • I played the beta a lot in the past three weeks and I got to say it getting repetitive fast. I will pass at 60$ I would have at least expected 3 to 6 months free but 30 days that just insulting.

  • I can see buying the game IF it also had a single player game – and that you can purchase the monthly fee on a monthly basis.

    Shame PS3 can’t do the lifetime subscription – and that the PC version *disc* is only $50.00 and they can do the lifetime subscription

    I enjoyed the beta – but had many issues with freezing and lagging as late as this morning – and really don’t see it being ready for a 1/11 release – unless they held back.

    Rumor’s are you can’t go above a level 30? True or False?

    I deleted my beta version this morning – even after hearing about this event – I can only see MFLI *massive freeze lag issues* – so there was no way I would have attended.

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