A Life of Luxury in the PlayStation Home Mansion + New Hudson Spaces & Mall Update

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Calling all rock stars, leading ladies, big ballers, shot-callers and connoisseurs of all that is fine and all that is fun! This Thursday, January 6th you will finally get a chance to show the world your status as true members of the PlayStation Home elite when we release what is undoubtedly the ultimate gaming pad – the super-pimp and uber-posh Home Mansion. This epic estate is Home’s first expandable personal space (the first floor releases this week; additional levels and rooms will be available soon) comes complete with exclusive clothing items (check out the gold loungewear!), a built-in gifting machine (so you can spread the wealth and love amongst your friends), some of the finest furniture items money can buy (including a state-of-the-art Home TV), and even your own pet tiger (Markus – the head of the Home Mansion’s security team).

Check out this guided tour that my main man Magnus Keynes put together showcasing all the features that come with the new Home Mansion – available this Thursday, January 6th from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall.

Two new Hudson Gate spaces are being unveiled this Thursday – the Bomberman Dome and the Hudson Theater. Within the Bomberman Dome you’ll find a new Bomberman- themed game, where you and your friends will take part in a survival challenge and race through a bomb-laden maze, collecting keys to unlock new levels while avoiding strategically-placed explosives.

PlayStation Home: Hudson

In other news, the PlayStation Home Mall receives a huge update this week with classic games for your personal spaces (we’re talking multiple versions of checkers), male and female “Astronaut” costumes, everyone’s favorite fortune teller “Shandor” (because every house needs its own soothsayer), a slew of fashionable clothing items for the guys and the gals courtesy of our friends over at Lockwood (pictured below), a Dragon’s Lair personal space (huzzah!), and two new cat companion items for all you animal lovers (including the adorable Chairman Meow).

PlayStation Home: Lockwood PlayStation Home: Lockwood2

PlayStation Home: Companion2 PlayStation Home: Companion1

No week would be complete without an update to the GlassWalls’ Community Theater. Swing by this week to catch up on PS Nation’s game reviews, Hip Hop Gamer’s golden gaming commentary, and watch a brand new episode of GamerIndepth’s “ShoutOuts” (featuring Alex from Lockwood).

Last but certainly not least, we’ll be airing The Tester 2 marathon in the PlayStation Home Theater this week (complete with the famous “Game Over” rewards associated with each episode). Log in to PlayStation Home this week to watch through the entire season and collect all the rewards while you still have a chance!

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  • Magnus just said in the forums it is $14.99. It seems worth it to me. It is reward heavy.

  • @49 Gekito Meadow

  • I don’t know why you guys are believing someone named MCBUTTZ over the pricing scheme. It’s not $5. Here is the pricing for all 4 spaces, from Home Business Guru, Magnus_Keynes:

    “The first space is $14.99, the second is $9.99, and the last two are $4.99 each.”

  • “””The Mansion will release in three stages. The First Floor is coming out first, then the Infinity Pool, then two separate spaces are coming out last at the same time – the Second Floor (with game room) and the Garage. No matter which space you buy first, the pricing is always the same. The first space is $14.99, the second is $9.99, and the last two are $4.99 each.”””

  • pretty kool crib! funny video too!!!

  • I’m begging pl z put legend of dragoon up sometime very soon.
    It torture not being able 2 play it because i don’t read or live in japan

    when it came out it sold over 960,000 copies, and that was by 2007.

    Please i’m begging you on my knees

  • PlayStation Mansion is an expandable space whose parts will be purchasable on a sliding scale. According to Magnus,

    “The Mansion will release in three stages. The First Floor is coming out first, then the Infinity Pool, then two separate spaces are coming out last at the same time – the Second Floor (with game room) and the Garage. No matter which space you buy first, the pricing is always the same. The first space is $14.99, the second is $9.99, and the last two are $4.99 each.”

    More details from the actual forum post at

    SCEA appears to be marketing this space primarily on the concept that it’s more like an in-Home game activity than just an ordinary apartment.

  • @Back_In_Brown, Yes, there are a lot of freebies. And you can give your friends golden goodies too! Nice huh?

  • @Feral_Dragon

    so are you a Furry or a Homeling?? i’m so confused! lol jk jk

  • @IceCreamBandit

    Lol, just an animal lover who`s tired of all the skimpy outfits. I`m not dissing the Home Team`s work though, I appreciate the amount of work they put into Home and how they respond to our feedback, but I`m just not into playing Barbie. Never was, as a kid I played with stuffed animals lol.

  • Locust – Just to tie up a loose end here, what will be happening to the Winter Wonderland space tomorrow in the update? I personally was able to enjoy all that WW was able to offer but we were just wondering. :-)

    Will those who missed out on some of the Christmas tasks during the holidays be able to get in a recap, before the space leaves? Thanks.


  • *presses Caps Lock for you*

  • Hey Locus_Star!!!

    Any news of Play Station Home for Mexico Region (4)??? Are they ever gonna develop it???

    I have checked all that stuff and it seems pretty cool to me!!! But sadly we are not able to try it on our PSN service…

    We ALL users from Mexico will be so happy to know about that!!!

    Happy Holydays!!!

  • is the garage and the pool sections are going to be sold separately or is goin to be all for the same price :)

  • a [DELETED] delete option in home to delete all the crappy items, clothes, and private spaces you want to burn down in home. hurry up u lazy!!!

  • WOW $35 bucks for everything for the Mansion.. can I say CHA-CHING for you guys haha

  • i toured the house but couldnt tell, can i control the TV the Same way like the Loot Yacht and SPE Hollywood House? Also any time frame when the videos in all said spaces updated, maybe even via that HDK “sandbox”/”Back Door”.

    I love the Streaming Video Spaces, You can find me at that Yach i cant spel, let alone pronounce! :( lol

  • no disco room? pass

  • I’ll buy Plus instead of this. You don’t get any for this things -___-

  • I want to make sure of a few things.

    1. Each purchased “part” of the mansion holds the 50 limit furniture with 2 active.

    2. These “parts” of the mansion are actually connected. I can go from upstairs to downstairs to pool without my friends being booted out of the upstairs “part”.

    If both of these things are true the price seems to be ok. Also in the future on these premium type Home merchandise maybe you could kick out some discounts to PlayStation Plus Subscribers. Home is very uninvolved with PS+ Its one of the most disappointing aspects of PS+. Even just a 10% discount on new items would be really cool.

  • very Americanised.. this trailer is like watching a reality TV show..
    and fur is NOT COOL.. it is disgusting!

  • it looking awsome

  • If you want me & others to go back to Home, make some social integrations with Home, PSN and Facebook. Otherwise it’s just not that useful to us.

  • What does the TV do aside from turn off and on? *crossing fingers for long awaited video playback that was displayed long ago* Even though I know it’s not it :(

  • Some people would buy Horse manure if you bagged it up for them,lmao i expect it would be gold horse manure if sony have anything to do with it.

  • everything on there is super cool EXCEPT: that damn hip-hop gamer crap, and i mean that. Then also when are you all going to update the music in Central Plaza? Please please do so because that stuff you got in there is uber old and the hip-hop mess needs to go completely…keep the house and club dance music

  • yeah and also what about the “TV” in the personal spaces…how about let me watch movies on there from my hard drive and invite people to the crib to watch as well…boost your PS home users 10fold and then maybe let us watch our netflix accounts in there too….that’d be super cool

  • $35!?

    That totally seems worth it. /s

  • Hello IceCreamBandid, i did what you said i put everything i have for my MALE avatar in storage , then went to my regular FEMALE avatar try to put some stuff in storage and some back into my regular things i wear or wil wear and still says ” I HAVE RUN OF ROOM ” i have a lot of ITEMS , and this is really
    P…. ME ….OFF . the limit for items to put in storage has to go up, as well as for FURNITURE,i dont understand whats so difficult about making the number of stuff you can put in storage go up, we can send ROVERS to far away planets, and clone animals , but you cant up the limit in storage,this is a joke .

  • I just got the mansion, one thing I see is that its darker than the one i was shown, very dim lights, nothing shinning, does anyone have that problem?

  • Um….$35 for a virtual space?……I’ll pass.

  • I remember when they asked us what our ideas were and I threw this one out. Don’t know if they thought of it before I got the chance to speak on it, but I was sure glad to hear it was coming out.

    I was thinking about purchasing the entire thing when all of it hits the store. But when you think of it, $14.99, $9.99, $4.99, and $4.99 again. The entire thing is around $35! That’s dang near a brand new PS3 GAME! I was really digging Home. But now, it’s more so about buying stuff than actually enjoying it.

    We can put all sorts of pics that are on our hard drive into picture frames, but we can’t watch the vids on our Hard Drive in Home, nor can we play the music we have on our hard drive in Home. The could’ve made it so that the only music you can listen to is what you purchase through the new music service they’re gonna have, or only vids you can watch is what you buy from the actual PS Store Video section. But trailers and the wacky diddle music they have in home (The music at the mall is insulting.)is a major turn off at times.

  • loadstone007 | January 6th, 2011 at 5:42 am

    “If you want me & others to go back to Home, make some social integrations with Home, PSN and Facebook. Otherwise it’s just not that useful to us.”

    This here^^^^!!!! ON POINT!!!!!

  • wada concept?!?!
    perhapz diz can expand 4 lyke a yer, if it ever find a tyme were it HAZ GOT TO stop X(
    there should be Home Castle, Home Hotel, Home Fortress etc.
    Or they could sit alongside Home Mansion X)


  • Antelope rugs?? Way to discourage the illegal trade in animal species, Sony.

  • I just bought the mansion very hotttt people buy this space you get free stuff too:)

  • I bought the Mansion & intend to buy the add-ons. It’s a just-for-fun space & reminds me of old mansions I visited (as a tourist) in Saratoga FL & Newport RI. As to price: it’s less than a lot of shooters. Whether or not it’s worth it to you is each person’s choice. Mine came with a *tigress* which I named Marquesa. I wish: I could put up more than 3 pictures; my avatar could sit without deactivating Toby; for more than 50 items. A few pieces of furniture, plants, and some buffet food & drink ran me quickly into that OOPS limit. I like Amaterasu best! I still can enjoy the Mansion.

  • cant believe dey actually mentioned bomb-laden, loool XO

  • home sucks.

  • When is new up to date music going to updated to the boom box?

  • Will PS3 home have pets like dogs or some other kind of pet for men?

  • Is there a list of free items for the PS3 home store?

  • I bought 8 homes already on PS3home what do I have to do to get a free home????

  • how about releasing the same [DELETED] in both US and EU. I feel left out. the 6 jan. update didnt come. no godfather 2 space etc. Hook us up sony and stop putting EU in the last place!

  • ” SpyDudeFX | January 5th, 2011 at 4:09 pm
    How much for the mansion? Is SingStar space gonna get fixed? The store in the back doesn’t load, it fails. And Big Fazeek and War Princess shirts that went MIA are coming? ”

    The Mansion is $14.99 for the 1st Level, each additional level might be $10 or less.

  • you should think about changing the tigers name it looks more like a girl with that diamond necklace roooaaar

  • It would be great if I could ever use Home, but 4 years ago when I got my ps3 I decided to be a subaccount and use my real age and connect it to an account I made for my mom, assuming that it would automatically become a regular account when I turned 18. Well, it didn’t and I refuse to make a new account because I would lose all of my trophies and have to re-add all of my friends. Please do something to fix this.

  • Can i get a Toaster in my mansion???

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