A Life of Luxury in the PlayStation Home Mansion + New Hudson Spaces & Mall Update

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Calling all rock stars, leading ladies, big ballers, shot-callers and connoisseurs of all that is fine and all that is fun! This Thursday, January 6th you will finally get a chance to show the world your status as true members of the PlayStation Home elite when we release what is undoubtedly the ultimate gaming pad – the super-pimp and uber-posh Home Mansion. This epic estate is Home’s first expandable personal space (the first floor releases this week; additional levels and rooms will be available soon) comes complete with exclusive clothing items (check out the gold loungewear!), a built-in gifting machine (so you can spread the wealth and love amongst your friends), some of the finest furniture items money can buy (including a state-of-the-art Home TV), and even your own pet tiger (Markus – the head of the Home Mansion’s security team).

Check out this guided tour that my main man Magnus Keynes put together showcasing all the features that come with the new Home Mansion – available this Thursday, January 6th from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall.

Two new Hudson Gate spaces are being unveiled this Thursday – the Bomberman Dome and the Hudson Theater. Within the Bomberman Dome you’ll find a new Bomberman- themed game, where you and your friends will take part in a survival challenge and race through a bomb-laden maze, collecting keys to unlock new levels while avoiding strategically-placed explosives.

PlayStation Home: Hudson

In other news, the PlayStation Home Mall receives a huge update this week with classic games for your personal spaces (we’re talking multiple versions of checkers), male and female “Astronaut” costumes, everyone’s favorite fortune teller “Shandor” (because every house needs its own soothsayer), a slew of fashionable clothing items for the guys and the gals courtesy of our friends over at Lockwood (pictured below), a Dragon’s Lair personal space (huzzah!), and two new cat companion items for all you animal lovers (including the adorable Chairman Meow).

PlayStation Home: Lockwood PlayStation Home: Lockwood2

PlayStation Home: Companion2 PlayStation Home: Companion1

No week would be complete without an update to the GlassWalls’ Community Theater. Swing by this week to catch up on PS Nation’s game reviews, Hip Hop Gamer’s golden gaming commentary, and watch a brand new episode of GamerIndepth’s “ShoutOuts” (featuring Alex from Lockwood).

Last but certainly not least, we’ll be airing The Tester 2 marathon in the PlayStation Home Theater this week (complete with the famous “Game Over” rewards associated with each episode). Log in to PlayStation Home this week to watch through the entire season and collect all the rewards while you still have a chance!

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6 Author Replies

  • Yay! Mansion! And I got $50 PSN card – now I know what to spend it on! Keep rocking the PS Home, guys! You’re awesome!

  • But at @1:03 it sounds a bit too.. “stereotypical” no? Still, awesome space! Can’t wait!

  • Dear Home Team…

  • Happy New Year! Any way you can tell us how much the mansion will be? Need to know how much of a psn card to buy.

  • does anyone know how much the Mansion is ?

  • How much for the mansion? Is SingStar space gonna get fixed? The store in the back doesn’t load, it fails. And Big Fazeek and War Princess shirts that went MIA are coming? Thx

    • You’ll have the ability to unlock the Big Fazeek and War Princess shirts by watching the Tester 2 marathon in the Home Theater.

  • Dear Home Team…

    Just a few question…

    1.Will there ever be a Q&A (Question and Answers) day soon?
    2.How much is the mansion and the other floors?
    3.Will any of the core spaces, example the Bowling Alley space and mall be renovated?
    4.Any information on expending the furniture limit?

    Thanks for the update! Hoping to buy tons of estates soon!

    • 1. Magnus, GW, and I are in the forums fielding questions about the Mansion now…
      2. Pricing details can be found here: http://bit.ly/fqMh4I
      3. We have no information to share at this time.
      4. We have no information to share at this time.
      5. Thank you!

  • Hey Locust_Star, when will we finally see a light of the day on subtitles being provided in PS HOME???? I mean, seriously- you have every videos, every movies and every events will finally have the options for us to turn on subtitle on or off???? Please make that happen for us. I am sorely disappointed in you for not doing anything like that, but oh well. It’s you, I guess…

  • Oh is that new football uniform shown in the vid coming tomorrow too?

  • The mansion, new hudson space & checkers, not a bad update ;).

  • question when the other levels of the house come out will we have to buy each level or do we have to unlock them??

  • I say KDJislife should have done the video. :)

  • I’d like to know how much the Mansion and upper floor will cost us each,Locust.

  • woah crow cowl jersey

  • Do you have a preview of dragons lair?

  • Anyone who thinks the Mansion is gonna be any less then 9.99 for each section needs to get back to reality.

    Other then that When are we going to get the shrinking cake we were promised months ago?

  • The Home Community Volunteers have been giving you guys so many tours of the new mansion space the past couple of weeks with awesome feedback. I hope you all got your early sneak-peek tours, now you can own it for yourself tomorrow!

  • I like that you are adding the Home TV to spaces now, I hope to see it expanded soon like to Netflix and Pandora and they can be bought for personal spaces without the Home TV and can be put on the wall like a picture frame.

  • Also, where did the EA spaces go?? lol

  • NorSoSlient shut up i hate noobs like u. its going to be $4.99 due to since its EACH PEICE therefore it will be cheap if it was 1 one it would be over $9.99 u get back to reality noob

  • another “bling” abomination, with a likely “exclusive” price tag.

    aaand an old Home Japan space. Woo

    Glad I spent my holidays in home Japan and got to see 5-6 spaces get modified about 2-3 times each for the winter/x-mas/new year thing While NA was home was left for dead.

    The night Irem mods were very beautiful, especially the night time beach

    I wish our home would give out a little more love to Irem. Hell the asian home has most of our lockwood stuff now…

  • Oh my God, it’s Bomberman: Act Zero all over again! AAAAH! AAAAAAAH!

  • Dragon’s Lair personal space is going to have something to compete with the mansion

  • not that i didn’t have a blast giving the 2 or 3 b’zillion tours of the Mansion….buuuuut….FINALLY!


  • hahaha
    here, have this big ass mansion that you can fill one room up with because of our tiny furniture cap. but hey! there’s a pool and a garage you can hang around in!….. in like 5 months.

    nothing but quality per usual..

  • The Mansion arrives fully furnished. Plus it still has the 50-piece limit for furniture, and an additional two spaces for active items. Nobody will ever feel that this space is empty.

  • also…there are only 5 rewards you can give away >.>

    video says 6…uh oh.

  • @15 Anyone who buys the mansion in the first place needs to get back to REALITY.

  • @27 dc4daniel Anyone who comes on a blog just to bash people who buy what’s advertised on the blog, need to get back to REALITY.

  • well, the hundreds of, if not thousand+ (yeah we’ve been busy), Home users who have checked it out during the tours are totally stoked about it. Pretty much everyone we’ve shown it to are dying to pick this up.

    ..better start writing those reality checks now, mate ~_o

  • lol kudos to you, dan

    This mansion is a complete waste of money, especially since you have to buy all the spaces seperately and it’s not even all in 1. You have to change spaces everytime you wanna head to a different part of the mansion. That’s so great.

  • on that note Happy year of the rabbit from Home JP


    I’m the Black Rock Shooter and my friend is the Hatsune Miku (Costumes we will NEVER get)

    Also here is the new year beach, I forgot to take a picture of the xmas night one ; ;


  • Hello Locust and staff, i know you guys must be exausted from your 2 weeks vacation but is just plain RUDE no answer 6 to 9 comments out of 60 plus.I been asking for the longest to up the number of ITEMS we can put in our Personal spaces, also the up the number of items we can put in storage, i have more than 500 pieces of clothing and more than 500 pieces of furniture and everytime i get something new, it tells me that i have too many things, that i need to put something in storage, i dont know who had the BRIGHT IDEA of putting a limit to storage, sooner or later it becomes obsolete.

  • Save your breath, erickafollie.

    They don’t want to increase the furniture limit.

    They want to you spend your money buying multiple personal spaces to actually be able to put out everything, but not display it all at once.

    They have the ability to do it, but they won’t cuz they want your money.

  • If you guys are gonna put a limit as to how many things can be in storage , then dont make new things for us to buy. I dont understand why all these new Personal Spaces have TVs if the only thing we can see are TRAILERS of a minute and a half….LAME if you want to, check out my account and you can verify how much stuff i got, A LOT …stop this nonsense of a limited storage, also i dont get why you keep making all this ACTIVE items for our personal spaces when you can only use 2 and the 50 items or less per personal space, its ridiculous , it has to be to 60 at least, when is DIESEL store is getting an update ?

  • on that note Happy year of the rabbit from Home JP

    h ttp://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n203/darkpawz/Desu/PlayStationHome1-4-20110-13-38.jpg

    I’m the Black Rock Shooter and my friend is the Hatsune Miku (Costumes we will NEVER get)

    Also here is the new year beach, I forgot to take a picture of the xmas night one ; ;

    h ttp://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n203/darkpawz/Desu/PlayStationHome1-4-20110-17-09.jpg

  • If you are too busy to reply a comment then hire someone to do it , or i should just email LOCKWOOD PUBLISHING, CODEGLUE, etc,etc,etc and let them know what members problems are, also i will make calls and email whoever i have to in order to get a simple answer and not the STAY TUNE!! This is beyond ridiculous, we are paying members , at least i am , i love shopping but in this dire economy i want my money to be spent in something wothwhile and if i have a problem i want someone to have answers for me , and not have to repeat my comments every week because someone just doesnt have the decency to REPLY .


  • @IceCreamBandit – There are Six golden rewards for the owner, that’s counting the robe. That’s all the text meant. :P

  • Welcome back and happy 2011 Home Team!

    A few questions for ya:
    1) How much is The Mansion?
    2) Has the dining table been “fixed” and if not, does the dev team intend to? It’s pretty silly to have a table that looks like it seats 10, but really seats 0.
    3) Will the Winter Wonderland tasks repeat themselves like they did in EU last year?
    4) Will NA Homies get a chance to collect last year’s Winter Wonderland presents, since it wasn’t available in this region last year? Santa’s Sack in EU’s version of Central Plaza is filled with last year’s prizes. Where are ours?
    5) How much is the black cat? I want one! :D

  • @erickafollie

    assuming you only use an avatar of one gender. just take a few mins to switch the gender you don’t use. add ALL their items to the storage. you may not purchase items for that gender, but all those free tshirts etc that you get for each both count toward the 500 item total for your active inventory.

  • @ Soph. oh i know i know. i have that robe too remember ~_o.

    but can you argue that there won’t be people going “give me the other one! the video said six!!” lol

  • typical that with all the exclusive items this would come, well at least now its something actually worth my money.. hopefully the poster above wont have an ego attack and have me banned again before i can see it

  • The mansion is 5$.. yes you read correct it 5$.. did mention the ps home mansion is 5$.. hahaha.. im balling tomar big time, tell glasswallz i said wast up!!!!. and keep up the great work… If i could only manage to work the new playstaion underground site.. I would post alot of ps home ideas like i always do.. But i cannt seem to find any thing any more..(sections) or topics..It so darn confusing, its very hard to use and it feels like closet casket.

  • let’s see, i havent had my PS3 since Nov 23rd….been sent 2 replacement in that time, where the 1st one last 3 hrs, then went YLOD…..sent that back, got the next replacement, and went YLOD as soon as I turned it on…

    Now, still waiting for the THIRD replacement to be sent back. Jesus Christ almighty, I got 8 weeks of friggan PS STORE, PS PLUS PS Rewards updates, and now even MORE HOME updates….unreal….

  • The thing is you get rewards and people who visit you get rewards. It is up to you whether you want to be the giver or receive some of the items once. With all these rewards, I expect this space will be expensive. It is worth more than the gold suit. I wouldn’t be surprised if it cost more.

  • Items are getting too expensive, no way I`m shelling out $10 for an outfit or personal space. Glad the mansion is the normal $5 but I`m still gonna pass. I don`t like any of the bling stuff or bikinis and skirts, sorry. I`d rather walk around as the cool tiger.

    Home Team, turn my avatar into a tiger like that or a wolf and you`ll never hear another complaint from this Homeling again. Please? I don`t want anything else.

  • Cool to see the Mansion being released. Got a tour from many HCV Guides.

  • wait a sec wait a sec, $5. now i definately gotta get it, good thing ill be at gamestop anyway this weekend for an unrelated reason

  • nice 1 LS :) u rock dude. such a good wait for me and my friend for this space hehe. great job on this weeks
    upday, hope your holidays were good. only 1 question, do u know if we will ever see japans irem rpg space?ty :)

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