Happy New Year from PlayStation.Blog!

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I wanted to use the last post of 2010 to take a quick look back and talk a bit about what we’re working on for early next year.

2010 has been a year of tremendous growth for the PlayStation Social Media program – average weekly page views have nearly doubled (to about 2 million), our Twitter followship has multiplied by a factor of more than 5 (to about 573K), and – this is the crazy one – Facebook fans have multiplied by over 10x (to 7.6 million). In a not-unrelated development, we added Sid and Rey to our team which have enabled us to be more responsive via those channels, place our videos on the front pages of IGN and Gametrailers, as well as publish roughly 10 extra stories per week. We were also named a Top 5 entertainment blog by Technorati, which tracks such things.

I’m also particularly proud of our PlayStation.Blog Share feature, which launched last Spring. Many tens of thousands you have participated, and more than 50 ideas have been enacted to date. While the Social Media team can’t take credit for those (we don’t actually make these things happen), you should know that having all your ideas in one place has made it much easier for people throughout the company to know what you’re thinking. I’ve actually sat in on meetings where ideas submitted to share were pored over, one at a time. That’s the whole point, right?

So, enough patting ourselves on the back – here’s what we’re working on for the first few months of this year:

A full, from-the-ground-up redesign: We’ve been tracking which Blog features are most important to you (you’re voting with your clicks). We’ve taken that data and are pretty far along with a redesign that prioritizes big news, PlayStation Store content and older stories while vastly improving search, and making it easier for you to participate and share stories that are important to you with others. Also: it’s way nicer looking, as we’re sick of being the Euro Blog‘s less-attractive cousin. Look for this to roll out by Mid-March.

More unique stories: In 2011 we’ll be bringing you more PlayStation posts you won’t find elsewhere, in addition to the usual reams of daily news. Sid’s putting the finishing touches on a multi-part “Monsters of PlayStation” feature as we speak.

Coming to you: We haven’t locked anything in yet, but I’m eyeing some Blog meet-ups in places that we haven’t been to much, especially in the South and East. More details soon, but the first 3 months of the year should see us in a variety of places.

That long-promised podcast: By end of March. At the latest. We’re taking suggestions on names, btw.

Thanks to all of you who have read, voted, commented, subscribed, followed, attended live, or otherwise participated in what we do. We look forward to serving you in 2011.


PS – I was looking for New Year’s Ball Drop pics for this post when I found this. May God have mercy on us all.

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  • Happy new year everybody at SCEA. Looking forward to everything that is coming in 2011. Hey Jeff I have the whole Move set up and was wondering if Flight Control HD is ever coming to the US?

    Again Happy New Year


  • Hello Blognak get on those minis

    I am a big playstation fan but my biggest complaint is that the add-on content never goes on sale or price drops are very rare. Look at bioshock one add-on still 10 dollars or fallout 3 add-ons all 10 dollars but the game of the year addition would be cheaper to get than all of the add-on content. I got fallout 3 on release want to get the add-on stuff but can’t justify it. Please do something about this you guys are awesome

  • Happy New Years to everyone, especially to the people that post on the Blog. You’ve made this year awesome with interesting and funny posts and amazing game announcements. You’ve made this one of my favorite sites to visit.

    For the Podcast name;
    I’m diggin’ the PlayStation.Blogcast one.

  • Happy New Year, Jeff!!

    Yes the Playstation has went through a good year and I’m proud to see PS has went through a lot this year and I’m happy for Sony. I hope 2011 will be interesting for them.

  • Hey Jeff,
    Happy new year to you to!
    Next year I can’t wait for Arkham City, The Last Guardian and Dead Space 2 (which is just around the corner :D)
    I’ve been reading the blog daily for quite some time, over two years in fact and I love the fact that news about exlusives can only be found here (such as the last guardian info) !
    -One thing I would like is an improved browser for the ps3! Heck, I’d pay 5 dollars for a premium browser! hmmm….I Will post this idea on share….

  • So you’ve implemented more than 50 ideas?!

    How about the #1 most voted up, biggest idea that everyone has been asking for:

    Cross Game Chat!

  • love the blog pod cast name “The pod nation station”

  • or playnation station

  • Happy New Year! and Can’t Wait 4 The PodCasts to begin!

  • Happy New Year! And like someone else said, you should seriously look into the “blog share” and do something to make that useful, ’cause right now it’s kinda shameful and paints Sony in a very bad light, in all honesty shut down that thing it failed and it doesn’t do anything but self-inflicted harm and it’s insulting to us PS3 owners and blog readers.

  • Cool now where is PS3 firmware 4.0, it’s been 1 and 1/2 years since 3.0 and you added anything useful to PS3 meanwhile your competition has done amazing things.

  • Podcast names are tough because you want it to be creative but still describe the topic (Playstation Blog).

    I like Playstation (or PS) Blogcast. Which could maybe even be shortened to PlayCast.

  • Thanks for the great blog! 2010 for the PS3 blog was great. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2011 will bring. :)

  • Happy New Year PS World XD !!!!!!

  • How about @Doc_Gamer as the voice of PS.BlogCast… Since he has a relationship with Sony already and a podcast in the theatre it would be a natural fit.

    Yeah I have a special place for him and feel that he deserves the spot, he made sure that I could be here to post this reply and continue to play games.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR @Doc Jeff and all the gamers on PSN that I have not gamed with…

  • Happy New Year!

    “A full, from-the-ground-up redesign”
    Please don’t be abysmally bad like the Playstation Forums redesign!

    “we’re sick of being the Euro Blog‘s less-attractive cousin.”
    One way to fix that would be better communication. They get plenty of good official replies to their PS Store blog posts. Whereas we in north america are hung out to dry :|

  • I’m excited for a podcast, even though BEYOND is my PlayStation podcast. You should be on that show more! and them on your new podcast! The little comments on Twitter between Kevin Butler and Greg Miller are hilarious.
    I’m super excited for PlayStation this year! You’re on the front lines and giving us the info we desire. Thank you for a job well done.
    Hopeful to see you guys at PAX East again, hopefully a larger venue!

  • If tens of thousands of ideas are being submitted to PlayStation Share, and even some of the highest rated ones are being ignore (only 50 enacted ideas??), shouldn’t your new years resolution be to enact more ideas? Particularly the top 25 ideas on share? I know i’d still like to see cross game chat, .mkv support, and many other easy to implement and highly rated ideas…

  • Are you guys going to redesign the PS site with friends and trophy search? I think that one needs more of a redesign than this site. Or is that up to Eric Lempel’s team?

  • Man, still replying to posts on New Years Eve… Give yourself a break already, it’s a holiday :P

  • How about GDC Canada, Jeff? there is also a smaller event that Sony is attending.. the Game Design Expo

  • Happy New Year and I can’t wait to get 2011 started.. 3DTV + 240 Hz brought new life to all my PS3 games + Movies

  • thanks for the heads up

    can you please ensure these changes don’t make the blog unusable from the ps3 browser and other mobile browsers like recent updates to the forums , blog share and other playstation sites have ?
    I used to use these websites a lot but now they’re unavailable to the ps3 browser , the forums just say ‘ error , unavailable ‘ and give a blank page – blog share gives the opening page – click on newest or anything and nothing happens and sites like the playstation.com support site are also unusable ( can’t even e-mail support to say so from a ps3 )

    either the sites need to change or the ps3 browser does , because the way it is now is not pulling the playstation community together , it’s dividing it between users on a pc or users on a ps3 browser — and other mobile browsers too are worthless on playstation sites .

  • Thanks for the great news everyone at the Blog! Hope for another exciting year of news. Happy New Year to all!

  • Happy New Year Playstation. Here’s to 2011 being the year of Sony/Playstation!

  • Happy New Year everyone! Looking forward to the re-design :)

  • Jeff

    Will the redesign finally work properly with both the psp and ps3 as was promised in late spring 09 for fall of 09?

  • Wow, just wow no posts for 2 days then nothing useful! No word of useful updates coming or anything and everyone eats it up like they are actually doing something. Blogshare is a huge joke and an embarrassment to the playstation community no word on any of the wanted features wanted for years at all and you all eat it up. It has done nothing useful at all it only shows things that happened nothing they are working on and the things it took credit for were going to happen anyway. Pathetic! Why cant playstation admit they cant deliver and take that embarrassing joke down and apologise for leading us on. False promises lose customers more than anything so just admit your mistake and stop wasting time with search functions that don’t help anyone because if someone cant figure the store out they won’t know how to search. But thanks for the rating system now people avoid buying garbage.

  • Lol can’t help myself looking at snookie and not thinking of her Southpark parody. SNOOKY GO SMOOSH SMOOSH!

  • 2011 will be great because XENOGEARS and VAGRANT STORY will be out on PSN as theyve just recently been rated for the ESRB!!! yayyy!!!!! now we just need CHRONO CROSS and all will be wonderfull in PSP GO world!!!

  • Edit feature, showing Plus icons like EU Blog has, and a way for people to reply to comments would be great additions here.

  • @Jeff Rubenstein
    Thanks Jeff.
    Oh and Happy New years to you and your family

  • Jeff will we see Music Unlimited come to the PS3 (hopefully 1/2011)? Happy New Years!

  • Happy New Years playstation blog and happy new year to u all!! And lol Happy New Years to playstation 3 for 2011 should be the best year..Love my ps3!! Ok back to drinking…Cheers to all

  • Hey Happy New One all the way from the Bronx New York.

    any info if G.A.P. members will ever be needed? it seems like very little is going on over there. I’m actually on here more now.

  • See to it that I can subscribe to the new podcast on my Sony Google TV.

  • happy new year lady’s and gentlemen.

  • Happy New Year for everyone!

    I hope the Playstation Team implements more ideas from the the Playstation.Blog Share!

  • Happy New Year Jeff and all of the PS Blog! Looking forward to another very great year with you all! :)

  • I clicked on the link u guys posted on #40… It says, what u looking at? nothing to see here… Whats that all about???

  • Merry New Year all! 2011’s looking like a winner for the PS3! I closed 2010 with getting a Playstation Move! Happy New Year to all the PS Blog staff! I look forward to pestering [read: talking with] you all in 2011!
    See you all soon! If you all from the PS Blog staff are wondering, I’m still gonna be here!
    -digitalman123, Self-proclaimed Senior PS Blogger

  • 2011 GTA5!

  • Thanks for the insight on Flight Control HD Jeff. Could you ask some people maybe why this title is not coming to SCEA?

    This is by far the best gaming blog on the interwebs in my fine opinion and I read a lot of gaming blogs. Everybody who works on this blog deserves every award they have been given and more, looking forward to the changes. Have a safe and happy new year.

    P.S. 2011 will be the year of the PS3. Again.


  • Would be nice if we could comment directly to each other’s responses. Just a thought.

  • PSP2 2011? :D

  • Happy New Year PlayStation Blog. It was certainly fun in 2010 attending the PS Move event (in Washington, DC) meeting up with Jeff and others. Also fun going to MLG 2010 in National Harbor, MD playing Killzone 3 before the beta went live (got me in the beta too). I look forward to attending more PlayStation related events in 2011. :D

    Lots of awesome games to look forward to on PS3 and PSP in 2011.

  • what about the PSB Podcast =P

  • Happy New Year to you Jeff and everyone else at Sony and on the Blog !

  • PS Blogcast name ideas: PlaystationPodcast
    Playstation Powercast

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