Happy New Year from PlayStation.Blog!

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I wanted to use the last post of 2010 to take a quick look back and talk a bit about what we’re working on for early next year.

2010 has been a year of tremendous growth for the PlayStation Social Media program – average weekly page views have nearly doubled (to about 2 million), our Twitter followship has multiplied by a factor of more than 5 (to about 573K), and – this is the crazy one – Facebook fans have multiplied by over 10x (to 7.6 million). In a not-unrelated development, we added Sid and Rey to our team which have enabled us to be more responsive via those channels, place our videos on the front pages of IGN and Gametrailers, as well as publish roughly 10 extra stories per week. We were also named a Top 5 entertainment blog by Technorati, which tracks such things.

I’m also particularly proud of our PlayStation.Blog Share feature, which launched last Spring. Many tens of thousands you have participated, and more than 50 ideas have been enacted to date. While the Social Media team can’t take credit for those (we don’t actually make these things happen), you should know that having all your ideas in one place has made it much easier for people throughout the company to know what you’re thinking. I’ve actually sat in on meetings where ideas submitted to share were pored over, one at a time. That’s the whole point, right?

So, enough patting ourselves on the back – here’s what we’re working on for the first few months of this year:

A full, from-the-ground-up redesign: We’ve been tracking which Blog features are most important to you (you’re voting with your clicks). We’ve taken that data and are pretty far along with a redesign that prioritizes big news, PlayStation Store content and older stories while vastly improving search, and making it easier for you to participate and share stories that are important to you with others. Also: it’s way nicer looking, as we’re sick of being the Euro Blog‘s less-attractive cousin. Look for this to roll out by Mid-March.

More unique stories: In 2011 we’ll be bringing you more PlayStation posts you won’t find elsewhere, in addition to the usual reams of daily news. Sid’s putting the finishing touches on a multi-part “Monsters of PlayStation” feature as we speak.

Coming to you: We haven’t locked anything in yet, but I’m eyeing some Blog meet-ups in places that we haven’t been to much, especially in the South and East. More details soon, but the first 3 months of the year should see us in a variety of places.

That long-promised podcast: By end of March. At the latest. We’re taking suggestions on names, btw.

Thanks to all of you who have read, voted, commented, subscribed, followed, attended live, or otherwise participated in what we do. We look forward to serving you in 2011.


PS – I was looking for New Year’s Ball Drop pics for this post when I found this. May God have mercy on us all.

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  • Thanks for a great year of news psblog. Can’t wait to see the site changes!

  • They should make a Mock New York in PlayStation Home

  • Happy New Year- This blog has come a long way.I look forward to the changes, and another year of great coverage on all things Playstation.

  • You may be less attractive than the Euro blog, but at least your pages don’t take forever to load.

  • Any news on when the US will get the Android Playstation app?

  • Its been a great year for me & the ps3. Here’s hoping for another year of exclusive titles.


  • @Jeff: I wish you a very Healthy & Happy New Year!

    Will you be hosting a PS Blog event at PAX East 2011 in Boston this coming March?

  • Jeff, Is the playstation blog share broken or have I been banned from it? I have been submitting some suggestions at least once a month and they never show up and when I do a search to see if an idea like mine has already been submitted there isnt one. :-/

    • You haven’t been banned. There’s a couple of behind-the-scenes people who check for dupes, so maybe they’re seeing something that you aren’t. What was your idea?

  • Happy New Years!

    Looking forward to the redesign, and the Sony brand to DOMINATE another year!

  • I forgot to ask about the podcast ever again… finally its coming! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Some names… Stiq

  • Happy New Year PlayStation Blog! I started to really follow the blog this year and man, has it been fun times. I can’t wait to see the page redesign. 2011 is going to be an amazing year for PlayStation users and I really hope the blog redesign takes that into consideration.

    Hopefully we’ll get the US version of the Android PlayStation App soon and some of the most requested Share ideas so people can stop asking about them.

    Hope 2011 is good to you all.

  • So how about…PlayStation Podcast?

    Yeah, I don’t have much of an imagination. But it does what it says on the tin!

    Happy New Year to everyone at Sony.

  • An option to specifically disable trophy notifications would be great. Sorry to mention this here, but this idea has been down voted on Share(like its a referendum on trophies themselves), even though its only an option. Thanks Jeff.

  • happy new year to all of you!

  • Oh yeah, what’s this “Monsters of PlayStation” thing you speak of? o_O

  • Happy New Year Jeff Rubenstein!!! BEYOND!!! :)

  • Good news, I just hope it looks [and acts] nothing like the ‘new’ forums that are far inferior to the older forums in both design and [especially] function.

    Podcast name… um… PS.Blogcast? I never said I was creative! :P

    And Happy New Years to all! :D

    • We’re doing the design ourselves – we’ll keep what already works and make changes from there. We’ll probably give a sneak preview before launch.

  • Had a good year and next year will be great, can’t wait for all the PS3 exclusives, even though I’ll end up broke :) Happy New Years!

  • Stiq Asmussen, Evan Wells, N’Gai Croal, David Jaffe, Jeff Gerstmann, Greg Miller, Cliffy B, Ken Levine, anyone from Kojima Productions would be nice, Jenova Chen, David Cage, Ed Boon, Greg Zeschuk, Seth Killian, Alex Evans and Fumito Ueda . Any of these would be great

  • Thank You Guys,.. its been an awesome year to be a Playstation Fan,.. i hope theres many more to come =)

  • The new podcast should be called The PlayStation Blogcast!

  • as far as a name for the actual podcast.. I like PlayStation Blogcast

  • Is Playstation Blogcast too obvious?

    I see Cloudburst– and I think alike…

  • Happy New Year! Its been a great year for Playstation and the Blog, looking forward to next year!

  • How about doing a meet up in Vancouver, B.C Canada… Jeff? wink wink

  • isnt pulse a playstaion pod cast..?? And happy new year

  • Happy new year to all you guys on the psblog, thanks for all the gaming coverage. Bring on 2011 and all the great new games.

  • Can we keep the excellent trend of getting full, retail releases on the PSN? (Prototype, inFamous, Borderlands, etc.) Maybe one or two each week even? How about a separate section for them? Downloadable Retail Releases or something?

    Awesome job. It was a great year to be a Playstation owner, next year looks even better!

    Keep those JRPGs coming too! The library for that genre was pretty sparse the first few years, but now we have several each year and almost every one on the horizon looks to be exclusive even. Awesome stuff.

  • Sounds promising :) Happy new year! (and new decade).

  • PlayStation.Podcast? On another note, like others I have submitted ideas that I couldn’t find previously submitted but they’ve never shown up. The best one I submitted was that we should be able to add up to 60 characters of text to publish with what we get from the PS Store. Is there a style we need to follow? I see duplicates all the time, and it seems to be the same ones over and over that get through …. and many others are often poorly written and sometimes don’t really make any sense.

  • You guys really earned the Top 5 Entertainment Blog award. I would easily give you guys the top spot since this is the only blog that’s interesting and fun to read! Outstanding job to everyone at SCEA!

  • happy new year, I know 2011 is a great year for PS at least when it comes to Square such as all those PSone classics announced by ESRB (when can we expect them if ur allowed to say?)
    also Final Fantasy Agito 13 and Versus 13 and not to mention my most anticipated game so far, The 3rd Birthday.

  • Oh and please make a blog especially for The 3rd Birthday such as announcing its release for the US.

  • Thanks Jeff for all you’ve done this year! Keep up the good work! HaPPy New Year!

  • Jeff, you should know that this blog became my main site for PlayStation news. You’re doing a hell of a job, and it’s just pure joy to visit this blog several times a day. Yes, I’m addicted to PS3, and my girlfriend hates me for that.

  • Hoping for a meetup in Boston for PAX East.
    The name for the podcast should be PlayStation Nation… Oh wait.

    Possible name: The PlayStation Report?
    The PlayStation Blogcast?
    Happy New Year Jeff aka Professor PlayStation and Zombie Blognak (always tought it was blogneck)

    Suggestion for 2011: Try to get more demos for psn games that release. Really inclined to demo some games prior to a purchase.

  • Happy soon to be New Year!


    P.S. Jeff I’ve been trying since November to log in to the blog and gave up around last week . I tried again today and was finally able to log in. I had the right account name and password but whenever I clicked sign in it would act like it was reloading this screen but it just kept loading. when the page finally loaded I wasn’t signed in and wasn’t able to post. Just wanted to let you know about this for the Blog overhaul in mid-March

    • It likely had something to do with your cookies expiring. Next time that happens, try clearing/refreshing them. Sorry but good to have you back.

  • Im excited for the new year and ps3 games but be warned sony IGN Will always favor XBOX over ps3 and have numerous articles bashing the ps3… its better to shut them out completly!

  • forget about redesigning the blog, there are only a few thousand people who visit the site, more so when a bogus firmware update comes out, how about spending some valuable time and resources on redesigning the xmb where there are 40 some million users actively using the system
    the idea part of the blog is really not working because to this day you still don’t know what we want it seems.
    your Facebook page is getting more hits then this site, what you gonna do, rip off Facebook ideas now?
    better make this year a good one cause i’m starting to look forward more to what the scene comes up with then Sony themselves
    let’s hope this year is a happy one for your sake

  • Congratulations Jeff and all PS Blog staff for a great year of great content.

    I love the idea of a podcast. My main request is to have special guests. It doesn’t need to be any big figure in the industry, but invite our indie developers (like hello games or thatgamecompany) our any folk from our favorites like naughty dog, insomniac, sucker punch… The podcast does not need to be weekly but make sure every one count.

    Have a great 2011!

    • Oh, it’d be nothing without lots of special guests. We don’t want the format to be ‘3 guys BS-ing in a room.’

  • Shouldn’t “fix the missing games and DLC from the My Trophies page” be somewhere high up on that list? Are you guys ever going to fix it or is this just another feature you’ve rolled at like the PS3 Browser that never works as intended.

  • Hey Jeff, any idea about an android app? I remember reading something about it on the Euro blog but never saw anything state-side?

    Hopefully that’s on your plate for next year too. :D:D:D

  • Happy New Years to everyone at PlayStation and everyone on this blog.

    I only have one suggestion for the new blog design. Can you guys include the light switch function that is found on Gameinformer.com (next to the search bar). That is such a useful feature that not a lot of website utilize.

    As for Sony. Can you guys make it your new year resolution to have a timely update for the PlayStation Store every Tuesday. Maybe 6PM Eastern time perhaps.

    Playstation Podcast names
    PlayStation Podcast (simple)
    One Stop PlayStation
    Make Believe (Sony slogan)

    • That’s a good request, but i’ll have to see how feasible it is. Tell you what – since you’re a longtime member and brutally honest, I’ll make sure you get a sneak peek at it come Feb.

  • Hey Jeff, when you do you find out if you won Mashable’s Must-Follow Brand for the PlayStation Blog?

  • 2011: The Year of the 3’s. Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3 and Motorstorm Apocalypse, The Last Guardian. All the third in their respsective series, might be a coincedence but hey, it’s going to make for one hell of a year.

    I also hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year’s, as well as a 2011.

  • Happy New Years Everyone!
    2011 gonna be awesome for PlayStation!

  • Happy New Years!

    I started checking out the Playstation Blog in 2010 and I’ve become a regular visitor of it now. I have no idea what the distinguished competition are doing in terms of blogs but I have to say that you guys pump out excellent content and info on a regular basis.

    The fact that you are looking to improve it even more in the new year is really exciting.

    As for a podcast name, how about TriangleCircleSquareX

  • Here’s to another year of entertainment from all you guys from the Playstation Blog. Thanks for everything, and happy new year! :)

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