New UNCHARTED 3 Interview and Info

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We’re not closing out 2010 quietly! I’m sure it’s been hard to miss that another wave of information, interviews, screenshots and gameplay video for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception hit the internets today. You’re just seeing the fruits of the nefarious plan we’ve had in the works for a couple of months now. Okay, that’s not quite true, but it sure sounds way better if it’s all dramatic, right?

A good part this wave comes from the event we held for the media just after the Spike VGA 2010 – you read about that here on the PlayStation.Blog a couple of weeks ago when the first batch of info on UNCHARTED 3 gameplay was released.

PlayStation.Blog was there not only to check out UNCHARTED 3 with their very own eyes, but they got managed to snag Creative Director Amy Hennig and Game Director Justin Richmond to answer some questions in the video above.

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  • so when are we gonna get more Socom 4 , White Knight Chronicles 2 , Patapon 3 and other exclusive games coming to playstation consoles ? its not all about Uncharted 3 sony , there are a lot other games coming out next year , any little info on The Last Guardian ? why did you guys canned Eight Days , The Getaway 3 ? come on , dont overexposed Uncharted 3 , we all know its gonna be great and theres a lot of us that cant wait to play the game but i want to know more about Little Big Planet Move Support ? Killzone 3 Multiplayer info , Socom 4 Multiplayer info , Motorstorm Apocalypse wrekreation mode , White Knight Chronicles 2 ( any little info will do ) , ps3 is not about 1 game in 2011 is it ?

  • Much better/authentic sound and maybe a closer over the shoulder view would give the guns the much needed believability that they need. It has always felt like you’re shooting pellet guns. It sticks out amidst the otherwise great game design.

  • They changed the gun sounds again.

  • Can’t wait!

  • Must have this..

  • wow im sooooop stoked for this game… I just hope my playstation plus subcription gets me into the beta!

  • I could die after playing U3.
    It will be my goal.
    Nathan is the only guy i would go gay for. xD

  • Can’t Wait!

  • InFamous 2, UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, and Resistance 3 tomorrow on the PlayStation Blog. It’s been a great week so far!

  • I’ve got a good idea, how about a Collector’s Edition?!! Unlike Uncharted 2 where they weren’t available in stores, that was BS.

  • Yay! Have fun killing yourselfs! As long as the game is amazing like the others, YOU CAN KILL YOURSELFS and comeback to life an infinite amount of times! :D

  • This game cannot release fast enough.

  • enough on dude raider 3.. it’ll be good, we know that. How about some news on games that are coming out this spring, eh?

  • @42: I agree entirely. A Jak and Daxter Collection would be awesome, and maybe they are secretly working on one…
    NEW TOPIC! I just got PS+, and you know what would make my hard-earned subscription worthwhile? PS+ users get in Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta testing!

  • Wow, I can’t believe all of these new great games coming out on the ps3 for 2011! Look out xbox!

  • Day one purchase. Cannot wait.

  • Another gem from Naughty Dog for sure.

  • Please let there be split-screen this time. I don’t just wanna play online multiplayer, but what about LAN and offline multiplayer?

  • Very excited about this. I’m glad there are so many good games between now and November to keep me occupied before U3 is released.


    I do wish they fix the shoulder cam. It was nice to be able to switch right or left but it would’ve been nicer for the game to remember the cam’s last position.

    Also I remember being able to shoot either over or from the side of low cover areas in Uncharted and I don’t think that little detail was in U2. …or am i imagining that one?

    Anyways… I really can’t wait!

    Last thing… I’d really like some persistence in terms of clothing and gear when cut-scenes hit.It throws me off a bit to have a rocket launcher and then not see it equipped in a cut-scene. Or to see doughnut Drake and have him go through instant liposuction when the cut-scene hits. Then again, if the cut-scenes are the way they are because of a) technical limitations, b)the ability to give the scenes extra cinematic flare c) both, then screw it! :P



  • Cannot wait for this game to come out, I still play the second one from time to time! Well MP mainly, really hope the MP kicks lots of a** in Uncharted 3, the MP in Uncharted 2 is fun, but could definitely be better. Really happy to hear that they’re aiming to compete with the big dogs in the MP. I’m sure naughty dog can. This draws some concern though, I really hope the SP isn’t gonna be jeopardized for their big plans in MP, I rather have a longer and better SP than have the SP be lessened because of MP.

  • It would be awesome if you guys could get Move support in, even if it’s just for aiming it would make the experience more immersive and fun, not to mention that it would make it more accessible to lots of people. PLEASE GET MOVE SUPPORT.

  • Too many posts here about this game over a relatively short period of time. You guys are on the verge of or are hitting the point of over-saturation of information for this game. Don’t forget this is a Playstation blog, we are all Playstation fans that come here every day we all are anticipating this game since you announced the release for November. How about you guys (Sony) actually do some substantial TV commercials for this game and other exclusives. I see Xbox games all the time on TV commercials, yet PS3 exclusives get like 3 commercial spots about the time of release and then nothing. Advertise to the masses not the people who come here every day because we are already big Playstation fans anyway.

    Sincerely yours…..

  • My favorite super-hero is Nd’s very own Cole!

  • I thought we were getting the same demo Jimmy Fallon played before the end of the year, but I have yet to see if there’s even an update today…

  • Desert? What? Jak 3? What? New Jak and Daxter next? Please?????????????

  • I just finished UC 2 GOTYE and thought it was buggy and overall gameplay was horrible. UC 3 needs a lot of work before I waste time and money for the 3rd time.

  • Amy Henning is without a doubt one of the best videogame story writers out there. It’s fantastic to have her writing the story to UC3. I thoroughly enjoyed UC2’s story, it was very unexpected and exhilarating. Gameplay was almost flawless aswell.

  • Please don’t add auto ammo pick up. Part of the fun of UC games was running around madly trying to scrounge ammo while under fire. You can not magically absorb ammo through your feet. Why devs keep dumbing down games these days beats me (see Demon’s Souls for a real gamer’s game).

    Also, I hope the teaser hints at swordplay to break up the shooting (again, see DS on how this should be done). This would be a great addition to the game.

  • If this game gets splitscreen online/offline multiplayer, that’d be so epic.

  • @75

    please tell me your lying, I ran into 0 bugs when i played the game.

  • @73

    The next PlayStation Store update will be taking place on 1-4-11.

  • The next PlayStation Store update only in 2011 ???

  • I’m thinking about inducing myself into a coma and then having my wife wake me up on Halloween 2011. I see no holes in this plan.

  • Game looks awesome! Can you please release the gameplay footage on the playstation store so we can watch it on the ps3?

  • I wish someone would ask the inevitable question. Is this the final Uncharted game? I’m hoping the answer would be “no”, but I’m sure a lot of us are wondering.

  • @75

    Buggy? Really? Either your tv is broken, you need glasses, OR you’re a troll.

  • Hope they make it MOVE compatible. 1 & 2 are great but I lose interest in the shooting battle scenes that seem to go on and on. Keep the shooting down. I am more into the adventure than the shooter.

  • Y does europe get the kz3 steelbook while north america doesnt? give me steelbook or else i wont buy the game

  • @80: I know the PS+ update is 1-4-11 but I haven’t seen where it says that they won’t have a regular store update today. Do you know where they might have mentioned that.

    Other than that I can’t wait for Uncharted 3. I just started 1 again today since I never went through it on Hard or or Crushing. Plus after seeing all the stuff on 3 I just had to play through 1 & 2 again.

  • @DazeOfWar

    DZORMAGEN | December 21st, 2010 at 6:14 pm
    Is this the last update of the year? Or will there be one more next week?

    Ro Hernandez | December 21st, 2010 at 7:40 pm
    Correct, this is the last publish of the year. Next publish will be on 1/4/11

  • Anyone @ Sony feel like pulling the trigger on this update? It’s practically Wednesday!!!!!!!

  • Yes it’s almost 12am :( Unless they turn it on late PST time lol.We want our Store updated Grace whats hold up?

  • ummmm holidays are over where is my update

  • Where is the update?

  • Commentor #89 answered the questions about the update. THere won’t be an update until next Tuesday, 1/4/11

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