New UNCHARTED 3 Interview and Info

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We’re not closing out 2010 quietly! I’m sure it’s been hard to miss that another wave of information, interviews, screenshots and gameplay video for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception hit the internets today. You’re just seeing the fruits of the nefarious plan we’ve had in the works for a couple of months now. Okay, that’s not quite true, but it sure sounds way better if it’s all dramatic, right?

A good part this wave comes from the event we held for the media just after the Spike VGA 2010 – you read about that here on the PlayStation.Blog a couple of weeks ago when the first batch of info on UNCHARTED 3 gameplay was released.

PlayStation.Blog was there not only to check out UNCHARTED 3 with their very own eyes, but they got managed to snag Creative Director Amy Hennig and Game Director Justin Richmond to answer some questions in the video above.

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  • Cannot WAIT for this game! Naughty Dog is the best!!

  • I hope it won’t sucks as the movie they are planning to do…
    it would be like the second part of Dragonball Evolution. LOL

  • November 1st 2011 can NOT come soon enough. Happy Holidays Naughty Dog/Gods! UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception is already game of the Year 2011 in my mind.

  • This will be the best game of all time especialy since they are gonna drastically improve multiplayer, SWEET!!

  • I luv u Naughty Dog! Thanks for making the best games on the planet! Happy Holidaze and a Merry New Year!

  • Will try to keep expectations low so I don’t overhype myself

  • Sweet just got a new Sony 3D tv. This game will be awesome in 3D.

  • nice to hear theyre so confident on the multiplayer aspects too. uc2 was the best online 3rd person shooter ive ever played. unfortunantly patching and updates made it inconsistent and i eventually sold the game. but still, uncharted is one of my favorite multiplayer franchises now and it could be a huge multiplayer franchise if gamers werent so full of prejudice and afraid of new things. good luck to ND, cant wait.

  • I will ask again.

    Will UC3 have split-screen offline and online with dedicated PSN login support?

    For example, 4 players can play on one Ps3 offline AND online. Also each player using their own PSN iD and gaining trophies and experience.

    I mean cmon David Jaffe already said its possible in Twisted Metal so I’m pretty sure if you guys are going to the ultimate multiplayer experience then you know it’s best to add this.

    Thank you,

  • Game looks gorgeous as expected. I recently re-completed Uncharted 2. Please improve combat and enemy encounters! Waiting in an area to fight off waves of enemies isn’t really fun and gunplay got really stale…more hand to hand combat please.

  • With so many different choices I hope this is not the last, there is still underwater as well as a big metropolis, they can take this game all over and it would rock, keep up the good work N.D. and I cannot wait for more info on UC3, have a great new year!!


    If an Uncharted game was set in a metropolis than it would not live up to it’s “UNCHARTED” name.

  • OMG I HATE YOU NAUGHTY DOG!! gosh you always go and do this…… Making me spend more money on awesome games! XD haha but no really with infamous 2, killzone 3, Resistance 3 and UC3DD Im going to be broke :( not to mention i haven’t even got to purchase the new NFS, dead rising, and ACB. Over all i love the uncharted games and I’m glad the multiplayer team is really going all in, if they support it as long as they did with UC2(which they still do till this day) then it should and can be better than high ranked multiplayer games like COD, Gears, Halo, Battlefield but even then UC2 did still compete with them and in my opinion is better than Battlefield, Halo and gears…. sorry I’m a COD junkie XD but all in should be a great game

  • Can not wait will there be a demo today for this game.

  • I love the Uncharted series! Keep it going and improving from the last game!

  • is there an update today?

  • cant wait…

    Many thought that Santa Monica should take over the Heavenly Sword series. But thinking of the awesome job Naughty Dog does with visuals, Mechanics, Physics, Environments, Character Development and story, I wonder what Naughty Dog could do with the Heavenly Sword series.

    Back on topic, I was disappointed to learn that Uncharted 2 did not have sixaxis included like Uncharted 1 did. Would be nice to have the option to have it on or off for some instances like crossing over a log, rooftops, sniper aiming like in Killzone 3 or the arrows from heavenly sword. It is a feature I actually missed when playing Uncharted 2.

  • Could have just announced Uncharted 3 and 11/01/11 cause that’s all the info I need to buy this day 1

  • Man, the next 11 months will be painful.

    Fortunately, we have an action-packed year in terms of great PS3 (and PC) titles to hold gamers over.

  • I CANT WAIT!!!!hope you guys do a lot of voice acting in the game an something like when Drake junp in the pool a said “MARCO” THAT WAS FUNNY and please make collectors edition or limit edition for pre-orders

  • can’t come soon enough

  • this game looks sick

  • collectors edition I will buy, love uncharted games

  • Naughty Dog make the story as good as Uncharted Drake’s Fortune!
    Don’t bring chloe back.she sucks as a voice actor.Elena in Uncharted 2 was not as good as in Uncharted 1!

  • This game looks awesome already. The animations look great! Naughty Dog is the best!

  • Like everybody else, I cannot wait for to get this! Naughty Dog, you guys keep kicking a$$!

  • This game is going to be AMAZING!!! Naughty Dog rocks!!!

  • *sigh* come to Florida guys…. FLORIDA

  • Love Amy Hennig. Seeing her in interviews is always a delight!

  • I’ll skip. I know that I’ll buy the game on day 1. Might as well keep myself some surprises!

  • Be a multiplayer top dog? you know, dear ND, to be among the best MP top dogs you gotta be incredibly dedicated to that and that means neglecting single-player campaign like games like “Gears of War 2” did. Either that or go Uncharted FPS mode…

  • I seriously cannot wait to play this! Uncharted is my favorite single player series on any console. I love the characters and the stories and of course the graphics and gameplay keep getting better every time! Great job Naughty Dog! Keep up the good work!

  • Damn you Naughty Dog stop teasing us. It makes me sad that I have to wait till next year to play another awesome game.

  • Sweet.
    Could the line, “We’re not closing out 2010 quietly!” mean a Jak 4 announcement?
    If Jak 4 is released, can you bring back Dark and Light Jaks, and alot of stuff from Jak 3? Jak 3=One PS2 legend.
    I love Uncharted, but seeing Jak and Daxter on the PS3 would be awesome!

  • Collector’s Edition PLEASEEEE!!!! With a steel case and an awesome statue. Just putting that out there.

  • Oh my god, enough about Sucker Punch and Uncharted 3 already.

    What are we at, four stories in a row now? Five?

  • You guys gonna put the gameplay video on PSN ?

  • I cannot wait, you guys are one of the best Devs on the planet and I mean that sincerely, The characters and settings, not to mention visuals and animations are second to none, outstanding work ND!!! 8)

  • This game is going to be GOTY 2011! I cannot wait for this game Naught Dog! You guys are the best! Hopefully we see some multiplayer action sometime during the summer, or sooner. :)

  • The Uncharted series is 1 of those rare game series developed by a “western” developer that I sincerely enjoy playing.

    I appreciate:

    – all the attention to detail graphically and gameplay-wise
    – the story and characters
    – jaw-dropping landscapes
    – epic, heart pounding battles (like when you know an enemy has an RPG or a shotgun right around the corner)
    – the quality they put into the game (very well developed and very well tested)

    This game is looking great.

    To be honest, I just got Uncharted 2 (the Game of the Year version) about 2 weeks ago and finished it on Normal. I have most of the medals and trophies unlocked and I’ve been hunkering through online mode which is actually fun. I’m not the type of gamer who usually plays online, but Uncharted 2 online is fun.

    As with the original though, I didn’t like those Guardian enemies in this one. The original had those crazy things (forgot their name). It seems like a trend in this series to have a crazy monster enemy…>_<

  • @35 digitalman123

    A Jak & Daxter Collection, Remastered in HD and 3D would make any fan’s perfect choice. ;)
    Since we should understand that probably the *majority* of the team are hard at work with this upcoming Uncharted game. But who knows if they have any Jak & Daxter work under their sleeves, like they did with this one. lol

  • Another great exclusive I will be pre-ordering! :D

  • There is an ability that I didn’t see implemented within Uncharted 2; and would definitely like to see implemented on Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

    Is that once we are leaning on a long-wall or object, that we could still be covered yet ‘moving along and shooting’.

  • I love Uncharted and all, but I’m fine with just 2, since it was left off at a pretty good ending. Sony overhypes uncharted, just to make money. And I want a damn Jak and Daxter collection so I can finally beat Jak II!

    Come on sony, listen to your fans.

  • Getting so burned out on Infamous 2 and Uncharted 3 coverage. There are OTHER games, PSN blog!

  • I want it now ! o well i can wait year back to uncharted 2 XD

  • o i forgot the a between wait and year sorry


    I hope they fix the poor AI in this game. As Sully was crossing that plank over to ND, the AI was only shooting drake. What gives? They should have been shooting Sully as well. Sidekicks should be able to die in this game. There have been many times when Chloe, sully and that other chick were hit with grenades and bullets and didn’t die.

    Another part was when Drake was jumped by too enemies and one had him in a choke hold and the other was punched seconds before by Drake. Why didn’t the enemy just shoot drake? He had a gun in his hand….

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