LittleBigPlanet 2 Update: Three “Must” Videos

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This week, we’ve been video happy and today we have three “Must” Videos for you to enjoy.

“Must Share”

We knew (and sure you did too), that when LBP2 started getting into the hands of our community, you guys would create so many great games and so many different genres – so much that it’ll change the way people will think of LittleBigPlanet.

And with all this great gameplay, we wanted to dedicate a video to our fans by highlighting all the great content within a particular genre. Here’s the first of four “Genre” videos. Help us by sharing, tweeting, liking, etc, etc it with your friends and show them that LBP2 is much more than just ‘jumping’ Sackboys.

Kudos to the creators of the levels in the video, and to the many more found on the beta!

“Must See”

Check out gevurah22’s latest game creation, a whole lotta’ top-down awesomeness! Willed with VO’d tutorials and super-ninja combo moves. EPIC!

“Must Hear”

And in case you missed this AM’s post, wanted to make sure you saw our latest LittleBigPlanet 2 “feature”-ette….the MUSIC SEQUENCER. No doubt that this tune has become an ear-wig throughout the weekend.

And finally “Must Find”

Consider this a public service announcement for those still interested in the Limited Edition LBP2 Collectors Edition…Don’t forget to pre-order yours before they’re all accounted for. The list is growing pretty quickly…

LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector's Edition

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  • I am getting LBG 1 1st as I am to become a ps3 owner in a week. I’ve heard great things about this game. Can’t wait.

  • Everytime I see a “dont forget to preorder the collectors edition” im always like “hehehe im glad i did it so early

  • I still want my PS+ beta code! My friends all have it and I am missing out. I feel like I paid for the same thing as they did, but I am getting less.


  • You forgot MUST….buy. But I won’t till it’s cheap on craigslist…only cause I’m broke mostly

  • @Mark: Oh, you misunderstood. I was talking about stuff like iTunes. I’m not in the beta. I was hoping to be in it though…

  • @52: Not ALL Plus users were getting in.

  • I have LBP on the PSP, and I just played the single player and downloaded levels from the network. It was a good game, with some great tunes, but I never got into the ‘create’ side of things…

    …but after watching this trailer, not only am I sold on buying LBP2, but ideas for levels that I want to create are already jumping into my head.

    I’m definitely going to try to make something, but I just hope it’s a little bit easier than it was on the PSP. Any chance of being able to ‘draw’ out levels with Move?

  • Man, this game is looking epic!

  • omg add more stuff!!!!

  • Dang it, I REALLY want the beta now.

  • I love the top down ninja game. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @50

    I am getting LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector’s Edition on January 18th, 2011!

  • the pvp is going to be epic in this game caint wait XD

  • Media Molecule is killing it one more time !!!

  • anyone know why i gt a prehistoric moves since i dont have the move or the eye? and im a ps plus member too. :(((

  • I seriously didn’t know how you could make such a great game (LBP1) even better, but after seeing all this great stuff, I knew I had to get the second one as well. I’m not much of a creator, on the first one, but I DO know I’ll be making alot more stuff in the second one. I really look forward to making videos and short films in this game, along with my own music.

    Thank you MM! And keep up the great work.

  • For anyone who was wanting to preorder the CE of this game (and you’re Gamestop/Best Buy is sold out), check on Amazon. I saw they still have some.

    And if you want it just for the game and Sackboy, they sell Sackboy plushies on Amazon just like the one in the CE. AND ITS AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW! I ordered one for my girlfriend, she just loves Sackboy and thinks he’s really cute. Got it today and its pretty awesome haha. However, you’ll be getting a better deal by preordering the CE, the Sackboy alone is $20 +S/h.

  • i love LBP cant wait, but i got Black ops n im get ACBH

  • CE ordered on July 24th, Amazon gave me free release date delivery to make up for you guys delaying it 3 months after I ordered it. Well that and they probably felt bad for my 5 year old son who was getting this for Christmas (now Kirby) and he’ll be getting this late for his 6th birthday on Jan. 14th – hence the request for the RDD.

    If you guys delay this again, it’s cancelled. (sorry, all the good will on here was a bit much for me)

  • I Love LittleBIGPlanet!!!!I am buying this game with my last bit of money,I don’t care if I need gas for my car.

  • Everytime I see this game it gets more and more amazing. I wonder how much time the tutorials will accumulate to with all these abilities?

  • Already got my collectors ordered, w00t.

  • Oh mannnnnn……… yes. YES! I’m breaking down, I’m gonna need this special edition afterall! You got me MM. :D

  • I love what Media Molecule has done with this game. After the original LBP was released, you guys weren’t too enthusiastic about making a sequel because the first one was just so limitless. I thought that was a great reason… but just watching what you guys have done with the sequel just brings a tear to my eyes. Developers have never been so close to the gaming community, kudos to you guys!

  • I already played the Beta and I was amazed by all the stuff that one can do in LBP 2, and that was only the Beta. I can’t imagine what the Full version will have, but I bet it will be more amazing.

  • I cant wait.

    Is that normal?

  • I WANT NOW!!!!

  • Hey there, just a question, is there any news of the Collectors edition hitting the United Kingdom, I was hoping to get it for my Birthday in January, (lol) or around about that time. Thanks

  • Cant wait til January 18th. What level is the song in the music sequencer in?

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