LittleBigPlanet 2 Update: Three “Must” Videos

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This week, we’ve been video happy and today we have three “Must” Videos for you to enjoy.

“Must Share”

We knew (and sure you did too), that when LBP2 started getting into the hands of our community, you guys would create so many great games and so many different genres – so much that it’ll change the way people will think of LittleBigPlanet.

And with all this great gameplay, we wanted to dedicate a video to our fans by highlighting all the great content within a particular genre. Here’s the first of four “Genre” videos. Help us by sharing, tweeting, liking, etc, etc it with your friends and show them that LBP2 is much more than just ‘jumping’ Sackboys.

Kudos to the creators of the levels in the video, and to the many more found on the beta!

“Must See”

Check out gevurah22’s latest game creation, a whole lotta’ top-down awesomeness! Willed with VO’d tutorials and super-ninja combo moves. EPIC!

“Must Hear”

And in case you missed this AM’s post, wanted to make sure you saw our latest LittleBigPlanet 2 “feature”-ette….the MUSIC SEQUENCER. No doubt that this tune has become an ear-wig throughout the weekend.

And finally “Must Find”

Consider this a public service announcement for those still interested in the Limited Edition LBP2 Collectors Edition…Don’t forget to pre-order yours before they’re all accounted for. The list is growing pretty quickly…

LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector's Edition

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  • Cant wait for LittleBigPlanet 2, really looking forward to the demo next week

  • Christmas has officially been delayed till January 18th :D

  • Cant wait for LBP2 i want the CE so bad… btw i got lucky witha beta code the past week. But no beta vest.i can get it or only for the selected users?

  • Crap, I got LBP not too long ago and haven’t had much time to play it, and now we have LBP2 … why don’t you guys delay it a bit more like GT5?!?! :-)

    Take your time, let us catch up!!!

  • This game looks like a big old bottle of awesome sauce!
    OMG! LBP2 idea! With recording with my headset or with the sequencer, a LBP/Linkin Park music video! Look that up when the game’s out kids!
    Hey Mark? You know when at the end of a featurette, there’s a bunch of TVs? One had a “Danger Trigger” sign on it at the end of the first featurette. Whuzzat?

  • Awesome!

  • Is there a Collectors edition coming out in the UK?

  • Can’t wait for my Collectors Edition… only game I have ever bought the CE for..
    Me and my friends have been waiting for LBP2 for a longggg time, can’t wait for the demo! And to actually use my Move for once.

  • So we will have that lovely collector’s edition in the UK… right… right?

    What’s that, no?!



  • correct me if wrong, arent we not allowed to upload LB2 Beta footage on youtube?

    • There WAS a time when we asked that of our community, but when the Beta went public, we encouraged it.

      So if you got a cool level to show off, go for it.

  • Is that song in the music sequencer video fan-made or can we get it? If we can, what is it?

    • The music in the featurette was actually created by one of the Molecules specific for this video, using the in-game sequencer. Not sure if its posted on the beta, but will check.

  • Wow, wonder what will be made in the final game.
    Oh, and…

  • my jaw hurts. Every time I see new LBP2 footage my jaw drops! This is amazing.

  • Mark I have a question. The LBP 2 beta codes you gave out on the 8th, I ended up getting one(Thanx) but when I redeemed it I didn’t get a beta vest only the beta. When sony sends out codes, those users get both, so what’s the deal? Was I not supposed to get a beta vest?

  • wow, this is amazing! I haven’t followed LBP 2 in a while cause it seemed kind of weak sequel at first but my mind is now blown away.

  • I can’t believe how amazing this platform has become.

    I really enjoyed the original game because it was a charming platformer.


  • Hard to believe I’m actually looking forward to Holiday Break ending. Just so I can be that much closer to LBP2.

    I suppose the upcoming demo will suffice.

  • OMG my level Astro Dunk is in the trailer! Thanks guys! You rock!!! :D :D :D

  • some really top notch games coming soon to PS3
    thank you

  • Looks amazing i really really can’t wait :P (i love LBP) :)

  • This Game is gonna be Epic

  • Can’t believe these are just from the beta. Can’t wait to play some levels several months after they game is release because of some of the crazy stuff people will do.

  • The CE should come with the the original cover art so you can switch if you want.

  • You guys should make a LittleBigPlanet 2 Dynamic Theme to download off PSN. I have the LittleBigPlanet one and it is AWESOME, but i’ve had it for a while.

  • BTW, LBP.ME is great!

  • Please one mire round of beta codes before the demo :)

  • Christmas has been delayed to January 18th indeed! Loving the Beta test, and can’t wait to play the story! :)

  • These vids are just fantastic and showcasing just whats possible in this game (game??? or tool to make anything??)

  • I think we have see enough. I already want to call this GOTY for next year. Even with R3, U3, and Skyrim on the table.

  • I can’t seriously not wait for this game. I want my Sackboy plush!

    Guys, I’m gonna make some LBP 2 Shorts on my youtube channel JulyFishHD

  • So, Sony. How about letting Amazon ship it out as soon as they get the shipments in, even though that may be earlier than the game’s actual release. Better yet, how about you just ship the game to people who pre-ordered as soon as the discs are pressed. Hehe. The wait is getting to me.

  • Why is that doesn’t even list the collectors edition for this? Is it not going to have it or is it just not listed yet? Thanks.

  • I wish I got lbp2 beta! I play almost all day on weekends. Can you guys please look at my profile?

  • This game is going to be epic

    Thanks for another hit MM


  • The music is so beautiful.. I think i cried :(


  • i play little big planet every day but i not have the beta but i have 5 month with LBP1 and i have the platinum trophy LBP1 is amazing and LBP2 is much amazing a better i can not wait for my LBP2 Collector Edition aghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!1

  • i play little big planet every day but i not have the beta but i have 5 month with LBP1 and i have the platinum trophy LBP1 is amazing and LBP2 is much amazing and better i can not wait for my LBP2 Collector Edition aghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!1

  • i have 5 month with LBP1 i have the platinum trophy, sony and Mm thx for my sackboy prehistoric moves but i not have the beta :( but i can not wait for my LBP2 Collector Edition!!!!!!!!!

  • sorry for the comment #37 and #38 my computer is crazy lol

  • I vote that Sackboy becomes the Mario of Sony

  • Unbelievable! Each time I see updates this game gets better and better. You guys have outdone yourselves this time. Actually, you’ve outdone any game.

  • rarely comment on ps blogs, but i’ll say that those videos are awesome!

  • well i got my demo code last week and it didnt work…. I emailed PlayStation like 10 times and still no answer can someone help me with this????????

  • hello, I just Wanted to let you know that I’d like to pre order the LBP2-CE but the most important games shop in MEXICO has not poster its pre-order so I dont know if its you guys who hadnt send word or if they are not doing anything the name of the store is gemeplanet. I just hope you can loookit up cous I know SONY and PLAY STATION are interested in the sales down in mexico and latin america

  • Is the collectors edition available in Canada?

  • Hey! a question, would you support youtube ingame support? some of us don’t have the equipment to do it properly, and some leves we want to show it to our friends.

  • I received my demo code via email last week and it didnt work…. I emailed PlayStation like 10 times and still no answer can someone help me with this???????? Maybe someone named –MARK VALLEDOR– :)

  • The sports video is amazing. I’m not a huge sports fan, but even I was impressed by all of those levels! The Pool game, especially, looked amazing. All of the other levels looked great though. *drools*

    And I’ve seen the Fist of Craft Earth looks VERY cool. I hope that level makes it to the game in January.

    Man, can’t wait till Tuesday to play the demo. This game is going to be GRREAT! :)

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