Resistance 3: Watch the VGA Trailer Director’s Cut

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While Insomniac is off for the holiday break, we did want to stop by with the Director’s Cut of our VGA trailer. The trailer originally called for three scenes, each showing a different aspect of the game, and the initial sequence was meant to tie it to the GamesCom trailer. Alas, live television demanded a two-minute run-time, and we wanted to give you as much gameplay as possible, so some of the live action hit the cutting room floor. Check out the Director’s cut below:

This restored Director’s Cut features a lot of the extra live-action that Prologue shot – including a dark warehouse scene at the beginning. Each of the live action moments does represent a section of the game, despite the only gameplay footage occurring during the boat.

We hope you also got a chance to see the new screenshots we released with the VGAs. We feel like they are some of the best screens we’ve ever taken.

Resistance 3 for PS3

Resistance 3 for PS3Resistance 3 for PS3

We’re off for the holidays as a company, but we did drum up a few blog posts, and record a special episode of the Full Moon Show discussing everything Resistance 3 that will air right here on the PlayStation.Blog during the holidays, so keep your eyes peeled for that on December 29th!

Until then, happy holidays to everyone, and thanks for all your support of Resistance 3, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, and Insomniac Games.

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  • You had me at “Resistance” James, SOLD!!! 8)

  • Can’t wait for the gameplay. Resistance was the 1st game i played on ps3, been in love ever since.

  • weapon wheel plz. I know the big thing these days is to have a “realistic” approach and only hold two weapons but PLEASE go back to the old school fun factor of letting the player choose from a bigger selection of weapons. Holding only two weapons is getting SO boring.

  • i love all insomniac games they give u it all …. if u dont like gore play ratchet …. this looks amazing cant wait 2 splatter alien guts all over with that shot gun ……. did this little piggy cry WWWWWWEEEEEEE….WWWWWEEEEEEEEEEE WWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEE all the way home

  • I wanna download this on my PS3. Make it happen.

  • The more I see the more excited I become, it really seems to have taken on more of R:FoM’s numerous qualities, I love it. To me R:FoM was like a love letter to the legendary FPS’s from when I was young (Doom, Quake, DK3D, Unreal), it shared many of their qualities, and that was why I liked it so much.

    I have to ask though, with you guys sort of abandoning us as an exclusive group, will this be the last Resistance you make?

    Also, outside of the weapon wheel (classic FPS style, have to love it), what other changes have been made to make this title more R:FoM like?

  • plz make a movie about this saga!!!!!!!

  • damn. so many BABIES complaining about the live action trailers!
    Grow up!!!

    anyway, LOVE these trailers! When will they go up on psn for HD download?

    PreOrdered this game yesterday. My most anticipated game of 2011 followed by
    The Last Guardian
    Team ICO Collection
    Uncharted 3

    Insomniac/Resistance RULES!

  • @56 Yeah a movie would be great. But it might also ruin the series.

  • killzone 3 coming out finnaly


  • You guys hit GOLD with RFoM the story and the mystery was so epic.. the narration, the art work everything!! revealing things little by little and explaining how the chimera had come to be..

    then part 2 was so freaking shallow and generic.. Hey lets go there and kill everyone…. OK!

    man R2 ruined the best franchise i had ever played.. i hope you go back to your roots.. RFoM still my favorite FPS story.. please GO BACK TO THE ROOTS.. better to go to the roots of one of the best games ever and admit that R2 was pretty lame.. than yet take another turn and ruin even a 3rd episode.

    If you go back to the roots you will get awesome reviews i guarantee it! campaign AND multiplayer.

  • awesome trailer cant wait to see more in the coming months

  • R3 looks great…i will definetly be pre-ordering a collectors edition…the only thing i wish R3 was going to have was 8 player coop in addition to the campaign coop…hell i would still pay $30 dollars for a half dozen add on map pack for R2 coop…you listening james

  • Awesome!! Can’t wait for this!!!

  • cant wait

  • Please have a Beta test a few months before release. Let’s shape up the multiplayer!

  • The director’s cut was really cool and wish they allowed you guys to run the whole thing. I enjoy the live action and I’m glad you guys are showing gameplay as well. Like you nailed with the past games in the series, the level, character, and weapon design and atmosphere are all amazing and top notch. Really looking forward to Resistance 3. I’m still kind of sad that I can’t play as Hale, but Capelli is still an interesting character that I hope is explored more in the game. Well enjoy your break guys and I’m looking forward to more information until the release of the game.

  • lol always the R3 commercials freak u out a bit :D

  • on my bro’s birthday?! co op time!

    i love the imaginative weapons, more more! not just old ones

  • The FMV sequences are really awesome looking and I will have to admit, if I don’t see any real live FMV in the game I will be very disappointed.

    Also I like the new look of the engine and graphical design you’ve taken. The game itself looks much like the original Resistance artwork I recieved in the mail before the original came out. It’s very nice and eerie. Lets hope you can make it a real scare this time around instead of just huge cartoony bosses. :)

    I have a feeling R3 should be great, and I hope it in 3D!

  • Melee weapons confirmed?

  • Looks Awesome!!!!

  • Holy moly! That was really impressive! Cant wait!

  • They seriously need to just let one of you studio’s just make a full featured movie live action or CGI ala RE/FF Advent Children on these 1st Party IP’s

  • Hello James!

    Thanks a lot for the Director’s Cut Trailer! I really enjoyed it especially the shotgun part. But I had a quick question in regards to multiplayer…

    The first Resistance had 4 player split screen local (couch) multiplayer. I was a somewhat disappointed when I found out that the second game did not have the feature. Now, does the 3rd Resistance have 4 player split screen multiplayer? I would love to play with my buddies at home!

    Thanks in advance and Resistance 3 looks and sounds amazing!

  • I personally think the live action parts of the trailer make it cooler. it made me much more interested. game trailers that are all in gameplay or animation tend to make me take them less seriously. it created a lot more anticipation. like a movie trailer.

    one of the best video game trailers in my opinion.

    i think it would be absolutely amazing if a cover system was integrated into this one or perhaps in Resistance 4 if there will be one similar to the one in Rainbow six vegas 2, which is one of my all time favorite shooting games. just next to Resistance of course :) Cover system!!!!

  • the game looks awsome, the story is always been pretty good within the series…i hope online play is better this go around.

  • its amazing to have a new, realistic engine like this to play campagin i will really enjoy it also if they release a survival swarming alien mode with 4 player co-op i will be really scared.

  • Gotta say – can’t wait. Don’t know why so many people bag R2. I own about 50 games and it is one of the only ones my wife and I still dig out constantly to play. Its still extremely popular online and there is always tons of people playing. Not too many games can lay claim to that so long after its release!! I will be disappointed if the 8 player co-op doesn’t make a return, but as long as there is still split screen online co-op and we can both log on with our own ids I will be happy. This is one of the features that make this game unique. Keep up the good work. BTW trailers look great!!

  • weapon wheel ? weapon upgrades ? crazy weapons ? sounds like a violent ratchet and clack i allways wanted … the hype is killing me :D

  • are you guys using full advantage of the cell ? the way killzone and uncharted did ?

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