Resistance 3: Watch the VGA Trailer Director’s Cut

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While Insomniac is off for the holiday break, we did want to stop by with the Director’s Cut of our VGA trailer. The trailer originally called for three scenes, each showing a different aspect of the game, and the initial sequence was meant to tie it to the GamesCom trailer. Alas, live television demanded a two-minute run-time, and we wanted to give you as much gameplay as possible, so some of the live action hit the cutting room floor. Check out the Director’s cut below:

This restored Director’s Cut features a lot of the extra live-action that Prologue shot – including a dark warehouse scene at the beginning. Each of the live action moments does represent a section of the game, despite the only gameplay footage occurring during the boat.

We hope you also got a chance to see the new screenshots we released with the VGAs. We feel like they are some of the best screens we’ve ever taken.

Resistance 3 for PS3

Resistance 3 for PS3Resistance 3 for PS3

We’re off for the holidays as a company, but we did drum up a few blog posts, and record a special episode of the Full Moon Show discussing everything Resistance 3 that will air right here on the PlayStation.Blog during the holidays, so keep your eyes peeled for that on December 29th!

Until then, happy holidays to everyone, and thanks for all your support of Resistance 3, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, and Insomniac Games.

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  • ok please impress me for buying this game… thanks

  • Great game and will be on my “maybe” list for 2011. :) Only thing holding me back is the gore.

  • i wish for more gameplay…

  • Awesome. Hope this makes its way onto PSN.

  • Can’t wait!

  • More gameplay please!

  • I dont think Im old enuogh to play this and Im 48 Ill pass

  • Can’t wait for the latest FMS when I get home.


  • Sept can’t come soon enough

  • IT LOOKS AMAZING OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait for Resistance 3… The only game that has ever got me so hooked up was Resistance 2.. Never played Resistance 1 but I saw a friend of mine playing it and I know I would’ve loved it as well. Insomniac Games I know you won’t disappoint =) Oh and please if you’re going to put the “Wraith” again on the Resistance 3’s multiplayer please be sure that the Jumping like bunnies Wraith glitch/bug/error/whatever is removed. Thanks =)

  • We will keep supporting Insomniac as long as they keep putting out the quality work they are known for.

    Happy Holidays Insomniacs!

  • Really can’t wait fo this game! So far I’ve pre-ordered all 3 previous Resistance game, and read the book too. Looks like this will be another pre-order :D

    Btw, from looking at the live action footage, the thought that you guys should consider a film reiteration is only strengthened. The story line is great, and if you could get that sort of quality from a live action shot, then I’m sure you could in a film ;)

  • Whats up with all the people crying about the gore? I mean your really gonna get your wahh wahhh on because of gore on a M rated game? Why are you even here commenting on it.

  • cant wait the sledgehammer looks like a cool adition to the game

  • The R3 trailer was the highlight of the show for me.

  • This is one of my all time favorite video game series. I can’t wait for this to come out. I want it right now. The ending of R2 was so epic. I hear I should play Retribution though, because this story might tie in with it… any thoughts? I might dwnld it.

  • This looks awesome. Please for the love of God have co-op campaign and competitive multiplayer matchmaking!

    The reason why I love Uncharted 2’s multiplayer is because of the different game modes and the fact that it is essentially the only PS3-exclusive (until Killzone 3 and hopefully Resistance 3) to have matchmaking.

    It will make it easier for casual players to get into the Resistance 3 multiplayer and co-op matchmaking will dramatically increase your game’s longevity.

  • I hope that
    a)Master’s of war is in the game somewhere…
    b)Do the multiplayer like the first game(I liked that one the best)

  • I’m looking forward to this game more than Killzone 3. So glad the weapon wheel and campaign co-op are returning!

  • Can I download this in HD?

    Have to say, this is my third more wanted game next year after the Team ICO collection and The Last Guardian :)

  • even though Resistance is a bit horror, but i still like it.. i’ve played both FoM and R2
    keep it up insomniac games

    why don’t u guys make a movie about this game, it’s going to be great i think

  • James… will R3 support MOVE like KZ3 and Socom 4.
    That upcoming Sharp Shooter/move attachment should be standard for all Sony’s shooters…. Let us know Please

    Can’t wait for this game…it looks great

  • I hope it’s better than the 1st 2…

  • The R3 announcement inspired me to finally go back and get the killing machine trophy (and plat with it), So excited to see what R3 will bring. One of my favorite franchises.

    Btw, The live action stuff just shows how cool a Resistance movie would be…hint hint.

  • Awesome! Thanks James. =)

  • Unless your game is played with live action people then I must say WHO CARES ABOUT THE LIVE ACTION!!!??? If developers(including Insomniac)would spend less time on live action in the trailers then we could see more gameplay. I hate live action trailers.

    • I would say based on all of the other VGA trailers, we did pretty well in terms of the amount of gameplay we showed.

  • A movie in the future would be a great idea… This trailer has a Walking Dead vibe… Hoping for another PS3 classic ;)

  • R3 looks sick. Keep making exclusives, and I’ll keep supporting them. As soon as companies go multiplatform, their games ALWAYS start to lose quality IMO, and never get to be as good as they can if that same company was exclusive to one console or another.

  • Off for the holiday break already? Nice! I’m sure it is a good break from all of the hard work all do at Insomniac Games.

    I’m really hoping for some crazy weapons in R3. I loved the later weapons in R1, but didn’t find any of the R2 additions interesting.

  • That top one looks more like concept art. Mostly because it looks brighter than most of the footage in the video. (Darker is better, I believe)

    Doesn’t matter to me one way or another: I’m buying the game even if you throw in a giant, fluffy bunny with a drum advertising batteries. Much love, Insomniac.

  • @Darth-Legendary

    You should definitely play Resistance: Retribution. It has the best story in the series in my opinion and it’s a ton of fun to play (especially if you hook it up to Resistance 2). Plus Resistance 3’s story might tie in with it, so I would definitely download it.

  • looks awesome!!! my only complaint is that i have to wait until september to start schooling those ugly chimera!!!! oh well..i’m sure its gonna be more than worth the wait!!! thanks insomniac for all the awesome games!!! happy holidays!!!

  • Looks great, but i dont understand the final scene.

  • Look I like the Move but for FPS could you have the option of twisting the move left or right to turn???? Please aiming at the edge of the screen is disorienting and unnecessary! The wii could not register twist… thats the only reason they have aim at the edge of the screen! PLEASE twist to turn option because without it move will not work!

  • Bring back the skeleton skin for multiplayer from R:FOM from when the game was first released. It was great seeing the random skeleton running around.

  • Dear god waiting is going to suck lol.

    Really looknig forward to this game. Is this engine entirely new or a modified one? Looks rather impressive i have to say.

  • Shame on your guys for teasing us with these spectacular trailers of the game when it’s going to be a full year before it comes out! Just a shame…

  • Feels like their going for that left for dead feel.i’m wanting for the New York Trailers i know its coming!

  • Gonna be a long wait till September, so excited for this! Looks to me like they’re combining the best of R1 and R2.. can’t wait to see how the story pans out.

    P.S… I don’t understand why so many were disappointed with R2, it’s one of the best shooters ever. Improved everything that needed to be improved from R1. Combine it with some of the best bits of R1 (Weapon wheel, terrifyingly dark sections) and we’ll have the best game of 2011!

  • @NeonReaver

    I believe Uncharted and Resistance were the only games that actually showed gameplay, so your comment is ironic. How much gameplay do you expect to sweet anyway? Everyone always wants more more more. The game doesn’t even come out for a year. You think this is the last time we’ll see it before release?

  • September can’t come soon enough.

    I fell in love with the Resistance universe the moment I picked it up, gameplay felt different because it wasn’t always about shooting stuff, there’s a nice balance of platforming as well and the story was so engaging I just couldn’t put it down.

    Even picked up The Gathering Storm! I hope R3 delves into Sarah’s past a bit, would be awesome to see that one scene with her, Hale and the President reenacted ;D *hinthint*

    Seeing all this live action also makes me think of a Resistance movie…as long as Hollywood doesn’t get their stinkin’ hands on it…honestly, Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake? =/

  • Why you guys took the hammer from Red Faction. Me no likey.

  • Hey guys, i’m new to playstation. I am getting one for christmas because I wanted a break from my xbox and seeing all those PS exclusives, it’s a good thing. I have a question for you guys. I have created my account here on, will I be able to use that one when I first plug in my PS?
    Thank you!
    P.S. Is Resistance fun?

  • gotta say, even with the brief game play footage R3 looks more intense then R2 lol. and was that the Auger? if so i’m happy to see my favorite gun in its new design. but one thing that got me thinking based on this…does Malikov die!? o.O

  • @45 Yes the account you make here will be usable on your PS3. :)

    And yes, Resistance is a blast! :D

  • @James
    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP WITH THE LIVE ACTION STUFF. I understand you guys are trying to generate hype, but all I’m see is a bunch of nonsensical footage mixed in with things that aren’t even in the game. It’s a demotivator man.

    Anyway the game looks like its shaping up, which was sad for Resistance 2 as it didn’t really hold a candle to KZ2 visually. Co-op was awesome and I’m sad to see that isn’t return as well as my buddies who were hoping to get on that with Resistance 3.

    I’m concerned though that Carpelli doesn’t seem to look anything like his R2 version…. not even sure they act the same either…. It’s kind of jaring…..

    Will this wrap up the Resistance story in terms of the overall conflict?

    • Actually Kaze, the live action represents moments in the game.

      Capelli has gone through a lot in four years, starvation, malnutrition, etc. He’s also matured, seen the world go completely to hell, and got married and had a kid, so a lot of his changes should make sense between the next novel (A Hole in the Sky) and the game.

      The Resistance universe is a big place with a lot of stories. R3 won’t change that.

  • @47 Thanks! Looking forward to playing on a new console!

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