Modern Combat: Domination Producer Q&A, PlayStation Move Support Confirmed

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It’s been a while since Gameloft dropped by the PlayStation.Blog. We didn’t mean to go M.I.A. on everybody, but our dev team’s been quietly working on our newest project. Producer Arnaud wanted to share a few thoughts on Modern Combat: Domination before its debut this January.

So … what exactly is the title about? Boiled down, it’s immersion in a modern war experience with one of the most complete FPS multiplayer games on PSN. Throw in PlayStation Move compatibility and you can look forward to a comprehensive shooter experience. FPS fans can expect maps featuring Middle Eastern and Western metropolitan cities, as well as high-resolution graphics and an extensive use of physics creating impressive game environments. Read on for our interview regarding our upcoming PSN title: Modern Combat: Domination.

Modern Combat: Domination for PS3 (PSN)

Jennifer Kye: With the Modern Combat series always offering an immersive experience, how did the development team work to offer greater depth to the gameplay?

Arnaud: We focused purely on the multiplayer experience. We worked on the different game modes, the level design of tactical maps, the core weapons to offer both variety and good balance, and the unlocks / ranks for an addictive progression. Regarding the gameplay itself, we wanted something more realistic; while still accessible to the newcomer, hardcore gamers would welcome the chance to hone their skills. We’re trying to make the gamer more interested in his role while he plays; it increase the adrenaline and tension during gameplay. We wanted to offer fans an experience that isn’t typically felt in the current top-seller FPS.

J.K.: Were there specific challenges the development team faced?

Arnaud: We are using our latest next generation in-house engine for the game. One of the biggest challenges is the visual aspect; this required significant work from the team. Because this fresh engine is dedicated to next generation consoles, the development team had to quickly adapt and apply technical details on the fly. It was rather nerve-wracking, especially since the game features all the special effects you’d expect from a console game, including the latest shaders support and 60 FPS.

The second big challenge is online stability; we have to adapt and learn the massive scale for it to work flawlessly on such a game.

Modern Combat: Domination for PS3 (PSN)

J.K.: We know that Modern Combat: Domination is an online multiplayer experience with quite a variety of maps. How were maps for the game built and what can gamers expect?

Arnaud: I will try not to give away too many spoilers. For the Middle Eastern maps, we took our inspiration mainly from our previous games. For example, we created a cave and brainstormed how we could reuse the concept and push it graphically. Each map was discussed on paper first, then tested many times in grey boxes; once the core level design was approved, we applied texture and finished the last micro level design elements.

As for what gamers can expect, these maps are all about cover and opportunity spots. The level designs feature strong drawbacks and advantages that require teams to cooperate and coordinate attacks. Rushing into objectives will only lead to mission failure, so it’s key for the team to anticipate and progress with care. When under fire, gamers will need to be quick and accurate or else just a few enemy bullets can send gamers to respawn. It is the perfect challenge for people who are seeking a very engaging FPS experience; gamers will have to master maps, skill sets and abilities, and of course, function as a team. It’s not something we think you’ll commonly find on the PSN.

Modern Combat: Domination for PS3 (PSN)

J.K.: Modern Combat: Domination also features an extensive customization system. What are the customization options and how do they translate in terms of gameplay?

Arnaud: The development team wanted to go further with the weapon list. For both visual variety and gameplay richness, the team didn’t want upgrades to be simply cosmetic. Without breaking weapon balance, custom options can significantly change the way gamers play. The default iron sight can be difficult on some weapons so you can prefer visibility with red dot sight for precision. Or you can add foregrip to reduce the recoil of your weapon. Or you can add a grenade launcher. Or … well, the list goes on. That’s how we’ve worked it; it comes as a reward while you progress in the ranks to unlock them. They won’t magically turn you into the greatest player, but it allows you to define how you want to play your preferred weapon.

J.K.: Finally, what would you say are the main advantages of Modern Combat: Domination over other PS3 FPS?

Arnaud: We come with a different multiplayer experience compared to what we always see now in contemporary military FPS. It offers great graphics, addictive gameplay and a price that is far less expensive thanks to being offered on PSN instead of a traditional box title. I believe it will please players on PSN!

Look forward to more updates in the coming weeks because Modern Combat : Domination will be hitting PSN next month!

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  • If your game is really fun and addictive than there has to be a demo every game that is good has demo. prove it through a demo. if its addictive than ill buy it, other people will also…

  • i hate comparing games, but is the gameplay more Counterstrike or CoD? I’d rather countersstrike. Also whats the health like, you said the game to be tactical, so is 1-3 shot kill?

  • does this feature the XM8 gun?

  • Alright, honestly i’m not trying to hate, but I really have some concerns;
    1. Move? I love move, but I had the worst experience with it for MAG. My gun would randomly aim at the sky, etc. Hopefully, DK3 will be supported?
    2. Modern Combat. Sounds like Modern Warfare. Although I love Modern Warfare, I hope this isn’t a copycat. IF it is, hopefully it’ll copy it right,
    3. This isn;t a complaint, but the price is amazing
    4. Just by looking at the screens, the graphics look amazing.

  • looks VERY interesting.

  • 1. I like the whole only base on multiplayer statement but is there offline co-op. I’m not sure if any game has reached this height yet but 2 player playing online with the same ps3 that will be a dream come true. Co-op games is the future of gaming honestly this is where its at. Why do you think little big planet is so popular. 4 player co-op AWESOME……hoping to see it soon if not any of your sequel please consider my suggestions :D. Thanks

    • Currently, Modern Combat: Domination doesn’t support offline split-screen. However, we’ve been hearing requests for it so it’s not off the table for future titles.

  • Fantastic! If it weren’t for the big bold “Playstation Move Support” in the title, I may have not even read the article. But seeing as you are supporting my favorite PS3 device and asking for a humble $10 (or less), this game is an instant must-have for me.

    Can I make a suggestion though? Not for Modern Combat, but for a potential future project. An open world first-person adventure game set in medieval times (kinda like elder scrolls)… you know, using swords, maces, axes, what-have-you, but as a PS Move exclusive title with 1:1 weilding. I highly doubt Bethesda would give PSMove the time of day on a PS3 port of any of their games, but I believe you guys would!

    • Hmm … I do like your suggestion! And the Move is pretty darn awesome. Will have to forward your feedback to the dev team for future projects. Thanks!

  • ~Why not just give us Eternal Legacy or Dungeon Hunter 2 with move support we already have a lot of those FPS titles

    • We’re giving Modern Combat: Domination a test run on PSN. While we’re dominantly a mobile games company, we are looking into the console space as well.

  • i sure hope there’s going to be a demo. i’m sorry but i can’t buy a game before trying it out. i’m sure many others agree.

  • What about a PSP title. Gameloft said NOVA was coming to PSP. Don’t tell me FPS on the PSP can’t be done because Medal Of Honor Heroes 1&2 had GREAT success on the PSP and still has great number s online.

    • While we’re predominantly a mobile games company, we are looking at other platforms, including portable devices and consoles. Thanks!

  • looks fun.. unfortunately theres not much info released (trailers, gameplay ect.) yet. If you guys can master MOVE support this game can really be fun. JUST WONDERING HOW DOES THE TURNING WORK??? is this similar to MAG?

  • Looks good! Will there be a demo? If so, you may have another customer! :)

  • Is the game Move only, or does it have DualShock 3 support as well?

  • I’m pretty sure there’s supposed to be a “Trial” for this sort of thing, and not a demo.

  • 2 questions in mind…

    will it be only playable with playstation move?

    yes / no

    if first answer is yes no other questions..

    if no

    second question : will there be different rooms for playstation move users and sixaxis users. if anyone could not understand my question. i want to fight with people who only has playstation move or who only has sixaxis. because it will not be fair. i can use sixaxis better or the game may have move capabilities better and it can’t be a fair game. if i’m shooting someone with the same skills that i have i want to have the same advantage. i really have to know that i really shooted him insted of he couldn’t use the move controller very well.

    all agree?

    • It is not only playable with PlayStation Move — you can use your regular controller as well. However, there won’t be separate rooms, unfortunately. Thanks for the feedback; we’ll keep this in mind for future titles.

  • I wish you developers would have a demo for every downloadable title on the PlayStation Network. This is exactly why the XBOX 360 is better for downloads as I can try before I buy. I’d purchase this title if it’s good but the only way for me to know would be to try a demo.

    Come on, if you really believe you’re releasing a good product, please let us try it for ourselves before buying! It looks good but with the over saturation of the FPS market… Well, you get my point.

    • Your feedback was helpful because we’ll be releasing a demo on PSN to give you a taste of Modern Combat: Domination.

  • Can you please describe the Move support?

    Will it shoot where I point the move controller or does it act more like a cursor?

  • 60 fps, sold, too!

    Btw, I have an alternate control scheme in my mind for FPS gaming and move. Contact me! (Dammit, I’m serious :) )

  • What are the customization settings for the move if any?
    Like bounding box, turn speeds, custom buttons placements, etc?
    What type of motion controls is there? Throwing grenades, reloading, melees?

  • <$10 !!
    what a great news!
    cant wait for this one!!!

  • i love how you people continue to push out games that people are interested in on the PSN with no trial.

    how dare you!

    when it comes to demoing a game that’s exclusive to the PSN youtube is your friend.

    • Aw … now you’re making us feel ashamed of ourselves. Thankfully, we can rectify this because a demo will be hitting PSN soon. :)

  • 1 question:
    what is the file size of that game?
    500mb?, 1gb?, 2gb?, 3gb?…
    please answer! :)

  • Is this Move only? Or Move and DS3? Having to types of controllers sucks. At least on Xbox its kinda obvious what games are Kinect only, cause there usualy crap mini game collections or fitness games.

  • 10$, count me in

  • I’d like to see the DEMO 1st, than I’ll rate.


  • what game types does the game offer and also another question since this game will have move support will it support the new playstation move sharpshooter (probably a stupid question :P)

  • Jen Kye,

    Thank you for listening to us here as it shows our voice counts. I’m a huge fan of first person shooters so I’m excited to try the demo once it’s released. :)

  • oh wow great news! Hey gameloft bring over your other shooter titles too while you’re at at!

  • at it*

  • Yeah I been hearing a lot about this game despite being a copy-off of Modern Warfare 2. But anyway, the Move is what make this game interesting and the game plays like Modern Warfare meets Counterstrike and PS Move. Anyway, I might try this out. Oh Gameloft, I’m waiting for your next game, Covert Ops: Cold War year (a obvious copy-off of Call of Duty: Black Ops), LOL.

  • Thank you Jen for answering my question about the number of maps and possible future DLC support.

    Food for future thought, I wish other devs would include some map editor and designer like Far Cry 2 did on consoles. It may not be anything close to modding on a PC but it opens up creativity of the community and extends the life of a game especially if people really enjoy it.

  • great news for demo users people should start reading the questions and answers before they submit honestly i see you answer the same question 5 times+ anyways for the demo is it only for playstation plus players or is it available for all users including the free members thanks and awesome feedback

  • Weshzu if you look at the times when people asked about the demo and when she gave a definite answer you will notice that it was well after all of them had already asked. So calm down it will be okay.

    BTW way to go there Weshzu. They probably would have given it to everyone, now they’ll only do it for PS+ subscribers since you mentioned it, lol. Please make it available to everyone, might alienate people to not buy the game.

  • any word on the game types and modes?

  • I saw this game in action out there in cyber land. I have to say I think I have to snatch this game up.

  • What are the customization settings for the move if any?
    Like bounding box, turn speeds, custom buttons placements, etc?
    What type of motion controls is there? Throwing grenades, reloading, melees?

  • wow. do people not read the comments before posting or what?! Kudos to you, J.K. for replying to everyone about the fact that there will be a demo.

    Personal rant – you don’t need a demo if you read reviews. just saying.

    question: what is the largest map, and what is the smallest in relation to square km?

  • Hey truskill maybe you should take your own advice and read comments before you post and you would have noticed someone made the same misinformed comment as you that I addressed. If you notice the date and time that last person asked about a demo it is well before the first time that Jen replied to confirm a demo. I think enough people requested, she heard and they decided to put one out because of it. That just proves they listen to the community and I applaud them for that which seems to be lacking with some bigger devs these days.

    As for your opinion about not needing a demo but just read review, that is about the worst info I’ve ever heard. Nothing is better than trying it out for yourself because a review is not more than someones opinion and most of the time these days they end up being very biased due to the fact that not everyone likes the same things.

  • I’ve played games that had perfect to near perfect reviews everywhere that I felt was garbage and vice versa played games that had poor reviews that I thought was awesome. But those are my opinions to what things I like in a game and no one can tell me what I will like or not like bu me. If you rather not have a demo then that is your opinion so don’t play demos when they come out and you can just keep going by your biased reviews.

  • Can you PLEASE add 4player splitscreen to THIS game, not future titles. The demand is here NOW and a lot of people will buy THIS game for the splitscreen modes, because there’s a huge lack of 4p splitscreen FPS games these days so if you add it, this game will be a monopoly.

    I would buy it purely for the splitscreen (but only if the game is good of course).

  • how much is it going to cost? and when do it come out and is there a mode just the move noline please let me know

  • Game looks great but it’s move only?(hope not) Or can we use a dualshock as well?

  • Well I am a big fan of the Call of Dut series and FPS games in general. This looks as if it could be interesting. Hopefully it isn’t as laggy as Black Ops…lol. Anyways, for the price I think it will be worth buying. Thanks Gameloft for supporting the PSN :).

  • Hi,

    weapon buying ala CS, customization, round based game mode(s) without respawn, good graphics, $8 or 8€ ?

    Pure heaven in modern casual times of perks, killstreaks etc.

    Thank you

    Exact release date ?

  • Will this Demo be hitting the store before the release or same day?

    From the looks of things I might not even need the demo to buy this game it looks and sounds amazing can’t wait.

  • Gameloft is the king of imitation…

  • Holy cow, do any of you even read the comments by the Dev?

    There WILL be a Demo and it works with both the DS3 and the Move controller.


  • How much PLEASE Answer

  • Btw, why didn´t you guys make this game third person ?


    $7,99 ($5,99 first day offer for PSN Plus)

  • I have one question when is this game coming out on the psn?

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