Modern Combat: Domination Producer Q&A, PlayStation Move Support Confirmed

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It’s been a while since Gameloft dropped by the PlayStation.Blog. We didn’t mean to go M.I.A. on everybody, but our dev team’s been quietly working on our newest project. Producer Arnaud wanted to share a few thoughts on Modern Combat: Domination before its debut this January.

So … what exactly is the title about? Boiled down, it’s immersion in a modern war experience with one of the most complete FPS multiplayer games on PSN. Throw in PlayStation Move compatibility and you can look forward to a comprehensive shooter experience. FPS fans can expect maps featuring Middle Eastern and Western metropolitan cities, as well as high-resolution graphics and an extensive use of physics creating impressive game environments. Read on for our interview regarding our upcoming PSN title: Modern Combat: Domination.

Modern Combat: Domination for PS3 (PSN)

Jennifer Kye: With the Modern Combat series always offering an immersive experience, how did the development team work to offer greater depth to the gameplay?

Arnaud: We focused purely on the multiplayer experience. We worked on the different game modes, the level design of tactical maps, the core weapons to offer both variety and good balance, and the unlocks / ranks for an addictive progression. Regarding the gameplay itself, we wanted something more realistic; while still accessible to the newcomer, hardcore gamers would welcome the chance to hone their skills. We’re trying to make the gamer more interested in his role while he plays; it increase the adrenaline and tension during gameplay. We wanted to offer fans an experience that isn’t typically felt in the current top-seller FPS.

J.K.: Were there specific challenges the development team faced?

Arnaud: We are using our latest next generation in-house engine for the game. One of the biggest challenges is the visual aspect; this required significant work from the team. Because this fresh engine is dedicated to next generation consoles, the development team had to quickly adapt and apply technical details on the fly. It was rather nerve-wracking, especially since the game features all the special effects you’d expect from a console game, including the latest shaders support and 60 FPS.

The second big challenge is online stability; we have to adapt and learn the massive scale for it to work flawlessly on such a game.

Modern Combat: Domination for PS3 (PSN)

J.K.: We know that Modern Combat: Domination is an online multiplayer experience with quite a variety of maps. How were maps for the game built and what can gamers expect?

Arnaud: I will try not to give away too many spoilers. For the Middle Eastern maps, we took our inspiration mainly from our previous games. For example, we created a cave and brainstormed how we could reuse the concept and push it graphically. Each map was discussed on paper first, then tested many times in grey boxes; once the core level design was approved, we applied texture and finished the last micro level design elements.

As for what gamers can expect, these maps are all about cover and opportunity spots. The level designs feature strong drawbacks and advantages that require teams to cooperate and coordinate attacks. Rushing into objectives will only lead to mission failure, so it’s key for the team to anticipate and progress with care. When under fire, gamers will need to be quick and accurate or else just a few enemy bullets can send gamers to respawn. It is the perfect challenge for people who are seeking a very engaging FPS experience; gamers will have to master maps, skill sets and abilities, and of course, function as a team. It’s not something we think you’ll commonly find on the PSN.

Modern Combat: Domination for PS3 (PSN)

J.K.: Modern Combat: Domination also features an extensive customization system. What are the customization options and how do they translate in terms of gameplay?

Arnaud: The development team wanted to go further with the weapon list. For both visual variety and gameplay richness, the team didn’t want upgrades to be simply cosmetic. Without breaking weapon balance, custom options can significantly change the way gamers play. The default iron sight can be difficult on some weapons so you can prefer visibility with red dot sight for precision. Or you can add foregrip to reduce the recoil of your weapon. Or you can add a grenade launcher. Or … well, the list goes on. That’s how we’ve worked it; it comes as a reward while you progress in the ranks to unlock them. They won’t magically turn you into the greatest player, but it allows you to define how you want to play your preferred weapon.

J.K.: Finally, what would you say are the main advantages of Modern Combat: Domination over other PS3 FPS?

Arnaud: We come with a different multiplayer experience compared to what we always see now in contemporary military FPS. It offers great graphics, addictive gameplay and a price that is far less expensive thanks to being offered on PSN instead of a traditional box title. I believe it will please players on PSN!

Look forward to more updates in the coming weeks because Modern Combat : Domination will be hitting PSN next month!

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  • Sweet, cant wait to see this.

  • Whoa, this came outta nowhere. And it’s releasing next month? Hope there will be a demo…

  • Will Gameloft Live! be incorporated? I know we will have trophies, but it would also be nice if they synced up wit my Gameloft Live! account.

  • Hope this is more like counter-strike then it is modern warfare

  • Looks ok…

  • How’s that Android development coming along, Gameloft?

  • Nice, it looks good!!! 8)

  • is it the MAG type of Move support where you literally have to point to the side of the screen to turn, or is it more senseful?

  • This looks really good.

  • psn game? that is epic!

  • so this is another multiplayer online only game. o great cause the ps3 doesn’t have enough of those. i like single player games what happened to those? not every game a developer makes need’s online. as long as u guys make a great single player game then it wont need some useless online crap.

    • This is one of our first ventures into online multiplayer. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t be releasing single-player campaign titles in the future.

  • I’m all about the generic Shooty Bangs in Modern Military scenarios! Sign me up!

  • Eh, I don’t know. It looks okay, but really why would I play this over lets say Call of Duty? I guess it really all depends on the price for me. I do like the fact that theres Move support too.

    • We know the FPS genre has plenty of games, but we think the Move support will add a different twist to the experience.

  • Another “Modern” FPS game?

  • Does this game have destructible environments? I remember seeing a game where you could shoot out a plank of wood from a house then shoot out of the space you just created. I don’t know what happened to that game, but was just wondering if this game had anythiny like that.

    • Alas, the current engine doesn’t support destructible environments! Though that is definitely something to consider for a sequel. ;)

  • WOW what a way to start 2011 yay. who wants to kill zombies add me!!

  • This… this actually looks pretty cool… and it doesn’t have the gimmicks so many other military shooters have had as of late… I skipped the CoD series (other than CoD4) as MW2 and BO were just way too gimmicky, but this seems pretty straight forward. This is definitely on my list now, looks promising :)

    • Glad we got your vote of confidence. We’re super excited since this is our first venture into the FPS genre for the PSN. We’re also hoping Move support gives gamers a more engaging experience.

  • Still need to beat Black Pegasus O.O

    oh and about Shadow Guardian,will that release this year?Before Christmas? :)

  • @ #12 It’s called Battlefield Bad Company 2.

  • The name you’ve chosen for this game tells us everything we need to know.

    Another shameful Call of Duty clone. What’s the main character’s name, Shampoo McDonald. Why would anyone want to play a poor imitation of an already stale and over saturated genre? Mediocrity guaranteed. The fact you would develop a “safe” choice like this than rather create something original is a blight on the current generation.

    If anyone is that desperate for a downloadable FPS, Battlefield 1943 provides a classic experience that I doubt this comes near to.

    • We understand the FPS genre has plenty of titles. However, most of the Gameloft staff love shooters and the team wanted to create a title that reflected their adoration of this genre. They also wanted to take a slightly different approach by incorporating Move into the game for a more engaging experience.

  • This game looks promising to me, as well. I will definitely give it a shot. Hopefully, if it does play well and if it ultimately does well on PSN, Gameloft will add more content to the game.

  • Looks pretty good, but will it feature offline 4 player split-screen? Another thing that would be nice would be LAn so 4 vs 4 on 2 different ps3’s!!

    • Unfortunately it doesn’t feature an offline 4 player split-screen. Though that is definitely something to consider for future titles.

  • Wish it was going to be TPS instead of FPS(Plenty of those around already) but perhaps the online play will take a page from Socom and be round based instead of re-spawn?

  • Very interesting

  • hahaha, from quick glance I thought it said Mortal Kombat Move support confirmed, lmao.

  • So this will be a PSN game, right? I’ll be sure to buy this when I get my $50 PSN card soon. :)

  • I’m interested. I’ll keep an eye on this one.
    But I hope it doesn’t turn out like that Blacklight: Tango Down game. That one was pretty bad.. :|

  • No plans for a demo????? What!? Add it to your Plan-To-Do List Please! I want to make sure that this game is way better than CoD! I am tired of Call of Duty and want a game that can do better! But, I also want to try out the game! Please plan for a demo of some kind?

  • Looks good,im buyin it.

  • “…but our dev team’s been quietly working on our newest project.”

    wow, when they say “quietly” then that’s what they exactly ment ^_^. idk if i’ll get this since i see this game as sitting under the helm of a CoD-like shooter, for a cheaper price of course. But after a good purchase of my latest PSN game DEAD NATION I’m looking at PSN titles more frequently for jems…

  • Can we get offline 4 player split-screen?

    • Unfortunately there is no offline 4-player split-screen. Based on the responses, we may incorporate it into our future titles, though.

  • Does this mean you might bring N.O.V.A. or Gangstar to PSN in the future?

    • Currently we only have Blokus and Modern Combat: Domination in the works. However, future titles are being considered. :)

  • Any word on how much it will cost?

  • Definitely going to buy this, Move support makes FPS games a lot more fun (as MAG shows, and the soon to be released KZ3 will no doubt also demonstrate) looking forward to this and any future projects from you guys!

    • As I’d like to say … SUH-WEET! Dev team immediately wanted to incorporate Move and we’re excited to see how fans will react.

  • Is it able to be a sit down and play with the Move or stand up and Shoot and move?

  • arent thess the same guys who made tank battles ? Im wishing 4 sum dlc for that title maybe a few new levels..

  • dang, I thought it was going to be CoD Modern Warfare 2.

  • hmm….just did some research and saw the Modern Combat games on the iphone. This looks pretty good. count me in. will look forward to playing this. any word on price? how will the MOVE controls work? i have a navigator and wand controller.

    • Price will be <$10 thanks to a promotion we'll be running soon. The controls for Move will be pretty intuitive; you can sit down comfortably and still play for example.

  • this is coming to EU right? looks awsome. the move support is right up my ally, so its a buy from me (when it hits eu).
    info on Dungeon Hunter: Allianc? looking at a hit right there!

  • Besides Move support, is there anything original about this title?

    Did the team do anything to add some creativity into the modern war FPS genre or is this a clone of a clone?

  • I might sound harsh here, but the lack of developers not releaseing a trial game on the PlayStation Network is a poor buisness model. Releasing Demos and Trials on other platforms while giving the PSN users the shaft is beyond me. Without a bite sized peice of content to try we have no idea what we are buying. Watching trailers and reviews doesnt give us a feel for the game.

    End rant

  • How are you suppose to walk around and look around at the same time like you do in a normal FPS without a second thumb stick? This was Sony’s biggest mistake by not adding a second one to control movement while the one on the nun chuck controlled the camera. Instead Sony just made an exact copy of the wii. What a shame. Sony had the chance to make FPS move controlling games into something they should be by taking the player off a rail that moves them along for them.

    Just think a game FPS game in the vain of castlevania era where you had a whip or sword to fight with. With the move controller you would have to do the whipping action or the sword swinging action but if they would have included a second thumb stick, you’d be able to move and look around while swinging the sword or whip while fighting instead of having to stand in place.

    I should work for you guys cause the people working for Sony, nintendo and Microsoft now just have terrible ideas.

  • This needs a demo to prove itself, few people will touch this unless they can try it first.

  • Jen;

    A demo would be key. I’m getting a Move for the family this Christmas (don’t let the kids know) and to me that would be the differentiating factor in your game as I already own Modern Warfare, etc.

    If the Move support is great and fun, then it’s a buy. But it’s really one of those things that I’d like to try before I buy. Make a limited demo, a small map, time limited, doesn’t matter. But you’ll be doing yourselves a favor if you provide a demo, if the game is good, it will sell a lot more.

    • Your point was taken, along with plenty of feedback from others, requesting a demo. We’ll be releasing one on PSN! Cheers!

  • Look I like the Move but for FPS could you have the option of twisting the move left or right to turn???? Please aiming at the edge of the screen is disorienting and unnecessary! The wii could not register twist… thats the only reason they have aim at the edge of the screen! PLEASE twist to turn option because without it move will not work!

  • This game looks a little alright. I might have to try out a demo though.

    Also will you be resetting your servers for tetris?
    Because the top 50 trophy is really dumb…

  • Gameloft is the best uncreative devs.Isn’t that right Jen Kye?
    Just look at the uncharted clone there making for the ipod…
    All Jen is saying if you have the move you can play a generic MW2.
    What happens if i dont have the move?

  • 60FPS? Sold!

    Jen any plans for post launch support? (eg. Bug fixes, balace changes, DLC?)

    Also any word on custom soundtracks?

    You guys need to start the hype train on this one and go around to various websites, posting on various gaming forums and start doing interviews. You need to bring some awareness to the game. More people that aware = more potential sales. I only just found out about this on the blog only by chance.

    • Dev team will be on hand in case patches are necessary. While DLC hasn’t been confirmed, team is considering one for future release.

  • Awesome game on iPod. Can’t wait

  • OK first is this a Move only game or can you use the DS3?

    Second what is this amazingly low price and how many maps will it come with?

    Please be at least 12 maps or more with more to be added, any less gets boring really quick. I hate when you have a good shooter then barely give any maps or don’t add more to keep it fresh.

    I rather keep getting new maps for a really good game instead of having to buy a whole new game every year that is just like the old one but new maps and slightly different guns like some of these devs do to rape us for a full price game when we all know it should have just been added as a map pack extension to the previous game. So instead of having one game with say 30- 40 maps we have 3 or 4 games with 12-15 maps each that we have to load each game separately just to play the hand full of maps we like.

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