Resistance 3 Coming 9/6/11: First Gameplay Footage from the VGAs

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We are excited to bring to you the first gameplay footage from Resistance 3 – coming to you in the form of our trailer for the Spike Video Game Awards (VGAs). You’ll see some more live-action (ala our Cologne reveal trailer), representing two moments from the game: a treacherous boat journey, and a brutal arena battle. You’ll also see gameplay footage during the boat sequence, as Joseph Capelli and Dr. Malikov make their way through a flooded city filled with Grims while trying to avoid Chimeran death squads.

If you missed the post from Resistance 3 Creative Director Marcus Smith earlier this week, you should check it out. It brings you up to date on all the info we’ve released (including the first details about the storyline and our two-player online / split-screen campaign co-op). Click here to find out more.

Resistance 3

If you’re already caught up, you’ll definitely want to check out the VGA trailer above. See if you can spot one of the Rossmore Shotgun upgrades, or my personal favorite, when one of the new Longleg enemies has his cooling-backstacks damaged, the overheat causing a messy mid-air explosion.

Resistance 3 is coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 on September 6th, 2011 in North America. Keep an eye on the Insomniac Games Facebook page and Twitter for more info!

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  • wow , it does look EPIC to me , i cant wait to play it !!!!! this is more like Resistance , very good trailer James , loved it !!!!!

  • I really hope that was gameplay and not prerendered.

  • can we have this trailer on PSN ASAP ? really loved it , you guys have impressed me a lot , oh and can we have a dynamic theme and a couple of R3 avatars too ,thank you , cant wait to play it!!!!

  • Can you let Amazon know to start listing Resistance 3? I’d rather preorder from them than Gamestop. (Boo Gamestop)

  • Wait, I thought Malikov killed himself.

    • It was hinted at, but explained in R3 he had a change of heart – especially when he was able to use Hale’s body and blood to create the Hale Vaccine

  • I got to school right next to Sony Santa Monica. I know you guys are in Burbank.

    I just wanna say thank you for making games like these. Putting your heart and souls into the projects which shines through the game really motivates me to continue pursuing a career in the game industry.

    Thank you and I cant wait for the game. =]

  • I didn’t watch this from the VGA’s cause well it sucks so I watched it from Gametrailers and holy geezus its awesome better than any other trailer that was shown even yes I said it Uncharted. It was just amazing thank you IG and Sony keep up the good work.

  • ohhh come on guys, i can’t open this video from Denmark :/

  • This game looks great James! My only prob is the release date… that means I only get to play R3 for 2 months before I gotta share its time with Uncharted 3. Both games are amazing but I wish we got to see R3 a little sooner… like July…

    the in-game engine is looking jaw dropping!
    one of the prettiest games I’ve ever seen on a home console!
    I love you Insomniac. You guys heard my pleas and you answered them (namely split-screen, and weapon wheel).
    Pre Ordering tomorrow!
    one more thing.
    Is this video going to be up on the psn store soon?

  • OMG!! 2011 i tell you

  • omg this looks really great

  • For all who can´t see the trailer on the US blog. Go to the EU blog to see it. It worked for me.


  • the game looks phenomenal,will the graphics look even better by the time it’s released?and will you upload some extended gameplay from the sequence shown in the trailer?

    • We will eventually show more gameplay. This is just a tease – lots to come over the next 9 months to release!

  • oh and i was in that awesome 200 reply marathon which u did and questioned u about the graphics

  • Can I download this from PSN? The trailer i mean

  • What is going to really be interesting I think is Insomniac and Naught Dog going head to head as far as a quality comparison with PS3 exclusives (with about the same amount of development time..perhaps even more time given to IG). Graphically, compelling story and mutltiplayer replayability. When you look at the history, I would have to give a definite edge to Naughty Dog winning this comparison BUT you never know. I loved Rfom, hated R2, loved Uncharted 1, was blown away by U2 so I have insane expectations for U3.

  • Looks great – as with K3 – but their info of how the MP/MP coop will work has left this hardcorer working with other titles in the future.

  • i’ve never played U2 but from what i’m hearing it doesn’t sound to good

  • Please tell Me Insomniac……….Will their be like a survival round for coop.

    P.s. If you guys will be making it, make it infinite i hate playing only like 10 rounds, and 4 players please, not 3 players.

  • Why was the 8-player co-op removed?

  • Once again …… I bow to ur Greatness

  • Wow. The in-game section looked great. I also enjoy your use of live action to help build the mood at this early stage. Will these trailers end up on PSN or on the disc when the game is released? Would like to see this instead of having to get the CE just for the add on disc that didn’t have a ton of extras. That disc was the main reason for my getting the CE and it wasn’t quite all I was expecting. Anyway, everything looks great and I am glad you have listened to fans and brought the wheel back. Hoping the feel has returned more to R1 and the single player campaign is improved from R2. It’s going to be a busy year.

  • So where is the general focus of R3? Is this an attempt at moving back to the R:FoM formula or is this a spur in a new direction?

    I understand the typical answer is to please both R:FoM fans and R2 fans, but can you be a bit more specific on what direction the story and atmosphere are leaning in?

    Also, I know this question is probably DOA, but even though Hale is dead, will he, in some/any way have a purpose in this ones story? (I have to ask :P)

    All in all it is looking promising though. I see more R:FoM so that has rekindled my interest, big time. I hope to see more posts from you soon :)

    • In many ways, it’s a best of both worlds. The story is a darker, more focused road trip, but uses the in-engine cinematics that R2 really excelled at. The tone is darker like RFOM, but also has some of that Americana that you saw with the christmas decorations in the flooded city, football stadium, etc.

      I think it takes the best of both and combines them.

  • So many games, not enough money!! I will be sure to get this game in September for sure!! :)

  • Also, get well soon :)

    • hehe… thanks… took a lot of dayquil to survive yesterday. I’m sort of convinced the real-life zombie apocolypse will be some super virulent strain of Dayquil

  • looks good, cant wait. Hope the team at insomniac have a prosperus 2011

  • Enjoyed the gameplay bits, but absolutely hated the live action at the start and end of the trailer. The two did not flow together at all.

    The part with the hammer was really stupid. Fighting off alien chimera with a 30lb hammer? You used live action for a sense of realism, but it looked super mega chezzzzy <–with extra z's

    I don't know, just not very hyped for this game after that trailer. Hopefully future trailers will drop that live action crap. You are making video games not movies Insomniac.

    PLEASE tell me none of those live action shots will be in the video game?

    • That’s probably the last live-action piece, and they are not in the game, just used for trailers. We quite like them though in terms of setting that mood.

      And there’s lots of explanation for why Capelli would be forced into the situation of fighting chimera with a sledgehammer, you’ll have to play the game. :-)

  • My CANT WAIT meter shot through the roof after this trailer
    Great job Insomniac
    Keep it up
    Hale Lives

  • EPIC! This looks AMAZING! I can’t wait, especially for campaign Co-Op!

  • It looks and runs great! Hopefully they will deliver on the big boss battles this time.

  • any chance we can get RFOM as a downloadable game for the PS Store?

  • I cant believe I liked this just a little bit more than the uncharted 3 trailer. I will be picking up alot of games. I know something is going to get pushed back hope it isnt this game. Guts splattering on the chimera like it should be. You have upgraded this significantly.

  • Thanks for the reply Mr. Stevenson.

    Regardless of my opinion of the trailer, I will still be buying the game.I guess the live action scenes just turned me off. Glad to hear that the live sequences are over and we can get to the game.

    Now you have me curious to see J.C. Hammer (Joseph Capelli) in action!

  • when you showed the gameplay on the boat or ship, is that closer towards the start of the game or the end of the game?

  • awesome stuff… loved the work you guys did and cant wait for this game… i need to know what happens so this wait has been killing me for sooo long… also amazing job with really making the graphics really really good… it felt like looking at HL2 for the first time and just being slapped in the face by how life like the lighting and world felt

    also feel better :)

  • watched it on the Video Game Awards and it was awesome i am so much more excited i will definitely be getting this game

  • sweet thank you insomniac!! I loved Resistance: Fall Of Man to death, enjoyed Resistance 2, and I can’t freaking wait for Resistance 3.

    Just one thing, @ 1:05 in the video where it shows that black assault rifle, I really hope that isn’t the MA52 Carbine!! You guys need to bring back how it looks and sounds from Resistance: Fall of Man!!!!!


  • Will we get the VGA trailer added to the PlayStation Store and maybe some avatars like UNCHARTED 3?

  • The Game comes out on my Birth Day,Hip Hip Hurray!!!! Definently getting the super awesome Super Special Edition Now! Better have one guys love resistance, got the collectors for R2. Its like a dream come true, my favorite game coming out on my birth day. Jawesome!

  • Another great Sony exclusive I’ll be looking forward to!

  • Wonder if weapon upgrades will be in multiplayer.

  • will we be able to use the sledge hammer? The Trailer was rather epic to me, because the game play with live action went together amazingly but I would still love to see a trailer with out the live action….Can we use the sledge hammer?

  • HMMMM… hopefully the multiplayer doesn’t have awful damage.. other than that it looks good

  • James, so iron sight confirmed? please say yes, the zoom in R2 was terrible, and thanks for adding in impact to the shooting, in R2, when you’re shooting at an enemy, they barely react, looked like you were tickling them till they die, but R3, every shot look like they hurt, i guess extending your dev time was a good choice instead of rushing out titles on a set time, now it’s done when it is done, reaching 4 perfection

  • I don’t know if you can answer this but will the control scheme be R:FoM or more R2/CoD (Sorry for the comparison) or a mix of both? I feel the R:FoM’s control scheme was so much better to deliver that fast paced action where not just shooting was the object but also strafing at the same time.

    Also, for the customizable weapons for multiplayer, will that just be aesthetic changes like camo or more like scopes, silencers, and holopoint bullets? I don’t think the latter is necessary at all.

    One more question, is the weapon wheel confirmed for online multiplayer as well?

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